15:04:02 <pknirsch> #startmeeting Power management for Fedora
15:04:14 <pknirsch> #topic Last week recap
15:04:30 <pknirsch> First topic, as each week is a quick recap of last weeks meeting
15:05:47 <pknirsch> - Ktune integration work
15:06:08 <pknirsch> - Developer conference in Brno
15:06:24 <pknirsch> - More work needed on documentation
15:07:02 <pknirsch> - skalnik1 presented the HWtable he's been working on
15:08:08 <pknirsch> #topic Fedora 12 feature status
15:08:22 <pknirsch> lets go over the the current status for F12.
15:09:35 <pknirsch> The power management things we're working on is now an accepted Feature for F12, but the actual documentation needs to be updated and completed
15:09:44 <pknirsch> which we'll be doing in the next weeks
15:10:19 <pknirsch> the actual feature page can be found here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/PowerManagementF12
15:11:03 <pknirsch> the current status for tuned is that the integration of ktune was finished on Monday.
15:11:19 <pknirsch> the new tuning and monitoring plugin for CPU is finished and working
15:11:36 <pknirsch> and the updated disk tuning algorithm seems to work as well, but needs more testing
15:12:08 <pknirsch> if marcela is here she can probably give us a quick update on the system tuning tool?
15:12:48 <marcela> hello, http://mmaslano.fedorapeople.org/tuning/
15:13:06 <marcela> I change it to look for directories in /etc/tune-profiles
15:13:22 <marcela> so what we need now is fix bugs in tool and create some predefined profiles
15:13:36 <marcela> I can add howto to our wiki
15:14:27 <pknirsch> thats great! thanks marcela. :)
15:16:42 <marcela> ad Developer conference, Ivana and me are preparing some howto write "nice" code
15:16:42 <pknirsch> i''ve started looking into profiles myself already a bit, so if you could add some directory for them to the git repository so i can put them there that would help a lot.
15:16:54 <marcela> maybe parts of it could be attached to documentation
15:17:15 <pknirsch> very good suggestion, let's do that!
15:18:12 <pknirsch> when was the developer conference again?
15:19:04 <marcela> um 10-11.9.
15:19:37 <pknirsch> alright, thanks :)
15:20:39 <marcela> pknirsch: I suppose it should be contrib/PhilsProfile or simply profiles/Phils?
15:22:13 <pknirsch> marcela: hm, i was rather refering to the profiles we'd like to prepare and ship at first, so just profiles/ and then under it the various ones, e.g. latency (a ktune specific profile), max-powersave, laptop, default etc?
15:23:11 <marcela> ok
15:24:08 <skalnik1> one remark to documentation - i searched for state of "PM document" and the current maintainer is Ruediger Landmann <r.landmann@redhat.com>
15:24:39 <skalnik1> it would be fine to share our result with him
15:25:07 <pknirsch> yes, he's the base-os technical writer and i've already contacted him a while ago, so he's aware that we'll be flooding him with more info ;)
15:27:20 <pknirsch> how about making that a topic for one of the next meetings?
15:27:34 <pknirsch> so we can invite him and discuss how to handle the documentation?
15:29:04 <skalnik1> i would be good. but i'm on vacation next week and afaik marcela too
15:29:12 <pknirsch> ah, ok
15:29:19 <pknirsch> then lets schedule that for in 2 weeks?
15:29:28 <marcela> yeah
15:29:28 <skalnik1> ok
15:29:58 <pknirsch> alright, cool. that should give him enough time to check if he can come as well.
15:31:37 <skalnik1> good idea, then we should bury him in documents ;-)
15:31:38 <pknirsch> marcela, could you merge your command branch with the master one so we can start building a tuned with it?
15:31:45 <pknirsch> hehe skalnik1
15:31:48 <marcela> yes
15:31:53 <pknirsch> great, thanks!
15:33:23 <pknirsch> last point for the f12 features was scomes, but we've covered that a few meetings ago and from what i can tell it's basically finished for f12.
15:33:56 <pknirsch> any other comments/concerns/questions about f12 features?
15:36:32 <pknirsch> seems not, so lets go the the last topic for today on the agenda
15:36:46 <pknirsch> #topic Updates around HWtable
15:37:21 <skalnik1> any proposal?
15:37:54 <pknirsch> i've found a few sources of information which we might want to include there, especially concerning memory power usage
15:38:38 <pknirsch> i'm not sure if i'll get to it today, but can put them in tomorrow
15:39:05 <skalnik1> this is interesting because currently this is black hole memory +  motherboard
15:39:11 <pknirsch> mhm
15:39:50 <pknirsch> it also contains some information about network cards and their power use
15:41:51 <pknirsch> i hope to find some more over time, but that'll already complete the picture a bit more.
15:42:33 <pknirsch> another interesting thing to add there might be the difference between one of those components in idle and full power mode (where available)
15:43:14 <skalnik1> pknirsch:  i added your info about graphics cards and improvements that made matthew garret and therefore i'd like to join him to this table to make more precise info
15:43:57 <skalnik1> yes - the difference is really interesting
15:44:11 <skalnik1> therefore there is column on/off
15:44:13 <pknirsch> skalnik1: good idea. why don't you send him an email and ask if he could take a look at it?
15:44:29 <pknirsch> mhm, and the %save column
15:44:31 <skalnik1> i have pto today - working pto
15:44:38 <pknirsch> :)
15:44:45 <skalnik1> therefore i didn't write an email
15:45:03 <pknirsch> oh, didn't know that!
15:45:33 <pknirsch> thanks for being here today then. :)
15:46:41 <skalnik1> this is relax for me
15:46:55 <pknirsch> hehe, alright :)
15:46:58 <skalnik1> cos i worked manually in the garden
15:47:14 <pknirsch> you got nice weather in Brno at the moment?
15:47:36 <skalnik1> to much sun for this job
15:47:39 <skalnik1> :-)
15:47:42 <pknirsch> :)
15:48:20 <pknirsch> i haven't found anything about the hdparm things btw, which is really sad.
15:48:32 <pknirsch> it just say lower value == better power saving
15:48:35 <pknirsch> whatever that may mean
15:48:54 <pknirsch> seems like any harddisk vendor can define them as they see fit.
15:49:16 <skalnik1> i asked karsten - he didn't know details too
15:49:29 <skalnik1> but i suppose that this is vendor depending
15:50:25 <skalnik1> therefor i'm a bit skeptic to hdd apm
15:51:40 <pknirsch> yea, true
15:53:11 <pknirsch> anything else you'd like add about the HWlist?
15:55:57 <pknirsch> alright, thats it then for this week.
15:56:14 <pknirsch> thanks everyone and see probably then in 2 weeks again (after your vacation ;)
15:56:37 <pknirsch> #endmeeting