20:02:29 <mchua> #startmeeting
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20:02:37 <mchua> Yo! Marketing meeting time!
20:02:40 <mchua> #topic Roll call
20:02:44 <mchua> Who's here?
20:02:49 * rbergeron is here, yo
20:02:49 * mchua goes to #fedora-mktg to round up folks
20:02:58 * itbegins is
20:03:03 <itbegins> the lesser spotted itbegins
20:03:04 <rharrison> here
20:03:32 * mchua pulls up agenda
20:03:38 <mchua> #topic Agenda for the day
20:03:43 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#Agenda
20:04:12 <mchua> ...and the browser crawls...
20:04:25 <mchua> *  Feature profiles - any takers for an interview slot / making a podcast? Help us with some PR goodness!
20:04:29 <mchua> * Fedora Insight
20:04:31 <mchua> o plans for October launch in 2 weeks (workflow/materials)
20:04:34 <mchua> o plans for FUDCon (hackfest)
20:04:36 <mchua> o We need the red blockers cleared in order to get into production.
20:04:39 <mchua> * Marketing research - plans for FUDCon?
20:04:42 <mchua> Okeydokey, let's get started.
20:05:03 <mchua> Any other additions or things folks are interested in talking about, please pipe on up and we'll queue them in.
20:05:07 <mchua> #topic Feature profiles
20:05:36 <mchua> This is the stuff we've got to get done for release, basically.
20:05:56 <mchua> (...well, a portion of it. The biggest such item on our plate right now.)
20:06:02 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:F12_in-depth_features
20:06:33 <mchua> Paul is already taking one interview; I'll be doing another.
20:06:45 <mchua> We need two more - one on "shiny desktop features" (network manager etc)
20:06:57 <mchua> and another one on virtualization (suggested focus on libguestfs).
20:07:18 <mchua> Basically, be a journalist/talk-show-host - go find the developers who worked on these features
20:07:39 <mchua> and interview them either in print, video, podcast... (all of the above? draw a webcomic?)
20:07:57 <mchua> and have that as a cool marketing thing that Ambassadors (and FI) can spread.
20:08:03 <mchua> </shameless plug>
20:08:19 <mchua> Any interest / thoughts on who might be keen on doing this / ideas for getting people to do this?
20:08:47 * rbergeron hears echoes
20:09:04 <mchua> We'd want to get one of them (probably desktop) done ~3 weeks from now, the other ~2wks after that.
20:09:24 <mchua> rbergeron: :) we'll find people yet.
20:09:32 <rbergeron> so these are more or less... lead-up-to-stories?
20:09:40 <rbergeron> whetting the appetite, if you will
20:09:50 * rbergeron is not so sure on her spelling there but is fairly certain
20:09:53 <mchua> rbergeron: ...yeah, let me see if I can find examples from F11
20:10:11 <rbergeron> mchua: they're linked from the F12 in-depth features page
20:10:23 <rbergeron> I think i did that. F11 in-depth features.
20:10:30 <rbergeron> and they all link to what was done, interviews, etc.
20:10:57 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_tour#Fedora_11_Multimedia - not quite it...
20:11:03 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F11_in-depth_features
20:11:36 <mchua> rbergeron: Yep, it's the page you made for F12 (thanks for doing that btw, looks awesome!)
20:11:52 * rbergeron will get this wikimarkup stuff yet lol
20:12:22 * mchua doesn't want to spend too much time waving the "plz halp!" banner today, but is thinking of asking JonRob to take one, and scout around on News for the other
20:12:24 <rbergeron> I would volunteer, but my, ahem, engineering skills are sort of sub-par.
20:12:46 <rbergeron> so my questions would probably be.... below sub-par :)
20:12:59 <mchua> rbergeron: Actually, for the desktop interview, that would actually be great.
20:13:15 <mchua> rbergeron: because that interview will, i think, be the one of the most interest to new users who may not be code hackers.
20:13:49 <mchua> rbergeron: so if, say, I were to ask those questions, the article would end up full of questions about weird nitty-gritty tech details that don't actually improve the desktop experience for most people
20:14:10 <mchua> rbergeron: (which is why I'm looking for not-an-engineer to take that particular one.)
