20:01:24 <mchua> #startmeeting
20:01:30 * ianweller 
20:01:36 * stickster 
20:01:38 <mchua> It's that time of week again. Roll call!
20:01:40 <ianweller> tee hee silly me. i have this meeting on google calendar an hour late
20:01:40 * EvilBob 
20:01:49 * mizmo !
20:01:59 * lcafiero ...
20:02:06 <EvilBob> gnome will not let me have two clock applets so I don't even try to make meetings
20:02:42 <mchua> Okeydokey!
20:02:46 <mchua> Do we have any new folks here today?
20:02:55 <mchua> the game plan, in general, is threefold:
20:03:06 <mchua> (1) I give a quick update on how we're doing in terms of keeping up with tasks
20:03:17 <mchua> (2) we go through whatever's listed on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_meetings#Agenda
20:03:21 * mizmo points at dufflebag as a new person
20:03:23 <mchua> (3) open discussion floor - and if we're done, we'll end early
20:03:26 <mchua> hey dufflebag, welcome!
20:03:37 <dufflebag> hey whats going on? im martin
20:03:46 <dufflebag> lol
20:03:46 <mchua> (if this is your first meeting, you can interrupt *anytime* with *anything*, btw. ;)
20:03:48 <mchua> hey martin!
20:04:03 <dufflebag> *thumbs up*
20:04:15 * stickster high-fives dufflebag
20:04:16 * quaid lurks
20:04:18 <dufflebag> haha
20:04:19 <mchua> sooo, (1) = Mel is a little behind this week; see https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/report/1 for active tickets
20:04:21 <ianweller> so i can't interrupt if i'm an old fart?
20:04:29 <mizmo> ianweller: get off my lawn
20:04:31 <stickster> ianweller: No, sit down and shut up
20:04:33 <mchua> ianweller: you can interrupt, we'll just ignore you :P
20:04:36 <ianweller> lol
20:04:46 <dufflebag> wow this is the funnest meeting ive ever been to
20:04:46 <dufflebag> lol
20:04:51 <ianweller> dufflebag: welcome to fedora :)
20:05:03 <stickster> We're here all week, try the roast beef
20:05:08 <dufflebag> LOL
20:05:18 <mchua> Basically, we're a *tiny* bit behind our original schedule
20:05:31 <mchua> (by which I mean "I'm a slacker and didn't give ianweller the FI roadmap yet," and "someone needs to pick up talking points selection"
20:05:32 <mchua> )
20:05:51 <mchua> However, the alpha release date is pushed back a week, so we are now ahead of schedule by something like 5 days.
20:05:52 <ianweller> slacker
20:06:00 <mchua> ianweller: yeah yeah.
20:06:12 <mchua> ianweller: Long story, will fill you in later...
20:06:20 <ianweller> hehe
20:06:44 <mchua> So if you can pick up either of the two open tasks on https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/report/1 - I'll add some more that have come up this week tonight, and send a call to the mailing list for help - please do.
20:06:51 <mchua> </topic #1>
20:06:57 <mchua> any questions on our status towards Alpha Happiness?
20:07:23 <mchua> ...ok!
20:07:41 <EvilBob> mchua: I still can not commit to any large tasks, but will jump on little stuff if the timing is right.
20:08:20 <stickster> mchua: I can help with the Talking Points.
20:08:24 <mchua> EvilBob: Well, a small (but urgent) one this week is "look at the feature list that was frozen for f12, and pick and rank the top 10 (in your opinion) that should be talking points"
20:08:36 <mchua> EvilBob: that should at least get the discussion started
20:08:53 <mchua> I'd like to have the final list settled by next week.
20:08:55 <stickster> I wrote up the original list a while back, and I think they need to be fleshed out at this point -- not to mention which, some other features have entered the list at the last moment.
20:09:19 <stickster> Fleshing out isn't hard, but I need to take another look at the overall list to see if something new and compelling jumps out.
20:09:32 <stickster> mchua: Does that jibe with your master plan?
20:09:37 <mchua> stickster: SIR YES SIR
20:09:49 <stickster> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_talking_points
20:10:01 <EvilBob> stickster: thanks for the Link
20:10:29 <mchua> stickster: what do you propose as a next step then? you look at list, EvilBob makes a list, both lists get thrown to marketing mailing list, merged, and frozen at next week's meeting?
