15:08:25 <arxs> #startmeeting
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15:08:26 <tk009> I could guess but that is what it would be
15:08:45 <arxs> #chair tk009 adamw
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15:09:36 <arxs> #topic status of metrics project
15:10:08 <thomasj> tk009, ah my bad.. Damn broken engrish. I meant, there are a lot of people get apporved for bugzappers and just a handful is triaging.
15:10:08 <arxs> #info comphappy try to get an email out tonight about it
15:10:46 <arxs> so anything more we should add here?
15:10:50 <tk009> I knew what you meant thomasj =)
15:10:51 <comphappy> What I will say right now is something will be up today or tomorrow if I can secure server space by then
15:11:06 <thomasj> tk009, oh, you're good then :D
15:11:22 <comphappy> with midterms this week things are a little tight
15:12:01 <arxs> comphappy: did you have found a co-maintainer who help you with the metrics project ?
15:12:39 <comphappy> no not really, I have someone who I can ask questions but fedora-infra did not come up with a co-maintainer yet
15:12:56 <tk009> can I have a link to the code, I am not sure i know where it is anymore.
15:13:39 <comphappy> I will put it in the email, I have to stop talking here for now, I might be back on at 12:30 after this is turned in
15:13:57 <arxs> k, thanks for your information about it comphappy
15:14:00 <poelcat> are we still hosting metrics in infrastructure or is it moving somewhere else?
15:14:15 <comphappy> yes but it was taken down for server rebuild
15:15:27 <arxs> ok, move on?
15:15:45 <tk009> yes I believe so
15:16:17 <arxs> #topic kernel triage project
15:16:36 <tk009> that one needs rjune
15:16:41 <arxs> did anyone see rjune or know something about it
15:17:41 <tk009> I have not no. He has a meeting at his day job this time of day
15:17:51 <arxs> #info no update, since rjune was not there
15:17:56 <adamw> morning all - sorry i'm a little late
15:18:03 <tk009> hello
15:18:04 <adamw> thanks for getting started
15:18:20 <arxs> tk009: if i remeber this happens every second week ?
15:18:47 <arxs> i mean that rjune has a conflict with his day job and the bz meeting
15:18:51 <arxs> hello adamw
15:18:56 <adamw> arxs: yes, i believe that's the case
15:19:13 <tk009> yes that was y understanding, but you know how day jobs go
15:19:18 <tk009> =)
15:20:05 <arxs> tk009: yeah, i has the luck to can left the day job earlier to attend to the meeting :)
15:20:30 <arxs> well, hope that he has time next week for a update on this topic
15:20:47 <arxs> move on?
15:20:53 <tk009> yesum
15:21:49 <arxs> #topic triage days improvements
15:22:38 <tk009> I just wanted to get a discussion started on how we might improve the triage day event.
15:22:55 <arxs> adamw: what about the status of gmane and test-announce list ?
15:23:04 <tk009> While I wont go as far as to call it unsuccessful, I think it could be better.
15:23:24 <adamw> arxs: i thought it was done
15:23:34 <adamw> arxs: i went through the whole signup procedure and it seemed successful
15:24:07 <arxs> adamw: k, thanks for doing it
15:24:29 <adamw> tk009: i agree entirely. what ideas did you have?
15:24:38 <arxs> tk009: also agree
15:24:50 <tk009> changing the time of the event
15:25:06 <tk009> and maybe moving it to bi-monthly
15:25:23 <tk009> Participation has been limited and without focus. Results have not been anything to write about.
15:25:45 <tk009> I just think we could improve on that
15:25:56 <tk009> right now we are doing much of anything
15:26:02 <tk009> arnt*
15:26:14 <tk009> but these are just ideas
15:26:14 <adamw> yeah, i know, a lot of it's my fault; i haven't been driving it properly lately
15:26:17 <adamw> for lack of time more than anything
15:26:35 <tk009> I know how that is
15:26:42 <adamw> (although I know that sounds like an excuse)
15:26:46 <tk009> I was not sure I wanted to bring it up as I can not lead it
15:26:51 <adamw> ah
15:26:59 <tk009> that is the problem
15:27:03 <tk009> finding the time
15:27:22 <adamw> is anyone else interested in trying to help drive the triage day events?
