21:02:47 <nirik> #startmeeting Spins SIG
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21:03:02 <nirik> #chair kanarip brunowolff maxamillion
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21:03:09 <brunowolff> There is some issue with live images now.
21:03:24 <nirik> yeah.
21:03:30 <nirik> warren was digging into it.
21:03:39 <brunowolff> I may have seen it when I was trying to belated do a radeon test day with an up to date games spin.
21:03:48 <maxamillion> yeah, I spun one earlier trying to diagnose the permissions issue but it wouldn't boot :(
21:04:00 <brunowolff> I thought I just had a bad burn and didn't want to spend more time on it.
21:04:03 <maxamillion> (on the xfce spin)
21:04:30 <nirik> yeah, sounds like from #fedora-devel that warren is testing a possible culprit. ;) I guess we wait and see...
21:04:38 <nirik> warren: is there a bug on it we can follow?
21:04:46 <warren> that's what I have been asking for
21:05:00 <kanarip> hey
21:05:00 <warren> nirik: I'm doubtful this will fix it
21:05:03 <kanarip> i'm here
21:05:04 <warren> but I'm trying
21:05:05 <nirik> I guess we need to figure out what component it's in?
21:05:09 <maxamillion> kanarip: hi hi
21:05:11 <nirik> hey kanarip
21:05:23 <kanarip> sorry, just a tad late i notice
21:05:45 <warren> dracut is the most likely unless it is something really weird.
21:05:47 <maxamillion> nirik: wasn't it drilled down to either dracut, glibc, or selinux?
21:06:05 <maxamillion> or was it just libc? .... I can't remember now
21:06:12 <kanarip> are we in open floor right now?
21:06:15 * nirik has no idea.
21:06:25 <nirik> kanarip: talking about non bootable rawhide livecd's I guess.
21:06:32 <kanarip> hmm
21:06:37 <nirik> #topic Booting issues with rawhide live spins since the 17th
21:06:49 <kanarip> just as a side-note then, i understand there's some nss_* changes coming up
21:07:04 <nirik> kanarip: more? ;(
21:07:09 <kanarip> i'm not sure whether that has *anything* to do with the symptoms you are seeing though
21:07:26 <kanarip> i'm not sure it's *more*, i just got notice there *are* some
21:08:30 <nirik> so I guess we need to track down what component it is and file a bug on it at least... can someone test the older dracut and see if that is the culprit?
21:08:52 <nirik> warren: it was spins from the 17th and on? or 18th and on?
21:09:19 <warren> 17th reportedly works, 18th broke
21:09:22 <nirik> dracut-002-1 was the 18th
21:09:28 <warren> dracut was a big change on the 18th
21:09:47 <warren> I'm first testing a livecd with my one-line change backed out
21:11:05 <nirik> fair enough.
21:11:15 <nirik> thanks for looking into it.
21:11:20 <nirik> anyhow have other topics?
21:11:29 <maxamillion> not i
21:11:35 <brunowolff> none here
21:11:43 <maxamillion> kinda at a stand still until that issue is resolved
21:11:54 <maxamillion> is there anything i/we could be doing to help the process?
21:16:42 * nirik doesn't really have anything else either.
21:17:49 <maxamillion> nirik: call it?
21:18:18 <nirik> yeah, I guess so... kanarip, you have anything?
21:18:25 * kanarip doesn't have anything else either
21:19:05 <kanarip> but for the failing spins on www.kanarip.com/revisor , which are system issues and not spin issues
21:19:16 <kanarip> my problem, nothing to see, move along
21:19:18 <kanarip> ;-)
21:19:20 <nirik> ok, thanks for coming everyone.
21:19:33 <nirik> #endmeeting