20:10:42 <stickster> mchua: We can just do it straight on the wiki
20:10:51 <mchua> wiki++
20:11:05 <stickster> Anyone interested in talking points can watch the page to see how it changes... if anyone doesn't know how to do that, let me or mchua know
20:11:05 <ianweller> the wiki czar approves
20:11:16 <mchua> #action stickster to take a first pass through talking points list on the wiki
20:11:28 <mchua> #agreed talking points list will be frozen next week so we can start writing
20:12:12 <mchua> Ok. Maybe this is a good time to move to (2), which is "topics on the agenda" - namely, the Fedora 12 alpha readiness meeting coming up next week.
20:12:39 <mchua> The other thing I wanted to be sure to bring up is to welcome our new folks (hi, dufflebag) and find someone to take them under their wing for this week and help them through their first few contributions.
20:12:50 <mchua> All these things being quite related.
20:13:19 <mchua> Alpha readiness is a chance to take a look at how we're doing milestone-wise with our schedule: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule
20:13:42 <mchua> (which looks good, but in case anyone has questions or comments on it, now is the time to start talking)
20:13:51 <mizmo> i'll be dufflebag's wingman
20:13:56 <mizmo> er wingwoman?
20:14:02 <mizmo> winged one
20:14:03 <dufflebag> haha
20:14:06 <mchua> mizmo: woo!
20:14:21 <mchua> is anyone working on things towards F12 alpha that they would like some help with?
20:14:36 <mchua> dufflebag: would you like to say a little bit about the kinds of things you're interested in doing/learning/helping-with?
20:14:52 <stickster> mchua: If there's anyone looking for something to do that involves writing -- I may have an idea, but it's not purely Marketing related
20:15:02 * stickster shuts up and gets out of dufflebag's way
20:15:10 <dufflebag> well mo was telling me and i think it would be fun to try  the 'i do fedora' blurbs?
20:15:17 <stickster> woo!!!
20:15:19 <mchua> WOO!
20:15:23 * mchua was thinking of exactly that
20:15:26 <stickster> *ahem* WOOOO!!!!
20:15:32 <dufflebag> lol woo!
20:15:36 <mizmo> :) dufflebag has experience doing cool shiz with fedora like inkscape bitmap tracing
20:15:36 <ianweller> whooooo whoooooooooooooooo
20:15:42 <stickster> catchy, ain't it?
20:15:44 <mizmo> oh boy it's a woowoo train in here
20:15:49 <dufflebag> haha
20:16:02 <stickster> We're like six year olds, only with more disposable income.
20:16:13 <ianweller> well, for some of us, that's more like six year olds too.
20:16:21 * mchua wants disposable income!
20:16:21 <stickster> lulz
20:16:35 <mchua> dufflebag: so, something like https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/12 ?
20:16:39 * ianweller pushes everyone back on topic :)
20:16:45 <mchua> (thanks for filing that btw, stickster
20:16:56 <stickster> mchua: As promised, thanks for cuing me to do so
20:17:04 <EvilBob> Child Labor: Keeping Fedora Young
20:17:04 <dufflebag> yeah id like to do that! i claim this ticket... for ... spain!
20:17:28 <mchua> dufflebag: yay! go ahead and claim the ticket, then - it's yours!
20:17:47 <mchua> and it sounds like mizmo is your wingperson for "what the heck should this become" if you have questions
20:17:51 <mchua> I'm also around if you need anything
20:17:58 <dufflebag> awesome!
20:18:01 <dufflebag> sounds good!
20:18:04 <mchua> anyone else interested in being around as a sounding board for dufflebag as he works through #12?
