15:02:44 <pknirsch> #startmeeting Power management for Fedora
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15:03:02 <pknirsch> And welcome everyone!
15:03:22 <marcela_> hello
15:03:26 <jvcelak> hello :-)
15:03:32 <pknirsch> Looks like we have the usual suspects here with skalnik1, marcela_, jvcelak and plautrba
15:03:39 <pknirsch> :)
15:03:47 <plautrba> hello
15:04:06 <skalnik1> hallo
15:04:18 <pknirsch> so lets get started with the usual last week recap
15:04:27 <pknirsch> #topic Last week recap
15:05:31 <pknirsch> We mainly talked about the test day for next week and made a couple of decisions regarding it
15:05:52 <pknirsch> and distributed tasks among everyone so we can fix the last issues we had
15:06:57 <pknirsch> next we quickly covered documentation where marcela_ already provided a nice overview and where we agreed to work more on over the next weeks
15:07:29 <pknirsch> and to poke people once more to get some feedback or input.
15:09:03 <pknirsch> finally we checked on the status of the tasks and updated them accordingly. seems NM behaves properly now with F12 and vpn and tuned-adm doesn't need kobo anymore.
15:09:15 <pknirsch> (very brief recap ;)
15:09:49 <pknirsch> lets go on to the test-day, only 1 week left!
15:10:00 <pknirsch> #topic Test day Oct-22
15:10:28 <pknirsch> So, where do we stand there this week?
15:10:33 <marcela_> jvcelak: ^
15:10:53 <jvcelak> well :-)
15:11:19 <jvcelak> i was working on the tests scripts. and RPM package which will install all necessary dependencies
15:11:49 <jvcelak> it's almost finished - i think. but there are still some issues.
15:12:29 <pknirsch> what kind of issues?
15:12:47 <jvcelak> some instructions need update. and testday-pack-results doesn't work very well.
15:13:16 <pknirsch> is it already using the idea of packing all the results together and uploading them somewhere?
15:13:17 <jvcelak> then there are some changes in scomes test.. we have to compile some module, therefore our package won't be noarch
15:13:30 <jvcelak> i will explain.. ;)
15:13:37 <pknirsch> oki :)
15:13:41 * pknirsch keeps quiet now ;)
15:13:59 <skalnik1> :-X
15:14:03 <jvcelak> :D. all the tests have "wrapper script".. like fedora-run-something
15:14:13 <jvcelak> * testday-run-something
15:14:31 <jvcelak> it stores all results to /usr/local/testday-091022/results
15:14:58 <jvcelak> eve if you run some test more times we will have the results
15:15:10 <jscotka> jvcelak: isnt better /tmp/testday?
15:15:41 <jvcelak> jscotka: I am not sure. Some people delete content of /tmp during system boot.
15:16:11 <jvcelak> actually in /usr/local/testday-091022 we have all our data (testing scripts)
15:16:40 <jscotka> ah, yes, it is possible
15:16:40 <plautrba> jscotka: fe i have /tmp on tmpfs so i get lost all data after reboot
15:17:04 <jscotka> so then directory like /opt
15:17:06 <jvcelak> then there is a script "testday-pack-results" which takes all results and packs it in /tmp/testday-091022-results.tag.gz file
15:17:57 <jvcelak> And I think the rest can do the user. I mean uploading the file.
15:18:00 <jscotka> okay, then is sounds good
15:18:00 <skalnik1> i have no /opt :-)
15:18:26 <jscotka> skalnik1: why?
15:18:41 <skalnik1> s| i have no /opt||
15:18:41 <jscotka> you deleted it?
15:19:05 <jscotka> because in normall installation there are allways /opt dir.
15:19:21 <skalnik1> no, i didn't use glasses
15:19:35 <jvcelak> I don't like interrupting you, but that's all I wanted to say to that package. ;) And now we can discuss.
