15:02:36 <adamw> #startmeeting bugzappers meeting
15:03:03 <adamw> alright, so the actually-organized people (tk009 and rjune) are off this week, so you will have to put up with my half-hearted improvisations
15:03:31 <adamw> #topic recap last week: semantics
15:03:48 <adamw> nothing on this except that i sent the agreed-upon 'final email' to the list
15:04:00 <adamw> so we're done until we get close to f13 cycle and actually start implementing the change
15:04:03 <adamw> anyone have anything to add?
15:04:23 <arxs> notging, but maybe we can add it to the qa calendar?
15:04:53 <adamw> that would be a good idea
15:05:15 <adamw> i suspect i know how to add things to the qa calendar but have forgotten :)
15:05:21 <adamw> i can check it with jlaska about it
15:05:42 <arxs> sounds good
15:05:54 * comphappy excuses himself for 10 min
15:06:42 <adamw> #action adamw to check with jlaska about getting the semantics switchover added to qa calendar
15:07:21 <adamw> i don't see anything else to go over from last week...anyone else have something to continue?
15:07:55 <arxs> adamw: did you know any status of the meeting agenda SOP from tk009 ?
15:08:17 <adamw> no, i chatted to him yesterday but that didn't come up
15:09:03 <arxs> one other thing, but it more off topic i think, comphappy is the right person to ask
15:09:15 <arxs> it seams that http://publictest14.fedoraproject.org/triageweb/ is down
15:09:21 <arxs> or is it just only on my side ?
15:09:35 <adamw> i was waiting for comphappy to get back before we talk triage metrics :)
15:09:50 <adamw> anyone have any quick topics to discuss before comphappy gets back?
15:10:37 <arxs> i take a look at the last week recap, it show only bugzilla mail thing
15:11:40 <adamw> yeah, i still wasn't able to come up with anything on that :/ i can't seem to get sane results using a test bug
15:12:46 <arxs> maybe it is enough to review the default mail settings in bz, or is a deeper analyse needed?
15:13:46 <adamw> i could ask dan i guess
15:15:06 * comphappy back
15:15:27 <adamw> yay!
15:15:34 <adamw> ok, comphappy, State of the Metrics address, go
15:16:36 <comphappy> ok I have been doing a bunch of puttering in the background, and have something much better in the works, but it is not done
15:17:00 <comphappy> I think that the way I started the current version was a good start but it is becoming a real pain to maintain
15:17:06 <comphappy> this one is better
15:17:25 <comphappy> I want to take what we have offline and spend the next month getting what I have up and running
15:17:36 <comphappy> I think I have someone interested in helping as well
15:18:04 <comphappy> the reason for taking what we have off line is publictest14 needs a rebuilt it is almost a year old
15:18:19 <comphappy> comments objections etc..
15:18:55 <adamw> can't we put the current one back up once publictest14 is rebuilt?
15:19:06 <arxs> first, nice to hear that you get some dev help, second, thanks four your work on this
15:19:34 <comphappy> adamw: I can I guess
15:19:55 <adamw> who's the person interested in helping out, btw? anyone we know?
15:20:16 <arxs> did you know how long the publictest14 is down?
15:20:24 <comphappy> I am going to talk to ricky about it,  but I am moving to college this week and that is going to take a good portion of my time
15:20:37 <comphappy> arxs: I did not know
15:21:06 <comphappy> let me kick it and see if it comes back up
15:21:47 <ricky> publictest14 should be up now - there was a mass reboot last week so some services may not have been automatically started though
15:21:57 <adamw> in general i think we can take a one month delay to have a refactored version done, but - we can't keep doing that all along, because the idea of the project is to have a system we can rely on to give us comparable figures over a long term, reliably
15:22:24 <azneita> made it
15:22:26 <adamw> so if you could try and get everything you need to break into this version so we don't have to break it again for the foreseeable future, that would be nice :)
15:22:48 <comphappy> adamw: I totally agree Sept 18 it will be up
15:22:50 <adamw> azneita: hi! made what?
15:22:53 <adamw> comphappy: ok great
15:23:02 <azneita> made it to meeting :D
15:23:05 <comphappy> hold me to it and beat me if it is not
15:23:10 <adamw> aha, great :)
15:23:15 <azneita> sorry i'm late
15:23:16 <adamw> comphappy: roger, got my stick waiting
15:23:21 <adamw> azneita: no problem
15:23:37 <arxs> #action comphappy will setup a new version of triageweb until Sept 18
15:23:51 <adamw> anything else on that topic, comphappy?
15:23:56 <comphappy> not really
15:24:08 <adamw> ok, thanks for the update :) anyone else have questions about it?
15:25:22 <adamw> alright then...uhh, so i'm out of topics
15:25:26 <adamw> let's say hi to azneita
15:25:32 <arxs> hi azneita
15:25:37 <adamw> are you one of our new members? i don't recognize the nick
15:25:48 <azneita> newbie here
15:25:59 <azneita> just last month or so
15:26:01 <adamw> #topic welcomerification
15:26:15 <adamw> did you send a mail to the list?
