19:00:07 <mchua> #startmeeting
19:00:12 * ianweller 
19:00:12 <mchua> Marketing meeting time - who's around?
19:00:23 * stickster here
19:00:26 * sdziallas is here
19:00:32 <mchua> whoa, everyone is here. Rockin'.
19:00:36 <tc1415> Sorry, thanks for the ping, but I'm off out in 2 minutes :(
19:01:06 <ianweller> mchua: does this meeting time not work out for JonRob?
19:01:19 <mchua> ianweller: yeah, I was wondering the same... I'll email him and ask
19:01:47 <mchua> While we wait for a few more folks to trickle in, today's meeting is going to go through https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule as usual
19:02:07 <mchua> and we'll be having quick brainstorms for ianweller and JonRob's sections of the FooBar page, as promised.
19:02:18 <mchua> and I will continue to mangle "creme brulee" by ignoring the existence of alt-gr.
19:03:03 <ianweller> mchua: i would throw the proper version of it into a tomboy note and copy/paste it when necessary ;)
19:03:23 <ianweller> oh i love how the picture book is down at the bottom of the schedule. :)  i wish we would be getting a lot more photos
19:03:29 * spevack is here
19:04:21 * lcafiero slips in the back and sits down
19:04:35 <mchua> Sparks, I'll ping you when we get to your agenda item
19:04:41 <mchua> so, shall we begin?
19:05:04 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule
19:05:24 <mchua> (frantically add last-minute agenda items to the bottom there if you've got any ;)
19:05:37 <mchua> skipping my meeting administrivia stuff, we land on... ianweller, FooBar platform selection
19:05:50 * nirik has an item for open floor/end of meeting when it comes around. ;)
19:05:51 <ianweller> hi there!
19:05:59 <mchua> nirik, noted - thanks!
19:06:03 <mchua> ianweller, what's up?
19:06:14 <mchua> lots of good stuff on the wiki page, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FooBar
19:06:14 <ianweller> um so we have a nice little page on brainstorming and stuff
19:06:19 <mchua> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FooBar#News_Requirements
19:06:33 <ianweller> i have not necessarily filled in the platform selection criteria yet
19:06:42 <ianweller> because i'm stlil grokking whta that is from all the different teams
19:06:48 * stickster looks over page again
19:07:05 <mchua> most relevant requirements list for this group is probably https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FooBar#Marketing_Requirements
19:07:28 <mchua> ianweller, do you need any more marketing reqs or are you feeling pretty good about that list?
19:07:44 <ianweller> the marketing reqs list looks fairly good.
19:07:52 <mchua> (or for that matter, reqs from any other group?)
19:08:06 <ianweller> of course the hilarious thing is that every single requirement is met by all the platforms listed under htere :)
19:08:25 <mchua> \o/
19:08:43 <mchua> cool - if anyone has reqs to add for ian, that's the place to pop 'em in
19:08:44 <ianweller> it's looking like it'll be a decision between hopping on docs's zikula, hopping on infra's wp-mu, or building a wp
19:09:04 <stickster> ianweller: I'm strongly against splitting this into multiple apps
19:09:12 <ianweller> infra would strongly prefer we use zikula because upstream is VERY (and i mean *very very*) responsive to our needs.
19:09:37 <mchua> ianweller: can we get a quick overview on your thoughts on each of those platforms (like you just did with zikula, as I typed this message ;)?
19:09:51 <ianweller> haha
19:10:10 <mchua> yeah, everyone who's mentioned zikula has really emphasized the "Upstream Totally Kicks Ass" thing
19:10:28 <ianweller> <disclaimer>these are my personal thoughts on each one and do not necessarily represent anything important</disclaimer>
19:10:55 <spevack> can someone remind me what the current work that is already in progress within Fedora that uses zikula is?
19:10:58 <ianweller> i would prefer wordpress mainly because i'm a wordpress junkie and it's a heckuva lot easier to theme
19:11:06 <ianweller> spevack: docs.fp.o
19:11:26 <ianweller> the strong point of zikula is mainly its very responsive upstream
19:11:31 <spevack> just looks like a normal webpage to me... what am i missing?