20:18:20 * stickster is always around in some form or another
20:18:27 <mchua> (though in general, dufflebag, if you ask a question in #fedora-mktg, *someone* will pop up and attempt to be helpful)
20:18:28 <mchua> (or at least amusing)
20:18:42 <dufflebag> lol okay cool
20:18:45 <EvilBob> I am always in -mktg and mostly available most of the time
20:18:52 <moixs> I'm usually there
20:19:15 <mchua> dufflebag: if you have a moment after the meeting, we can sit in #fedora-mktg and make sure you're all good with IRC and Trac and the wiki (for starters)
20:19:23 <mchua> dufflebag: looks like you've got a lot of help :)
20:19:29 <mchua> #action dufflebag has taken https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/ticket/12
20:19:31 <dufflebag> haha yeah i got help in here before i was too dumb to translate UTC into EST and i was here at like noon
20:19:36 * mchua grins
20:19:54 * ianweller is, as we speak, writing a doc on how to add a UTC timestamp to the gnome panel
20:20:07 <EvilBob> ianweller: thank you
20:20:19 <mchua> There was one other new person who was going to try to make today's meeting, but it doesn't look like Chaitanya is here today
20:21:01 <mchua> However, Chaitanya does want to get started with volunteering, so if anyone has a task that needs a minion, email me (mel at redhat) and I will start that email dialogue.
20:21:28 <mchua> Whoo. I feel like I'm talking too much today. Any questions, thoughts on what's going on, anybody want to give an update on what they're doing?
20:21:52 * ianweller hasn othing
20:21:54 * ianweller has typos
20:22:06 <mchua> (I'm working on FI, so ianweller will have something to do - the roadmap is http://mchua.fedorapeople.org/fi-whiteboard.jpg and needs to be wikified.)
20:22:41 <ianweller> i don't think i've not had anything to do since about a month after i started in fedora
20:22:44 <ianweller> :P
20:22:48 <ianweller> mchua: ok
20:22:48 <moixs> Ah, does someone know if docs is writing a press release for Alpha?
20:23:06 <EvilBob> moixs: I know sparks emailed about it
20:23:16 <moixs> I'll contact him then
20:23:16 <EvilBob> moixs: I think a thread started
20:23:33 * mchua looks for thread
20:23:53 <mchua> https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-docs-list/2009-August/msg00100.html
20:23:55 <mchua> #link https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-docs-list/2009-August/msg00100.html
20:24:38 <mchua> Sparks wants it done by Friday, and John McDonough offered to help but can't take point, so it looks like that is where that stands right now.
20:25:03 <moixs> I'll look with quaid, I already worked with him on these kinds of announcements
20:25:17 <mizmo> are we doing a press kit for f12?
20:25:25 <moixs> Yes
20:25:30 <mizmo> and if so,because we dont really have a beta, is it going to be of alpha?
20:25:31 * stickster points out that this one doesn't require a lot of creativity. Much can be cribbed from the F11-Alpha.
20:25:45 <moixs> mizmo: no, only for the final version
20:26:05 <mizmo> oh okay
20:26:11 <EvilBob> stickster: yeah pretty much practice for the real deal in the past
20:26:19 <mchua> ok, so moixs - can you check with quaid and Sparks and McDonough and make sure the release notes, or some shiny version of them, gets pushed to the NDN when it's ready?
20:26:29 <moixs> mizmo: it's a task somewhere, scheduled for pre-release
20:26:38 <moixs> mchua: exactly
20:26:49 <mchua> mizmo: my calendar says "Update the press kits                       2009-09-29	2009-10-06"
20:26:59 * mchua needs to ask poelcat to start sending upcoming milestones to the mktg list also
20:26:59 <mizmo> ah okay thanks moixs
20:27:23 <mchua> #action moixs to check with quaid and Sparks and McDonough and make sure the release notes, or some shiny version of them, gets pushed to the NDN when it's ready
20:27:35 <mchua> #action mchua to ask poelcat to start sending milestones to mktg list as well
20:27:46 <dufflebag> okay i added that ticket all set!
20:27:49 <mchua> Yay!
20:28:14 <mchua> I think that right now things are a little slow as we gear up, but next week's meeting should be pretty much on fire because the Alpha Readiness meeting will be next Wednesday
20:28:17 * spevack is here now -- was on the phone w/ his boss
20:28:23 <mchua> and then after that, things will take off (even more)
20:28:32 <mchua> so dufflebag, hope you're ready for a wild ride ;)
20:28:37 <ianweller> spevack: this is obviously more important
20:28:41 <dufflebag> hellz yeah
20:29:01 <stickster> mchua: There's an ICS version of that calendar as well
20:29:07 <stickster> Let me see if I have a link handy
20:29:09 <spevack> ianweller: clearly!
