15:02:43 <skalnik1> #startmeeting Power Management for Fedora
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15:02:57 <skalnik1> hello everybody
15:03:19 <skalnik1> because of pknirsch can't joint us today the meeting will be probably sorter as usually but it's up to you and your activity :-)
15:03:37 <skalnik1> we can start as usually:
15:03:43 <skalnik1> #topic Last week recap
15:03:58 <skalnik1> 1. Fedora 12 feature status
15:04:07 <skalnik1> - basically all features done
15:04:19 <skalnik1> 2. Fedora 12 test day
15:04:49 <skalnik1> - pknirsch informed us about discussion to prepare PM test day for F12 with James Laska
15:05:14 <skalnik1> - pknirsch provided link with steps to do test day wiki
15:05:38 <skalnik1> - we agreeed to involve QA and all attendees of the last test day
15:06:08 <skalnik1> I have one topic today
15:06:17 <skalnik1> #topic Fedora 12 test day
15:07:43 <skalnik1> we asked Jan Scotka (QA of test day for F11) and David Pravec (QA of Fedora) to participate on preparing and performance of incoming test day for F12
15:08:09 <jscotka> skalnik1: yep, we are ready to coverage it
15:08:31 <skalnik1> jscotka: hi, thanks
15:08:38 <skalnik1> both are located in Brno CZ and therefore we arranged short face to face meeting to start preparing test day for Fedora 12 (Oct-22).
15:09:21 <jscotka> skalnik1: np. Im glad to do it
15:09:37 <skalnik1> David Pravec promised assistance in preparing wiki pages, install CD/DVD with necessary components and investigation how to make easier way uploading gained data.
15:10:04 <skalnik1> Jan Scotka will verify past test cases and he will participate on additional test cases.
15:10:20 <skalnik1> you can see his hot reactions
15:10:31 <skalnik1> ;-)
15:10:55 <jscotka> :-)
15:10:58 <skalnik1> We want to repeat 4 of 5 test cases of the last test day (one is out dated) and we would like to invite all attendees of previous test day especially it they have the same hardware till today.
15:12:24 <skalnik1> You can watch current test cases (used during the last test day) here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Test_Days/2009-04-02
15:12:49 <jscotka> the more testers the better
15:13:29 <skalnik1> sure
15:14:31 <skalnik1> first of all testers that join to every test days
15:15:05 <skalnik1> cos then we are able to produce usable results
15:16:57 <skalnik1> Well repeating tests should extend our data archive and we can start to compare Fedora releases progress
15:17:11 <skalnik1> from power management point of view
15:17:19 <skalnik1> Two new test cases are under construction:
15:17:42 <skalnik1> 1. tuned-adm with switching profiles
15:17:52 <skalnik1> 2. scomes tests
15:19:39 <skalnik1> I'd like to remember ScoMes utility (Score Measurement) evaluates usage of CPU and i/o operations of measured application
15:20:35 <plautrba> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/PowerManagement/scomes
15:20:47 <skalnik1> thank you for help
15:21:49 <skalnik1> I hope we'll be able to announce test day wiki in next weeks to provide information about the test day. Everybody is welcome to participate.
15:22:29 <skalnik1> This topic will be discussed during next meetings again
15:24:49 <skalnik1> I'd like to remember that Developer Conference 2009 take place on  Thu and Fri, 10, 11. September 2009 in Brno CZ
15:25:28 <skalnik1> There will be more PM topics
15:27:07 <skalnik1> Overview of Power Management, Tips how to write reasonable optimized code and competition in task optimization
15:28:07 <skalnik1> well, that is from my side, any question, remark ....?
15:28:21 <jscotka> skalnik1: go on :-)
15:28:54 <skalnik1> jscotka: i have to save my power ;-)
15:30:59 <jscotka> :-D
15:32:23 <skalnik1> well, thanks everyone for joining!
15:32:38 <skalnik1> #endmeeting