20:15:04 <liknus> #startmeeting
20:15:26 <liknus> #topic Fedora EMEA Ambassadors Meeting on Event Box
20:15:27 <loupgaroublond> Southern_Gentlem, i'll have a look at amazon, i think the closest warehouse they have here is in DE
20:15:45 <liknus> Ok lets start with our rollcall
20:15:52 <liknus> .fas ppapadeas
20:16:12 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: those are called flight-cases. I'm not sure but maybe we can get parts in Ede
20:16:22 <Southern_Gentlem> .fas Southern_Gentleman
20:16:41 <dreamer> .fas dreamer
20:16:50 <dreamer> eh .. 3rd
20:16:55 <loupgaroublond> .fas ynemoy
20:17:01 <loupgaroublond> .fasinfo ynemoy
20:17:07 <LinuxCode> .fas LinuxCode
20:17:57 <liknus> Ok guys, there is a problem cause we dont have the previous log on that matter but lets start with our guess Southern_Gentlem
20:18:21 <liknus> guest*
20:18:29 <Southern_Gentlem> ok my first question is what do you have currently to put in your box
20:18:55 <liknus> Little things for startrers, mainly swag
20:19:02 <loupgaroublond> currently odds and ends that we can gather from a few different people
20:19:17 <LinuxCode> Southern_Gentlem, Joerg had a box at FUDcon
20:19:26 <LinuxCode> with loads of power supplies
20:19:35 <LinuxCode> masking tape, pens, markers
20:19:45 <liknus> kital, are you here?
20:20:05 <LinuxCode> im sure if kital he is here, he can elaborate more
20:20:17 <liknus> Definately
20:20:20 <Southern_Gentlem> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EventBox_NA_East_Region
20:20:34 <LinuxCode> Southern_Gentlem, Id add name tags to the boxes
20:20:39 <LinuxCode> for the people there
20:20:51 <loupgaroublond> i have a bunch of fedora stickers, they double up as nametags
20:20:55 <LinuxCode> and maybe a template be nice for each release
20:20:56 <Southern_Gentlem> in the NA we ship swag separate from the boxes
20:21:03 <loupgaroublond> i'd be more than happy to stick the majority of them in the box
20:21:20 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, tags are more professional
20:21:24 <loupgaroublond> oh, and at the last meeting we had at fudcon, we decided to coordinate rotating schwag in the box
20:21:26 <liknus> I think the seperation of swag and more permanent stuff is essential.
20:21:28 <dreamer> so in NA the box is filled with stuff you need permanently, and swag is to be given away and is "expendable"
20:21:32 <LinuxCode> people attending , stickers would be sufficient
20:21:46 <Southern_Gentlem> dreamer exactly
20:21:57 <LinuxCode> name stickers, would be swag
20:21:58 <loupgaroublond> and some of you here missed that meeting, but i'd rather not have to revisit all those decisions tonight
20:22:04 <liknus> Ok lets focus on the permanent stuff
20:22:07 <LinuxCode> name tags, would be event box stuff
20:22:22 <Southern_Gentlem> i know that at linux tag there were some vertical banners
20:22:30 <LinuxCode> Southern_Gentlem, indeed
20:22:30 <loupgaroublond> those were decided to travel seperate
20:22:38 <loupgaroublond> Southern_Gentlem, let me clue you in on the current emea setup
20:22:55 <Southern_Gentlem> if you want those in a event box you will have to buy a box large enough to hold them
20:22:57 <loupgaroublond> most of the stuff w ehave sits at kital's place, because he's so central
20:23:04 <loupgaroublond> when we need something, he usually drives it over
20:23:05 <LinuxCode> Southern_Gentlem, +1
20:23:05 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: yes, the last meeting we concluded that biertie had the log of the meeting at FudCon, but I never got around to talk to him
20:23:23 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, in Germany yes
20:23:25 <loupgaroublond> we are in fact going to doing this
20:23:32 <LinuxCode> event boxes should be EU wide
20:23:35 <LinuxCode> at least
20:23:46 <loupgaroublond> but the goal of the event box is to coordinate this, and include shipping into our workflow
20:23:47 <Southern_Gentlem> or multple boxes
20:23:52 <liknus> LinuxCode, this is not always the case
20:23:54 <LinuxCode> Southern_Gentlem, yes, even better
20:24:03 <LinuxCode> liknus, what isnt ?
