20:01:28 <mchua> #startmeeting
20:01:38 <mchua> Hey, JonRob. :)
20:02:01 * sdziallas is here :)
20:02:30 * ianweller 
20:02:54 <mizmo> hi
20:02:58 * pbrobinson is here
20:03:02 <mchua> hey mizmo, ianweller, pbrobinson.
20:03:16 <mchua> Awesome.
20:03:20 * stickster 
20:03:26 <mchua> Let's get started; we've got logs for people who come in later
20:03:43 <mchua> This meeting is a little different, in that I'm hoping to go *really* fast through our usual agenda
20:03:52 <mchua> in the hopes that we'll have space to talk about some other things
20:03:59 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule is our usual
20:04:12 <mchua> but http://fpaste.org/paste/20205 is what I'd like to do.
20:04:17 <mchua> (I'll repaste it line by line here.)
20:04:28 <mchua> 1. Make sure we all understand the current (ideal) F12 schedule - where we're supposed to be according to our current plan.
20:04:36 <mchua> 2. Make sure we all understand our current completion status of the F12 schedule - where we are, according to our current plan.
20:04:47 <mchua> 2. Make sure we all understand our current completion status of the F12 schedule - where we are, according to our current plan.
20:04:51 <mchua> er, I mean...
20:04:56 <mchua> 3. Make sure that the F12 schedule we have is the one we actually want to have. What do we want Marketing to be and do - and what can we do towards that for this release?
20:05:10 <mchua> A little vaguer, but we should be getting as many of those things into actionable milestones as possible, as fast as possible.
20:05:19 <mchua> 4. Make sure our plan is sane - make sure it syncs up with other groups we need to work with on specific points (Design, News, Docs, Ambassadors, Websites... who else?)
20:05:27 <mchua> We need to finish #4 by Monday.
20:05:51 <mchua> ...and that's why I'm going to be sprinting full-out during this meeting and trying to move things super-fast.
20:06:04 <stickster> mchua: Rah rah!
20:06:07 <mchua> It may not work. Yell if it looks like we're about to careen into a wall. :)
20:06:18 <mchua> Any questions?
20:06:19 * stickster finishes with stats junk and is paying full attention now
20:06:24 <mchua> (Ask 'em anytime. Interrupting is good.)
20:06:30 <mchua> So! let's look at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule!
20:07:00 <mchua> I'm going to go down the list and skip the vast majority of stuff that looks like it's on track.
20:07:06 <mchua> Yell if I'm skipping something you'd like to discuss. ;)
20:07:32 <mchua> "Docs/Marketing release notes workflow" is... of unknown status. If anyone knows anything about that, holler.
20:07:36 <mchua> Otherwise I'll check with Sparks later.
20:07:43 <mchua> skipping down.
20:07:50 <JonRob> can we get an update on list?
20:07:50 <mchua> ianweller already ate his banana, so we're covered there. :)
20:07:55 <JonRob> i'd def like to know more about that!
20:07:55 <mchua> JonRob: Yes, that's a great idea.
20:08:08 <mchua> JonRob: Let's try to get task updates on the list instead of at this meeting, actually - that's a *great* idea.
20:08:12 <stickster> mchua: I think the 1-pager is still going to happen; I'm not sure if Sparks has gone any further
20:08:27 <mchua> #action mchua to make sure this is the last marketing meeting we do status-check-ins on individual tasks at.
20:08:46 <JonRob> mchua - awesome :)
20:08:49 * stickster agrees, the task list also ought to list those things that we clearly know when they get finished
20:08:54 <mchua> So JonRob, that means we'll take the notes about your meeting with pcalarco to discuss News workflow for FI to the list, too.
20:09:02 <mchua> stickster++
20:09:14 <stickster> i.e. "coordinate with so-and-so" is not clear to me... although that may be just me.
20:09:15 <JonRob> actually...
20:09:24 <mchua> JonRob: Yessir?
20:09:33 <JonRob> i'm going on holiday tomorrow, will be out of action for 2 weeks
20:09:36 <mchua> stickster: no, you're right, each task should also have a clear outcome.