15:19:48 <marcela_> never mind, I picked /usr/local before because anyone has it
15:20:28 <skalnik1> +1
15:20:42 <plautrba> +1
15:21:07 <pknirsch> /opt sounds fine, +1
15:21:22 <pknirsch> (can always do a mkdir -p first ;)
15:22:04 <skalnik1> pknirsch: now i'm not sure if my +1 is in correct column
15:22:43 * plautrba voted for /usr/local
15:23:03 <jvcelak> There will be only one small problem with /opt. $PATH is not set by default to /opt/bin or something like that. but this can be solved by symlinks
15:23:09 <jscotka> jvcelak: It was only cosmetic issue, no matter where will be results ;-)
15:23:39 <jvcelak> jscotka: bit now we are unable to decide :-D
15:23:41 <jvcelak> *but
15:23:43 <skalnik1> +1 /usr/local
15:23:54 <plautrba> jscotka: scripts are located in /usr/bin, aren't?
15:23:57 <plautrba> jvcelak: ^^
15:24:17 * marcela_ voted for /usr/local
15:24:31 <jvcelak> plautrba: scripts are in /usr/local/testday-091022/bin and there are symlinks to /usr/local/bin
15:25:05 <plautrba> /usr/bin/testday-run-scomes -> /usr/local/testday-091022/bin/scomes
15:25:16 * jvcelak voted for no changes ;) => /usr/local
15:25:59 <plautrba> there is no /usr/local/bin/ directory in rpm
15:26:52 <jvcelak> I probably intended to put it in /usr/local/bin ... it's a mistake
15:27:19 * pknirsch is confused now.
15:27:47 <plautrba> http://plautrba.fedorapeople.org/testday-2009-10-22/
15:28:07 <pknirsch> ah
15:28:24 <pknirsch> +1 for /usr/local, looks like the better place tbh
15:28:57 <jscotka> isnt easier to add path into PATH. It is no good idea do add something into /usr/bin or somewhere else
15:28:57 <jscotka> so im for /opt and add proper path into PATH variable because, then it is easy to clean,
15:29:17 <pknirsch> for the results?
15:29:28 <plautrba> jscotka: it's covered by rpm so i don't see any problem with placing in /usr/bin
15:29:54 <marcela_> jscotka: paths doesn't really matter, user uninstall it after tests. It doesn't have tobe perfect
15:29:57 <jscotka> ah, then it is okay
15:30:24 <plautrba> great :)
15:30:32 <jscotka> i didnt know, that rpm is ready
15:30:48 <jvcelak> jscotka: if we consider the orignal purpose of hier we have to put the results in /var :-D. I would leave it.
15:31:17 <pknirsch> so +1 to /usr/local for the rpm files then?
15:31:32 <jvcelak> yes :-)
15:31:57 <marcela_> let's skip to another topic? jvcelak makes it. I belive in him!
15:32:04 <pknirsch> yep :)
15:32:16 <jvcelak> marcela_: :-D thanks.
15:33:07 <skalnik1> +1
15:34:55 <jscotka> +1 also
15:34:59 <pknirsch> so, what else do we need to work on for test day? the wiki has been nicely updated, just needs a few things to be finished from what i can see
15:35:21 <jvcelak> pknirsch: yes. i'm working on it right now.
15:35:31 <pknirsch> +1!
15:35:32 <pknirsch> ;)
15:35:39 <jvcelak> some things need to be cleared... what about the archive with results. I don't have any idea how to upload it comfortably.
15:36:20 <pknirsch> what if it turns out we can't do that easily?
15:37:58 <marcela_> users can upload one file by themselves
15:38:09 <pknirsch> alright :)
15:38:10 <marcela_> don't they?
15:38:22 <jvcelak> onto the wiki?
15:38:26 <pknirsch> ye, they should have a fedora account anyway i think
15:38:26 <marcela_> yeah
15:39:47 <jvcelak> well. i will change the table with results... we would probably need only 3 columns: user, smolt and results
15:41:11 <jvcelak> but maybe we should make some rules about uploaded filenames... but that's a tiny problem.
15:41:12 <marcela_> great
15:41:47 <pknirsch> jvcelak: maybe you could write out the file already with a unique filename
15:41:48 <pknirsch> ?
15:42:09 <jvcelak> pknirsch: great idea. :-)
15:42:23 <jvcelak> unique == random ;)
15:42:31 <pknirsch> jup :)
15:45:09 <plautrba> do we really neeed uniquie filenames? we didn't have this rule last test day and users were able to upload it correctly
15:45:42 <plautrba> or we can just mention it in rules - don't overwrite others files
15:45:46 * pknirsch remembers overwriting someones elses' file ;)
15:45:55 <jvcelak> plautrba: I think overwriting can easily happen.
