15:03:44 <rjune> #startmeeting
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15:03:45 <Southern_Gentlem> jreznik,  and whats worng with gobby
15:03:53 <rjune> #topic introductions
15:03:58 <rjune> Ok guys, who's here?
15:04:16 * iarlyy here =)
15:04:22 * thomasj here
15:04:42 <adamw> hi
15:05:18 <rjune> That everybody?
15:05:48 * thomasj looks around for the last hundred new zappers
15:05:58 <rjune> Mmm.
15:06:43 * mcepl .
15:07:02 <rjune> alright then.
15:07:09 <adamw> heh
15:07:12 <rjune> it's a slow meeting, nobody has anything on the agenda
15:07:30 <adamw> too busy with release blockers
15:07:32 <adamw> anyone heard from brennan?
15:08:12 <rjune> I didn't catch anything
15:08:27 <adamw> me either
15:08:28 <iarlyy> nops
15:09:48 <iarlyy> is tk009 away?
15:09:53 <adamw> i think this is his week off yeah
15:10:06 <adamw> hehe
15:11:31 <rjune> ok
15:11:39 <rjune> #chair adamw\
15:11:39 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw\ rjune
15:11:41 <rjune> #chair adamw
15:11:41 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw adamw\ rjune
15:12:14 <rjune> adamw: you have anything at all?
15:13:06 <adamw> how's kernel triage?
15:13:21 <rjune> One bug done.
15:13:27 <adamw> did jeff_hann get in touch with you at all?
15:13:48 <rjune> If he did, I didn't recognize his email, wanna PM me it and I'll email him
15:14:35 <adamw> i don't have anything more about him than you do i don't think
15:14:46 <rjune> do you have his email address?
15:14:55 <rjune> I'll send an email to the list about it
15:15:03 <adamw> nup
15:15:16 <rjune> see if I can actually coordinate and motivate some folks
15:16:30 <thomasj> You could motivate them if you give out FAS confirmation after they attended at least once in here.
15:17:18 <thomasj> But maybe you meant other folks ;P
15:18:22 <adamw> i'm not generally in favour of the stick approach
15:18:30 <adamw> especially since meeting times are inevitably inconvenient in some time zones
15:18:40 <adamw> (not that i'm bitter)
15:18:47 <thomasj> heh :D
15:19:49 <mcepl> adamw: I  was chatting other week with some kiwi ;)
15:20:16 <mcepl> which reminds me, we should organize something paralell for the folks on the other side of the world
15:20:42 <thomasj> adamw, I just see that a lot people get full BZ power, but never show up here. Or in #fedora-bugzappers. But that's out of my scope i guess.
15:21:38 <rjune> thomasj: I don't know if I can give out FAS confs
15:22:02 <adamw> thomasj: people can get full power through other means than bugzappers
15:22:13 <adamw> thomasj: all maintainers/developers have it, for e.g.
15:22:18 <thomasj> adamw, of course, but then they do something ;)
15:22:27 <iarlyy> we need time in time look for inactive users that belongs triagers group
15:22:28 <thomasj> adamw, i'm one of them as well
15:23:03 <mcepl> thomasj: I tihnk cost to community of somebody having BZ access rights is minimal
15:23:16 <thomasj> That's true as well.
15:23:52 <rjune> mcepl: I don't know about that.
15:23:53 <adamw> anyway, one thing to ask
15:24:00 <adamw> how's everyone feeling about f12?
15:24:16 <thomasj> Can't wait for the final release.
15:24:21 <mcepl> almost as hopeful as I was about F11 :)
15:24:25 <adamw> anyone worried about anything not getting fixed? did anyone take part in the blocker bug process, if so, any concerns about that?
15:25:36 <Southern_Gentlem> adamw,  in testing the beta isos the only real thing that concerned me was the nfs installs had problems
15:26:34 <thomasj> And i hope the radeon problem gets fixed other than nomodeset. Else F-12 looks very nice so far.