19:11:43 <ianweller> spevack: that's probably because it's not up yet ;)
19:11:46 <ianweller> spevack: still a wIP
19:11:47 <ianweller> IWP*
19:11:48 <spevack> ah
19:11:49 <ianweller> WIP**
19:11:54 <rharrison> stickster, I've found multiple apps usually is the better way to go trying to get everything into one app often results in everything only being, meh.
19:12:16 <rharrison> unless there's something that you already love that does everyhting.
19:12:21 <spevack> who are the folks doing most of that zikula work right now for docs?
19:12:30 <ke4qqq> !
19:12:30 <ianweller> spevack: Sparks, ke4qqq
19:12:38 <stickster> spevack: Docs, Infra, and some of the FAMNA guys
19:12:38 <spevack> ok.
19:12:42 * stickster too
19:12:51 <ianweller> ke4qqq: do you have something to say
19:12:55 <stickster> Also... Infra likes Zikula because they have a strong security record.
19:13:01 * stickster shuts up for ke4qqq
19:13:02 <spevack> So to me, the opinion of Sparks and ke4qqq is critical in hearing what they think about this group's ideas, and how we might implement them.
19:13:09 <mchua> +1 to spevack
19:13:33 * Sparks is here
19:13:40 <ianweller> hi Sparks
19:13:40 <ke4qqq> so - I tend to agree with rharrison generally - but the problem is one of resources - we've spent a good 6 months on zikula already - and while people like ian who can still do 20 hour days all week might get it done faster
19:13:57 * mchua notes that she'd like to wrap up FooBar discussions in 15m so we have time to get through everything else on the agenda + nirik's mystery agenda item, then come back to FooBar if we have time - carry on
19:13:58 <ke4qqq> seems like it would take a ton less time/effort/resources if we worked together
19:14:06 <quaid> the trick is, wesaid we needed a cms w/ a team to support it, and the zikula folks have totally stoood-up
19:14:29 <stickster> mchua: +1
19:14:34 <ianweller> ok at mchua's request:
19:14:42 <ke4qqq> and done far better standing up with us than we could have hoped for - they are packaging for us, providing expertise to infra, patching their code for us, etc.
19:14:49 <ianweller> 1) everyone in here subscribe to the list that poelcat set up that i can't remember the name of right now
19:14:58 <stickster> logistics
19:14:59 <ianweller> 2) i'll start a discussion on that list wrt zikula+foobar possibilities
19:15:04 <ianweller> stickster++
19:15:24 <rharrison> well resources really is what I'm getting at ke4qqq.  If development work needs to happen for zikula that's an issue.  A big project like wordpress means only a theme is needed.
19:15:25 <stickster> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/logistics
19:15:26 <spevack> at risk of being blunt
19:15:27 <ianweller> anything else that needs to be said in this meeting?
19:15:32 <mchua> ianweller: that sounds great for exploring the zikula route, how are the other options (wp-mu, wp, etc.) getting explored and where do people watch/join-in for that?
19:15:41 <spevack> is there any reason not to add our energy to Zikula, and kill multiple birds with one stone?
19:15:48 <ianweller> spevack: no
19:15:49 <ianweller> :)
19:16:02 <stickster> rharrison: There is almost no real development work to be done. Modules handle most everything.
19:16:07 <spevack> then.... what are we debating? :)
19:16:09 <ianweller> mchua: wp's "exploration" is basically personal experience with it by a few of the people in here.
19:16:14 <quaid> so it's not just a kicking ass upstream, it's that they are willing to integrate with Fedora weirdness; that's pretty rare
19:16:19 <Sparks> zikula work == packaging everything
19:16:29 * quaid lost in buffer, back, sorry, will shut up now
19:16:32 <ianweller> Sparks: well same with wordpress plugins
19:16:32 <ke4qqq> and there is a ton of packaging
19:16:38 <rharrison> so the real question then is how close zikula is to deployment for docs?
19:17:05 * poelcat notes there is a zikula meetiing tomorrow to discuss status
19:17:09 <ke4qqq> we are prolly around 90% done with packaging - we have (had?) a test instance on pt15
19:17:16 <mchua> for the record, we set a strawman date of 8/1 for "final platform decision must be made," but if ianweller feels like he can make that decision earlier, rockin'.
19:17:22 <stickster> poelcat: And the notes for that Zikula meeting will be on the aforementioned logistics list, yes?