20:24:08 <liknus> We could have North EMEA and South EMEA boxes
20:24:22 <LinuxCode> liknus, fact is we need more than a few boxes
20:24:27 <loupgaroublond> mind if i put the meeting on a different track?
20:24:30 <dreamer> considering the amount of events in benelux/germany and france 1 box for that area would barely be enough I think
20:24:33 <Southern_Gentlem> the problem we ran into here with buying vertical banners is they will not fit into the event boxes
20:24:38 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, sure
20:24:38 <liknus> So as to reduce the shipping costs
20:24:42 <LinuxCode> set a topic
20:24:45 <liknus> loupgaroublond, go ahead
20:24:53 <dreamer> liknus: I like the idea of that
20:24:56 <liknus> #seat loupgaroublond
20:25:18 <liknus> #chair loupgaroublond
20:25:23 <loupgaroublond> oh, cool
20:25:32 * Southern_Gentlem has about 25 minutes till he must depart
20:25:35 <liknus> Just in case it is needed ;)
20:25:44 <liknus> Ok lets hurry on that
20:25:47 <loupgaroublond> for large events, we have to coordinate more than a box's worth of toys anyways, like the vertical banners, multiple laptops, etc..
20:25:58 <loupgaroublond> for really small events, an ambassador should be in possesion of everything needed
20:26:03 <loupgaroublond> for medium events, the event box is optimal
20:26:10 <loupgaroublond> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:EVENTBOX.ods
20:26:18 <liknus> Ok lets focus on medium events
20:26:25 <loupgaroublond> this was a summary of what we have, what we need, what should go in the box, what shouldn't go in the box, what's permanent, and what's shwag
20:26:47 <loupgaroublond> we also discussed the scope of such a box
20:27:01 <loupgaroublond> if we call it EMEA, then we should really offer it to the middle eastern and african communities
20:27:09 <loupgaroublond> obviously shipping is expensive though
20:27:19 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, I have other concerns too
20:27:29 <LinuxCode> postal staff stealing parcels
20:27:31 <liknus> Shall we transform this file to a wiki page?
20:27:42 <dreamer> +1
20:27:46 <loupgaroublond> LinuxCode, photograph it before you ship, make an insurance claim
20:27:54 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, true
20:28:13 <liknus> LinuxCode, if it is a big company this is not sth to consern us
20:28:25 <loupgaroublond> if you can't trust the postal service within the EU and schengen zone, then the EU is fucked, imo
20:28:30 <liknus> Anyone volunteer on the wiki page?
20:28:32 <LinuxCode> replacing goods will take time
20:28:32 <loupgaroublond> anywho
20:28:55 <loupgaroublond> since we're limited to medium events, one event box should be enough for most of eu/europe
20:29:07 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, dunno, id keep two
20:29:17 <Southern_Gentlem> let get one done first
20:29:21 <liknus> +1 for 2 boxen
20:29:25 <loupgaroublond> since fedora emea ev is going to handle shipping, don't worry about the costs of shipping to the british isles, lappland, etc...
20:29:28 <liknus> Southern_Gentlem, sure :)
20:29:34 <LinuxCode> Southern_Gentlem, +1
20:29:39 <LinuxCode> makes sense
20:29:43 <liknus> +1 loupgaroublond
20:29:55 <loupgaroublond> with that scope in mind, we settled on doing one task now, which was my big action item that i'm behind on
20:29:58 <loupgaroublond> so my apologies
20:30:15 <loupgaroublond> but the goal is to put together a box for HAR, with the goal in mind to use this as a future event box
20:30:20 <liknus> #action liknus will create a wiki page on the stuff needed for EMEA event box
20:30:42 <dreamer> HAR will be in 2 weeks btw
20:30:55 <loupgaroublond> given the half hour we have left, i want to focus on those details
20:30:58 <liknus> Southern_Gentlem, you have any idea on the shipping costs?