15:46:24 <plautrba> ok, so lets use mktemp
15:46:26 <jvcelak> the random suffix is easy to do and it can solve many problems. ;)
15:46:44 <pknirsch> +1 random
15:46:59 <jvcelak> I think we don't have to vote ;)
15:47:05 <pknirsch> :(
15:47:13 <jvcelak> ;) sorry
15:47:39 <marcela_> Can I ask about documentation?
15:47:43 <plautrba> +1
15:48:01 <jvcelak> +1 (for pknirsch because he likes voting ;))
15:48:07 <pknirsch> :)
15:48:22 <pknirsch> anything else about test day? if not we can go to documentation
15:48:38 <jvcelak> maybe.. ;) just o note
15:49:34 <jvcelak> i have rewritten the description of all tests. please go through it and if you catch some bug in my English - fix it ;)
15:49:46 <pknirsch> kay
15:49:55 <jscotka> we can cave it with smolt number in name
15:51:24 <jvcelak> that's all, pknirsch: it's you turn
15:51:25 <pknirsch> alright, but lets move on to documentation for now, can exchange test-day stuff via email offline
15:51:31 <pknirsch> jvcelak: thanks :)
15:51:35 <marcela_> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/PowerManagement/UserDocumentation
15:51:37 <pknirsch> #topic Documentation
15:51:47 <pknirsch> alright, marcela_, your turn :)
15:52:05 <marcela_> well, you can add something to your packages or part when nothing is written
15:52:32 <marcela_> 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 are complete mystery for me, so you can put there your tips
15:53:07 <marcela_> also someone with gnome can write about gpm, not me :)
15:53:13 <pknirsch> :)
15:53:25 <pknirsch> let me make a note to poke richard about gpm
15:53:38 <marcela_> I will sent link to Rudi, he can check it, use it, whatever
15:54:04 <marcela_> as you read in email Don Domingo sent us a draft about Developer Documentation
15:54:34 <marcela_> here's draft http://pastebin.test.redhat.com/16280
15:55:29 <marcela_> what do you think?
15:57:41 <pknirsch> looks good.
15:57:56 <pknirsch> especially as its not limited to power but broader
16:01:05 <marcela_> yeah, that's nice
16:01:45 <marcela_> but I don't think I can write more tips for more languages especially if I don't know them ;-)
16:02:49 <pknirsch> i think if we collect what we have and generalize that first and the make specific examples for c/c++, python and perl we should be fine.
16:03:05 <pknirsch> any good developer should be able to see the ideas there
16:03:05 <marcela_> yeah
16:03:21 <marcela_> great, I add also some links which can be included and it will be done
16:03:30 <pknirsch> perfect! thanks marcela_ !
16:04:25 <marcela_> That's all about docs, I'll be bothering guys from docs team now
16:04:46 <pknirsch> splendid!
16:04:58 <pknirsch> i've done something as well regarding docs ;)
16:05:36 <pknirsch> I've finally found the time yesterday and today to put together the results for the various tunables we currently have and know about
16:05:48 <pknirsch> the wiki can be found here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SIGs/PowerManagement/TunablesMeasurement
16:06:26 <pknirsch> it's still not 100% complete, but it's at least a good overview now with real results.
16:06:32 <marcela_> wow, that's great
16:07:10 <pknirsch> i'd still like to get this done for a desktop machine at some point, but i'll do that in the next weeks.
16:14:33 <pknirsch> alright, thats really awesome progress this week
16:14:55 <pknirsch> and again thanks skalnik1 for your RHEL5 vs F12 comparison
16:16:02 <skalnik1> to be continued ....
16:16:08 <pknirsch> :)
16:18:13 <pknirsch> alright, but i think we're done for today then.
16:18:21 <pknirsch> anyone got any questions?
16:18:52 <skalnik1> -1
16:18:59 <jvcelak> -1
16:19:21 <skalnik1> pknirsch: don't hesitate to vote ;-)
16:19:40 <pknirsch> hahahahaha
16:19:47 <pknirsch> -1 ;)
16:20:00 <pknirsch> then lets call it for day, thanks everyone for coming and for your great work!
16:20:04 <jvcelak> pknirsch: you can even use an "neutral vote +0"
16:20:05 <pknirsch> #endmeeting