15:27:27 <arxs> tk009: which time frame did you think about?
15:27:45 <tk009> well that is the thing
15:27:48 <arxs> adamw: me :)
15:28:02 <tk009> I am wondering if a weekned event ihgt not be better
15:28:08 <tk009> might*
15:28:15 <tk009> again jsut an idea
15:28:35 <tk009> the weekday is hard for me, untill later in the day
15:28:43 <tk009> I think its like that for most of us
15:28:55 <tk009> maybe not have an "all" day event
15:29:05 <tk009> like 4 hours we can commit to
15:29:21 <tk009> with a focus on getting something done
15:29:33 <tk009> target a component or somthing
15:29:39 <adamw> arxs: great
15:29:57 <adamw> personally i'm not as happy with a weekend event as i take weekends off :) but if it works for everyone but me that's fine
15:30:01 <arxs> so something like the (sorry to say that) the ubtuntu huge day?
15:30:21 <tk009> yes
15:30:34 <arxs> weekend maybe also a problem for me since i'm married with children :)
15:30:50 <tk009> it was an idea =)
15:30:59 <tk009> its not like the weekday cant work
15:31:05 <tk009> just aybe not all day
15:31:43 <tk009> I jsut wanted to get it out there
15:31:47 <arxs> weekend afternoon is not a problem for me (of course in my timezone)
15:31:49 <tk009> we can think on it
15:32:13 <arxs> maybe we can have some people from different time zones who "lead" the triage day
15:32:20 <tk009> yes
15:32:22 <adamw> sure, but thanks for bringing it up, and it'd be real nice to do something about it
15:33:06 <adamw> it'd be great to move forward either on the list or at next week's meeting
15:33:21 <tk009> that was al I had as I wanted to know what others thought
15:33:45 <tk009> agree
15:34:14 <tk009> I didnt give hard thought on the details (yet)
15:34:20 <arxs> tk009: again, thanks for bring this up!
15:35:45 <arxs> maybe we can say, new members need to show up on an triage day _before_ they get approved to the bugzappers group
15:36:23 <arxs> as thomasj says, i saw so many sign ups, but it seams that no triage (or not many) is done from this people
15:36:43 <arxs> maybe i'm wrong about it, it's my personal feeling
15:36:43 <tk009> we cant force people to do anything
15:36:56 <tk009> as we are all volunteers here
15:37:20 <tk009> it would be nice to get the "team" together more
15:37:25 <tk009> I am not sure how tho
15:37:49 <tk009> and some of the newest people are triaging
15:38:30 <adamw> let's just leave it percolating and come back to it :) if anyone gets a bright idea and wants to send it to the list, please do
15:38:37 <thomasj> arxs, +1 _before_ they get approved.
15:39:12 <thomasj> Otherwise it looks like an easy way to get more than cla_done and get a theirname@fp.o
15:39:19 <arxs> adamw: k
15:41:12 <arxs> #info team members will make thoughts about how we can improve the triage days
15:41:52 <arxs> is the info tag ok with you?
15:42:07 <tk009> no =P
15:42:07 <adamw> sure
15:42:21 * adamw shakes fist at tk009]
15:42:22 <adamw> =)
15:42:30 <tk009> hehe
15:42:41 <arxs> :) ok move on ?
15:43:08 <Southern_Gentlem> ?
15:43:36 <adamw> ??
15:43:38 <tk009> yes
15:43:45 <Southern_Gentlem> how about a fedora classroom to help mentor people signing up for the triage group
15:44:09 <tk009> that is a very good idea
15:44:28 <arxs> Southern_Gentlem: kudos!
15:45:00 <tk009> are you wanting to do it southern_gentlem
15:45:02 <tk009> =)
15:45:25 <Southern_Gentlem> .fas Southern_Gentleman
15:45:26 <zodbot> Southern_Gentlem: jbwillia 'Ben Williams' <vaioof@yahoo.com>
15:45:26 <Southern_Gentlem> i am not in the triage group either
15:45:59 <Southern_Gentlem> i want to get involved but have no idea what to do thus the classroom suggestion
15:47:00 <thomasj> Southern_Gentlem, to get involved is easy. Sign up for the triagers group, send a introduction mail to the list and you get everything you need to get started.