20:14:14 <rbergeron> oh
20:14:20 * rbergeron is definitely not an engineer
20:14:32 <rbergeron> ....didn't play one on tv, either
20:14:34 <mchua> (Tech folks can geek out about virtualization and such, since the audience for that == sysadmins.)
20:14:46 <mchua> (as I understand it.)
20:15:00 <mchua> rbergeron: If if it's something that you'd like to do, totally go for it. :)
20:15:14 <mchua> (If there's other stuff you'd rather work on, don't feel obligated!)
20:15:16 <rbergeron> mchua: i'll look at it this afternoon. I need to look at it a little more, but i'll let you know by tomorrow morning if it's something I think i could be kosher with.
20:15:28 <mchua> rbergeron: cool, thanks!
20:15:40 <rbergeron> I think it would be interesting, but I'm going to think about how to approach it without having something useless in the end :)
20:15:52 <mchua> #action rbergeron potentially to do Desktop feature profile
20:16:02 <mchua> #action mchua to find author(s) for remaining feature profiles
20:16:19 <mchua> #action mchua to author the last feature profile (unless we have such a demand to write feature profiles that we run out of talking points...)
20:16:22 <mchua> (hey, I can dream.)
20:17:08 <mchua> ...I think that wraps up feature profiles.
20:17:18 <mchua> #topic Fedora Insight
20:17:26 <mchua> itbegins, I reckon that's what you're here for? ;)
20:17:36 <itbegins> mchua: indeed
20:17:48 <mchua> rharrison: ^^?
20:18:12 <mchua> Ok. So, re: FI we have a few things to look at.
20:18:16 * mchua to copy-paste
20:18:25 <mchua> *  plans for October launch in 2 weeks (workflow/materials)
20:18:25 <mchua> * plans for FUDCon (hackfest)
20:18:30 <stickster> mchua: Here late, sorry
20:18:32 <mchua> * list of blockers
20:18:45 <mchua> stickster: np, welcome - rbergeron is looking into doing the Desktop feature profile, btw
20:18:53 <rharrison> sorry drive by questions at work
20:19:04 <itbegins> ok, well I am a bit out of touch
20:19:13 <stickster> rbergeron: Superb, thank you!
20:19:26 <mchua> stickster: (needs to figure out feasibility, plan of attack, but you might be able to fill her in on what's been done and what you're thinking and how this fits into the F12 PR plan)
20:19:36 <mchua> stickster: (in #fedora-mktg, since we're on FI now)
20:19:45 <stickster> yup yup
20:19:45 <rbergeron> stickster: ... what she said. she typed faster than me
20:19:47 <mchua> itbegins: that's what these meetings are for :)
20:20:14 <mchua> itbegins: I'll try to give my view of the picture now, and then you folks can yell at me on the parts that don't make sense.
20:20:19 <mchua> pcalarco: Hey! perfect timing!
20:20:31 <mchua> pcalarco: we just started the FI meeting topic.
20:20:45 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_Insight#Schedule
20:20:56 <mchua> That's our current schedule; it reflects the slip.
20:21:03 <pcalarco> mchua: awesome, sry I'm late
20:21:04 <mchua> Basically, we have 2 weeks to get everything up, tested, and running.
20:21:33 <mchua> #link https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/query?status=new&status=assigned&status=reopened&component=Fedora+Insight&order=priority
20:21:43 <mchua> And that's the "what is left to do in FI?" link.
20:21:52 <mchua> We have a few categories of things that need to be done.
20:22:24 <mchua> 1) infrastructure stuff - deploying modules once they're packaged, load testing, etc... the wonderful mmcgrath has got that covered, is just waiting patiently for us to provide the stuff to put up.
20:22:52 <mchua> 2) skin design - a few final CSS tweaks, I think, but we are mostly good to go (there are a lot of enhancements we would /like,/ but I don't think there's much more that we /need/)
20:23:16 <rharrison> wow, Insight goes live at the same time as F12 launch?
20:23:25 <mchua> 3) module packaging - this one has been dragging on for a while; we need to finish packaging work on filterutil and ezcomments.
20:23:53 <mchua> the latter is a licensing question that I've fallen off the ball on but will hammer on right after this meeting.
20:24:15 <mchua> the first one is... I am not sure.
20:24:27 <mchua> itbegins: can you look at https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/25 and see how close we are and what is left to do?