15:26:35 <iarlyy> I was testing a problem with f12 for ppc64... I guess it won't be fixed in time
15:26:40 <adamw> Southern_Gentlem: i believe we had a few bugs raised on that and fixed
15:26:54 <adamw> the main radeon r600/intel ich bug appears to be fixed with kernel 112
15:26:56 <Southern_Gentlem> **crossing fingers**
15:26:59 <adamw> which we got in last night
15:27:09 <iarlyy> someone already reported the problem so I was following it
15:27:28 <adamw> Southern_Gentlem: if you can do your install from current rawhide and see if whatever was broken works it'd be GREATLY appreciated
15:27:33 <adamw> much better than finger crossing =)
15:27:44 <adamw> iarlyy: if you can tell 'em to try the new kernel build that'd be great, the more testing the merrier
15:27:47 <thomasj> adamw, good news! /me needs to test kernel 112
15:29:39 <adamw> thomasj: it's in koji
15:29:59 <thomasj> adamw, thanks
15:32:16 <adamw> so generally we're pretty happy about f12?
15:32:48 * thomasj is
15:33:00 <adamw> awesome
15:35:31 <adamw> one more question i guess...mcepl, how are you doing with X.org triaging? are you keeping on top or is it a struggle without francois for ATI?
15:36:59 <mcepl> struggling
15:37:08 <mcepl> a sec to get URL
15:38:02 <mcepl> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?cmdtype=dorem&remaction=run&namedcmd=XGL%20NEW&sharer_id=74116
15:38:15 <mcepl> any number of volunteers are appreciated
15:38:59 <mcepl> 336 NEW bugs (I guess that includes some RHEL ones).
15:39:36 <mcepl> http://is.gd/4M4Iu will work probably better for you
15:40:22 <adamw> ok
15:40:26 <adamw> i've been trying to do nouveau at least
15:40:32 <mcepl> there are some other factors included (personal etc.), it isn't only Francois, but I would definitively appreciate help
15:40:37 <adamw> maybe we can post on the list to ask if any of the new members are interested in helping with X
15:40:39 <mcepl> sure, I noticed. THanks
15:40:44 <thomasj> omg..
15:40:53 <mcepl> I would be willing hand-held anybody
15:40:54 <thomasj> mcepl, i can try and help a bit out with ati
15:41:33 <adamw> it is pretty important to get the X triage done because there's no way the devs can get to every bug (unfortunately) and it does help them to prioritize
15:41:36 <mcepl> it would probably include my miraculous new version (lightly tested ;)) of Greasemonkey script
15:42:00 <adamw> there, that's my propaganda :) if anyone's interested in helping please post to the list or contact mcepl and he can give you the crash course
15:42:17 <tk009> sorryfor being super late, I couldnt break free
15:42:26 <adamw> mcepl: btw, is there a formula for assigning to jerome or dave for ati bugs? or just alternate? :)
15:42:31 <adamw> hi tk009
15:42:31 <mcepl> mcepl on Freenode, or mcepl at redhat dot com (email), or mcepl at ceplovi dot cz (jabber) anytime you find me
15:42:32 <iarlyy> tk009, hi
15:43:15 <mcepl> adamw: there isn't ... I am working on it, but these personal assignments are not important for Xorg bugs anyway, people take each other bugs all the time
15:43:38 <adamw> i was just picking one at random so far but just wanted to make sure there wasn't a special method :)
15:43:45 <mcepl> BTW, related thing is that krh left Red Hat, so intel bugs will get I am afraid a slightly rough treatment for some time
15:44:05 <mcepl> just throw some on Jerome when you feel like it, so he isn't too lazy ;)
15:44:12 <thomasj> aaaaaah, thats why i got spammed with removed krh@rh from BZ
15:44:20 <ajax> i'm only rough when asked nicely
15:44:41 <adamw> =)
15:45:03 <mcepl> ajax: I wasn't talking about you personally, you are known to be The Gentleness incarnated ;)
15:45:32 <mcepl> ajax: anything to add to what I was saying?
15:45:40 <ajax> not really
15:46:14 <thomasj> mcepl, tfu added jrb for krh in a lot of bugs. Is he (jrb) the new volunteer?
15:46:26 <mcepl> no, he is our boss :)
15:46:31 <thomasj> oh :D
15:46:50 <mcepl> don't expect much coding from him :D
15:46:59 <adamw> intel bugs should get re-assigned to ajax for now
15:47:12 <tk009> I would like to break in when possible
15:47:18 <adamw> i've done all the ones i was CCed on, i can probably do the others manually or via python-bugzilla at some time today
15:47:58 <adamw> ok let's give tk009 the floor and let him run this like a proper meeting =)
15:48:02 <rjune> heh
15:48:31 <tk009> did you guys do any of the agenda besides metrics?
