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20:00:55 <mchua> #topic Roll Call
20:00:58 <mchua> who's around?
20:01:00 * stickster 
20:01:07 * rbergeron is here
20:01:28 * mizmo 
20:02:12 * ianweller 
20:02:12 <mchua> fugolini is out, darn
20:02:17 <ianweller> whoa i'm actually here for once
20:02:22 <mchua> ianweller: w00t
20:02:26 <stickster> ianweller: congrats :-)
20:02:44 <mchua> Ok, let's get started then!
20:02:47 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#Agenda
20:02:57 <mchua> #topic Status updates
20:03:17 <mchua> We're chugging along towards F12; y'all should have a detailed "here's where we stand on tickets" report in your inbox as of 2 minutes ago.
20:03:32 <mchua> notable things this week:
20:03:35 <mchua> JonRob: !!!!
20:03:38 <mchua> WELCOME BACK!
20:03:39 <JonRob> boo
20:03:39 <mchua> Brief FAMSCo and Ambassaors on Talking Points      Tue 2009-09-15  Tue 2009-09-22
20:03:42 <mchua> Complete drafts of Talking Points                  Tue 2009-09-15  Tue 2009-09-22
20:04:03 <mchua> Talking points are on my plate, so I suspect I'll be shouting to the list "hey, I'm sprinting on writing these at $time and $date, come join"
20:04:17 <mchua> another thing coming up:
20:04:18 <mchua> Announce final release slogan                      Thu 2009-09-17  Thu 2009-09-17
20:04:21 <stickster> mchua: I've been trying to help out with the talking points
20:04:25 <mchua> thanks, stickster!
20:04:26 <stickster> mchua: I filled in some details today
20:04:35 <stickster> More is needed though
20:04:53 <mchua> JonRob: if you're looking for something to help with, Talking Points are a good thing to jump in on.
20:05:01 <mchua> stickster: ok, I think I'll go for sprinting tomorrow night then.
20:05:02 <stickster> Fortunately, they're already listed
20:05:09 <stickster> They just need a simple explanation for the lay reader
20:05:17 <stickster> I included pointers to the actual feature pages to make it easier
20:05:21 <JonRob> mchua: link?
20:05:33 * JonRob apologises for being way out of the loop, as ever
20:05:39 <stickster> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Talking_Points
20:05:41 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_talking_points
20:05:50 <mchua> hey itbegins!
20:06:04 <itbegins> hi mchua
20:06:15 <stickster> mchua: We should probably -- on the list, as opposed to slowing down the meeting -- discuss how to get some podcasts and other collateral done around the talking points
20:06:18 <stickster> That went very well in F11
20:06:22 <mchua> stickster: +1
20:06:30 <mchua> stickster: do you want to send that email or shall I?
20:06:36 <stickster> mchua: I'll be happy to
20:06:39 * stickster starts writing now
20:06:51 <mchua> #action stickster send email to list discussing how to get podcasts/other collateral done around the talking points
20:06:57 <mchua> thanks, stickster!
20:07:03 <mchua> anyhoo, talking points --> mailing list
20:07:31 <mchua> and as I said, the other open tickets for the week are in your inboxes (or the marketing list archives if you're not subscribed)
20:07:39 <mchua> onwards to discussion topics!
20:07:44 <mchua> we've got
20:07:45 <mchua> * Release slogan selection (mizmo)
20:07:45 <mchua> * Marketing research (rbergeron)
20:07:45 <mchua> * Briefing Ambassadors on F12 (mchua)
20:07:47 <mchua> * Fedora Insight status (mchua)
20:07:51 <mchua> so...
20:07:55 <mchua> #topic release slogan selection
20:07:58 <mchua> mizmo, take it away!
20:08:17 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_release_slogan
20:08:23 <mizmo> hey peeps
20:08:27 <mizmo> so we need to pick a release slogan
20:08:32 <mizmo> mchua has provided a link to the list
20:08:47 <mizmo> so i was hoping we could have a discussion about which ones we like / don't like and maybe figure out which one to use
20:09:11 <stickster> Can I ask a question about the release slogan?