20:29:43 <mchua> stickster: ooo, handy! thanks!
20:29:45 <mchua> That's all I've got, really - my big agenda item for today was "get new people on board," and dufflebag seems to be doing quite nicely. Next week is where the heavy hittin' will be happening, right before Alpha Readiness.
20:29:51 <mchua> Any other thoughts from anyone?
20:30:01 <dufflebag> oh i have a question
20:30:04 <mchua> dufflebag: go go go!
20:30:17 <EvilBob> I have a question about local marketing, My LUG always times InstallFests to follow Fedora releases, is there any money available for the likes of a newspaper ad? Can artwork for something like that be created  as part of a marketing kit?
20:30:31 <dufflebag> in the instruction wiki on the thing im doing (to explain how the blurb, example fun thing is done) what kind of language should that be done?
20:30:34 <dufflebag> more technical/casual?
20:30:39 <stickster> mchua: OK, that doesn't exist yet, sorry I lied. Maybe because the wiki schedule hasn't been turned into Poelstra's TJ data yet?
20:31:01 <mchua> stickster: Probably. I'll ask about it when i ask about the scheduling.
20:31:09 <stickster> dufflebag: There's a good example here:
20:31:11 <mchua> stickster, spevack: I believe EvilBob 's question is for you ^^
20:31:19 <stickster> http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/temp/woot/page1.png
20:31:31 <mizmo> stickster: he's asking about the full blown wiki instructions tho
20:31:40 <mizmo> of which, im not sure we have good examples
20:31:40 <stickster> Oh,oh, oh
20:31:45 <dufflebag> yeah like the "hre's how you can do it" type thing
20:31:53 <spevack> EvilBob: I can always dig up a few bucks for an interesting opportunity, if the Design Team can make something that looks cool!  :)
20:31:54 <dufflebag> here
20:31:56 <mizmo> dufflebag: i think you can assume they are already running fedora
20:31:57 <stickster> It should be fairly casual, dufflebag
20:32:09 <dufflebag> gotca, cool
20:32:09 <mchua> EvilBob: (We can certainly make an installfest marketing kit, though - can you file a ticket requesting that one be made, and give whatever details/deadlines you need? https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/newticket.
20:32:16 <stickster> mizmo: +1, and it should be something they can do in the default Live environment/installation
20:32:18 <mizmo> dufflebag: and write it as if you were explaining it to a non-technical, windows or os x using friend
20:32:31 <mizmo> stickster: oh so we couldn't do something like stellarium? can it involve installing an app?
20:32:35 <stickster> EvilBob: As for installfest
20:32:44 <mizmo> inkscape doesn't come in the default install either :( not sure about cheese :(
20:33:19 <stickster> EvilBob: Max is the money man, I'm not sure how we've treated advertisements in the past. They tend to be more expensive than the general event itself in some cases, but of course details would probably decide it
20:33:36 <stickster> If it was $50 for an ad for a $150 release party, that wouldn't be tough I think.
20:33:57 <stickster> $250 for an ad for a $100 release party might be different
20:34:04 * stickster won't speak for Max or FAMSCo here though
20:34:16 <stickster> mizmo: I suppose we could reconsider that...
20:34:25 <spevack> we've never tried it, and i'm all for experimentation every now and then
20:34:25 <stickster> mizmo: I was really hoping for things you can do out of the box
20:34:51 <stickster> spevack: EvilBob: How would we measure the effectiveness of the spend?
20:34:52 <mizmo> stickster: where can dufflebag get a list of the apps that come out of the box?
20:34:53 <EvilBob> I will check on costs and such as an example
20:34:56 <ianweller> mizmo: cheese is in the default install
20:35:05 <spevack> stickster: if 300 people show up instead of 25 :)
20:35:23 <dufflebag> could i just use a live cd or something and restrict myself to the programs on that?
