20:01:43 <mchua> #startmeeting
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20:01:51 <mchua> Marketing meeting roll call!
20:02:02 * mchua pokes into a few other channels to round up folks
20:02:27 * rdieter lurks in the back
20:03:00 <mizmo> hi
20:03:48 <mchua> This should be a pretty quick meeting. Agenda is long, but will go fast. ;)
20:03:52 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#Agenda
20:04:48 <mchua> The two big things for this week are feature profiles and FI; I'd also like to go through the remaining deliverables for this release and put a flag on the calendar for post-Beta to start thinking a bit about our plans for F13.
20:05:19 <mchua> Also, Steven Moix is back - congratulations on thesis + graduation + new job, and it's good to have moixs back in gear for Marketing. Woo!
20:05:31 <mchua> without further ado,
20:05:44 <mchua> #topic Feature Profiles
20:06:13 <mchua> stickster: yours is done - rbergeron, that leaves yours and mine. any blockers we can clear, things we can help with, estimated completion date?
20:06:30 <rbergeron> mchua: i'm still waiting to hear from mclasen.
20:06:42 * mchua would like help getting in touch with the engineers listed at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Virtualization_improvements_in_Fedora_12
20:06:46 <mchua> welcome, tw2113!
20:07:16 <stickster> mchua: I can hook you up with Chris Wright if needed
20:07:20 <mchua> rbergeron: Ok. We'll step up the people-pinging, then.
20:07:22 <mchua> stickster: that would rock.
20:07:28 <mchua> #action stickster hook mchua up with Chris Wright
20:07:28 <rbergeron> stickster already pinged him for me.
20:07:34 <stickster> mchua: I'll send an email. I already introduced rbergeron to mclasen
20:07:38 <rbergeron> as well as my email i sent him
20:07:42 <rbergeron> separately :)
20:07:46 <tw2113> i can stick my ear in
20:07:46 <mchua> #action mchua look up remaining feature profile interviewees and see if there are other routes to get in touch with 'em
20:08:13 <mchua> It's mostly a "let's get ahold of people" problem right now, the rest is clear sailing? (It is for me, at least)
20:08:20 <rbergeron> indeed
20:08:31 <mchua> Cool.
20:08:44 <mchua> #topic https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight
20:09:10 <mchua> itbegins: what does your time look like this week? ;)
20:09:35 <itbegins> mchua, should be available at the weekend if booked in advance ;)
20:09:44 * mchua grins
20:09:55 <mchua> there are 4 parts with polishing left to do.
20:09:55 <mchua> #
20:09:55 <mchua> # Content: FWN
20:09:55 <mchua> # Content: Planet
20:09:55 <mchua> # Deployment notes for puppet
20:09:59 <mchua> # Design
20:10:17 <mchua> We're kind of in the "barely enough to creak through 'till the weekend, perhaps" phase for all of them.
20:10:54 <itbegins> mchua, I'll help where I can, probably deployment is really my area though
20:11:16 <mchua> itbegins: that would be extremely helpful - I'm really behind on polishing those up for mmcgrath
20:11:31 <mchua> It sounds like pcalarco has FWN covered.
20:11:36 <mchua> the remaining help we need:
20:12:12 <mchua> * a package ninja to make sure that all the packages we need march through the review process (the packaging is done, it just needs status pinging on reviewers and maintainers to get stuff into repos, afaict)
20:12:24 <mchua> (so that's a "we need someone to be persistent" job)
20:13:05 <mchua> * content ninjas to spot cool Planet content from the last few days, contact the authors, and spin them into "look, cool marketing material" gems for the first week
20:13:15 <mchua> as many people as want to do that
20:13:42 <mchua> (that's a "take 30 minutes and find/edit/ping-author-of-stuff-you-like" job)
20:14:32 <mchua> * css/js ninjas to make as many last-minute "make things look better" design tweaks as possible, see tickets on https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&component=Fedora+Insight&order=priority
20:15:12 <mchua> and we can probably take one or two more infra-minded people to help with install instructions, but I think between me + itbegins + perhaps one other person, or just hanging out in #fedora-admin in general, we should be okay.
20:16:00 <mchua> hey, themayor!
20:16:20 <themayor> i smell me some fedora marketing folks!
20:16:20 <itbegins> mchua, sounds like you are getting on ok dispite my dissapearence
20:16:31 <mchua> If anyone is interested in helping out with any of these things, holler. After this meeting, I'm going to get dinner, bike home, and then hack on this for probably the remainder of the night, in #fedora-mktg.
20:16:51 <mchua> #topic remaining release deliverables
20:17:00 <mchua> brace yourself for a textdump...