20:09:18 <mizmo> sure
20:09:53 <stickster> argh
20:09:55 * stickster typing fail
20:10:09 <stickster> So in the past we've established a release slogan that sort of follows the artwork for the release
20:10:17 <stickster> For F10, "Fire it up" (solar/sun)
20:10:23 <stickster> For F11, "Reign" (lion)
20:11:00 <stickster> One of the ways we used the slogan was on the main fedoraproject.org page -- but there's been a sort of moderate-level noise around that use
20:11:12 <stickster> i.e. it's not easily translatable sometimes, so it makes less sense in other languages
20:11:18 <ianweller> isn't that the only way we used the slogan?
20:11:45 <stickster> or as another example, it doesn't necessarily fit what we're trying to say about the Fedora Project in general, but yet people see it when they first visit the main fedoraproject.org page.
20:11:58 <stickster> I'm wondering if we should reconsider where we use that slogan
20:12:36 <stickster> Especially in light of the grand new designs that Mo's been working on (does she ever sleep?!?)
20:12:47 <mizmo> well we need something to go with the main banner on the front page
20:12:49 <mchua> Is this something we need to decide before we select the slogan for F12?
20:12:52 <mizmo> to just show the banner and no text looks a little weird
20:12:58 <stickster> mizmo: Fully agree
20:13:09 <mizmo> and its the only place the slogan is used so if we dont use the slogan there then we dont use it
20:13:25 <stickster> Maybe this is a for-the-list discussion.
20:13:27 <mchua> +1
20:13:48 <stickster> ISTR I tried to raise this last week but was waylaid, and failed to bring it up again afterward
20:14:24 <mchua> well, mizmo will be making the final slogan selection on 9/15; perhaps we could make this a formal topic/question at next week's meeting, stickster, and then talk about it on the list beforehand
20:14:25 <stickster> mizmo: Would that be OK, to talk about it briefly on the list where I can lay out a plan?
20:14:36 <mizmo> well maybe when we talk about the slogans here we give some consideration to how it might be translated
20:14:42 <rbergeron> isn't 9/15 today :)
20:14:46 <mizmo> it is
20:14:50 <mchua> rbergeron: err, I mean 9/17.
20:14:52 <mizmo> stickster: sure
20:14:57 * mchua has a calendar...
20:15:18 <stickster> Powerful slogans are just difficult to translate, because they tend to rely on idiom or cultural norms
20:15:42 <stickster> Unless we go to something that's a little more generic, like "Linux at its best."
20:15:51 <stickster> (Not suggesting that, just an example)
20:15:51 <mizmo> stickster: the translators can take some license though to adapt the feeling to their own language though can't they?
20:15:57 <stickster> mizmo: Yes, absolutely
20:16:00 <mizmo> stickster: i mean, i dont want our marketing materials to be bland for the sake of easy translation
20:16:47 * mchua suggests we go through the suggestions now and discuss them, noting translation for each one (along with other comments we might have)
20:16:51 <stickster> I'm thinking about a couple of the emails we've received from translators over past releases saying, "I'll translate it to <XYZ>, but that may not be as related to the design as desired"
20:17:06 <mchua> mizmo: I want you to leave the meeting today feeling you're ready to pick the final slogan on Thursday
20:17:06 * stickster confesses he hasn't been over the list or page
20:17:20 <mizmo> stickster: but thats fine, translation always involves choices like that
20:17:29 <rbergeron> I think some one-word slogans might be more easily translatable (if that's a word?) than others
20:17:42 <mizmo> well here's #1 "share and rule"   'divide and rule' with the idiology of sharing which characerize free and open source software!
20:17:43 <rbergeron> one of the suggestions was "unite", which I think is fairly... universal?
20:17:44 <mchua> mizmo: but am also cognizant that we've got rbergeron talking about marketing research, and then discussion on FI and Ambassadors-briefing to cover today :)
20:17:49 <mizmo> i dont think it really works
20:18:08 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_release_slogan#New_slogan_ideas
20:18:12 * stickster <eof/> and lets the list rolll
20:18:28 <mizmo> rulers dont tend to be known for sharing? it doesnt really have punch
20:18:41 <mchua> #agreed Ease of translation is a key criteria for slogan selection
20:18:45 <mizmo> and sharing doesn't really relate to the theme
20:18:54 <mizmo> "order the chaos" constantine brought order to chaos; the mosaic patterns are orderly; computers are generally chaotic and Fedora can help you make sense of it
20:19:07 <mchua> agreed -1 on share and rule
20:19:19 <mizmo> i like this one because it works on two levels, constantine and general computer usage, but 'order to chaos' or 'ordering chaos' is a kind of idiom i think
20:19:19 <rbergeron> I think saying ordering the chaos still kind of implies that there might be chaos left :)
20:19:23 <mchua> +0 to "order the chaos" - I like the sentiment but wonder if there's a more elegant way to express it.