20:35:32 <mchua> #action EvilBob to check on costs for a newspaper ad for an installfest, file "installfest marketing kit" ticket with details at https://fedorahosted.org/marketing-team/newticket
20:35:37 <dufflebag> is that what you mean with out of the box?
20:35:37 <mizmo> dufflebag: i think stuff is getting dropped in f12 though. e.g, gimp is getting dropped off the live cd
20:35:40 <EvilBob> We would target the local Colleges and Business Schools
20:35:42 <stickster> spevack: Aha! But what if 300 were going to show up *anyway*?!? (I kid, I kid)
20:35:43 <mizmo> dufflebag: that is what we mean out of the box though
20:35:45 <dufflebag> ahhh
20:36:06 <stickster> mizmo: I'm running a Rawhide Live image on my other system right now
20:36:12 <dufflebag> mizmo: so like a full-install of fedora 12?
20:36:15 <mizmo> dufflebag: i heard though that gthumb or eye of gnome (image viewing apps) have some basic photo editing tools, maybe you could do a 'remove the red eye' project
20:36:19 <spevack> stickster: for $50 or $100, I'd say "let's just see what happens".  Before we did a lot of this, I'd say "let's have some serious way of evaluating success"
20:36:25 <stickster> Yup
20:36:28 <stickster> spevack: Right on
20:36:37 <mizmo> dufflebag: no it's just a live media disc of the 'desktop' version. a full install would be... gig upon gig upon gig. :)
20:36:48 <EvilBob> I will check on ads for several venues along those lines, school papers and general population
20:36:53 <ianweller> dufflebag: last i knew an 'everything' ISO fit on one blu-ray disc
20:36:57 <mizmo> dufflebag: the live media are hand-picked applications stuffed to fit into 700mb so they can be burned to CD... all of fedora is much bigger than that
20:37:25 <mizmo> dufflebag: 'live media' means you can run it striaght off the disc without installing
20:37:55 <dufflebag> mizmo: oh right right but for the purposes of what like apps should be used for writing the blurbs... restricted with whats on the media install or the full on and installed operating system?
20:37:57 <mizmo> stickster: is your rawhide live image clean without anything installed on top? if so can you send me an rpm -qa of it?
20:38:00 <stickster> mizmo: dufflebag: Some things I see off the bat... taking a screenshot, some games included (aisleriot, iagno, mines, same gnome, sudoku), gThumb, Empathy (talk to friends!), firefox, bittorrent client, abiword, evolution, sound-juicer, disc burner, cheese, totem, rhythmbox
20:38:01 <mchua> EvilBob: Sounds great. Any idea how far in advance you'd need the funding/materials/whatever it is you need for your installfest?
20:38:06 <stickster> mizmo: Sure
20:38:28 * mchua loves the parallel discussions going on in here
20:38:29 <mizmo> dufflebag: i think you should try your best to work just with the apps that run straight off the disc without installing
20:38:43 <dufflebag> oh okay excellent, no prob. thenm
20:38:45 <dufflebag> then*
20:39:20 <mizmo> dufflebag: stickster is gonna get a list of apps on it spit out so you'll know what you're constrained too. ill see if i can find you a download link to the rawhide live media too so you can burn your own and run it
20:39:55 <EvilBob> mchua: I would think a couple weeks
20:40:30 <EvilBob> mchua: we never need funds for a location, we use the local library for meeting rooms
20:40:35 <stickster> mizmo: Should be at your inbox any time now
20:40:56 <mchua> dufflebag: hm, maybe one way to start is to take the livecd, set a timer for an hour, and then go explore and see what you can and can't do, and generate a list for cool "you can do this!" things to write up that way
20:41:12 <mchua> dufflebag: that way it'll really be a "I'm new to this, and this is what I played with and found!" thing
20:41:20 <dufflebag> oh totally yeah
20:41:34 <dufflebag> dont worry im good at finding ways to amuse myself haha
20:41:38 <mchua> EvilBob: Cool beans. when you file that ticket, can you make a note that you need stuff by, say, October 10 or something?
20:41:51 <mizmo> dufflebag: there are some hidden gems too you might be able to find. e.g. i think some of the games tht come with fedora have network play
20:41:54 <EvilBob> mchua: yup
20:41:59 <stickster> mchua: I have one additional heads-up re: FUDCon where I might need some help from the Marketing team
20:42:11 <mchua> stickster: shoot!