20:09:44 <mchua> JonRob: Yay, holiday!
20:09:45 <stickster> JonRob: Anything we can handle while you're out?
20:09:46 <JonRob> need someone else to meet with pascal, who's just got back from hols himself
20:09:53 <JonRob> stickster: yes, lol
20:10:13 <JonRob> i'll forward a message to list,  but will need someone to pick that up for me
20:10:24 <stickster> JonRob: If you do that, we can surely pick it up.
20:10:30 <JonRob> great
20:10:32 <mchua> JonRob: I'll reopen the item on the task list.
20:10:36 * stickster raises his hand since this is somewhat Zikula-related
20:10:36 <mchua> JonRob: Thanks for the heads-up.
20:10:40 <mchua> stickster: go!
20:10:53 <stickster> mchua: Oh, I just meant raised my hand to help with JonRob's bit
20:11:10 <mchua> stickster: Oh, then I'll s/JonRob/stickster in that  case :)
20:11:19 <mchua> JonRob: does that also go for "FI workflow/content plan"?
20:11:27 <stickster> cool, shutting up now
20:11:44 <JonRob> yeah - that's linked with pascal meet
20:11:50 <JonRob> although, i'll post some thoughts i've had later
20:11:51 <mchua> ...actually, wait, this is exactly the kind of thing I just said we should do on-list...
20:11:53 <mchua> yessir.
20:11:56 <JonRob> lol
20:12:14 <mchua> We are done with the "General tasks not tied to a particular Fedora release cycle" list.
20:12:22 <mchua> now https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule#The_6_weeks_leading_up_to_Alpha_.282009-07-07_-_2009-08-18.29
20:13:03 <mchua> ...i think we're good there, unless stickster needs anything before sending the call for help on talking poings
20:13:06 <mchua> er, points.
20:13:32 <stickster> Nope, note that I already filled in the points raised on list, since there was no further input
20:13:36 <mchua> Awesome.
20:13:39 <mchua> So we're done with that section too.
20:13:42 <stickster> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/F12_talking_points
20:14:03 <mchua> And I'd like everyone here to take a moment between now and our next meeting (and I'll ask people to do this on the list) to look at the remainder of the schedule and ask questions about the parts where I didn't fill in good enough descriptions. ;)
20:14:20 <mchua> I want to make sure that anyone can walk in and look at a task and not have to go "well, what do you mean by /that/?"
20:14:53 <mchua> ...and with that, I'm done with #1 and #2 on my meta-agenda for today ("what is our roadmap now?" and "where are we on it?")
20:15:04 <mizmo> a couple of ideas for the tasks:
20:15:09 <mizmo> (1) have u considered trac to track them
20:15:18 <mchua> (the answers being https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule, and we are on or ahead of schedule.
20:15:23 <mchua> mizmo: That. Is a brilliant idea.
20:15:25 <mizmo> (2) maybe have a contact person for each besides owner? eg the person to ask for more info, for a task that nobody owns yet
20:15:36 <JonRob> mizmo, is that not the owner?
20:15:40 <JonRob> oh i c
20:15:51 <JonRob> oops, sorry for text talk and not reading properly
20:15:52 <stickster> Right, "owner" seems to shout, "I'm under control! Move along!"
20:15:55 <mchua> mizmo: ...ooh, what would you call that person?
20:16:01 <stickster> POC
20:16:02 <mizmo> JonRob: well fore xample, in the design team queue, stickster might ask us for an icon, and if tatica decides to take that ticket, tatica is the owner but stickster is the requestor/contact
20:16:05 <stickster> "Contact"
20:16:14 <mizmo> mchua: contact prolly
20:16:28 <mchua> #action mchua ask mailing list to look at F12 schedule and ask questions about the parts where I didn't fill in good enough descriptions about tasks
20:16:40 <mchua> mizmo: does trac work well for the Design team?