20:19:28 <mizmo> rbergeron: there always is when computesr are involved
20:19:43 <mizmo> "Shine"  F11's slogan was "reign," so what's more fitting after a reign than to shine?
20:19:51 <rbergeron> is that the impression that we want to make about fedora or linux in general though? :)
20:19:53 <stickster> Larry's entry is clever :-)
20:19:54 <mizmo> im not sure how it relates to be honest
20:20:03 <mchua> rain -> reign
20:20:08 <mizmo> right thats a pun though
20:20:14 <stickster> but it doesn't really follow the art
20:20:17 <mizmo> i dont think we want our slogan to be a pun :(
20:20:19 <rbergeron> "it's chaotic but we kind of put a nice front on it" :)
20:20:29 <mizmo> not based on homophones in a particular language anyway
20:20:41 <mizmo> "The Verdict is out!" 12 members in a jury, so ....
20:20:44 <mizmo> it's totally unrelated
20:20:52 <mchua> -1 no Constantine tie
20:21:01 <mchua> (to both this and 'shine', though I <3 the pun)
20:21:04 <mizmo> "Welcome to life"  When is a new opportunity, is always a new start
20:21:05 <mizmo> its unrelated
20:21:12 <mchua> not an action word
20:21:14 <mizmo> "Always persevering"  Is one of the meanings of "constantine" (the constant)
20:21:27 <mizmo> i like it but its not an action, theres likely abetter way to express it
20:21:27 * mchua would rephrase to "Persevere."
20:21:35 <mizmo> yeh but then that gives the connotation
20:21:38 <stickster> That makes it sound like Fedora is a lot of work
20:21:42 <mchua> "hard to use"
20:21:43 <mizmo> 'fedora sucks!!! but just stick with it man'
20:21:44 <mchua> yeah...
20:21:44 * rbergeron agrees
20:21:47 <mizmo> k
20:21:56 <mizmo> "Whoa."  Mandatory Keanu Reeves reference. (skipping the unneccessary and limiting "must be a command" rule, though technically it is a command if you are a horse, but not in the Keanu sense)
20:22:00 <mizmo> its a joke
20:22:05 <rbergeron> that movie was baaad.
20:22:10 <rbergeron> constantine that is :)
20:22:17 <mizmo> i never saw it
20:22:20 <stickster> Leave it to mdehaan :-D
20:22:22 <mizmo> i knew keanu was in it tho
20:22:27 <mizmo> "Grok."  Mandatory Heinlein reference (along the "bring order (understanding) to chaos" theme, though this is probably not enough of a mainstream reference to really work).
20:22:33 <mizmo> its not mainstream like you said :(
20:22:37 <mchua> yeah, -1 grok
20:22:40 <rbergeron> i think that doesnt' translate well
20:22:54 <mizmo> "Synthesize." Also attempting to go with the "understanding chaos" theme.
20:23:00 <mchua> It /really/ doesn't translate well. I figured I'd get my stupid ideas out first. ;)
20:23:05 <mizmo> i think a lot of people think of music synthesizers
20:23:05 <pjones> grok translates fine.  you just leave it as it is ;)
20:23:06 <stickster> "Grok" and "Synthesize" are a bit geek-chic for my taste, although I get what they're after
20:23:12 <mizmo> yeh
20:23:18 <mizmo> something-related-to-stepping-stones - what do you call the thing (not stepping) that you do on stepping stones?   (hehe)
20:23:22 <mizmo> The rawhide wallpaper reminds me of stepping stones set through a river - a stable route where you can stand to walk to your destination in the midst of a turbulent stream, without losing any of the surprise and beauty of that stream. I'm quite taken by Mo's "bringing order to chaos" imagery and am trying to find alternative ways to phrase that.
20:23:25 <mchua> I like "Unite" better than "Synthesize," it gets the point across better.
20:23:29 <pjones> mizmo: falling in the water?