20:42:24 <stickster> Something we want to do with this FUDCon is to put a little more of the "U" back in FUDCon ("Users")
20:43:11 <stickster> Since we'll be in Toronto, where there's a very active Linux/LUG community, Spot and I think we ought to poll the user groups directly there to find out what they'd like to see at a FUDCon in terms of user content that would make it compelling for them (beyond the free admission)
20:44:52 <stickster> We were thinking that having one or two tracks that would be something like "gentle" and "brisk"... The first would be purely introductory for new users, such as friends and relatives of someone in a LUG, or someone who's not yet comfortable with running Linux.
20:45:06 <stickster> s/thinking that/thinking of/
20:45:10 <mchua> Ooo. /me thinks about all the fun FUDCon marketing and feedback-looping stuff that could be done here.
20:45:27 <stickster> The other track would be a little more advanced, for people who have been running a Linux but don't know how to get the most out of Fedora yet
20:45:54 <stickster> It would be nice to have an objective of getting people in the advanced class to learn how to file a bug, as a stepping stone to participation.
20:46:28 <mchua> stickster: that sounds like a good first Marketing <--> Ambassadors collaboration mini-project, too. If we do that feedback-gathering with Ambassadors as the front-lines and Marketing as the materials-providers and feedback-processors.
20:46:45 <stickster> But we need help with the polling part -- identifying the main contacts for the LUGs, sending out questions, and collecting answers. I would like to accomplish that before Aug. 31.
20:46:45 <mizmo> hehe we could demo the cool projects dufflebag is coming up with in the gentle sessions
20:46:53 <mchua> mizmo + 1
20:47:08 <stickster> We could gather the input on the wiki if we use the FUDCon: namespace, since it's publicly editable.
20:47:29 <stickster> But I'm not particular about how we get the answers, just that we produce content that makes people care enough to come.
20:47:48 <mchua> # "What would you like to see at FUDCon?" Identify the main contacts for Toronto-area LUGs, send out questions, and collect answers. Due August 31 to stickster.
20:47:51 <mchua> argh.
20:47:55 <mchua> #action "What would you like to see at FUDCon?" Identify the main contacts for Toronto-area LUGs, send out questions, and collect answers. Due August 31 to stickster.
20:47:58 * mchua can use the bot, really
20:48:15 <mchua> Is anybody interested in working on FUDCon stuff for this release cycle?
20:48:21 <mchua> (...is anybody in toronto?)
20:48:34 <mchua> hm, perhaps we can get some of ctyler's students to help with this
20:48:40 * mchua will ping
20:48:50 <ianweller> or to at least rouse some rabble
20:48:52 <stickster> Yes, perhaps so. I can also check with a couple people in YYZ that I know in the RH office.
20:49:03 <mchua> #action mchua to ping ctyler to find interested students in the Toronto area to help with FUDCon prep
20:49:24 <mchua> #action stickster checking with RH YYZ folks to see if anyone is interested in helping with FUDCon prep
20:49:38 <EvilBob> you know Polling any group of Linux users could give ideas for FUDcon content
20:49:38 <mizmo> we  need tshirt design i think
20:49:46 <ianweller> mizmo: fudboat
20:49:57 <mizmo> dude, and we need more fedora flippy floppies
20:50:00 <mchua> EvilBob: good point.
20:50:29 <stickster> EvilBob: Very true
20:50:38 <stickster> We could also use fedora-list, for example, or FedoraForum.org
20:50:44 <mchua> #action "What would you like to see at FUDCon?" (Maybe we can do some things remotely, or these would be good installfest ideas for local events.) Identify the main contacts for LUGs in your area, send out questions, and collect answers. Due August 31 to stickster.
20:50:52 <stickster> The key is that people in YYZ are the most likely to come to this FUDCon
20:51:00 <EvilBob> need not be focused on the Toronto peeps even if they are those likely to show up, just ideas after all, could be put in to action later or other events
20:51:14 <mchua> EvilBob: added another open task for non-Toronto groups - thanks for pointing that out.