20:16:49 <mchua> I'm a fan of using actual work-tracking systems to... track work
20:16:50 <mchua> in general
20:16:59 <mizmo> mchua: ohmigod yes, it's a breath of fresh air & organization that we never had. we used to use the wiki and it was a nightmare to edit
20:17:09 <mizmo> so painful to keep updated we didn't as well as we should have :)
20:17:18 * mchua dances in joy
20:17:18 <mizmo> trac is much easier to work with and you get automatic notifications by email
20:17:36 <mchua> mizmo, who put that system in place for the design team?
20:17:49 <mizmo> what i really love about it, if noobs come along asking to help, i can point them to the open & unassigned task list, and recommend categories they might want to try
20:18:00 <sdziallas> mchua is the lord of the dance :p
20:18:00 <mizmo> mchua: stickster had the trac instance set up and ianweller transcribed the tasks into it
20:18:22 <mizmo> i believe it was originally sticksters idea :)
20:18:23 <mchua> wow.
20:18:30 <mchua> is anyone interested in making this happen for marketing?
20:18:36 <mchua> (I am, if nobody else is)
20:18:40 <mchua> (I <3 trac)
20:18:50 <stickster> And it's actually pretty easy to add keywords like "easy" so you can have a report that just shows you tickets that are easy to handle
20:18:55 <mchua> feh, I'll do it this week, it'll help me keep track of stuffs
20:19:03 <mchua> #action mchua to make marketing task-tracking trac-o-riffic, like design
20:19:05 * stickster used the word "easy" like, five times there.
20:19:26 <mchua> I will call for help on this and holler loudly at every step of the process so that people will have ample opportunity to take work off my shoulders ;)
20:19:34 <stickster> mchua: I can help you
20:19:37 <mchua> <staples button>that was easy</staples button>
20:19:52 <mchua> yay for stickster!
20:19:54 <stickster> It wouldn't be hard to integrate the tasks for release there, either, against e.g. a "F12" milestone
20:19:57 * mchua nods
20:20:05 <mchua> ok, so trac discussion continuing on ze list
20:20:16 * stickster tries to help with some of these things because he can't keep on one context long enough to do more helpful things for each team
20:20:21 <stickster> bonzer
20:20:24 * mchua nods
20:20:47 <mchua> so, I'd like to open up the floor for the Big Vague Question Of The Day
20:20:49 <mchua> "Make sure that the F12 schedule we have is the one we actually want to have. What do we want Marketing to be and do - and what can we do towards that for this release?"
20:21:43 <mchua> In other words... we've got our current todo list. But maybe it's not the todo list we need to have.
20:22:15 <JonRob> mchua: do you have thoughts about how to change it?
20:22:25 <mchua> JonRob: Kind of. Half-formed ones.
20:22:31 <JonRob> a lot of what's on it is what i suggested in the original email where i proposed a release/time based schedule
20:22:42 <JonRob> things like content production/media outreach
20:22:45 <stickster> mchua: Is poelcat's schedule available yet from the meeting you and I had with him?
20:23:04 <JonRob> so i'm quite happy with what's there, but open to improvements :)
20:23:05 <stickster> Hm, maybe not yet
20:23:09 <mchua> stickster: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule is updated from our discussion with poelcat yesterday.
20:23:16 <stickster> mchua: Ooo, brilliant!
20:23:45 <mchua> JonRob: wow. can you find the link to that?
20:23:48 * mchua trying to find the link to that
20:24:05 <mchua> we should - we should definitely go off that list.
20:24:12 <mchua> You've got much more context than I do on this.
20:24:31 <JonRob> mchua: it was a long time ago... a year or more
20:24:43 <mchua> history is great.
20:24:51 <mchua> We often don't learn enough from it.
20:24:53 <JonRob> was def end of term, so either december, aprilish, or juneish
20:24:59 <JonRob> i'll see what i can find
20:25:08 <themayor> hey guys sorry im a little late
20:25:11 <mchua> hey themayor!
20:25:16 <mchua> glad to have you here.