20:23:32 <stickster> "Ya grok vodka."
20:23:37 <mizmo> pjones: that's what *i* do lol
20:23:40 <stickster> "Unite" is probably my favorite on the whole list
20:23:45 <mchua> +1 unite
20:23:46 <mizmo> i have to say same here
20:23:48 <rbergeron> I'm with unite
20:23:53 <stickster> It's simple, call-to-action, and hooks up with Constantine well
20:23:55 <ianweller> i'd be good with unite
20:24:03 <mizmo> i think it relates both to constantine and our community as a whole
20:24:11 <mchua> I'll post the descript
20:24:12 <mchua> This works on a few levels. Most importantly, Fedora unites the great work of thousands into one fantastic whole. Historically, Constantine was the first Emperor of Rome to practice religious tolerance, allowing one Republic with many cultures (incidentally, he favored mono- rather than poly-theism, another level), and is said to have united the Roman Empire. Constantinople has been at the cross-roads of cultures throughout its history, an important
20:24:13 <mizmo> we lovas not hatas
20:24:17 <rbergeron> and i think it translates well...
20:24:31 <mizmo> +1 shipit
20:24:33 <ianweller> yeah "unite" seems to get the highest marks on the three requirements
20:24:33 <mizmo> that was easy
20:24:41 * mizmo eyes around suspiciously for the staples easy button
20:24:48 <ianweller> mizmo: under your arm
20:24:51 <stickster> Yes, that's a pretty simple verb, l10n +1
20:24:53 <mchua> mizmo: so you're set for making the final call on Thursday and announcing it to everyone?
20:24:58 <mizmo> mchua: im set now :)
20:25:02 <mizmo> mchua: so we're good :)
20:25:03 <mchua> woo!
20:25:09 <mizmo> thanks peeps you've made it quite easy
20:25:11 <ianweller> high fives all around
20:25:13 <mchua> mizmo: want an #agreed in the notes?
20:25:24 <mizmo> #agreed 'Unite' to be the slogan for f12's release
20:25:24 <rbergeron> props to bill!
20:25:36 * mchua cheers bill
20:25:45 <mchua> ok then! next topic
20:25:53 <mchua> #topic marketing research
20:25:57 <mchua> rbergeron: you're up!
20:26:03 <rbergeron> link: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_research
20:26:07 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_research
20:26:11 <mchua> (needs the hash thingy)
20:26:17 <stickster> woo!
20:26:20 <rbergeron> oh. well then
20:26:28 <rbergeron> :) /me makes a note for the future on that
20:26:30 <rbergeron> moving on
20:26:45 <rbergeron> so if anyone has taken a look, I've been filling this wiki page with lots of ideas and whatnot
20:26:59 <rbergeron> I finally got around to filling in the goals and next steps this morning.
20:27:16 <rbergeron> so for goals I have ...
20:27:18 <rbergeron> Develop and distribute meaningful, relevant market research materials that can be used to enhance Fedora quality and distribution.
20:27:29 <rbergeron> which I'm open to having rewritten if anyone else feels otherwise.
20:27:30 * mchua would like to give a *massive* round of applause for this- I think it's something long overdue, so thanks for getting the ball rolling, rbergeron!
20:27:49 <rbergeron> but more importantly are the next steps, which mostly consists of
20:28:15 <rbergeron> figuring out what the rest of the fedora community would want to see as far as research, and finding out who would use it, to best determine what tasks we / I / whoever is willing and game to tackle first.
20:28:36 <mchua> +1 to goals; I'd also love to see us become an example of good marketing practices for open source communities, but that's a ways down the line :)
20:28:37 <rbergeron> (there are other next steps too, but basically figuring out if it will be used would probably be a good idea.)
20:29:03 <mchua> that sounds logical to me.
20:29:16 <mchua> stickster, do you have a sense of who might be most interested?
20:29:20 <rbergeron> and I know there is a quite a bit here, but I'd like some guidance on maybe who I should start talking to about ... if anyone would use it, what people would like to see.
20:29:31 <rbergeron> i suppose that could be market research all in itself, hardee har har. :)
20:29:37 <mchua> mizmo: I'm guessing Design might be, not sure how much this overlaps with design-research/testing-stuff you'd like to do
20:30:21 * mchua looks through list of teams
20:30:26 <rbergeron> and if there is no input, we can prod the mailing list further for feedback.