20:51:17 <stickster> I would like to avoid InstallFest at FUDCon -- too many variables to have a reasonably good experience for everyone.
20:51:17 * ianweller still needs to train himself to see "YYZ" as "toronto"
20:51:27 <stickster> *unless* it was done extramurally, like a nighttime BoF
20:51:40 <stickster> We have actual computer classrooms we'll be able to use, complete with Fedora, at the site.
20:51:49 <mchua> *sweet*
20:52:03 <mizmo> fudpub/installfest
20:52:04 <mizmo> hehe
20:52:10 <ianweller> oh god
20:52:12 <ianweller> that would be interesting
20:52:15 <mchua> inebriated installations?
20:52:18 <stickster> That's one word for it
20:52:26 <mchua> that would be... interesting
20:52:42 <mizmo> no beers near my laptop
20:52:46 * mizmo looks fierce
20:52:51 <ianweller> mizmo++
20:53:23 <Southern_Gentlem> actaully there are a few of us that could handle that
20:53:36 <Southern_Gentlem> we do it on a nitely basis in #fedora
20:54:07 <mchua> Southern_Gentlem: an extramural, remotely-supported installfest in #fedora?
20:54:28 <Southern_Gentlem> yep
20:55:19 <mizmo> i like the idea of that... when the event is over #fedora is prolly where folks will go to get help
20:55:25 <mizmo> good to get them acquainted with it
20:55:26 <mchua> +1 to that
20:56:02 <mchua> We're starting to run short on time - stickster, the FUDCon announcement will be going out soon, right? (because when it does, we can open up a wiki page for this kind of discussion/planning)
20:56:07 <mchua> (which is awesome)
20:56:11 <stickster> Yes, that's correct mchua
20:56:27 * stickster recovering from a week in the BOS tornado, but should have an announcement out in the next day or so.
20:56:29 <mizmo> stickster: do u need FUDcon Torono logo gfx?
20:56:30 <mchua> right now we've got the aug 31 "get survey data from local (and non-local) LUGs" to put the U in FUDCon
20:56:36 <mizmo> takes me like 30 sec
20:56:40 <stickster> mizmo: Sure thing!
20:56:43 <stickster> mizmo: There's even a page already:
20:57:01 <stickster> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:FUDCon_F13
20:57:06 <mchua> I never thought I'd understand phrases like "fudcon yyz gfx"
20:57:12 <stickster> Although that probably needs to be renamed to "FUDCon:Toronto 2009"
20:57:29 <mizmo> awwww there's already an upload link for the logo, rock ill take care of that right now
20:57:37 <mchua> mizmo: RULES.
20:58:15 * stickster fixes all the links
20:58:23 <stickster> OK, here it is f'realz:
20:58:36 <stickster> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Toronto_2009
20:58:43 <mchua> OK. So we've got the survey on our plate, FUDCon stuff will move forward more after stickster sends out that announcement, can haz wiki at
20:58:44 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Toronto_2009
20:58:52 <mchua> We're just about out of time for today
20:58:58 * stickster eof
20:59:00 <mchua> Does anyone have anything else they'd like to bring up?
20:59:21 <mchua> (Whoa, crazy meeting. We covered f12 alpha readiness, new folks (WOO!), impending FUDCon.)
20:59:42 * ianweller pulls his jetpack out of his suitcase
20:59:53 <mchua> (...materials for installfest, "i use fedora" stories - lots to keep up with)
21:00:01 <mchua> I think ianweller is giving me the countdown signal.
21:00:07 <mchua> Marketing meeting ending in 5...
21:00:14 * mchua gets jetpack from closet
21:00:16 <mchua> 4...
21:00:17 <dufflebag> i think he wants to talk about his new invented jetpack
21:00:24 * mchua straps in
21:00:25 <ianweller> dufflebag: nah, had 'em for a month
21:00:28 <dufflebag> haha
21:00:29 <mchua> 3...
21:00:31 <mchua> 2...
21:00:33 <ianweller> old bizniz
21:00:34 <mchua> 1...
21:00:37 * ianweller takes off
21:00:42 * mchua rockets through floor
21:00:45 <mchua> #endmeeting