20:17:04 <mchua> * one-page release notes with docs
20:17:04 <mchua> * briefing Ambassadors
20:17:04 <mchua> * screenshots page
20:17:04 <mchua> * tour page
20:17:04 <mchua> * NDN
20:17:07 <mchua> * monitoring PR/news from the release
20:17:28 <mchua> Some of these are already pretty much taken.
20:17:50 <themayor> whats the one page release notes?
20:17:53 <mchua> moixs is back, and he's done NDN in the past, so I'm hoping he'll be able to pick that up again.
20:18:08 <mchua> nb has offered to sync up with Ambassadors.
20:18:22 <mchua> themayor: Docs wanted "Release Notes: The Shiny Marketing Version."
20:18:44 <mchua> themayor: take the long release notes and spin them into a short 1-page suitable-for-rapid-general-consumption thing - it's basically a content respin.
20:18:45 <themayor> ah, its like a souped up talking points in essence
20:18:50 <mchua> themayor: pretty much.
20:18:57 <themayor> stickster has been making something like that for the past few releases
20:19:28 <stickster> I've made the talking points some time ago, 'tis true
20:19:46 <mchua> themayor: stickster: as separate from talking points?
20:19:59 <themayor> yeah like a one page thing to send to journos
20:20:09 <mchua> oh, as part of press kits?
20:20:16 <stickster> themayor: I think you're confusing the one-sheet I send with Live USB with what mchua is talking about.
20:20:18 <stickster> mchua: ^^
20:20:27 <mchua> ah, okay. So that's still on the to-do list.
20:21:01 <rbergeron> where are the long release notes located, if you know offhand?
20:21:50 <stickster> mchua: This is something more like a cross between the release notes overview and https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_Screenshot_Tour
20:21:59 <stickster> rbergeron: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/drafts.html
20:22:20 <mchua> stickster: Yep, that sounds like that I was thinking of from Sparks's descript.
20:22:30 <stickster> The point of "shiny" here is to break up the print with screenshots or demos.
20:22:40 <stickster> I *thought* that herlo had written something like this for F11
20:23:11 <stickster> Ah, moixs and herlo worked on that screenshot tour.
20:23:23 <stickster> It would be good to have *that* broken up with some text :-D
20:23:35 <mchua> #action mchua make tickets for remaining release deliverables.
20:24:00 <mchua> I don't think any of these should interrupt us Right This Moment, but if someone's not chugging on FI, these are the list of things you can pick up on.
20:24:16 <rbergeron> stickster: is there a version of those release notes and how they wound up being translated into marketing-press-release-shiny-speak?
20:24:21 <rbergeron> for F11
20:24:22 <rbergeron> i mean
20:24:24 <mchua> The first one on the queue is the one-page release notes.
20:24:30 <mchua> rbergeron: nope, this is the first time we're doing it.
20:24:43 <rbergeron> ahhhh
20:24:53 <mchua> #info goal for end of F12 cycle: HOWTOs and examples of all release deliverables we've done
20:25:04 <mchua> This is the first time we're documenting a lot of things ;)
20:25:45 <stickster> mchua: Do we have anyone here besides the three of us (you, me, rbergeron)?
20:25:50 <rbergeron> well, i don't necessarily mean a "how it was done" as much as a "where is the shiny press release"
20:26:07 <spevack> i'm here
20:26:12 <spevack> somewhat lurking though
20:26:12 <stickster> Hi spevack
20:26:16 <stickster> np
20:26:19 * rharrison is trying to pay attention.
20:26:29 <mchua> in addition: itbegins and themayor are around, rdieter is lurking, and moixs is offline right now but reading logs
20:27:03 <itbegins> I am here :)
20:27:58 <themayor> im here too
20:28:05 <stickster> mchua: Don't let me slow you down with a second roll call.
20:28:19 <mchua> rharrison, rdieter: any thoughts on any of the release deliverables that might intersect with things you're working on?
20:28:28 <stickster> I was interested in knowing that there were people around who were interested in helping with some of the remaining tasks, like the shiny short release overview and so on.
20:28:43 * mchua too
20:29:35 * mchua moving on; one of the things we'll have to start a tag for in FI is "calls for help", I note ;)
20:30:09 <mchua> #action mchua publish help-needed for remainder of release cycle to mailing list, Planet
20:30:13 <mchua> #topic FUDCon hackfest
20:30:27 <rbergeron> mchua: we could take a crack at knocking out the shiny press release real-time on irc tomorrow sometime, if you want
20:30:31 <stickster> I was just talking to itbegins about this earlier, fwiw... so he knows how FUDCon works :-)
20:30:34 <mchua> rbergeron: that would rock.
20:30:38 <rharrison> Unfortunately my time will probably free up about release time.  But anything that's quick and dirty (screenshots etc.) I'm all for.