20:30:34 <rbergeron> immediate input i mean :)
20:30:42 <stickster> I think the Desktop SIG and the group working on Fedora Insight are good targets, albeit with very different needs
20:30:53 <rbergeron> and mel, i saw your comments inline on the page, thanks for that :)
20:31:03 <mchua> ooh, desktop sig. yeah.
20:31:05 <mizmo> mchua: the kind of stuff that would help the design team is profiles of our current user base and potential user base we're trying to get
20:31:17 <mchua> Ambassadors might be keen on this, they have the most immediate contact with potential users
20:31:37 <stickster> Each of those entities, I'd think, could really use information that helps them craft what they're doing
20:31:45 <JonRob> how does this tie in with usability testing/mizmo's mobile lab thingy
20:31:48 <JonRob> ?
20:31:55 <rbergeron> mizmo: basic demographical stuff, what markets people are in, not in, etc?
20:32:00 <mizmo> rbergeron: yep
20:32:18 <mizmo> JonRob: usability testing is more like QA for a design. marketing research is quite different, towards a very different end i think
20:32:36 <stickster> i.e. How do we make this appealing to the people for whom it's intended?
20:32:41 <rbergeron> i think the demographical stuff is fairly applicable to a broad range of groups.
20:32:52 <JonRob> or: what do these people want to see
20:32:55 * mchua wonders if FUDCon might make a good first opportunity to deploy a research instrument, esp. if we're inviting a lot of new users in.
20:32:58 <JonRob> for market research
20:33:02 * stickster doesn't claim to be knowledgeable about market research.
20:33:08 <stickster> mchua: Oooo...
20:33:12 * mchua doesn't either, that's why we're so glad rbergeron is here ;)
20:33:24 <rbergeron> and may be a good starting point for people to see what kind of information they could get, how it can be useful, and have input on how to craft questions as we go further along
20:33:32 * rbergeron will not claim to be a total guru :)
20:33:45 <mizmo> my advisor in grad school did a lot of market research
20:33:48 <rbergeron> FUDCon would be a good place to get people to participate, certainly
20:34:01 <mchua> rbergeron: so, the list of Fedora subgroups to ping sounds like Desktop SIG, FI, Design, Ambassadors, FUDCon attendees.
20:34:08 <mchua> as a first pass, anyway.
20:34:25 <rbergeron> okay.
20:35:00 <rbergeron> I'll draft some things, just so people would get an idea of what kind of information we could be trying to obtain and how it would be useful,
20:35:12 <rbergeron> and see if people have further input in those subgroups.
20:35:17 <mchua> rbergeron: so, it is mid-september, and fudcon is start of dec, so that's 2.5 months... what timeline would you suggest?
20:35:43 <mchua> rbergeron: it sounds like the first step between "start!" and "deploy survey!" is pinging those subgroups, but I'm unfamiliar with this process and not sure what would come next
20:35:44 <rbergeron> oy vey
20:36:04 <rbergeron> yes, we'd want to ping the subgroups, see if there are specific questions they'd want to have answered.
20:36:17 <rbergeron> and developing that sense of what they might want to find out would probably take a few weeks.
20:36:40 <rbergeron> i saw this limesurvey.org survey stuff you posted, so I'll need to look at that to see what kind of time is required to actually put a survey together.
20:36:42 <mchua> #action Marketing research: ping Desktop SIG, FI, Design, Ambassadors, FUDCon attendees, and see if they have any specific questions they'd like answered from marketing research.
20:36:59 <rbergeron> I'm imagining that it is not asininely difficult but I've said that about many seemingly simple things before :)
20:37:13 <mchua> rbergeron: I just spent a few hours with limesurvey for some POSSE stuff and would be happy to either walk you through it or do the limesurvey legwork myself (or find someone to do it for us ;)
20:37:29 <rbergeron> I'll think about a timeline.
20:37:50 <rbergeron> sure, walking me through it would be great, although I'll take a look and see if it is self explanatory :)
20:37:57 <mchua> rbergeron: also, if this is something that would be useful/easy to recruit minions for, I can try to steer new people your way as wel.
20:38:00 <mchua> er, well.