20:24:36 <mchua> rharrison: Right after F12 beta is released.
20:24:51 <abadger1999> mchua: We need someone to take responsibility for the filterutil package and updated pagemaster
20:24:53 <mchua> rharrison: gives us a little time before GA, but not much. basically, barely enough time for Ambassadors to get used to FI as a source of info.
20:24:55 <rharrison> brave
20:25:08 <abadger1999> I can continue review if we have someone doing that.
20:25:16 <abadger1999> mether: You around?
20:25:20 <mchua> abadger1999: as in "do the packaging" or "be the maintainer"? (it looks like you've done the packaging already?)
20:25:33 <itbegins> abadger1999: So, in theory, that package is ready to go?
20:25:46 <abadger1999> mchua: be the maintainer, take over the package, confirm it works in zikula, etc.
20:26:07 * mchua can take on maintenance, but is aware that I'm not a zikula/php person, nor an experienced packaging/maintainer
20:26:11 <abadger1999> itbegins: theory yes.  I haven't tested it since I know nothing of zikula -- jsut took input from you and code from the repos.
20:26:24 <mchua> (basically, I am willing if nobody else who's better/faster can do it; I'm just not the most efficient)
20:26:43 <mchua> abadger1999, itbegins: should I just do it for now?
20:26:59 <abadger1999> mchua: That would be fine by me.
20:27:05 <mchua> As long as there's nothing horribly tricky/touchy/esoterically specialized about this module, I should be fine.
20:27:05 <itbegins> and me
20:27:14 <itbegins> I am a Zikula person, with no knowledge of packaging
20:27:20 <abadger1999> itbegins should be able to help with anything that comes up broken after the fact.
20:27:20 <itbegins> mchua: It will probably never need updating
20:27:26 <mchua> Cool.
20:27:27 <abadger1999> <nod>
20:27:34 <abadger1999> pagemaster will later ,though.
20:27:40 <mchua> #action mchua to take ownership of filterutil & pagemaster packages
20:27:42 <itbegins> mchua: Unless we don't get it working first time, in which case an amendment may be in order
20:27:46 <abadger1999> Unless mether can do pagemaster, just hasn't had time for filterutils?
20:27:58 <abadger1999> :-)
20:28:05 <mchua> then he can take 'em from me, and I will gladly give them up. :)
20:28:12 <itbegins> mchua: pagemaster is a bit more complicated as a module/package, so if you don't feel comfortable with that I recommend farming it out
20:28:16 * mchua nods
20:28:32 <mchua> I'll cross that bridge if we hit it, but thanks for the heads-up, itbegins.
20:28:51 <mchua> Ok, packaging is pretty much solved. design is pretty much solved. infra is pretty much solved...
20:28:56 <pcalarco> !
20:29:06 <mchua> ...that leaves workflow and content.
20:29:15 <mchua> Which... pcalarco, any thoughts?
20:29:19 <pcalarco> question: where are we with a WYSIWYG editor for FI?
20:29:35 <pcalarco> that is the major need from an FWN perspective at this point
20:29:42 <abadger1999> nirik: Got it.
20:29:43 <mchua> pcalarco: It's in our "it would be nice but we don't have anybody doing that work yet" point.
20:30:03 <mchua> pcalarco: But since the packaging of the critical modules seems to be settling out now, we *might* have bandwidth to take that on
20:30:15 <pcalarco> no problem; we can have beat writers do their markup external then paste into zikula
20:30:18 <mchua> ...might being in giant bold flashing red letters at the moment.
20:30:24 <itbegins> mchua: I have some infra-related questions just so I can get up to speed, but go through everything else first
20:30:38 <pcalarco> I'm done, thanks
20:31:01 <mchua> itbegins: any thoughts on how hard wysiwyg would be - is it a complex module?
20:31:14 <mchua> itbegins: or a simple thing to get to work, and just a matter of pushing the "package me!" button?
20:31:19 <itbegins> mchua: So that's being packaged...
20:31:34 <mchua> itbegins: oh, did someone pick that up again? I thought Sparks and ianweller had to put it down.
20:31:34 <itbegins> mchua: By someone in docs (take a look at their log)
20:31:42 <mchua> itbegins: gotcha, will catch up
20:31:52 <itbegins> I only saw this 5 mins ago myself
20:31:56 <mchua> itbegins: do you remember offhand when they'll have it done by? (in time for us?)