19:17:25 * stickster leads the witness
19:17:35 <poelcat> ianweller: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/logistics
19:17:39 <ianweller> poelcat: oh so they're wednesdays? i got up early today for no reason? awesome ;)
19:17:48 <ianweller> ke4qqq: rock, 90% done is great
19:17:51 <stickster> ianweller: Finally we got some useful a.m. work out of you ;-)
19:18:03 * stickster kids
19:18:06 <ianweller> ok well at this point here's what i'm going to do
19:18:21 <ianweller> 1) kick around the idea of foobar+zikula on logistics@l.fp.o
19:18:44 <ianweller> 2) reset the target date of having a decision on the platform for next meeting since i'll probably have it by then anyway
19:18:50 <ianweller> (if i'm here next meeting... hmm)
19:18:59 <ianweller> 3) hand the floor back to mchua. any questions, comments, concerns/
19:19:02 * stickster notes teset instance is still here: http://publictest15.fedoraproject.org/cms/
19:19:05 <stickster> *test
19:19:12 <moixs> (is it marketing meeting?)
19:19:15 <ianweller> moixs: yes
19:19:16 <spevack> ianweller: +1
19:19:18 <ianweller> omg too many tabs
19:19:29 <moixs> ianweller: DAMN, why has the time changed :/
19:19:41 <ianweller> moixs: i didn't think it did.
19:19:42 <mchua> ianweller: if you're leaning strongly towards zikula right now ("zikula unless some reason crops up that this is a bad idea") which is the sense I'm starting to get, telling the mtkg list that might be a good call
19:19:47 <mchua> otherwise this sounds awesome
19:19:55 * ianweller adds that to his "to-do"
19:19:57 <mchua> moixs: hey! was wondering where you were :)
19:20:03 <moixs> ok, damn, why wasn't the time reminded in the reminder mail :p
19:20:27 <mchua> moixs: sorry, my bad. will do that in the next one.
19:20:48 <mchua> OK, foobar platform going right along, so we should be able to unblock the rest of the foobar stuff soon...
19:21:17 <mchua> We also need to pick a better name than FooBar.
19:21:39 * ianweller votes for crème brûlée
19:21:41 * stickster is madly in love with Fedora Insight.
19:21:44 <rharrison> I don't know that much about zikula so I'm going to play with that test instance
19:21:53 <ianweller> yes "insight" is perfect imho
19:21:53 <stickster> And crème brûlée
19:22:09 <mchua> I'm also a fan of Insight, fwiw.
19:22:10 <rharrison> is it already hooked up to the FAS?
19:22:20 <stickster> rharrison: It's kind of broken right now, but that's probably only because we've been busy packaging and not admin'ing.
19:22:21 <moixs> yeah, the last ones are my proposals, it isn't as silly as crême brûlée :p
19:22:35 <stickster> rharrison: You can install zikula on any F11 box and try most of its functions out. It's pretty easy.
19:22:49 <ke4qqq> rharrison: we had it connected to a test fas instance, don't know what status is now
19:22:55 <rharrison> OK, I'll take a look at it.
19:23:10 <mchua> I'm going to propose that we delegate the name decision to JonRob, since he's going around the different teams trying to coordinate requirements, and can gather input from a lot of folks and make a good decision
19:23:19 <mchua> (for instance, News: https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-marketing-list/2009-July/msg00055.html)
19:23:30 <ianweller> oh hi JonRob!
19:23:33 <mchua> ...PERFECT TIMING
19:23:37 <rharrison> I'd be quite happy if it turned out to fit some of the stuff I'm doing at work.
19:23:51 <mchua> JonRob: you caught the tail end of the FooBar discussion
19:24:00 <JonRob> ah...i'm so forgetful!