20:31:04 <loupgaroublond> that ends the summary
20:31:18 <LinuxCode> liknus, you cant compare the US market in that respect
20:31:19 <loupgaroublond> liknus, we spend about 800 a quarter for NA
20:31:23 <loupgaroublond> that's USD
20:31:24 <LinuxCode> we are sending cross country
20:31:28 <Southern_Gentlem> liknus in the US yes not in your neck of the world
20:31:43 <loupgaroublond> i can say this much:
20:31:46 <LinuxCode> we could be talking 50 euros or more
20:31:55 <loupgaroublond> within the eV, we decided to open a shipping account
20:32:05 <liknus> loupgaroublond, thats nice
20:32:12 <Southern_Gentlem> we so far very rarely have had to ship our boxes
20:32:16 <LinuxCode> if its cost effective, sounds good
20:32:35 <Southern_Gentlem> but as an estimate we say $50 to ship it
20:32:37 <loupgaroublond> the goal is not to worry about the cost too much
20:32:42 <liknus> Southern_Gentlem, why is that?
20:32:45 <loupgaroublond> but we need a shipping account within the EU anyways
20:32:56 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, have we asked redhat ?
20:33:02 <LinuxCode> they could amybe send boxes internally
20:33:03 <loupgaroublond> it has max's approval
20:33:17 <Southern_Gentlem> liknus,  i am in control of the east coast event box so far it has gone to events i was going to as well
20:33:48 <LinuxCode> saying thatm shipping from hq to destination probably cost almost the same as half distance
20:33:51 <liknus> Southern_Gentlem, so it would be also nice for us someone key-person have the event box
20:33:55 <loupgaroublond> oh, and one other thing, we decided that it's home would be with kital for now, this way he can also take it where he goes, and then ship it where he can't go
20:33:57 <liknus> Someone like Max
20:34:02 <liknus> or Joerg
20:34:07 <Southern_Gentlem> not max
20:34:14 <Southern_Gentlem> someone central to all
20:34:22 <loupgaroublond> this was decided at linuxtag, i don't mind revisiting the issue, but not tonight please :)
20:34:24 <LinuxCode> if he is willing to handle that
20:34:31 <Southern_Gentlem> sorry max but i know how much stuff you already have on your plate
20:34:43 <LinuxCode> Southern_Gentlem, I think he would approve
20:34:45 <liknus> Southern_Gentlem, good point
20:34:57 <liknus> Lets stick with Joerg for now
20:35:09 <Southern_Gentlem> to be discussed later
20:35:12 <dreamer> it would depend if we have 1 or 2 boxes, but lets now focus on getting 1 box done
20:35:31 <liknus> http://jsimon.fedorapeople.org/FAD3.pdf
20:36:01 <loupgaroublond> i'm going to run down through the items on the spreadsheet
20:36:05 <loupgaroublond> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:EVENTBOX.ods
20:36:11 <loupgaroublond> any objections to this plan?
20:36:16 <liknus> loupgaroublond, go ahead
20:36:17 * LinuxCode looks
20:36:28 <Southern_Gentlem> we use pelican 1610 for our event boxes  it seems to be big enough untill we looked at vertical banners and the smallest vertical banner will not fit those boxes
20:36:33 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, tbh I cant make uch sense of this
20:36:38 <LinuxCode> hehe
20:36:51 <loupgaroublond> logistics means it's going to ship seperately
20:37:04 <LinuxCode> i see
20:37:12 <loupgaroublond> obviously we won't put a screen in the box
20:37:14 <LinuxCode> k I think thats clearer now
20:37:37 <loupgaroublond> does anyone have any comments about projector screens, namely where to find one? anyone have any ideas where we can get one for HAR in particular?
20:37:45 <loupgaroublond> or other comments too
20:37:54 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: for HAR I'm bringing 2 large white sheets
20:38:16 <loupgaroublond> sounds like a plan
20:38:28 <loupgaroublond> closing topic in 30 seconds
20:38:46 <dreamer> the projector I have (and hopefully will last) is 2000 ansi lumen .. which is quite bright
20:38:53 <LinuxCode> maybe a portbale one should go in the box
20:39:02 <Southern_Gentlem> you dont want to do that
20:39:03 <LinuxCode> screen
20:39:08 <dreamer> in my experience projector screens are never portable
20:39:11 <loupgaroublond> nope, let me recap
20:39:15 <loupgaroublond> there's always a wall to project on
20:39:18 <dreamer> or will definitely won't fit in the box
20:39:21 <LinuxCode> saying that, almost every location has a white wall
20:39:34 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, +1
20:39:40 <LinuxCode> nvm me, thinking out loud
20:39:41 <liknus> loupgaroublond, +1
20:39:42 <Southern_Gentlem> portable projectors are still very fragile
20:39:58 <dreamer> having a padded eventbox is a must in that case
20:40:00 <loupgaroublond> we want to ship one with the box
20:40:07 <LinuxCode> dreamer, +1
20:40:08 <loupgaroublond> having a projector for HAR seems very likely
20:40:22 <loupgaroublond> what's the syntax for action?
