21:00:02 <nirik> #startmeeting
21:00:14 <nirik> #meetingtopic EPEL meeting - 2009-06-12
21:00:20 <nirik> is anyone around for an EPEL meeting.
21:00:28 <nirik> This is the last known time people could make.
21:00:34 <nirik> so I thought I would try and do one.
21:01:26 * Jeff_S waves
21:01:48 <nirik> hey. I'm not all alone. ;)
21:01:52 <Jeff_S> did this time get announced?  I must have missed it
21:02:06 * mmcgrath is here
21:02:07 <nirik> well, it's short notice...
21:02:07 * abadger1999 stops in to support epel.
21:02:13 <mmcgrath> nirik: is there any desire for someone else to take my spot?
21:02:25 <nirik> the last time we tried to do regular meetings this was the time that was agreed on.
21:02:26 <mmcgrath> I've not much been around for the EPEL meetings in... I don't remember how long
21:02:29 * Jeff_S hasn't read mail since this morning... goes to check things out
21:02:30 * schlobinux_ is not sure to be of much use but I'm here
21:02:31 <nirik> mmcgrath: no one has.
21:02:40 <Jeff_S> mmcgrath: yeah, you are not alone
21:03:18 <LinuxCode> ;-}
21:03:25 <nirik> #topic re-energize EPEL
21:03:36 <nirik> so, what can we do to get things moving more regularly? any ideas?
21:03:58 * mmcgrath has no ideas on that.
21:04:04 <LinuxCode> me neither
21:04:06 <nirik> I think a lot of people got discouraged by things like "we are waiting for koji support. no, there is nothing you can do"
21:04:17 <Jeff_S> +1
21:04:25 <LinuxCode> koji is cool indeed
21:04:29 <LinuxCode> and very useful
21:04:44 <nirik> there is light at the end of that tunnel I hope at least.
21:05:14 <dgilmore> im hoping to switch to koji next weekend
21:05:23 <dgilmore> bodhi wont be ready by then though
21:05:49 <nirik> great news.
21:05:52 <abadger1999> dgilmore: You and mbonnet came up with something for the interim push script?
21:06:00 <mmcgrath> dgilmore: are we going to use bodhi or something simpler?
21:06:05 <dgilmore> abadger1999: ideas. i need to write the script
21:06:10 <nirik> is there anything we can do for moving forward on bodhi? try and corner some lmacken time?
21:06:27 <dgilmore> nirik: he said he wont do it
21:06:37 <dgilmore> he gave an outline on whats needed
21:06:44 <dgilmore> it just needs to be done
21:06:51 <Jeff_S> dgilmore: link?
21:06:52 <nirik> ok. Is that recorded in that ticket?
21:07:01 <dgilmore> it is
21:08:48 <nirik> https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1230 I think
21:08:51 <Jeff_S> so some small-ish scripts are a short term solution and we'll aim to make bodhi changes long-term?
21:09:00 <dgilmore> right
21:09:15 <Jeff_S> I think with the fedora packagers being familiar with bodhi, it makes sense to replicate what's going on there inside EPEL
21:09:30 <nirik> yes, and we want the advantages there too.
21:11:01 <nirik> karma, comments, etc.
21:11:24 <dgilmore> i do think that the stable pushes stagnate things a little too much
21:11:30 <nirik> ok, so does this time work still for meetings? I guess we can consult the list, but I expect silence.
21:11:49 <Jeff_S> nirik: this is fine with me
21:11:52 <nirik> dgilmore: you mean the frequency?
21:11:56 <LinuxCode> nirik, dont forget its 10pm in the UK
21:12:10 <LinuxCode> and even later in CET and other European time zones
21:12:12 <nirik> LinuxCode: it's always 10pm somewhere. ;)
21:12:13 <LinuxCode> + its Friday ;-p
21:12:13 <dgilmore> nirik: yeah
21:12:21 <LinuxCode> nirik, true
21:12:40 <LinuxCode> however, Europe = 500-600 million potential helpers ?
21:12:47 <nirik> dgilmore: yes, I think we should go to a weekly once we have bodhi. Then we can push to stable only things maintainers request/have karma to stable too.
21:13:00 <dgilmore> nirik: right
21:13:35 <Jeff_S> LinuxCode: we've not been able to generate much interest in the meetings thus far, so we've settled on a time that works best for most of the steering comittee
21:13:48 <LinuxCode> ahh i see
21:14:00 <nirik> LinuxCode: and it's 5am in Bejing. ;) there are lots of people in china.
21:14:06 <LinuxCode> haha
21:14:11 <LinuxCode> granted!
21:14:21 <Jeff_S> lol
21:14:22 <nirik> I would be happy to move the meeting to wherever we can get the most interest from people attending it.
21:14:33 <nirik> most anytime is fine with me.
21:14:40 <Jeff_S> let's try this for a bit... if we see people interested that can't make it, we can move it again
21:15:16 <nirik> yeah
21:15:36 <nirik> how about we meet in this slot until a better one is decided on. ie, not just stop meeting because we can't find a time.
21:16:05 <Jeff_S> :)
21:16:07 <abadger1999> +1
21:17:15 <Jeff_S> who are epel signers btw?