19:24:21 <JonRob> my sincere apologies
19:24:34 <ianweller> JonRob: we were assigning you tasks left and right, no biggie
19:24:35 <ianweller> ;)
19:24:38 <mchua> JonRob: I just proposed that we give you the power to choose the actual name, since you're talking to a lot of different groups about this, and we need someone to aggregate the stuff at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FooBar#Name_brainstorming
19:24:39 <quaid> let's call it "Fedora Remembrall"
19:24:51 * mchua adds to wiki list
19:24:54 <ianweller> quaid: why does that sound like a toothpaste in my mind
19:24:56 <mchua> fedora pensieve
19:25:03 <quaid> ianweller: *cough* Harry Potter *cough*
19:25:08 <quaid> mchua: there ya go
19:25:26 <ianweller> i can't remember a damn thing from that series
19:25:50 <mchua> any objections to JonRob picking the name and announcing it at next marketing mtg? I don't want to bikeshed on this
19:25:53 <JonRob> mchua, me being me, the name would likely end up being dull!
19:26:06 <ianweller> "Fedora Dull" i like it :)
19:26:10 <ianweller> :P
19:26:13 <JonRob> lol :o
19:26:15 <JonRob> :p
19:26:17 <mchua> JonRob: that's why we have the suggestions on https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FooBar#Name_brainstorming and you've got all us opinionated folks to ask ;)
19:26:25 <smooge> Fedora HuhWhat?
19:26:26 <moixs> My favorites are also insight or the fedora inquirer
19:26:29 <JonRob> well go for it, that might be fun :)
19:26:36 * spevack admits that when the last book came out, he went into Barnes and Noble, and just read the last 30 pages
19:26:43 <spevack> </series>
19:26:49 <ianweller> spevack: >:-o
19:26:50 <JonRob> spevack: lol!
19:27:12 <quaid> spevack: but you missed all the angst!!!
19:27:33 * mchua wants to wrap up FooBar discussion for now - any takers on handling the "name" thing before next meeting, any blockers we need to clear out of anyone's way?
19:27:36 <ianweller> quaid: haha angst.
19:27:46 <spevack> mchua: +1 to you
19:27:49 <ianweller> mchua: <monty_python>GET ON WITH IT
19:27:52 <ianweller> ;)
19:28:09 <smooge> spevack, and weren't you crushed when you found out that Harry and Hermione had decided to divorce
19:28:25 <mchua> JonRob: want to do the naming? if not I'll take it (unless someone else desperately wants it)
19:28:33 <smooge> Fedora World News with HatBoy!
19:28:35 <JonRob> mchua: i'll happily do it :)
19:28:39 <JonRob> will be a bit of fun
19:28:42 <mchua> JonRob it is. Thanks Jon!
19:28:55 <mchua> Last call for FooBar blockers!
19:28:57 <ianweller> what's next
19:29:04 * JonRob hopes logs were taken so that he can see what he missed!
19:29:08 <spevack> Fedora Weekly Gnus
19:29:10 * spevack runs
19:29:18 <ianweller> spevack: run faster
19:29:20 <mchua> ...moving on! Sparks, you're still looking for shiny release notes writers?
19:29:46 <mchua> (we are working down https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing_F12_schedule, for those who've just joined us)
19:29:46 <moixs> JonRob: I wa slate too, so "no" directly
19:29:56 <stickster> See, that's what you get
19:30:01 <quaid> mchua: does that mean the long version is the "dull" one while the marketing version is "shiny"
19:30:33 <stickster> quaid: I think so, based on user feedback
19:30:36 <mchua> Sparks: it looked like the discussion on the docs list was still ongoing, do you want to wait for that to finish before you find a marketing volunteer/delegate?
19:30:48 <quaid> stickster: I just love the analogy
19:31:21 <Sparks> mchua: I thought all the discussion was going on the marketing list
19:31:36 * mchua looks
19:31:38 * mchua d'oh
19:31:41 <Sparks> :)
19:31:47 * mchua learns to read...
19:31:48 <mchua> yes.
19:32:05 <ianweller> poor spevack has netsplat.
19:32:25 <mchua> Sparks, are you ok with how that discussion is going or should we be nudging it in one direction or another?
19:32:41 <mchua> I'm seeing a lot of discussion in that thread but nobody stepping up to help yet.
19:33:01 <Sparks> Does anyone have any questions that haven't been answered on the list?
19:33:21 <mchua> (if so, can we get those questions answered on the list?)
19:33:32 <JonRob> urm... is this the same thread where i got a touch grumpy?
19:33:37 <JonRob> or did i miss something?
19:33:53 <Sparks> mchua: We can continue discussion on the list if you like.