20:38:08 <mchua> itbegins has gotten a bit of minionhood for FI that way ;)
20:38:09 <rbergeron> i swear I used to be a sysadmin at some point, surely I can operate a computer still, right? :)
20:38:12 <rbergeron> mmm. minions.
20:38:50 <mizmo> is there anything about it that needs to be done at an event though?
20:38:50 <mizmo> like couldnt we send out a lime survey kind of thing as a start
20:38:56 <rbergeron> I think the minioning will be helpful as we get more into the "how to distribute the research" and/or "how to get people to participate in surveys" kind of thing
20:39:10 <rbergeron> mizmo: the fudcon thing was brought up because people had taken surveys at fudcons about what they thought of the fudcon
20:39:51 <rbergeron> I think it would be a nice place to announce it, ask people to participate, even for those people not attending, they may be paying attention to the goings-on via mail / blog / social networking site of the week
20:40:11 <stickster> It's also a great non-moving target for getting LimeSurvey off the blocks
20:40:17 <mchua> And especially if we want to ask questions of people who aren't in the Fedora community, it seems to me that it would be good to have something consistent to go out to them with
20:40:28 <mchua> rather than "oh, and - by the way, every week we're going to think of a new question to add and ask you again"
20:40:37 <mchua> stickster: who's been championing that in infra so far?
20:40:49 <stickster> mchua: I don't know that anyone's assigned to it.
20:40:58 <stickster> mchua: You may need to check their Trac for a ticket.
20:41:09 <stickster> If it's not there, it may not have an assignment.
20:41:44 <stickster> The objective of getting a hosted LS running isn't the point of rbergeron's work, I realize, but it would probably be a very handy tool -- is that right?
20:42:11 <mchua> stickster: I think it'd be a nice side-effect. :)
20:42:17 <stickster> j
20:42:19 <rbergeron> I think it would be awesome for ALL open-source projects to have a reliable way to poll even their own community members.
20:42:41 <rbergeron> and for people to be educated about how to incorporate marketing-type stuff into their development
20:43:06 <rbergeron> in my always of course humble opinion :)
20:43:23 <mchua> +infinity
20:44:00 <mchua> I would love to have "marketingopensource.org" (but the URL is taken) as an upstream community for people from multiple projects who work on marketing for those projects, but... that's a longer-term dream.
20:44:45 <mchua> ...but more immediately...
20:44:53 <mchua> rbergeron: sounds like there are three next steps
20:45:07 <mchua> 1) ping those groups (do you want to take this on?)
20:45:21 <mchua> 2) get limesurvey into infra (I can start the investigation here)
20:45:30 <rbergeron> yes. i'm going to assume that i can find those mailing-list addresses easily
20:45:32 <mchua> 3) figure out the marketing research timeline between now and fudcon
20:45:45 <mchua> rbergeron: I'll email them to you in a bit.
20:45:45 <rbergeron> sounds like a plan
20:45:56 <mchua> ok,the first one's already in #action, so
20:46:04 <mchua> #action mchua look into getting limesurvey into infra
20:46:12 <mchua> #action rbergeron figure out the marketing research timeline between now and fudcon
20:46:28 <mchua> rbergeron: anything else we're missing for marketing research this week/next?
20:46:51 <mchua> oh! I'm in Raleigh this week so I'm going to stop by the Marketing folks and see if they have any datasets we can use
20:47:19 <mchua> I have no idea what the likelihood of this is, but every time i've talked with someone from Brand/Mktg, awesomeness has ensued, so we shall see. They're very helpful.
20:47:24 <rbergeron> i think that covers it.
20:47:37 <mchua> #action mchua to ask RHT Marketing folks about publicly avaliable datasets for marketing research
20:47:42 <mchua> okeydokey.
20:47:42 <mchua> thanks rbergeron!
20:47:43 <mchua> almost done
20:47:50 <mchua> #topic #
20:47:55 <mchua> #topic Briefing Ambassadors on F12
20:48:08 <mchua> "We're going to do this after talking points get written tomorrow night."
20:48:29 <mchua> #topic Fedora Insight status
20:48:47 <mchua> (Are there any other things folks would like to discuss this meeting other than FI? If not,I'd like to devote the remainder of our time to this)
20:49:11 <mchua> stickster: notably, I'd like to do FUDCon and the "where do we use the slogan" discussion next week
20:49:21 <mchua> #info next week's topic: Slogan usage - where?