20:32:02 <itbegins> so we need to make sure we all stay connected
20:32:07 * mchua nods
20:32:21 <itbegins> mchua: The implication was 'soon' - I know no more than that
20:32:52 <mchua> itbegins: ok - do you want me to pop in and maintain those connections, or do you have it covered?
20:33:15 <itbegins> mchua: I am probably too unreliable
20:33:17 <mchua> #info Docs is packaging a wysiwig zikula module
20:33:23 <mchua> itbegins: Ok, I'll sync up with them then.
20:33:26 <itbegins> mcepl: Equally, I don't want to put more load on you
20:33:35 <mchua> #action mchua sync with Docs on zikula wysiwyg
20:33:40 <itbegins> mchua: That should ahve gone to you @)
20:34:04 <mchua> itbegins: I appreciate it. :) I'm ok, since I should be listening in on Docs more anyhow, this is a good bonus to add.
20:34:40 <mchua> pcalarco: If you have wysiwyg input, can you do what you need/want to do for FWN on FI?
20:34:57 <mchua> pcalarco: From reading your email to the marketing list, it sounds like it was somewhat tricky to figure stuff out
20:35:09 <itbegins> pcalarco: Does my response to you make sense?
20:35:12 <mchua> not sure how we can make the workflow easier for y'all
20:35:28 <itbegins> Really, we need to document 'the right way to do common tasks'
20:35:38 <rbergeron> agreed :)
20:35:45 <pcalarco> mchua: yes, I think I'm good now, and Simon's response was helpful too
20:35:46 <itbegins> i.e posting a news article for approval, posting one immediately, adding a sub category
20:35:55 <rbergeron> i think a basic slide set with pictures for general users would be awesome
20:36:00 <pcalarco> itbegins: yes
20:36:12 <mchua> Ok - at what point should we make that slide set?
20:36:25 <mchua> (at what point will the workflow be settled enough that it makes sense to document it well?)
20:36:28 <itbegins> This will become simpler, because for the majority of users who have access to the admin interface they will only see a couple of icons (which is less confusing to start with)
20:36:35 <itbegins> we just haven't sorted permissioning yet
20:37:14 <rbergeron> i was sort of thinking it might be wise to have an editorial-type person who double-checks the grammar / spelling and such
20:37:24 <rbergeron> to take that off the plate of whoever is deciding what is front page, featured, etc
20:37:34 <rbergeron> but that was just a passing thought :)
20:37:49 <mchua> rbergeron: +1... pcalarco, do you have/want a copyeditor? we might be able to get someone to do it for Everything On FI
20:38:01 <mchua> in which case FWN would be another thing to add to that pass.
20:38:44 <mchua> #info potential FI wish-list role: copyeditor
20:38:52 <itbegins> mchua: rbergeron THis can be enforced through a more complicated workflow using pagemaster, but probably not for F12
20:38:52 <mchua> (and if we need one, we'll find one)
20:38:57 <pcalarco> mchua: with the workflow, there is actually going to be less work for FWN editors now, since beat writers will be marking content up, so my and Adam's work will actually decrease, I think :)
20:39:05 <mchua> pcalarco: ...sweet!
20:39:20 <mchua> pcalarco: Do you have any thoughts on when you'd like to try the platform switch?
20:39:59 <mchua> pcalarco: we're supposed to launch on October 14, which is a Wednesday
20:40:18 <pcalarco> mchua: I'd like to get an entire FWN issue up soonest to see what it all looks like, and then we should be able to start out right at launch, I'd think
20:40:33 <mchua> pcalarco: so maybe retroactively porting 10/12's content to FI (and having it in both places for comparison - we can have a happy hacking session between 10/12 and 10/14 to do that)?
20:40:34 <pcalarco> mchua: maybe the following Monday then for FWN
20:40:40 <mchua> pcalarco: that would work too.
20:41:28 <mchua> (note that pcalarco has editorial mojo over all the FWN stuff as usual, we're just hostin'.)