19:33:57 * moixs hasn't read the whole thread yet
19:34:12 <mchua> Sparks: since we have a lot of time before release notes have to be done, are you cool with driving that convo on-list, and hollering when you start thinking "hm, maybe we should get some action now"?
19:34:41 <mchua> seems to be still in the "well, do we really need this?" stage of discussion, but it'd be good to have a yes/no on that question in another week if possible.
19:35:09 <JonRob> mchua: i don't think there's any question that we need/want it
19:35:10 <JonRob> ?
19:35:15 <stickster> JonRob: +1
19:35:20 <JonRob> i think that's a definite +1
19:35:35 <Sparks> mchua: Sure
19:36:08 <quaid> is the question "is this a Marketing function?"
19:36:43 <JonRob> i think the question comes down to work flow... it's like all those single source ... SSS discussions we had ages back
19:36:49 <quaid> ah
19:36:59 <quaid> JonRob: yes, this is the grandchild of those discussions
19:37:05 <JonRob> at least that's how i interpreted it, hopefully not just rehashing old ground
19:37:13 <JonRob> i would certainly like to help write
19:37:23 <JonRob> in a marketing capacity...
19:37:41 <mchua> Sparks: trying to think of how to move forward... by next week, can we try to get a marketing volunteer either doing or liasoning to Docs on this, or a "we have no volunteers; I'll come back later this release cycle with a modified request from Docs for help from Marketing" thing? </total strawman>
19:37:50 <stickster> JonRob: right, the SSS thing was just too overengineered to work well in practice.
19:37:56 * stickster takes full blame for that one
19:38:10 <mchua> Sparks: er, or with JonRob's better phrasing, decide a workflow for this by next week
19:38:35 * mchua would like to move on so we can make sure to cover everything today
19:38:44 <JonRob> stickster: no blame... we all got a little heady there
19:38:46 <ianweller> one-hour meetings are overrated
19:39:22 <moixs> (sorry but I have to run)
19:39:23 <Sparks> I guess we should figure out the workflow first
19:39:28 * mchua waves to moixs
19:39:47 <mchua> Sparks: can we get a workflow decision by next week? Drive the discussion towards that however you see fit, then make a call.
19:40:05 <Sparks> mchua: Will do
19:40:09 <mchua> thanks, Sparks!
19:40:13 * mchua is going to step up the meeting pace somewhat.
19:40:24 <mchua> Ok. We have some open calls for volunteers.
19:40:28 * ianweller hides
19:40:32 <mchua> someone for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/UserTestimonials
19:40:42 <mchua> someone for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Books
19:40:56 <mchua> (basically, owners for the f12 cycle)
19:41:03 <ianweller> do we need UserTestimonials?
19:41:11 * mchua shrugs
19:41:20 <mchua> any comments on either?
19:41:24 <ianweller> and books mostly contains everything and anything that is EOL
19:41:49 <ianweller> fedora 2 all in one desk reference! s w e e t ;)
19:41:51 <mchua> I'll send a call to the list for help on those, and people can chime in with "this is important!" if they want, and people can pick up on it if they want, but I'm not stressing about them getting owners/not-getting-owners atm
19:42:06 <mchua> so unless there are comments on either open task I'd like to move on
19:42:14 * JonRob had no idea books existed
19:42:23 * mchua neither
19:42:27 * ianweller votes for archiving [[Books]]
19:42:27 <mchua> ok, moving on!
19:42:34 * quaid bails, l8r
19:42:38 <mchua> see ya quaid
19:42:48 <mchua> ianweller: go for it, if you want. I'll toss them to the list and people can do what they like.
19:43:12 <ianweller> done.
19:43:15 <mchua> Ok, next item is Faces of Fedora. stickster, that's you and themayor... not sure what's needed on that, anything you guys want to say/ask/do this week?
19:43:25 <mchua> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Face_of_Fedora
19:43:52 <mchua> same question to ianweller and Lisa Brewster (if she's around) on the Fedora Picture Book, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Marketing/Fedora_Picture_Book
19:44:06 <spevack> Face of Fedora is Jack's, and it's currently on th efloor
19:44:21 <mchua> spevack: how important is it to pick it up?
19:44:24 <spevack> Picture book -- well, I think Ian has other things that are taking up his time and are (IMHO) more important
19:44:32 <spevack> I consider both of those items to be tier-2
19:44:33 <mchua> er, pick it up before Jack gets back next week?
