21:04:58 <nirik> #startmeeting Spins SIG
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21:05:05 <maxamillion> hey, sorry all
21:05:06 <nirik> #topic roll call
21:05:11 <maxamillion> thanks again nirik
21:05:11 <nirik> hey maxamillion
21:05:13 * maxamillion is here
21:05:19 * nirik is here.
21:05:28 <brunowolff> brunowolff is here
21:06:35 <nirik> #topic Test day spin
21:06:41 <nirik> brunowolff: you had some news on that?
21:07:08 <brunowolff> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA_Test_Day_Spin
21:07:40 <brunowolff> I'd like the wrangler to check the page, particularly since this is a custom spin instead of a normal published one.
21:08:11 <brunowolff> There was one bit of feedback on the ks file, but the concern wasn't really a problem.
21:08:13 <nirik> ok, good idea. I don't think he's here today, but perhaps you could send him email?
21:08:51 <brunowolff> I was surprised by how happy the QA guys seemed to be about getting the ks file into the git repo.
21:09:35 <brunowolff> Doesn't he get email automatically when the package is added to the ready for wrangler category?
21:09:49 <nirik> not sure.
21:09:52 <brunowolff> Though I should send an email in any case.
21:10:00 <nirik> I don't think the wiki does that that I know of.
21:10:19 <brunowolff> Even if you have a watch on a category?
21:10:39 <nirik> does mediawiki do watches? I've never used them.
21:10:49 <nirik> anyhow, an email might be good as a heads up.
21:10:56 <brunowolff> Yes. But I am not sure how it works for category pages.
21:11:25 <nirik> anything more on this topic?
21:11:33 <brunowolff> #action brunowolff will email wrangler a request to review the QA Test Day Spin
21:11:37 <brunowolff> No
21:12:14 <nirik> #topic nightly spins status
21:12:34 <nirik> Just as an update... rawhide has a broken dep that has prevented any new nightly spins composes from generating images.
21:12:49 <nirik> started saturday I think and is ongoing. Hopefully it will get fixed today.
21:13:19 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
21:13:22 <maxamillion> yeah, I noticed this earlier when trying to compose a build of my own
21:13:22 <nirik> any other topics?
21:13:34 <brunowolff> The games spin has probably a separate one with a bad update of fillets-ng.
21:13:51 <brunowolff> It should be easy to fix.
21:14:14 <brunowolff> That's it for me.
21:14:37 <maxamillion> meh, I'm good ... nothing really on my end
21:14:53 <nirik> yeah, I don't have anything else off hand.
21:15:15 <nirik> snap2 is out now also, if folks want to do more testing there.
21:15:53 <brunowolff> I'm waiting to see if dracut gets fixed to use the indicated minor numbers for raid arrays.
21:16:11 <nirik> yeah, thats a nasty one. Someone else was talking about that this morning...
21:16:29 <brunowolff> Ananconda supposedly already got fixed to use labels in fstab mitigating the problem from that end.
21:16:47 <nirik> anyhow, shall we close out the meeting then?
21:16:57 <brunowolff> But I want to see it get fixed in dracut as well.
21:17:04 <brunowolff> Yes.
21:17:25 <nirik> thanks for coming everyone.
21:17:35 <nirik> #endmeeting