20:41:37 <pcalarco> mchua: we typically get all content in sometime on Sunday and then edit and send out on Monday;  if content is marked up and ready by Sunday Monday is just a matter of grammer checking and then setting to publish
20:42:19 <mchua> pcalarco: do we need to do anything re: training beat authors to use the new stuff?
20:42:40 <pcalarco> mchua: I will set up a special News Team meeting to discuss further with news team; I'll let y'all know when if anyone is interested in attending'
20:43:08 <mchua> w00t. thanks pcalarco, that sounds perfect.
20:43:30 <mchua> #info pcalarco setting up special News Team meeting to discuss FI platform switchover, will let us know what's up
20:43:42 <pcalarco> mchua: yes, we'll need to establish accounts for them in the next week I think have them try marking up their content so everyone will be ready to go by then
20:43:49 <mchua> cool!
20:44:04 <mchua> In terms of non-FWN content going up on the FI queue for launch, we have...
20:44:14 <mchua> https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/11 from dufflebag "fun fedora projects" articles
20:44:21 <mchua> ...which I need to make sure get done soon s we can queue them up
20:44:29 <mchua> #action mchua to ping dufflebag on https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/11
20:44:38 <mchua> ...and we have JonRob's curated list of Planet posts that can be repurposed
20:45:11 <mchua> ...and whoa, Paul just sent an email to the Marketing list volunteering to be the F12 FI editor
20:45:35 <mchua> ...so I think we're going to be ooookay on that front.
20:45:40 <mchua> Win!
20:45:52 <mchua> stickster: anything you want to add on F12 marketing content / PR plans / coordination with RH PR?
20:46:44 <stickster> I just wanted to note that Mel and I had a call with RH PR on Monday
20:46:47 <mchua> stickster: (Paul == Paul Johnson, lest panic strike)
20:46:54 <stickster> mchua: Thanks, I figured as much :-)
20:47:19 <mchua> #info Paul Johnson has offered to take on FI content editorial duties for F12
20:47:19 <stickster> We discussed mainly video production schedules, and production of Red Hat press blogs around the release
20:47:33 <mchua> #action mchua get in touch with Paul J. on FI editorial duties and make sure he's all set
20:47:39 * mchua sits back and listens to stickster :)
20:47:44 <stickster> Essentially, we'll have an accelerating batch of content coming out in the weeks ahead of F12 GA to make plenty of press waves
20:47:53 <stickster> Right now our release is scheduled for Nov. 10
20:48:15 <stickster> Unfortunately I'm due to be in Australia from Nov. 6-13, so there's a chance, unless we slip, that I'll be in an odd TZ for that week
20:48:19 <stickster> OTOH I'
20:48:20 <stickster> oops
20:48:36 <stickster> OTOH I'll have an opportunity to get interviews with people on the other side of the globe
20:48:40 <stickster> So that's a big win
20:48:43 <stickster> (potentially)
20:49:20 <mchua> +100
20:49:24 <stickster> Max will stand in for me if a press interview comes up while I'm gone, but the plan is to line most of the general lay press interviews (things like CNet/ZDNet level stuff) in advance
20:49:32 <stickster> s/line/line up/
20:49:55 <stickster> I think that's all the relevant stuff -- Mel, do you remember any other important points for the F-Marketing team?
20:50:08 <mchua> stickster: None that you haven't already gone through.
20:50:27 <mchua> stickster: though it strikes me as a side note that we may someday want a messaging index so that more people can talk to press down the line
20:50:45 * mchua looks at time
20:51:04 <mether> abadger1999, i still intended to submit those packages. just had other things of higher priority. i will update the ticket in a day or two
20:51:40 <mchua> rbergeron: I want to leave time for whatever marketing research stuff you want to talk about. itbegins: I know you had some FI questions. And I wanted to mention the need to gear up for a FUDCon zikula hackfest
20:51:52 <mchua> Anything other than those 3 topics to get through in the time remaining?
20:52:01 <abadger1999> mether, mchua: okay, so are we pressed for time? Do we need to get them reviewed and approved but mether can take over maintainence once they're in?
20:52:02 <stickster> mchua: The messaging index is an excellent point. We should arrange to work on that in the next release cycle.
20:52:13 * stickster notes that has come up before, just didn't have anyone to drive it.
