15:05:55 <adamw> #startmeeting Bugzappers meeting
15:06:07 <adamw> #topic collecting people
15:06:14 <adamw> ok, who's here?
15:07:08 <adamw> comphappy: ping
15:07:10 <adamw> iarlyy: ping
15:07:21 <adamw> tk009: ping
15:07:24 <mcepl> ping
15:07:28 * comphappy here
15:07:38 <mcepl> err, pong
15:08:00 <adamw> seems like no arxs, no rjune
15:08:41 <adamw> we don't have an agenda either
15:08:45 <adamw> so i'm playing this by ear :)
15:09:00 <adamw> last week's stuff: the updated component list
15:09:23 <adamw> looks like arxs merged it into http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/BugZappers/Components_and_Triagers nicely now, i think we can call that project done
15:09:28 <adamw> anyone have comments on it?
15:10:22 <mcepl> adamw: arxs asked me to pass the apology that he couldn't come and the thing is (to the best of his opinion)done.
15:10:42 <adamw> thanks for that
15:10:49 * poelcat here
15:10:53 <adamw> yay, hey poelcat
15:11:15 <adamw> alright, next up...
15:11:25 <adamw> #topic kernel triage
15:11:39 <adamw> rjune is willing to get started on this, but we're waiting on a reply from john linville at present
15:11:53 <adamw> if rjune hasn't heard back yet (i'll check in when I next catch up with him), i'll ping john myself
15:12:29 <adamw> any other comments? anyone want to be involved in the kernel triage project and feel like they're left out?
15:12:41 * mcepl is hiding
15:13:14 <adamw> heh
15:13:44 <adamw> ok then
15:13:48 <adamw> #topic triage metrics
15:13:53 <adamw> comphappy: arrre you there?
15:14:02 <comphappy> yep for now
15:14:39 <comphappy> It turns out there is a bug in FAS that is causing some of out problems with the migration I have been trying
15:14:57 <adamw> which migration is this?
15:15:16 <comphappy> to the version with FAS integration
15:15:37 <comphappy> some peoples accounts are becoming unlinked
15:15:40 <ricky> Let me know if you need any bugfixes in FAS :-)
15:15:42 <adamw> ah ok
15:16:42 <comphappy> ricky: you might have seen that email that was sent across earlier that abadger1999 replied to
15:17:02 <comphappy> other then that the old version is running as usual
15:17:16 <comphappy> updated data last night
15:17:27 <ricky> comphappy: Was it in fedora-infrastructure-list?
15:18:05 <ricky> Ah, I see it, thanks
15:18:12 <comphappy> ricky: yes I was kind of mixed in other thread though, I will talk to you about it directly later?
15:18:26 <ricky> Sure thing
15:18:37 <adamw> thanks for the help ricky
15:18:42 <ricky> Any time
15:19:09 <comphappy> anything else?
15:19:43 <adamw> i have nothing more on this topic
15:19:56 <adamw> except that i didn't get to searching for co-maintainers yet...sorry
15:20:21 <comphappy> thats fine, I will talk with him about that too
15:20:31 <comphappy> there are people looking for work over there
15:20:58 <adamw> great
15:21:13 <adamw> #topic semantics
15:21:26 * comphappy excuses himself for a little while
15:21:29 <adamw> nothing much to add on this one except that i sent the mail formally proposing option #2 to the list yesterday - sorry it was late
15:21:40 <adamw> we'd better give it some more time before considering going ahead with anything
15:22:23 <comphappy> one comment on this, is someone will need to give me an updated list of what we want metrics to track in the new semantics
15:23:09 <comphappy> other then that I have no opinion on the issue, except that what we go with sticks for at least a year, I am a little tired of it changing ever 4 months
15:23:32 <adamw> the change for you would basically be that new bugs would be marked as triaged by a keyword not a state change
15:23:34 <adamw> so it would have to track that
15:23:45 <adamw> this hasn't changed for a couple of years, afaik
15:24:52 <comphappy> ok that is easy I already track keywords with needinfo?
15:25:14 <adamw> needinfo's a flag :)
15:25:38 <comphappy> oh yeah...