20:25:34 <JonRob> hey themayor
20:25:53 <JonRob> mchua: http://www.mail-archive.com/fedora-marketing-list@redhat.com/msg07390.html
20:25:56 <JonRob> perhaps
20:26:01 <mchua> #link http://www.mail-archive.com/fedora-marketing-list@redhat.com/msg07390.html
20:26:09 <themayor> hey sorry, i went to meet up with someone here close to the office and we went a bit overtime and the cab was like hell trying to get back stuck in traffic
20:26:25 <stickster> themayor: No problem
20:26:30 <mchua> Wow. JonRob, your list includes most of mine, except it's *better.*
20:26:46 <mchua> themayor: it's all cool. :)
20:27:03 <stickster> mchua: Looking at your item underway...
20:27:14 <stickster> #topic Make sure that the F12 schedule we have is the one we actually want to have. What do we want Marketing to be and do - and what can we do towards that for this release?
20:27:29 * stickster can't control M. Bot
20:27:39 <mchua> stickster: thanks for the refocus. :)
20:27:48 <mchua> So, https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Marketing says that we...
20:27:54 <mchua> "The Fedora Marketing team develops marketing strategies to promote the usage and support of Fedora worldwide. Through the development of processes and content, this project aims to support the efforts of other Fedora projects to spread Fedora and to provide a central repository of ideas and information that can be used to deliver Fedora to new audiences."
20:28:03 <mchua> "For that, we are closely working with the Fedora Ambassadors, this is the grass-roots team that spreads Fedora on the ground and allows the Fedora Project to interact directly with its existing and prospective users. "
20:28:16 <stickster> We advertised the call that Mel and I had with John Poelstra, where we talked a bit about that focus in hopes of making a better schedule.
20:28:21 <themayor> is this thing on? *whack whack*
20:28:29 <mchua> (I think we need to do a better job of the Ambassadors thing, but that's a later topic.)
20:28:40 <mchua> themayor: *feeedback squeeeeeeal*
20:28:45 <stickster> One of the things we talked about was the need to provide better out-reaching information
20:28:50 <mchua> "Essentially, the Fedora Marketing team ensures that people in Fedora can consistently explain to everyone what Fedora is and why they should care!"
20:28:56 <stickster> Right.
20:28:59 * mchua sits back and listens to stickster
20:29:31 <stickster> I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- the focus of the Marketing group must be reaching outside the Fedora community to deliver and spread important messages about what we do, and how and why we do it
20:29:31 <JonRob> out-reaching information?
20:29:43 <stickster> Sorry, *outward* reaching
20:29:48 <JonRob> stickster - we've had this conversation at least twice before i swear
20:30:04 <JonRob> and i've argued that fi/news.fp.o/foobar is the way to do it
20:30:12 <JonRob> ?
20:30:13 <stickster> JonRob: And I'm not disputing that.
20:30:30 * mchua thinks FI/news.fp.o is a *crucial* way to do that.
20:30:59 <themayor> i think we need to also always keep in mind, its not only outward facing
20:30:59 * stickster pointing out that the schedule items we have for release are trying to support that goal, and where we see gaps or cruft, we should make appropriate changees.
20:31:04 <themayor> we need to strive for outward facing
20:31:27 <themayor> for some portion of that is going to need to be inward facing, both inward to fedora, and inward to red hat
20:31:30 <mchua> FI is not the only way we'll do that, but perhaps a huge portion of our "deliverables" - if not all - should ultimately be published there. (Trying out that idea for size, not sure if it's the right one yet.)
20:32:10 <JonRob> right yes agreed... sorry sometimes i get alittle frustrated the amount we retread the same ground, and often don't seem to progress, just go round in circles
20:32:12 <themayor> mchua: is the plan for FI still calling for it to be a journal format?
20:32:40 <themayor> JonRob: crap i totally forgot to mention you in my email for some reason
20:32:52 <themayor> i will update my blog to reflect it
20:33:01 <themayor> anyway, back to the topic
20:33:06 <stickster> FI has the potential to take on whatever format we determine is best
20:33:07 <JonRob> themayor: it's no problem!!
20:33:18 <JonRob> just hope you enjoy whatever you end up doing :)
20:33:22 <stickster> Journal, timed rotation, whatever.
20:33:25 <mchua> JonRob: Yeah, I appreciate you being so patient as the newbies like me rediscover what you've known all along. :)
20:33:33 <mchua> JonRob: how can we get out of that circle?