20:40:25 <Southern_Gentlem> remember the more padding the less space
20:40:29 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: #action
20:40:44 <LinuxCode> Southern_Gentlem, yeh
20:40:54 <loupgaroublond> #action
20:40:58 <loupgaroublond> #help action
20:41:12 <loupgaroublond> Southern_Gentlem, are you shipping a projcetor with the NA box?
20:41:12 <LinuxCode> maybe there should be some bubble wrap, to wrap the projectors case in
20:41:15 <dreamer> Southern_Gentlem: true, for flightcases though, the padding is usally formfit. so it doesn't really matter if there is space left .. ideally, you don't have any space left, so the items in the box don't move
20:41:34 <liknus> action and then space and then action description
20:41:45 <Southern_Gentlem> lets look at https://fedoraproject.org/w/uploads/9/91/EVENTBOX.ods again
20:41:51 <loupgaroublond> oh, and it automatically gets assigned t othe person who calls action?
20:41:55 <Southern_Gentlem> especially column F
20:42:03 <liknus> yeap loupgaroublond
20:42:11 <loupgaroublond> #action find a (padded) box
20:42:25 <loupgaroublond> column F means there should be one in the box, that was decided at linuxtag
20:42:31 <LinuxCode> docotr and ambassador in box ?
20:42:36 <LinuxCode> lol
20:42:41 <dreamer> I'd like to have something like this, with a formfitted padding for a projector and other items: http://www.licht-geluid.nl/shop/BVModules/ProductTemplates/jenh/Product.aspx?productid=HLD7420B
20:43:00 <Southern_Gentlem> ok let me bring this up
20:43:13 <loupgaroublond> we have a projector in possesion though, i have to ask kital where it is
20:43:30 <loupgaroublond> #action find out whree our projector is, ask kital
20:44:00 <liknus> Southern_Gentlem, go ahead
20:44:03 <Southern_Gentlem> you will want your posters banners tapes an extension cord and a power brick in your event box, and pens and maybe some markers ( sharpies)
20:44:22 <LinuxCode> + tape
20:44:27 <Southern_Gentlem> tapes as in duck tapes and clear packageing tape
20:44:28 <liknus> #action add items noted by Southern_Gentlem in wiki page
20:44:34 <LinuxCode> to hang notes or waypoints up
20:44:49 <loupgaroublond> i was going to go for a shopping spree at the job lot for lots of tape next weekend to have stuff to throw in the box
20:45:06 <Southern_Gentlem> one roll of each which is renewable
20:45:12 <dreamer> focussing on getting a box for HAR one of the primary items I'd like to see in the box is a large banner
20:45:14 <liknus> loupgaroublond, nice :)
20:45:14 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, there must be masking tape, as it doesnt leave marks
20:45:21 <dreamer> does anyone know who in EMEA currently has a banner?
20:45:28 <liknus> I do
20:45:28 <Southern_Gentlem> if you looked at my event box you will see i added freezer bags
20:45:34 <loupgaroublond> liknus, how big?
20:45:43 <loupgaroublond> Southern_Gentlem, how come?
20:45:51 <liknus> .60x2 meters
20:45:54 <loupgaroublond> do you mean ziploc bags?
20:46:17 <loupgaroublond> liknus, what would it take to ship to the netherlands?
20:46:19 <Southern_Gentlem> to put items like pens, markers, scissors in to keep them organized and easy to find
20:46:27 <loupgaroublond> ah
20:46:29 <Southern_Gentlem> loupgaroublond,  yep
20:46:40 <liknus> loupgaroublond, ill propably go to FAD so i could bring it there
20:46:45 <Southern_Gentlem> also i put the access point in one
20:46:50 <loupgaroublond> duly noted
20:46:58 <loupgaroublond> liknus, i mean sometime in the next two weeks
20:47:05 <Southern_Gentlem> also i bought a roll of velcro
20:47:08 <LinuxCode> the AP should have a switch and AP
20:47:19 <dreamer> or does anyone know of someone closer to NL that has a banner?