15:26:44 <comphappy> ugh I remember dealing with keyword with gm, this might not be a pain, I think it is all shoved in one string, so I will have to parse that out
15:27:05 <adamw> well, if it's going to be a big problem for you, let us know, it could feed into the final decision; nothing's decided yet
15:28:13 <comphappy> dont worry it is just going to require a little modification to the approach I take, being able to query keywords is something others want for QA stuff
15:28:18 <adamw> ok
15:28:57 <adamw> #topic open floor
15:29:13 <adamw> we're out of recap topics and i'm not aware of anything else pressing we need to discuss
15:29:15 <adamw> so...open floor
15:29:46 <adamw> anyone have anything to bring up?
15:30:15 <comphappy> have we seen if this new system will actually have any more groups on board?
15:30:32 <comphappy> have kernel and anaconda said yes?
15:30:38 <adamw> the new semantics?
15:30:41 <comphappy> yes
15:30:55 <adamw> semantics isn't an issue for kernel, and anaconda is special-cased already so it won't change anything there (anaconda is already technically on board now)
15:31:40 <adamw> f13 and jwb were the ones stating that several development groups would like the change, it probably would be a good idea to ask exactly which those are, yes :)
15:31:44 <adamw> are you guys around?
15:32:05 <f13> kernel, anaconda, yum, I think desktop has mentioned it a few times
15:32:10 <jwb> what?
15:32:19 <jwb> oh
15:32:23 <jwb> i defer to f13
15:32:41 <adamw> f13: in talking to the kernel folks about re-starting kernel triage, the issue wasn't brought up
15:32:51 <adamw> alindebe is in favour of the new system for anaconda, that's true
15:32:56 <adamw> who should we talk to about yum? seth?
15:32:59 <f13> yes
15:33:09 <adamw> ok
15:33:21 <cebbert> where is the latest proposal?
15:33:27 <adamw> anyone want to take an action item to talk to yum (seth) and desktop teams about this?
15:33:31 <adamw> cebbert: on fedora-test-list
15:33:46 <mcepl> adamw: KDE and LVM as well ... I have persuaded them to use ON_DEV, but they would be probably more happy with RHEL meaning of ASSIGNED
15:33:51 <comphappy> seth, just wants to deal with it himself if i remember right
15:33:52 <adamw> cebbert: it's very simple: going forward, we (triagers) would mark bugs as having been triaged with the Triaged keyword, rather than by setting them to the ASSIGNED state
15:33:59 <skvidal> adamw: ??
15:34:10 <skvidal> umm
15:34:15 <skvidal> oh triage
15:34:17 <skvidal> I see
15:34:18 <skvidal> yes
15:34:25 <skvidal> please leave yum alone, thanks
15:34:54 <adamw> actually, we already have the new policy listed as an exception for yum
15:35:03 <skvidal> good
15:35:06 <adamw> now i remember, that was based on earlier discussion with seth
15:35:09 <skvidal> yes
15:35:10 <adamw> so the new policy wouldn't change anything there
15:35:14 <skvidal> good
15:35:32 <adamw> cebbert: that OK for you?
15:35:43 <cebbert> looks good to me
15:35:57 <adamw> ok
15:36:04 <adamw> so, we do have several groups who'd like the new policy.
15:36:21 <adamw> i can check in with desktop, since they don't seem to have been awakened by the poking here =)
15:36:27 <alindebe> I think I missed something... what's this new policy?
15:36:41 <adamw> alindebe: just switching from ASSIGNED state to Triaged keyword , as we've discussed before
15:36:47 <alindebe> ah, yes.
15:37:33 <adamw> comphappy: does that answer your question? :)
15:37:43 <comphappy> adamw: I just thought it was worth actually doing some checking to see if things would be any better, and it look like they will.
15:38:10 <adamw> oh, it was a good point
15:39:10 <comphappy> anything else (trying to slip away)
15:39:28 <adamw> you're the one who opened the last can of worms, i was all set to close ;)
15:39:37 <adamw> we're still on open floor, so...anyone?
15:40:57 * mcepl keeps his mouth shut
15:41:07 <adamw> ok, then, bringing down the gavel - speak now or forever hold your peace
15:41:19 <adamw> #endmeeting