20:33:33 <themayor> okay so at what point do we move past potential and start making solid decision as to format?
20:33:45 <themayor> isnt it the sooner the better?
20:33:48 <mchua> themayor: yes
20:34:30 <mchua> themayor: afaik, we've got the meeting with News, and then we should just start pumping out stuff on whatever schedule's determined at that meeting with news.
20:34:45 <mchua> if it's the wrong content, or the wrong format,or the wrong schedule, we'll realize it within a week or two, and change.
20:35:01 <themayor> okay, sounds good, but also...
20:35:10 <themayor> mchua: remember the meeting we had in westford
20:35:56 <themayor> we had solid reasons for liking that journal format, and from experience, i think thats what will ultimately be most successful based on past experimentation and assessment
20:36:26 <mchua> themayor: yep, but nobody else here other than you and me and mizmo recall that conversation, so it's going to take a little time (not much, but nonzero) to get everyone on the same bus
20:36:29 <themayor> i think short release cycle news, plus longer release cycle journal format stuff would be the best possible balance
20:36:58 <mchua> themayor: if you want to be there for the decision-making conversation with News, I'm pretty sure that can be arranged :)
20:37:21 <themayor> when is that? i would love to be there
20:37:34 <JonRob> themayor: needs to be arranged since i'm going on holiday!
20:37:40 <JonRob> and pascal is just back from holiday
20:37:45 <JonRob> will be fwding info to the list later
20:37:49 <stickster> As long as those decisions are being made openly and transparently, I'm sure we'll arrive at the right content model/schedulel
20:37:52 <mchua> themayor: It isn't scheduled yet - stickster is on it right now - so you and stickster and pascal need to pick a time.
20:37:52 <stickster> *schedule
20:37:52 * mchua nods
20:37:55 <themayor> also, mchua why dont we get people up to speed on that conversation now, because we had solid logic that day and i think it was the best plan we conceived
20:38:07 <mchua> themayor: already sent my notes to the list, and posted them to the [[Fedora Insight]] page.
20:38:21 <stickster> themayor: Let's make sure that we are covering mchua's stated agenda for the meeting.
20:38:25 <themayor> stickster: i agree, but isnt it better not to walk into it blind in one eye?
20:38:33 <themayor> yes, sorry
20:38:35 <themayor> back to the agenda
20:38:38 <mchua> themayor: if you don't mind continuing the Fedora Insight conversation on-list later today, we can move it there
20:38:44 <themayor> agenda-ize mchua
20:38:51 <mchua> stickster has focus-magic today!
20:39:01 <mchua> Ok, so we're still on 3. Make sure that the F12 schedule we have is the one we actually want to have. What do we want Marketing to be and do - and what can we do towards that for this release? Revise our plan, if needed.
20:39:19 <mchua> (#4 is just "make sure the list of groups we need to coordinate our schedule with is actually complete," and should take all of 30 seconds, so we have time.)
20:39:34 <stickster> I think there's broad consensus for what we want to be and do. The schedule is really where we want to focus, I think.
20:39:41 <themayor> were links posted to current schedule above?
20:39:41 * mchua breathes for a second.
20:39:44 <mchua> themayor: yep.
20:39:50 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule
20:40:03 <mchua> is updated as of stickster + poelcat + me talking yesterday
20:40:08 <mchua> at that meeting with gobby.
20:40:15 <mchua> that was mentioned on the mailing list.
20:40:21 <stickster> mchua: One thing I see on that schedule that could use a massage is the mention of a "preview" phase that doesn't really exist anymore
20:40:26 <mchua> um. The F12 marketing scheduling meeting. Yes. That was it.
20:40:42 * stickster hmms for a mo'
20:40:56 <mchua> so Between Beta and Preview Release and Between Preview and Final
20:41:06 <mchua> should actually be collapsed to "Between Beta and Final"?
20:41:26 <stickster> mchua: Correct, there is no F12 Preview
20:41:49 <mchua> (For the record, the assumption that I'm going with - my phrasing for everything I've heard from various sites and people on what marketing is and should be - is "The role of Marketing is to help other groups, projects, and people interface with those outside the Fedora community, and vice versa.")
