15:08:59 <tk009> #startmeeting
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15:09:33 <tk009> sorry for the late start. Who is here for the bug zappers meeting? =)
15:09:47 <serega> oh, I'm in time
15:09:52 * serega is here
15:09:53 <tk009> =)
15:10:01 <cebbert> aqui
15:10:46 <tk009> I didn't get a real agenda put together for today. I have been away
15:11:06 <tk009> so this might be a short eeting
15:11:12 <tk009> =)
15:12:34 <tk009> adamw was everything from the last meeting finished
15:13:06 <tk009> I know there was soe discussion about the debug templates in the QA meeting yesterday
15:13:14 <adamw> hiya
15:13:22 <adamw> yeah, i wasn't there :/
15:13:42 <adamw> saw my name mentioned a couple of times, but that was all...i'll have a quick look at the meeting summary and see if i can pull anything interesting out
15:13:43 <tk009> viking-ice was leading that yesterday fro the log I read
15:14:09 <tk009> has anyone heard from comphappy?
15:14:35 <serega> nope
15:14:51 <adamw> they seemed to make a decision to go with the how_to_debug_X naming
15:14:55 <adamw> (which is fine by me)
15:15:04 <adamw> other than that it was mostly just viking_ice explaining the project
15:15:14 <tk009> this would habve been the start of the housekeeping duties
15:15:25 <tk009> it did look like he covered it all
15:15:36 <tk009> I wasnt sure if there was more
15:16:18 <tk009> with the change to the release date housekeeping is now moved forward two weeks
15:16:27 <tk009> so nothing really there
15:16:54 <serega> cool
15:17:17 <tk009> I bet money it wont slip again =)
15:17:33 <adamw> optimist =)
15:17:35 <serega> I had no time to deal with old stuff last two weeks :(
15:17:43 * mcepl ...
15:17:43 <adamw> wait, we delayed beta another week?
15:17:46 <tk009> I dont think any of us have
15:18:01 <tk009> new release date is 17 november
15:18:21 <adamw> oh, k. don't know why housekeeping goes back *two* weeks then. oh well :)
15:18:34 <tk009> well 30 days my counting ay be off
15:18:45 <tk009> 1 week?
15:18:46 <tk009> =)
15:19:24 <serega> do you assign the HouseKeeping date yourself? :)
15:19:29 <tk009> no
15:20:05 <tk009> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/HouseKeeping
15:20:48 <tk009> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/HouseKeeping/FourWeeksBeforeRelease
15:22:22 <adamw> so, that's that. rjune's not around to give us a kernel triage update...
15:22:48 <adamw> i'd ask jeff_hann what was going on there but he's not here either.
15:22:59 <tk009> no comphappy
15:23:31 <serega> I'd like to propose a new mechanism in the bugzilla. I feel a need to subscribe to all new bugreports for a certain component. Following the maintainer's email does this, but there are too much non-NEW emails which steal attention.
15:24:10 <serega> reading all the maintainer emails is just too much
15:24:47 <tk009> what about the rss feed for the component?
15:25:11 <adamw> serega: so you'd like to be notified of each new bug in the component, but not read any further emails?
15:25:12 <tk009> which component is it?
15:25:17 <adamw> er, not get*
15:25:51 <serega> tk009: gdm sure
15:26:05 <tk009> if there isnt a feed for that component we can make it easy
15:26:25 <adamw> tk009: would a feed do what serega wants - only notify of new bug reports, not modifications to them?
15:26:33 <serega> adamw: yup. there is a big amount of actions performed by three maintainers in the bugzilla
15:26:49 <tk009> I am not sure to be honest
15:26:56 <tk009> I've never used the feeds
15:27:08 <adamw> me either
15:27:12 <adamw> well, if it would, that's good
15:27:23 <adamw> if not, it's trickier...hang on a sec, let me poke about a bit
15:27:27 <serega> ok, thanks for the point, I'll try and feedback
15:28:05 <tk009> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/buglist.cgi?bug_status=NEW&classification=Fedora&component=gdm&field-1-0-0=classification&field-1-1-0=component&field-1-2-0=bug_status&query_format=advanced&remaction=&type-1-0-0=anyexact&type-1-1-0=anyexact&type-1-2-0=anyexact&value-1-0-0=Fedora&value-1-1-0=acl&value-1-2-0=NEW&title=Bug%20List&ctype=atom
15:28:10 <tk009> sorry
15:28:13 <tk009> grrr
15:28:21 <adamw> serega: there are some email preferences under 'preferences' in Bugzilla
15:28:41 <adamw> but they're quite broad...not sure if you can do what you want there, without losing some other mails you want to get
15:29:20 <adamw> aside from that, we (Fedora) do not want to implement significant changes to the upstream Bugzilla code, it makes maintaining our bugzilla implementation much harder if we have to maintain private patches to it
15:29:39 <adamw> so our bugzilla guys would send you upstream to request such a change, they wouldn't build it themselves, i'm afraid
15:29:54 <adamw> one idea that comes to mind is you could use filters on your end, so all the mail is sent to you but you filter most of it out
15:30:07 <serega> hm, I see, thanks. Though I bet there are 4-5 checkboxes I need to disable for sure :)
15:30:15 <tk009> I would try the feed first
15:30:21 <adamw> i _think_ there should be enough information to identify a mail that's a change to a previous bug, rather than a new report, for filtering purposes
15:30:22 <tk009> what can it hurt
15:30:26 <adamw> sure
15:32:31 <tk009> the feed seems to only show the bugs not the changes
15:32:39 <mcepl> serega: take a looks at X-Bugzilla-* email headers ... they may provide information you need
15:32:39 <tk009> I have it set right now
15:33:16 <serega> thanks
15:33:32 * serega wonders NickServ talks to him
15:34:45 <tk009> I still say the feed way to go, beah to email =)
15:35:23 <tk009> if noone has anything else...
15:35:50 <adamw> if the feed only shows new bugs then that does sound ideal =)
15:35:57 <tk009> 99 bugs by the way, 5 from today
15:36:11 <adamw> yikes.
15:36:18 <adamw> i don't have any topics to bring up, I don't think
15:36:58 <tk009> well then, thanks all for being here. We will get it together for next week.
15:37:17 <tk009> #endmeeting