20:47:26 <Southern_Gentlem> lined the side box with the velcro
20:47:28 <liknus> loupgaroublond, ill check prices and contact you
20:47:29 <dreamer> liknus: iirc you said max might have one?
20:47:37 <loupgaroublond> liknus, cool, thanks
20:47:43 <LinuxCode> dreamer, we had one banner
20:47:44 <Southern_Gentlem> and but velcro on everything in the box
20:47:46 <LinuxCode> to hang outside
20:47:49 <loupgaroublond> #action get velcro tape
20:48:03 <liknus> #action liknus check shipping costs of banner and contact loupgaroublond
20:48:06 <dreamer> LinuxCode: where is that?
20:48:17 <LinuxCode> dreamer, Max or Joerg might have taken it
20:48:19 <Southern_Gentlem> that way stuff doesnt move around and also if you want to get somethin out of the box the velcro holds the bag up for you
20:48:32 <loupgaroublond> #action email max about banners
20:48:34 <LinuxCode> not sure if Joerg put it in his car or not
20:48:58 <dreamer> ok, if max has it (the same kind liknus has?) than I might be able to get it from him, or he could send it to us
20:49:17 <LinuxCode> liknus, was it plastic with holes in it ?
20:49:22 <LinuxCode> brass hole things
20:49:26 <Southern_Gentlem> so
20:49:30 <liknus> the one i have yes
20:49:30 <LinuxCode> about 2-3 meters wide ?
20:49:33 <LinuxCode> k
20:49:39 <LinuxCode> either its the same then or similar
20:49:40 <liknus> yeap
20:49:41 <dreamer> Southern_Gentlem: yes, you have to go
20:49:43 <Southern_Gentlem> yes a vinyal banner
20:49:49 <LinuxCode> Southern_Gentlem, yeh
20:49:54 <loupgaroublond> like the ones we had hanging up at linuxtag
20:50:00 <loupgaroublond> kital prolly has that one then
20:50:02 <liknus> Some is impossible, it hasnt been shipped outside Greece
20:50:17 <Southern_Gentlem> LinuxCode,  and loupgaroublond  know where to me if you have any more questions
20:50:19 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, on the bars outside Marshall House yes
20:50:35 <LinuxCode> we only had one of those
20:50:40 <loupgaroublond> ah ok
20:50:54 <Southern_Gentlem> laters
20:50:59 <LinuxCode> later mate
20:51:01 <loupgaroublond> i'm trying to remember if there are any other pressing points other than me getting my act together and doing some shopping
20:51:07 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, yeh Joerg might have taken it
20:51:15 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, hehe
20:51:21 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: what other items do we need for HAR?
20:51:22 <loupgaroublond> oh, last comment
20:51:34 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, might be good to ask Joerg about the polo shirts
20:51:37 <Southern_Gentlem> loupgaroublond,  i was able to put our box together for about $250
20:51:40 <dreamer> a few cds/dvds, are there any flyers around on the latest release perhaps?
20:51:49 <loupgaroublond> either a plain white party tent, or a plain white canvas banner / party tent walls that we can paint on
20:51:53 <loupgaroublond> any pointers?