20:52:20 <mchua> abadger1999, mether: Yeah, I can take them now and then mether can pick them up when he's got the time again, if that works for you both
20:52:26 <mether> abadger1999, if it is urgent let me know
20:52:27 * rbergeron wonders if someone is going to be running the FI twitter account :)
20:52:29 <mether> i assumed it wasnt
20:52:33 <mchua> #info messaging index is a "someday food" (F13, probably)
20:52:46 <mether> though not really on the basis of any additional facts :-)
20:53:02 <abadger1999> I assumed it was but could also be wrong.  I defer to mchua's judgement on that.
20:53:06 <abadger1999> :-)
20:53:17 <mether> mchua, so how urgent is this thing
20:53:20 <mether> how long do we have
20:53:21 <mchua> rbergeron: no plans for such atm, though it's open if someone wants to do it... (link to an identi.ca account and do dents instead ;)
20:53:46 <mchua> mether: launch is 10/14, so we need the package completely done and in repos by 10/7 so mmcgrath can loadtest
20:53:59 <mchua> mether: so depending on what your definition of "urgent" is...
20:54:35 <mether> mchua, if you want to move it forward I can add myself as a co-maintainer later or take over. thats not a problem. It will take me atleast a couple of days more I think to get back on track
20:54:55 <mchua> itbegins: why don't you start with your remaining FI questions and we'll see if we can handle them in-meeting or if we need to defer to list
20:55:16 <mchua> mether: Ok, I'll do that then - thanks!
20:55:23 <mether> ok
20:55:26 <itbegins> mchua: So really it was a question about what's going on with the filesystem
20:55:37 <itbegins> since we got that missing files error, things have changed
20:55:50 <mchua> mether: And thanks for all your work on packaging - I know it's been confusing and spasmodically rushed and not as clearly communicated as it should have been - my fault. Will suck less next time.
20:56:01 <itbegins> my worry is that if we're not running of a set of package installed files, when we deploy via puppet nothing will work
20:56:17 <mchua> itbegins: +1
20:56:32 <mchua> itbegins: are there modifications that have happened that aren't packaged up?
20:56:40 <itbegins> being out of the loop, I don't really understand what's happened
20:56:48 <itbegins> mchua: well, someone fixed the missing files error
20:57:01 <itbegins> then pcalarco ran into the problem with upgrade.php being in the root
20:57:15 <itbegins> so someone refreshed the file system somehow - because those files weren't there before
20:57:28 <itbegins> the question is: did they do it via packages?
20:57:44 * mchua doesn't know
20:57:55 <mchua> itbegins: do you know where the ticket for that was? I'm not sure who fixed that error.
20:57:59 * stickster doesn't know either
20:58:16 <stickster> IRC user "affix" has been helping out around FI, maybe he would know?
20:58:20 <itbegins> mchua: To be honest, no, I just remember the emails
20:58:25 <stickster> Or ke4qqq might.
20:58:44 <mchua> itbegins: which list?
21:00:09 <itbegins> logistics
21:00:18 <mchua> ah, okay.
21:00:28 <itbegins> mizmo posted the original message about it
21:00:35 <itbegins> ke4qqq replied
21:00:52 <mchua> itbegins: thanks for bringing it up - making sure everything is puppetizable == big big big deal.
21:01:15 <itbegins> anyway, now I've taken up the rest of the meeting time, I will be quiet :)
21:01:40 <mchua> itbegins: I can look and get mizmo or ke4qqq or someone to explain / settle this out / figure out what packaging, if any, needs to happen
21:01:46 <mchua> itbegins: if that would work
21:02:01 * mchua will leave FUDCon zikula sprint for the mailing lists
21:02:25 <itbegins> mchua: yeah, we just need to find out exactly what happenedf
21:02:38 <mchua> rbergeron: Argh, sorry we're running late on meeting time... did you want to do any marketing research stuff?
21:02:41 <ke4qqq> mchua: what do you need from me
21:02:47 <rbergeron> um, just some quick notes on it:
21:02:52 * mchua can stick around / extend meeting time a bit
21:02:56 <rbergeron> 1) I have a schedule posted.
21:03:02 <rbergeron> #link http://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Marketing_research#Schedule_.2F_Timeline
21:03:04 <mchua> ok, meetingtime.length() += 5m #:)
21:03:06 <mchua> nice!