15:26:25 <azneita> yes i did
15:26:33 <mcepl> hi
15:26:36 <azneita> my second meeting
15:26:42 <arxs> hey mcepl
15:27:04 <adamw> aha yeah, i see
15:27:34 <adamw> well uh there's not much more going on in this meeting =) anyone have any bugzappers-related topics to discuss?
15:27:43 <adamw> questions, concerns etc?
15:28:05 <arxs> not from my side
15:28:12 <azneita> none
15:28:16 <SMParrish> everything going smoothly here
15:28:41 <adamw> awesome
15:28:59 <adamw> azneita: have you been able to start doing some triaging work? had any showstoppers or not-sure-what's-going-on moments or anything?
15:29:10 <comphappy> adamw: here is what I am thinking in terms of stability, I want to have the app deployed in line with F12 (so same as our new bz system)
15:29:31 <adamw> comphappy: that sounds like a reasonable plan yeah
15:29:42 <comphappy> then unless there are major bugs feature releases would happen every 6 months in line with release schedule
15:29:46 <adamw> #topic open floorish
15:30:02 <azneita> adamw: i went through BZ and just sort of lost where to go
15:30:20 * comphappy is off to work unless anyone needs him for anything
15:30:29 <adamw> comphappy: go with our blessing!
15:30:30 <azneita> the last meeting I attended sort of explained the need for bugzapper - maintainer relationship
15:30:46 <adamw> azneita: yep that's right, it's best to be in touch with the maintainer of the component you're working on
15:30:54 <adamw> did you pick a specific component to triage yet?
15:31:22 <azneita> which one has the coolest group of maintainers?
15:32:26 <adamw> why, all maintainers are as smart as einstein, as nice as desmond tutu and as cool as morgan freeman
15:32:34 <adamw> didn't you know that? :)
15:32:49 <azneita> haha. i'm pulling for kernel or anaconda
15:32:57 <azneita> those are showstoppers :D
15:33:07 <adamw> kernel is sort of in an experimental phase right now for bugzapping
15:33:23 <adamw> we haven't done it for a while, we're just playing around with starting to do it again, rjune is our 'tester' for that
15:33:40 <azneita> aha
15:34:00 <adamw> anaconda is certainly a component you could help with, but it already has a triager who manages to cover it pretty well, so it may be better to pick one no-one's working on yet
15:34:04 <adamw> you've seen https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/Components_and_Triagers , right?
15:34:45 <azneita> yep
15:34:47 <adamw> it's probably best to pick something off that list, which has no current active triager
15:34:55 <adamw> if you wanted something critical you could go for...hmm, yum? :)
15:35:07 <adamw> if you wanted just to dip your toes there's quite a few components on that list that are pretty small
15:36:11 <adamw> the process from here would be to pick one of those components, click on the link in the 'component information' column to find out who the maintainer is and get in touch with them, and once you've established a relationship with the maintainer, click the link in the 'component' column to get a list of un-triaged bugs on that component, and start triaging
15:36:26 <arxs> yum?... if i remeber, skvidal is not really interested in triaging
15:36:45 <skvidal> adamw: seriously?
15:36:54 <skvidal> you want new people to mess with yum bugs? really?
15:37:04 <adamw> skvidal: i was joking, hence the smiley
15:37:20 <azneita> is firstboot harmless then
15:37:42 <adamw> azneita: in case it's not clear, we'd recommend you pick a less critical component to get started with. firstboot, hmm, i don't know a lot about it, just a sec
15:38:05 <adamw> oh right, the wizard. yeah, that would be a decent place to start i think
15:38:13 <azneita> not critical path :D
15:38:16 <adamw> it's a fairly small / simple component, should have few bug reports and not be too hard to triage
15:39:05 <adamw> skvidal: i didn't know you had one of your clones dedicated to looking out for irc mentions of yum :) how many false positives do you get from people eating ice cream?
15:39:19 <skvidal> adamw: it looks for 'skvidal'
15:39:28 <skvidal> from
15:39:28 <skvidal> [11:34] <arxs> yum?... if i remeber, skvidal is not really interested in triaging
15:39:34 <adamw> ah oh yeah, arxs said your name
15:39:45 <skvidal> I stopped looking for instances of 'yum' about 4 yrs ago when it showed up too often
15:40:38 <adamw> azneita: hope that gives you enough of a pointer to get started - please don't suffer in silence, if you're stuck, just come to a meeting, ask in #fedora-bugzappers, or email the list
15:41:01 <azneita> mucho gracias
15:42:10 <adamw> so...any other business from anyone before we close the meeting?
15:42:24 <drago01> yum gets the blame for rpm, python and mirror issues anyway
15:42:45 <adamw> that's one reason it could benefit from triage, of course
15:45:06 <adamw> ok, closing meeting in...
15:45:08 <adamw> 3...
15:45:19 <adamw> 2...
15:45:38 <adamw> 1...
15:45:46 <adamw> thanks everyone
15:45:47 <adamw> #endmeeting