20:51:56 <LinuxCode> ambassadors doing events should be able to buy a shirt
20:52:13 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: the walls I want to buy for our partytents are not plain white
20:52:17 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, painting on plastic might be hard
20:52:44 <LinuxCode> if you were pondering about putting the logo on the walls
20:52:49 <loupgaroublond> so th eguy who did the vertical banners offered to do stencils
20:52:57 <dreamer> loup wanted to make a logo-cutout and then spraypaint it on any surface we can find
20:52:57 <loupgaroublond> he'll give me a list of paints to use for different materials
20:53:06 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, ok sounds good
20:53:19 <LinuxCode> otherwise id say, try and get something made
20:53:30 <LinuxCode> thats durable and can be stuck on with double adhesive tape
20:53:47 <loupgaroublond> well, if we have a banner, the need for a painted tent is less pressing
20:53:51 <LinuxCode> preferably printed on plastic like stuff, for weather proofness
20:53:53 <dreamer> hmm, is this the type of banner you guys have? http://users.ntua.gr/ar07040/banner-1.jpg
20:54:02 <loupgaroublond> and if that's the case, i'm just gonna scatter stickers all over the place
20:54:04 * LinuxCode looks
20:54:14 <LinuxCode> yes
20:54:17 <dreamer> ok
20:54:19 <LinuxCode> something like that
20:54:24 <LinuxCode> same size
20:54:40 <LinuxCode> maybe it even was that
20:54:47 <dreamer> ok, well at least one of those would be decent. having a bunch of stickers to put all over our camp-site would be good as well
20:55:04 <loupgaroublond> dreamer, i have a stack of like 100 sheets at home
20:55:04 <LinuxCode> well the key is to help people find the event
20:55:10 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: are you still planning on bringing a coffeemachine?
20:55:12 <LinuxCode> and make others aware
20:55:18 <loupgaroublond> i don't have a coffee machine to bring
20:55:21 <dreamer> ok hehe
20:55:31 <dreamer> maybe go to the emmaus saturday? ;)
20:55:33 <loupgaroublond> dreamer, do you have a portable water heater?
20:55:34 <LinuxCode> is this for NL ?
20:55:42 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: no, but my housemates do
20:55:43 <loupgaroublond> yup :D
20:55:45 <LinuxCode> wasnt there FAD or hackfest or something
20:55:52 <loupgaroublond> hacking at random
20:55:52 <LinuxCode> somebody told me about that
20:55:53 <dreamer> there is HAR2009
20:55:56 <LinuxCode> yah
20:56:01 <loupgaroublond> and that someone might hav ebeen me
20:56:05 <LinuxCode> probably
20:56:09 <LinuxCode> <--- Tristan
20:56:18 <loupgaroublond> dreamer, i'm gonna get a french press then, if you can bring a water heater, we have coffee
20:56:24 <loupgaroublond> LinuxCode, yup, <- yaakov
20:56:26 <dreamer> we are teaming up with the folks from dyne.org and centos to make a big media-oriented village
20:56:28 <LinuxCode> ohhh
20:56:30 <LinuxCode> doh
20:56:32 <LinuxCode> lol
20:56:34 <LinuxCode> hi!
20:56:35 <LinuxCode> hehe
20:56:38 <loupgaroublond> 'lo
20:56:40 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: I'm not going to bring my houses waterheater, sorry
20:56:49 <loupgaroublond> i said 'portable'
20:56:55 <LinuxCode> dreamer, lol
20:56:58 <dreamer> it is portable
20:57:07 <dreamer> but I'm not going to take it for HAR
20:57:09 <loupgaroublond> ok
20:57:15 <loupgaroublond> fine, i'll get one then
20:57:44 <LinuxCode> btw we should/must make a wiki site when we established whats in the event boxes
20:57:50 <LinuxCode> so people can check everything is there
20:57:59 <dreamer> I still need to get proper bags for my bike before I can bring anything at all
20:58:10 <loupgaroublond> ok
20:58:18 <loupgaroublond> so any other issues?
20:58:27 <LinuxCode> see what I said
20:58:44 <dreamer> the current list mentions having a laptopt
20:58:46 <dreamer> -t
20:58:50 <loupgaroublond> #action LinuxCode (22.56.48) ( LinuxCode) btw we should/must make a wiki site when we established whats in the event boxes
20:59:05 <LinuxCode> btw, laptop, will there be one ?
20:59:05 <dreamer> so should this be in the box and how do we get one for it?
20:59:11 <loupgaroublond> i'm gonna set up my XO with LXDE for the event, i think it's too short notice to get a laptop
20:59:13 <LinuxCode> because Dell lent us the others
20:59:23 <loupgaroublond> #action loupgaroublond talk to max about getting a loaner from dell for the event box
20:59:35 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, they came from the UK
20:59:48 <LinuxCode> when is har ?