20:42:03 <mchua> (that's what is in the back of my head as I do all this stuff.)
20:42:06 <themayor> we got rid of the preview
20:42:07 <mchua> (It may not be correct.)
20:42:11 <themayor> engineering decision
20:42:19 <mchua> #action mchua to update f12 schedule to reflect the non-existence of a preview phase.
20:42:56 <mchua> There are two corollaries (really, prerequisites, actually) to my current mental model of the role of marketing
20:43:10 <mchua> Prerequisite: those (Fedora) groups are interfacing well between each other, within the Fedora community. (If this blocker isn't taken care of, it's our job to fix it.
20:43:28 <mchua> Prerequisite: that we do everything we can to get resources and help from Red Hat (and other external groups, like other projects that are really good at marketing) in order to do our job.
20:44:00 <mchua> The primary way we do this seems to be by acting as a materials producer. You say "make us an X!" and we make an X. We think folks need an X, we make an X. Values of X may include slogans, interviews (with the News folks), banners (with the Design folks), etc.
20:44:17 <mchua> Another way we seem to do this is by serving as a receptionist.
20:45:01 <mchua> When people (reporters, etc) come in and they want information, we can point them in the direction of these materials - and if they aren't enough, the right people - the right people being "probaby not us."
20:45:20 <JonRob> mchua: i think reporters generally go in the direction of rh for info on fedroa
20:45:25 <mchua> making sure developers, ambassadors, testers, designers, infra folks, etc. doing good work get public credit for that work.
20:45:32 <mchua> JonRob: hrm.
20:45:47 <JonRob> but i totally agree with all you've said here
20:46:20 <mchua> JonRob: Clearly I need more of a history crash course so I don't get in the way of folks who Know Stuff with my "learning on the job" thing.
20:46:23 <stickster> In a business, marketing keeps the rest of the business focused on the customer. In Fedora, we could think of the Marketing team as making sure we are always effectively growing and developing our potential contributor base through development of content, contacts, and presentation.
20:46:30 <JonRob> mchua: don't worry about it!
20:46:38 <mchua> JonRob: Mind if I ping you about that when you get back 2 weeks from now? I'll spend those 2 weeks cramming archives. ;)
20:46:48 <mchua> JonRob: I want to make sure we *don't* keep going around in those circles you mentioned.
20:47:12 <JonRob> you're welcome to... but don't worry about going aruond in circles for a little hwle
20:47:15 <JonRob> while*
20:47:39 * JonRob notes battery is about to run out
20:47:49 * mchua notes time is also about to run out
20:48:00 * mchua braindumps
20:48:08 <mchua> things I think we need on the schedule
20:48:09 <mchua> * Get More External Press
20:48:09 <mchua> * Make Things for Other People to spread (Ambassadors)
20:48:09 <mchua> * Make Things that Other People ask for (listen more!)
20:48:09 <mchua> * Provide Consulting for things within Fedora that want Marketing Awesomeness
20:48:42 <JonRob> mchua: sounds good
20:48:49 <stickster> I *love* the fact that you have that #3 bullet
20:49:16 <stickster> And I think these broad goals are precisely the right things for us to shoot for
20:49:48 <mchua> now how do we turn them into action items with deadlines? ;)
20:49:49 <stickster> I think everything on the Marketing schedule supports those broad goals, while certainly leaving room for other new ideas to come in that aren't necessarily tied to the release.
20:50:15 <themayor> stickster: big nod
20:50:18 * mchua nods
20:50:26 <mchua> so maybe we don't need to worry about adding more milestones right now?
20:50:40 <mchua> and when needs are obvious, we can add another one.
20:51:04 <mchua> and when we try something not on the list and it goes well, we can say "well, we'll do that for all releases, then" and put it in the generic Fedora marketing time-map
20:51:24 <stickster> mchua: Amen to that
20:51:26 <mchua> ...although the last one might have an upcoming milestone ( Provide Consulting for things within Fedora that want Marketing Awesomeness)
20:51:41 * JonRob must run
20:51:44 <mchua> (it was inspired by how Design does consulting for just about everyone else in Fedora, and how they're awesome at that)
20:51:48 <JonRob> batter < 10%
20:51:51 <mchua> thanks, JonRob!