19:44:36 * stickster would need to go back and find what the current state of "Faces" is.
19:44:37 * mchua nods
19:44:46 <mchua> ok, let's leave faces for jack when he gets back
19:45:00 <spevack> The F12 tasklist and the aggressive progress of FooBar are most important
19:45:00 <ianweller> spevack: well if you think they're more important then by golly they are
19:45:08 <ianweller> :)
19:45:14 <stickster> Agreed
19:45:14 <mchua> and ianweller, unless you have any shout-outs on picture book, we'll move on
19:45:18 <mchua> +1
19:45:18 <ianweller> really um
19:45:29 <ianweller> the only issue with pbook right now is that we'r enot getting the amount of pictures we need.
19:45:32 <ianweller> for even a single book.
19:45:35 <spevack> lulz
19:45:36 <ianweller> i'm going to bother some lists later tonight
19:45:43 <spevack> "Other than not having any pictures, the picture book is in great shape!"
19:45:54 <ianweller> :)
19:45:58 * ianweller tackles spevack
19:46:03 <ianweller> that's all i had to sya
19:46:05 <ianweller> say*
19:46:38 <mchua> ok - ianweller, the usual "holler if help's needed" (maybe we can do a picture-takin' sprint) but... yeah, tier-2 right now
19:46:40 <mchua> moving on!
19:46:41 * mchua apologises for today's meeting moving somewhat slowly.
19:46:45 <ianweller> tier-2 indeed
19:46:59 <mchua> alpha readiness meeting and talking points are dormant for today, passing
19:47:08 <spevack> when is that meeting?
19:47:09 <mchua> moixs has done some wiki work and said he'll bring that up on the mailing list
19:47:14 <mchua> spevack: 8/12
19:47:26 <mchua> long after Jack returns
19:47:34 <ianweller> * the_wiki_czar's ears pop up
19:47:37 <mchua> publications list is also Jack, so passing on that for now
19:47:51 <spevack> poelstra is working to integrate the F12 marketing schedule into the main F12 schedule, and I have promised to help him with that
19:47:57 <mchua> and mailing list moderators is blocking on https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1525 from infra; I'll poke that ticket again
19:48:16 <JonRob> is it possible to get stuff added to the schedule at this point?
19:48:20 <mchua> Okeydokey. spevack, should that be in the f12 marketing schedule somewhere?
19:48:27 <JonRob> or at least propose stuff for discussion for additions!
19:48:45 <mchua> JonRob: https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Talk:Marketing_F12_schedule&action=edit&redlink=1
19:48:47 * spevack brb
19:48:47 <mchua> :)
19:48:57 <ianweller> ohnoes the redlinks
19:48:57 <mchua> and that concludes the written agenda
19:49:03 <mchua> anything else before we go to open floor?
19:49:08 <ianweller> no
19:49:09 <mchua> looks like everything's in good shape
19:49:14 <mchua> floor open!
19:49:22 * ianweller falls through it
19:49:24 * nirik has a quick item.
19:49:29 <mchua> nirik, go!
19:49:35 * mchua tosses ianweller his jetpack
19:49:55 <nirik> I'm looking for folks to help us advertise and participate in Fedora Classroom: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom
19:50:19 <nirik> we are looking for teachers always, but also folks to help blog, post to forums and get more students attending.
19:50:23 * spevack has something, but won't be ready to talk for a minute or two yet
19:50:39 <stickster> nirik: The Classroom has a much more flexible schedule nowadays, too, iirc
19:50:39 <nirik> so, if anyone is interested in teaching or helping market, let me know.
19:50:55 <mchua> nirik: any urgent deadlines or cool upcoming projects on that?
19:50:59 * stickster is interested in teaching but needs to break off time for it
19:51:00 * ianweller could always post to his blag
19:51:01 <nirik> yeah, basically as long as you schedule 2 weeks in advance (so we can advertise) you can teach anytime you like.
19:51:03 * JonRob also has something... waits his turn :)
19:51:31 <nirik> mchua: it's kinda a running deadline, as classes can be anytime...
19:51:36 <mchua> yokeydokey. nirik, can you also post that to fedora-marketing-list? Sounds like there's interest. :)
19:51:39 * mchua is interested too!