21:00:08 <dreamer> it officially starts 5th august
21:00:18 <LinuxCode> + I somehow doubt they will be happy about making this a constant loan, so to speak
21:00:22 <dreamer> I'm going to be there late afternoon the 3rd
21:00:23 <loupgaroublond> starts on the 13th, i have to have everything in my house on the 12th, or shipped to the campgrounds 5th of august
21:00:23 <LinuxCode> ohh dear
21:00:33 <LinuxCode> that be too short
21:00:36 <dreamer> oh wait
21:00:37 <loupgaroublond> not really
21:00:42 <dreamer> hah, 13th I meant
21:00:48 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, shipping from the UK could take a week
21:00:55 <dreamer> I'll be there the 10th late afternoon ;)
21:01:03 <loupgaroublond> i'm using an XO to run fedora
21:01:10 <LinuxCode> if they are willing
21:01:13 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, k
21:01:20 <loupgaroublond> and any other computers i can get my hands on
21:01:48 <loupgaroublond> if we're in an emergency, i can ask for a loaner from work maybe, we have an unused laptop currently
21:01:56 <dreamer> anyway, if we have a banner, a projector, an XO, some stickers/flyers/buttons and coffee .. I think we'll be fine :)
21:02:07 <loupgaroublond> yup
21:02:07 <LinuxCode> yah
21:02:12 <LinuxCode> its not a mjaor event is it ?
21:02:18 <LinuxCode> 200 people ?
21:02:20 <loupgaroublond> 2000 people
21:02:22 <dreamer> oh wait, do we want to have a couple extra usb-keys to do installs with, or do you want to use only your key loup?
21:02:22 <LinuxCode> wow
21:02:26 <LinuxCode> bloody hell
21:02:36 <dreamer> I think more than 2000
21:02:39 <LinuxCode> how many ambassadors are attending ?
21:02:40 <loupgaroublond> usb keys
21:02:46 <loupgaroublond> two
21:02:46 <dreamer> LinuxCode: 3
21:02:50 <loupgaroublond> three?
21:02:51 <LinuxCode> hmmm
21:02:57 <dreamer> biertie is an ambassador too right?
21:02:57 <LinuxCode> now I know why you guys asked me hehe
21:03:00 <loupgaroublond> oh right
21:03:02 <LinuxCode> sadly I cant come
21:03:14 <LinuxCode> Id I would live across the channel I would drive over
21:03:18 <loupgaroublond> tbh, the best way to promote fedora at an event like this is to talk to individuals
21:03:20 <LinuxCode> If*
21:03:38 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, +1
21:03:41 <dreamer> right now it's sold out anyway ;)
21:03:42 <LinuxCode> and show them
21:03:59 <loupgaroublond> well yeah, live usbs
21:04:00 <dreamer> oh, how can we get a bunch more cds/dvds as well?
21:04:02 <LinuxCode> drawing an eye in, is half the winner
21:04:18 <LinuxCode> dreamer, Max recently asked about who had what
21:04:18 <loupgaroublond> dreamer, i'll ask jeroen, i think he has some
21:04:18 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: do you want to make maybe 2 live usbs next week?
21:04:32 <loupgaroublond> live usbs take two seconds to make, i can do them on the fly
21:04:35 <dreamer> ok, maybe I can get them friday?
21:04:37 <LinuxCode> maybe scour the ambassadors list
21:04:55 <dreamer> loupgaroublond: but do you want to get sticks for it?
21:04:57 <loupgaroublond> LinuxCode, jeroen lives in utrecht, i see him several times a week, dreamer is going to see him friday
21:05:03 <loupgaroublond> dreamer, i added that to my shopping list
21:05:05 <LinuxCode> ok
21:05:11 <dreamer> ok, cool
21:05:35 <dreamer> shall we bring some really old/ugly coffee-mugs to put stickers on?
21:05:40 <LinuxCode> get me some arm bands ....
21:05:46 <dreamer> I know my house has way too many mugs anyway, so I could bring a few
21:05:48 <LinuxCode> he supposedly has soo many left
21:05:50 <LinuxCode> hehe
21:06:01 <LinuxCode> dreamer, fedora mugs ;-O
21:06:04 <LinuxCode> ?
21:06:08 <loupgaroublond> dreamer, sure
21:06:11 <dreamer> yeah :)
21:06:14 <loupgaroublond> can i end the meeting?
21:06:15 <LinuxCode> wow, neat
21:06:19 <LinuxCode> loupgaroublond, yes
21:06:22 <loupgaroublond> #endmeeting