15:48:55 <adamw> stop trying to tie down our style with your....lists of things to do, man
15:49:01 <adamw> you're such a square
15:49:06 <adamw> =)
15:49:06 <tk009> lol
15:49:14 <rjune> tk009: nothing on the agenda
15:49:33 <tk009> housekeeping is on there
15:49:41 <tk009> follow up from last week
15:50:03 <tk009> okay real quick then
15:50:23 <tk009> #topic revious meeting follow-up
15:50:36 <tk009> that would be housekeeping and the triage event
15:50:48 <tk009> the triage event didnt go so well
15:50:52 <tk009> only i was there
15:50:59 <tk009> but I did get some bugs closed
15:51:08 <tk009> some re versioned
15:51:17 <tk009> very few need info
15:51:26 <adamw> thanks for that
15:51:28 <tk009> I will be back on those need info's this friday
15:51:37 <adamw> sorry i couldn't come, the blocker meeting was a gigantic pain in the rear
15:51:40 <adamw> what's everyone else's excuse?
15:51:45 <tk009> yes I saw that
15:51:47 <tk009> ouchiee
15:52:00 <tk009> I would like to try again
15:52:06 <tk009> twice more before release
15:52:16 <tk009> to go after f10 bus
15:52:21 <tk009> bugs
15:52:34 <tk009> on housekeeping
15:52:46 <tk009> the maintainer warning was sent out
15:52:53 <tk009> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora12
15:52:59 <tk009> you can find the text there
15:53:09 <adamw> thanks for that
15:53:23 <tk009> that leaves housekeeping for this week
15:53:46 <tk009> we have rebase rawhide and EOL that needs to go the red hat eng
15:54:05 <tk009> those are done by poelcat
15:54:19 <tk009> should be ready to go
15:54:20 <iarlyy> when this will happens? is scheduled ?
15:54:25 <iarlyy> ops
15:54:27 <tk009> today
15:54:32 <tk009> it will happen
15:54:38 <tk009> the red hat emails that is
15:54:50 <tk009> see that link I posted for detail
15:54:52 <iarlyy> I don't understand so, Date to run: ~2009-11-17
15:55:02 <iarlyy> Yes, I'm looking at
15:55:12 <tk009> yes, poelcat tells red hat eng to make the change on that day
15:55:30 <tk009> but we email the now with what they need
15:56:00 <tk009> I have looked the text of both of them over
15:56:06 <tk009> please do so as well
15:56:19 <tk009> make sure no errors like 10 instead of f11
15:56:22 <tk009> or f12
15:57:23 <adamw> i'll take a quick look
15:57:30 <tk009> I have spoted checked the query and all seems fine
15:57:35 <tk009> spot*
15:57:50 <tk009> except for this
15:57:55 <adamw> the 'change on release day' would then get updated a month later not to say 'Fedora 10', right?
15:58:04 <tk009> yes
15:58:07 <adamw> ah yeah i see that lower down
15:58:11 <tk009> there is another that goes out then
15:58:25 <tk009> grr I had no bug that was not right
15:58:31 <tk009> but I cant find y link
15:58:45 <tk009> one bug that was not right*
15:58:51 <tk009> it has a blocker
15:59:42 <tk009> I will figure it out and let poelcat know
16:00:00 <tk009> and that was about it for me
16:00:08 <tk009> wow look at that timing
16:01:23 <tk009> so anyone have something else?
16:02:52 <tk009> well rjune back to you
16:04:16 <tk009> were did everyone go?
16:04:24 <rjune> I'm here.
16:04:25 <iarlyy> why mentions fedora 10 as maintained version if it will be die 30 day later on message after "bugzilla product descriptions"
16:04:48 <rjune> I don't have anything tk009
16:04:52 <tk009> beucase it is still maintained for 30 days after release
16:04:55 <rjune> #chair tk009
16:04:55 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw adamw\ rjune tk009
16:05:42 <adamw> iarlyy: there's a change lower down where it gets taken out again
16:06:37 <tk009> or when fesco says so to be correct
16:06:37 <tk009> that is why you see TBD
16:06:37 <tk009> fesco says when the old version is put to sleep
16:06:39 <iarlyy> right... I guess our meeting time is over =(
16:06:52 <tk009> again sorry about being so late
16:06:59 <rjune> No worries
16:07:05 <tk009> I guess that is a wrap?
16:07:06 <iarlyy> no worry
16:07:42 <tk009> say now or forever hold your peace
16:07:54 * rjune holds his peace
16:07:57 <tk009> 3
16:07:58 <tk009> 2
16:08:00 <tk009> 1
16:08:08 <tk009> #endmeeting