15:47:08 <adamw> Southern_Gentlem: well we do have lots of instructions on the wiki, but it's definitely a good idea
15:47:27 <thomasj> *you will get
15:47:28 <arxs> well, i did not lead any classroom jet, but sometime is first time :)
15:48:21 <arxs> i think we should keep this in head
15:48:24 <tk009> #idea create a fedoraclassroom to help mentor people  signing up for the triage group
15:48:39 <Southern_Gentlem> i think a once per month class would be a great thing to get new people involved
15:49:21 <arxs> not only to help for signing, also for some first "triaged" experiences
15:49:32 <tk009> triage in general
15:49:44 <tk009> you know, now that I think about it
15:50:10 <tk009> I thought I heard SMParrish saying he wanted to present something at FUDcon
15:50:24 <tk009> maybe he would want to work on this as well
15:50:44 * adamw is loving where this is going
15:51:07 <arxs> as i said, i'm also happy to help, but it maybe difficult about the time
15:51:17 <tk009> is that good or bad lol, i cant tell
15:51:49 <adamw> good!
15:51:55 <tk009> we can follow this up same as the triage day event
15:51:57 <arxs> maybe good for the euro bug zappers, the us one need to stay up early (or stay awake :)
15:53:38 <arxs> well, seams that should all about it
15:53:50 <tk009> what about your topic arxs
15:54:19 <arxs> we make some thoughts about it, and came up with brilliant ides next week meeting :)
15:54:25 <arxs> #topic open floor
15:54:29 <tk009> bah =)
15:55:12 <arxs> well, it's about the test day live image (so it's more qa than bz relevant)
15:55:21 <arxs> adamw: you are the expert here :)OO
15:55:36 <adamw> heh, not really
15:55:38 <adamw> i've built it...once
15:55:40 <adamw> but what's the issue?
15:55:43 <arxs> is it possible to enable ssh by default and also open the firewall for port 22
15:56:23 <adamw> i would not want to do that
15:56:25 <arxs> for example, i have a kms issue with a black screen, it it was not easy to type blindly to start ssh and open port 22 to get access to the X logs :)
15:56:26 * tk009 is lost
15:56:37 <adamw> the only way to make it practical is to have a known password for either the live user or root
15:56:49 <adamw> and that would mean anyone who booted up a live CD would be vulnerable to remote attack
15:56:55 * tk009 is found
15:57:09 <adamw> (unless their router protected them, but we can hardly rely on that)
15:57:15 <arxs> right, i think about a "special" boot parameter here
15:57:43 <adamw> that's rather more complicated :) i don't know how much, exactly, but definitely would need a coder to get involved
15:57:46 <arxs> not as default of course!
15:58:21 <arxs> should i send this to the f-t-l list so see if someone is able to say something about the possibility to get this
15:58:24 <adamw> even still, it flicks all my 'erk' buttons.
15:58:30 <adamw> yeah, it'd start an interesting discussion =)
15:58:44 <arxs> or is this all "to much" :)
15:58:58 <arxs> k, i send a mail on this
15:58:59 <tk009> I think it may be too much
15:59:27 <adamw> it has two problems - the security issue, and complexity of implementation. but it can't hurt to discuss it, someone may have a bright idea
15:59:29 <SMParrish> tk009: I am planning a talk at FUDCon on effective bugreporting.
15:59:31 <tk009> I can see that email getting ugly, but if yo uare a brave trooper
16:00:10 <tk009> SMParrish I wasnt sure I jsut rememberd something
16:00:13 <arxs> tk009: i will wrote to f-t-l not f-d-l :)
16:00:25 <tk009> like that atters =)
16:00:29 <tk009> matters*
16:00:30 <arxs> oops, where are over time :)
16:01:07 <arxs> has anyone something for the open floor ?
16:01:08 <tk009> okay I guess this party goes the the list
16:01:09 <adamw> that doesn't happen much!
16:01:12 <adamw> nothing from me
16:01:26 <tk009> me either
16:01:33 <arxs> ok i close in 5
16:01:56 <arxs> #endmeeting