20:49:26 <mchua> #info next week's topic: FUDCon
20:49:31 <mchua> anyhoo, FI status
20:49:37 <stickster> mchua: Works for me
20:50:01 <mchua> Deployment: we're *almost* there - here are the known outstanding things
20:50:07 <mchua> 1) Skin needs to be finished and packaged
20:50:18 <mchua> mizmo: do you want to chime in on this for a bit?
20:50:39 <mchua> we also have some packages that are almost packaged and ready to go, for zikula modules
20:50:48 <mchua> https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/36 needs a packaging review (is anyone here a reviewer?)
20:51:10 * stickster points at ianweller
20:51:19 <mchua> zikula-module-filterutil had some repackaging work that needed to be done, I'm not clear on where that stands; itbegins, do you know what's up with https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/25 ?
20:51:54 <mchua> other than those three (zikula-module-filterutil, zikula-module-ezcomments, the skin) I *think* that's all we need by the end of the week to move to staging.
20:52:20 <mchua> as a reminder, our goal was to have everything packaged and ready to go on staging by September 21, so that mmcgrath could loadtest.
20:52:29 <mchua> that way we can move to production #
20:52:31 <mchua> # September 28: Move from staging to production.
20:52:38 <mchua> in time for beta.
20:53:08 <mchua> In parallel, we need to start looking at content to queue up for that launch.
20:53:19 <mchua> dufflebag is working on "fun things you can do with Fedora"
20:53:22 <mchua> we'll put the talking points on there
20:53:30 * stickster happy about return of dufflebag!
20:53:49 <mchua> and dale is looking into a workflow to see how FWN could use it
20:54:03 <mchua> that seems a pretty fair start for content to me
20:54:41 <mchua> JonRob: do you have any other thoughts on content for FI, maybe grabbing cool stuff from Planet over the next 2 weeks to repost over the first 2 weeks of October (cleaned up a bit for FI)?
20:55:05 <JonRob> mchua: i can handle that
20:55:23 <JonRob> will take look every couple of days
20:55:29 <JonRob> draw up a list and start contacting people
20:55:31 <mchua> thanks JonRob!
20:55:40 <JonRob> then pass that list on to ml
20:55:47 <JonRob> take it from there, sound good?
20:56:03 <mchua> #action JonRob to watch Planet for potential FI content to repurpose for Sep 28 FI launch; will pass list of finds onto ml
20:56:08 <mchua> JonRob: sounds perfect, thanks!
20:56:16 <mizmo> mchua: sorry i had a cube visitor :)
20:56:23 <mchua> mizmo: np :)
20:56:42 <mchua> mizmo: did you want to say anything about the zikula/FI skin before we wrap up?
20:57:00 <mizmo> mchua: comments dont work right now, i still need to do the footer,
20:57:00 <mchua> I know it's been a more frustrating process than anticipated, and I wonder if there's a way to make it easier for next time.
20:57:13 <mizmo> and putting articles into it is going to be kind of fragile :(
20:58:00 <mchua> mizmo: would you reckon any of these as blockers? what *absolutely* needs to happen between now and the end of the week for this to be ready to package?
20:58:15 <itbegins> mchua: Sorry, so filterutil and pagemaster had to be packaged
20:58:28 <mizmo> mchua: i think comments are blockers
20:58:29 <itbegins> mchua: We've also got a weird problem with the Feeds module, it causes a seg fault when I try to install it
20:58:38 <mizmo> mchua: if we dont have comments its not a very participatory kind of thing :(
20:58:53 * mchua nods.
20:59:15 <mchua> Ok. We'll follow up on those blockers after the meeting; I just wanted to get them out on the table so we know what we have to do
20:59:27 <mchua> Anything else? I think we're done for the week.
20:59:39 <mchua> ok then!
20:59:43 <mchua> ianweller: jetpacks!
20:59:50 <mchua> thanks for coming, everyone!
20:59:52 <mchua> 5...
20:59:56 * mchua dons jetpack
20:59:58 <mchua> 4...
21:00:00 * mchua dons helmet
21:00:01 <mchua> 3...
21:00:06 * mchua dons lifevest
21:00:08 <mchua> 2...
21:00:10 <mchua> 1...
21:00:13 <mchua> #endmeeting