19:51:43 <nirik> we were also thinking of trying to do some more around release time too.
19:52:04 <mchua> ok, so maybe a marketing push around release time... nirik, if you post to the list I'll follow up there
19:52:04 <nirik> mchua: well, I could try, but I am not on that list.
19:52:08 <mchua> that way we'll get more people watching
19:52:24 <mchua> nirik: I'd be happy to forward a message if you'd like
19:52:42 <spevack> mchua: you'd enjoy Fedora Classroom -- it's right up your alley
19:52:46 <nirik> cool. I could write something up if you could post it... what address to send to?
19:52:46 <mchua> nirik: ok to take to list/offmeeting?
19:52:52 <nirik> yeah, that works. ;)
19:52:53 <mchua> spevack: oh yes. :)
19:52:55 <mchua> nirik: mel@redhat
19:53:01 <mchua> nirik: awesome. Thanks!
19:53:09 <mchua> 6 minutes on the open floor
19:53:10 <mchua> we have spevack and JonRob waiting in the queue
19:53:12 <mchua> spevack?
19:53:20 <spevack> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/mailman/listinfo/classroom
19:53:23 * spevack defers to JonRob
19:53:35 <JonRob> ok...quick:
19:53:37 <nirik> yes, we have a classroom list also for interested parties.
19:53:49 * spevack thinks he has the fedora-marketing-list admin password
19:53:52 * spevack looks
19:54:04 <JonRob> any interest in adding some interviews that focus on non-release/distro features of fedora for the period before post-beta?
19:54:10 <JonRob> e.g. infra/translation etc
19:54:36 <mchua> +1 to JonRob. you need volunteers for that? ;)
19:55:01 <JonRob> urmm... I'll happily organise stuff, but i wanted to see if people were game :)
19:55:08 * mchua actually <3 doing interviews, especially on IRC. I would be game.
19:55:17 <mchua> ...um, later in the release cycle.
19:55:33 <spevack> JonRob: I could do a podcast or two, I'm sure.  I enjoyed doing one w/ Glezos last release
19:55:39 <mchua> JonRob: another good thing to ask on-list about, i think ;)
19:55:44 <JonRob> spevack: awesome :)
19:55:51 <JonRob> mchua, yup cool
19:55:55 <mchua> w00t
19:55:57 <mchua> ok, spevack?
19:55:58 <JonRob> i'll post later tonight/tomor
19:56:04 <spevack> i have the marketing list admin password
19:56:11 <spevack> i didn't realize we were looking for it, my bad
19:56:18 * stickster flogs his li'l project which would help people help JonRob
19:56:21 <spevack> to whom should I email it?
19:56:27 <mchua> spevack r0x0rs! to stickster, plz
19:56:29 <stickster> spevack: Send it here buddy
19:56:35 <spevack> stickster: you'll LOL @ it
19:56:37 * stickster is on the list and lost his
19:56:51 <mchua> spevack, you had something to bring up here too?
19:57:05 <mchua> we've got 2 minutes left, which is pretty short, but maybe we can finish the discussion on-list
19:57:10 <spevack> mchua: nah, i'm good
19:57:12 <mchua> (anyone other than spevack have something they wanted to bring up?)
19:57:14 <mchua> yokeydokey
19:57:22 <ianweller> like i said, 1-hour meetings are overrated
19:57:23 <ianweller> ;)
19:57:26 <mchua> man, we're going to have a ton of list activity this week
19:57:29 <mchua> anything else from anyone?
19:57:34 <JonRob> spevack: sorry i stole your spot!
19:57:47 * stickster has a call coming up and may have to split
19:57:49 <mchua> since moixs is out, I'll clean and post the logs to list
19:57:59 <mchua> doing that in 5...
19:58:01 <mchua> 4...
19:58:05 <mchua> ianweller: jetpack ready?
19:58:06 <mchua> 3...
19:58:09 <mchua> 2...
19:58:11 * ianweller startrs it up
19:58:14 * mchua dons jetpack
19:58:19 <mchua> the synchronized flying CommArch interns!
19:58:20 * ianweller goes too early
19:58:22 <mchua> 1...
19:58:26 <mchua> #endmeeting