20:51:59 <JonRob> catch up with you all in 2 weeks
20:52:06 <JonRob> i'll prob check some e-mail in that time
20:52:09 <mchua> have a great vacation, JonRob. thanks for everything.
20:52:13 <JonRob> cheers all
20:52:29 <mchua> sdziallas and the Fedora Edu SIG sound like they're willing to be Marketing's first "consulting customers"
20:52:34 <mchua> so that's something we should start doing on-list
20:52:54 * stickster +1 for on-list.
20:52:56 * mchua breathes a little, looks at clock, looks at agenda
20:53:04 <stickster> w00t!
20:53:07 <mchua> ...if we're not adding any more milestones here, that just leaves one thing
20:53:09 <mchua> 4. Make sure our plan is sane - make sure it syncs up with other groups we need to work with on specific points (Design, News, Docs, Ambassadors, Websites... who else?)
20:53:24 <mchua> do we have folks here who are already delegates for coordinating schedules with any of those groups?
20:53:26 <mchua> or who want to be?
20:53:40 <stickster> mizmo seems like the shoe-in for Design
20:54:05 * mchua nods
20:54:10 <stickster> News: pcalarco's already on deck
20:54:29 <stickster> Docs: Sparks is as well
20:54:39 <mchua> Websites: ricky
20:54:41 <mchua> Ambassadors: ?
20:54:48 <stickster> Ambassadors: Do we have a single contact here? Or would it make sense to ask FAmSCo about this?
20:54:54 * lcafiero sneaks in and sits in the back of the room
20:54:54 <mchua> ooh, yeah.
20:55:00 <mchua> Ambassadors: FAmSCo
20:55:03 <stickster> lcafiero walked right into it
20:55:09 * stickster kids
20:55:12 * mchua grins
20:55:19 * lcafiero looks at his shoe -- so that's what that is.
20:55:29 <lcafiero> Let me read up for a sec
20:55:58 * mchua will move this to the list, and get conversations with each of the people (or in the case of FAmSCo, groups) we've listed
20:56:08 <mchua> to make sure the schedule is all happy-synced
20:56:24 <lcafiero> coordinate with ambassadors?
20:56:45 <mchua> #action mchua to make sure syncing with each of the mentioned groups - Design, News, Docs, Ambassadors, Websites - happens
20:56:51 <mchua> (though I probably won't be the one having most of those conversations)
20:56:59 * ianweller fails and got highly distracted for the last 50 minutes.
20:57:06 <mchua> lcafiero: yeah, we want to make sure our f12 schedule syncs up with yours
20:57:19 <mchua> lcafiero: and that we listen to what ambassadors actually need and want
20:57:29 <mchua> instead of walking in and dumping shiny things on your lap :)
20:57:50 <lcafiero> Okay, I can do that.
20:58:22 <mchua> lcafiero: thanks! we'll catch up outside of meeting, I reckon? (on public list- ambassadors and/or marketing?)
20:58:28 <lcafiero> Although dumping things on our laps is okay, as long as they're shiny
20:58:36 * stickster looks at clock and is amazed yet again at how much we covered in a short time
20:58:41 <mchua> lcafiero: Oh, they'll be shiny. :)
20:58:52 <mchua> meeting ending!
20:58:55 <mchua> any last notes?
20:58:59 <mchua> ianweller: jetpacks!
20:59:05 <ianweller> i returned for that. lol
20:59:10 <mchua> onwards in 5
20:59:13 <mchua> ...4
20:59:14 * mchua dons jetpack
20:59:16 <mchua> ...3
20:59:18 * mchua dons helmet
20:59:19 * ianweller puts on jetpack upside down
20:59:23 <mchua> ...2
20:59:29 * mchua looks askance at ianweller, shrugs
20:59:32 <mchua> ...1
20:59:37 * mchua blasts off
20:59:50 * mchua waits for ianweller ....
20:59:53 * ianweller stands on his head and blasts off
20:59:55 <mchua> #endmeeting