20:30:48 <mchua> itbegins: Your list on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Itbegins#FUDCon_Toronto_2009 is awesome.
20:30:52 <rbergeron> okay, let's sync up tomorrow....sometime.
20:30:56 <rharrison> Though I'm very interested in the status of this: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Features/Encrypted_Boot_IPA_key_Management
20:30:59 <mchua> We'll have pcalarco there to balance out the content side of things.
20:31:46 <mchua> rharrison: wanna do an interview with Dave and Miloslev about that feature and find out?
20:32:02 <stickster> rharrison: Screenshots of the features you see here: http://docs.fedoraproject.org/release-notes/f12/en-US/html/ -- would be very useful
20:32:07 <itbegins> mchua, cool - I've trained lots of people in Zikula, but I've never taken a class before.  Should be fun for all of us...
20:32:14 <stickster> Or what mchua said :-)
20:32:15 <mchua> #action mchua and rbergeron to get together and knock out a draft of shiny release notes tomorrow
20:32:18 <mchua> rbergeron: thanks!
20:33:20 <mchua> itbegins: Yep. FUDCon-wise, I'm most interested in how we can spread the load and teach other people what you know so you have minions going forward.
20:33:25 <rbergeron> mchua: i'll be around probably 9-2 PT,  i'll look for you somewhere in there, unless you know you're booked during that time, in which case nighttime works too.
20:33:42 <mchua> itbegins: that way we have more capacity to do things without hosing ourselves for the next round
20:33:49 <mchua> rbergeron: that works great for me.
20:33:57 <rharrison> I need to ping them to find out the status of that feature for work anyway...  Do we have an interview template?  That feature is pretty enterprise specific so it may not strike a cord with the masses.
20:34:55 <itbegins> mchua, I should probably add a little more infra-related things to that list as well then.  Stuff like themes/templates, how you should do them etc etc
20:35:07 <mchua> itbegins: that would be great.
20:35:17 <itbegins> mchua, My biggest skill gap is in the design area, but I know where to point the people that know how to make things look good
20:36:02 <mchua> itbegins: Ok. We'll see if we can find someone to head the design section of FI - I know mizmo is fully booked, but maybe she can recommend someone who'll be in Toronto to complete the triumvate.
20:36:50 <mchua> rharrison: there are some resources on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:F12_in-depth_features, and paul's interview is done which should give an example, if that'd work
20:37:09 <mchua> #action mchua to find a design person for the zikula hackfest at FUDCon
20:37:40 <mchua> itbegins: let's set some time this weekend to go over a hackfest schedule so we can see what things are left to be filled in.
20:37:41 <rharrison> OK, I'll take a look.  Might be a moot point if it isn't going to make the release.
20:38:05 <mchua> itbegins: send me a time, and I'll be there. bonus points for wee-hours-of-the-morning EST, since I'll be up and unscheduled then (at a conference during the day, for the most part).
20:38:47 <mchua> #info rharrison looking into potentially profiling https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/Features/Encrypted_Boot_IPA_key_Management, will see if it works out
20:39:00 <itbegins> mchua, OK
20:39:11 <itbegins> that would be early morning my time then
20:39:40 <mchua> #info itbegins to schedule time with mchua to nail down FUDCon hackfest schedule/plan
20:40:05 <mchua> itbegins: send me a list of times that are good for you, and I'll pick one. don't worry about what time it is on my end, or what date.
20:41:01 <itbegins> mchua, ok.  I'm trying to get IRC sorted on my mobile (windows mobile), if I can then I suddenly become much more flexible.  Though, typing large amounts would be hard work!
20:41:07 <mchua> :)
20:41:09 <mchua> thanks, itbegins.
20:41:25 <mchua> Any other notes?
20:41:56 <mchua> I'll be sending this to the mailing list, but I want to start thinking about F13, beginning with a "how'd we do in F12" session.
20:42:04 <mchua> This won't be for quite some time, mind you.
20:42:07 <mchua> We're talking weeks out.
20:42:48 <mchua> But it's something I wanted to keep in mind as we go into crunch time - if you hit an annoyance or a snag or a "argh, this really shouldn't be this way" spot, *write it down*
20:43:03 <mchua> #action mchua set up a wiki page for F12 postmortem, F13 planning
20:43:22 <mchua> That's all I had. any other business?
20:45:29 <mchua> Ok - thanks folks! Meeting closing in 5...
20:45:31 <mchua> 4...
20:45:33 <mchua> 3...
20:45:34 <mchua> 2...
20:45:36 <mchua> 1...
20:45:38 <mchua> *JETPACKS*
20:45:41 <mchua> #endmeeting