21:03:12 <rbergeron> Basically what i'm proposing is the following:
21:03:18 <mchua> ke4qqq: itbegins: you two should talk
21:03:24 <rbergeron> 1) Having a fudcon survey of attendees, like has been done in the past.
21:03:26 <mchua> ke4qqq: itbegins: will ping on #fedora-mktg
21:03:28 <mether> mchua, you have been doing a pretty good job actually
21:03:40 <rbergeron> to do at the end, eithe ron the last day, or via email-followup immediately afterwards
21:03:56 <rbergeron> 2nd is more of a Fedora General User survey
21:04:02 <rbergeron> (just ignore the unsexy-sounding name there)
21:04:21 <rbergeron> and the schedule i have basically makes it launch at the same time as F12, when the website would be getting the most traffic.
21:04:25 <rbergeron> or possibly a few days before.
21:04:38 <rbergeron> And then running for about 2 weeks,
21:04:41 <mchua> on limesurvey?
21:04:45 <rbergeron> leaving a week+ to compile results,
21:04:57 <rbergeron> mchua: yes
21:05:06 <mchua> rbergeron: *sweet.*
21:05:08 <rbergeron> and then having results more or less available to hash over at fudcon.
21:05:19 <rbergeron> since I figured that would be an actual useful time to have that information available.
21:05:32 <rbergeron> since people will presumably be sitting around thinking and stuff
21:05:38 <mchua> rbergeron: from what I hear, people have been trying to get some survey thing up since forever, so mad props for finally getting this to happen!
21:05:43 <mchua> rbergeron: HUGE +100 on that
21:05:54 <rbergeron> so anyway: schedule is up.
21:06:10 <mchua> rbergeron: wooo!
21:06:13 <rbergeron> I have some thoughts I'll send out on the mailing list as well, as well as more in-depth discussion of what we just said here
21:06:15 <rbergeron> tonight
21:06:16 <mchua> #info rbergeron is magic
21:06:29 <rbergeron> sometime... after dinner and knitting lessons and school and all that jazz
21:06:39 <mchua> #info Marketing research schedule is up; plans to do a FUDCon survey + a user survey for which results will be available at FUDCon
21:06:47 <mchua> rbergeron: what can we do to help?
21:06:57 <rbergeron> mchua: oh. that will be in the mail :)
21:07:01 <rbergeron> *grin*
21:07:17 <rbergeron> i mean there are some basic logistics questions and whatnot
21:07:34 <rbergeron> the main thing will be that we are getting plenty of feedback from people on what kind of information they would like to see.
21:07:38 <mchua> #info again, rbergeron is magic
21:08:04 <rbergeron> so i'm drafting still a list of questions... that will go out to the mailing list(s) of applicable people
21:08:11 <rbergeron> see if they have feedback, want to use me as a dartboard, etc.
21:08:35 <rbergeron> I've got about 3 weeks in the schedule for developing a good set, and simultaneously geting the infrastructure piece going.
21:08:55 <mchua> Awesome.
21:09:01 <rbergeron> that is all :)
21:09:54 <mchua> rbergeron: thanks!
21:10:02 * mchua thinks that's all for the meeting, too
21:10:04 * rbergeron will also note that the ubuntu mktg guys did a survey using limesurvey so that has been some interesting food for thought as well.
21:10:15 <mchua> rbergeron: next time I'll put marketing research at the top of the agenda so you can go first and actually get enough time :)
21:10:22 <mchua> rbergeron: ...ooh, a link to that would be great
21:10:37 * mchua thinks we really need to get that upstream "Marketing in open source" group going - cross-project practice sharing
21:10:46 <mchua> ...ok, gonna wrap up before we hit the 10 minutes over mark.
21:11:05 * mchua seems to be making a habit of this "over time" thing lately. Must find way to break habit.
21:11:14 <mchua> and we're going in 5
21:11:14 <mchua> 4
21:11:15 <mchua> 3
21:11:16 <mchua> 2
21:11:17 <rbergeron> mchua: i have some stuff on that as well. we can take it offline and discuss on irk at some point
21:11:23 <mchua> (thanks everybody!)
21:11:30 <mchua> rbergeron: worksforme. :)
21:11:32 <mchua> 1
21:11:34 <mchua> *jetpack*
21:11:36 <mchua> #endmeeting