21:17:34 <nirik> .members epel_signers
21:17:37 <zodbot> nirik: Members of epel_signers: @ausil kevin @mmcgrath smooge thl
21:17:53 <nirik> but currently, due to permissions issues, only dgilmore can push.
21:18:12 <nirik> dgilmore: when are you planning a stable? didn't stahnma prep one up?
21:18:19 <Jeff_S> is that something we can fix?  seems like we should (no offense to dgilmore)
21:18:21 * nirik hasn't seen mail from it on the mailing list yet.
21:18:50 <nirik> Jeff_S: yeah, it's just that we were thinking we would be switching to koji/bodhi soon.. but thats taking a while...
21:19:04 * rayvd arrives
21:19:54 <nirik> welcome rayvd. More the merrier
21:20:16 <Jeff_S> who's ausil btw?
21:20:20 <rayvd> discussing meeting times i see?
21:20:24 <nirik> Jeff_S: thats dgilmore
21:20:28 <Jeff_S> oh!
21:22:07 <Jeff_S> ok, any other issues?
21:22:46 <nirik> lets see...
21:22:57 <Jeff_S> if lmacken can't/won't update bodhi, is ther esomeone lined up to do so?  I can see about getting one of my devs on it...  but I already have them pretty busy ;)
21:23:19 <nirik> stahnma: was working on a bug day for epel bugs... thats still in progress planning I think.
21:23:37 <Jeff_S> I think we need to just pick a day and do some announcements for it
21:24:08 <nirik> yeah.
21:24:22 <abadger1999> based on lmacken's comments, I probably have the knowledge to do the initial work (not the debugging of issues after that) -- but I very likely lack the time.
21:24:40 <nirik> well, in the ticket xavier said he could take some of them.
21:24:51 <abadger1999> SmootherFrOgZ: ping ?
21:25:13 <dgilmore> nirik: i need to look over what stahnma did
21:25:39 <nirik> dgilmore: ok. I assume there will be a announcement on list and a few days before pushing?
21:25:58 <dgilmore> yep
21:26:17 <nirik> abadger1999: yeah... everyone is busy, and epel is sort of secondary to any fedora efforts, so it's hard to find anyone with the cycles. ;(
21:26:31 <Jeff_S> do you need help with the push prep?  I've always left that alone since I didn't have access to push, but I'm glad to help
21:27:21 <Jeff_S> nirik: I'll see what I can do about getting some dev time dedicated to bodhi
21:27:31 <Jeff_S> I'll buy him a few beers
21:27:43 <rayvd> Is the push process documented anywhere?
21:27:52 <Jeff_S> rayvd: on the wiki, yes
21:27:53 <nirik> Jeff_S: there is a wiki page with the procedure.
21:27:57 <rayvd> k
21:28:02 <nirik> Jeff_S: that would be great.
21:28:27 <nirik> #agreed EPEL will meet in this time slot until another better one is decided on.
21:29:51 * nirik ponders other topics
21:30:47 <abadger1999> Put someone in charge of assembling monthly pushes?
21:31:13 <nirik> #help help is needed to integrate bodhi with epel.
21:31:46 <nirik> abadger1999: well, we could do that, but when dgilmore changes the push setup that will all be different.
21:32:32 <abadger1999> <nod>.  But everything slips.
21:33:12 <rayvd> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/EPEL_repositoryinfo
21:33:21 <rayvd> is that the push process?  only thing i could find.
21:33:43 * stahnma is here :)
21:33:56 <stahnma> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/Tasks/NextTestingStableMove
21:34:32 * stahnma scrolls up
21:36:19 <nirik> welcome stahnma. :)
21:36:42 <stahnma> HOw bout July 10 or 11 for bug day?
21:36:51 <stahnma> I can post to the list
21:37:04 <stahnma> don't know if a weekday or weekend-day is better
21:38:05 <rayvd> if it goes 24 hours should be ok :) i know i'd be available evenings west coast US
21:38:11 <rayvd> sometimes during the day depending on how busy work is
21:38:27 <stahnma> that's my issue also
21:38:37 <stahnma> $DAYJOB causes several variances
21:38:53 <nirik> #topic Bug squashing day
21:39:11 <nirik> 10th or 11th works fine for me... if we use the UTC "day" it spans both those in the us.
21:39:20 <stahnma> that could be fun
21:39:24 <stahnma> 0-23:99 UTC
21:39:29 <stahnma> July 11
21:39:34 <stahnma> see what happens :)
21:39:53 <nirik> ok.
21:39:58 <nirik> WFM
21:40:03 <nirik> any other thoughts on that?
21:42:08 <stahnma> what's a WFM?
21:42:13 <stahnma> oh worksforme
21:42:15 <stahnma> :)
21:42:20 <Jeff_S> :)
21:42:26 <stahnma> I can send out a notice to the list
21:43:08 <nirik> stahnma: cool. Perhaps send it also to fedora-devel and/or fedora-test?
21:43:14 <stahnma> I can do that
21:43:25 <nirik> or fedora-devel-announce... not sure it's on topic there, but possibly
21:44:23 <stahnma> I can ask in #fedora-devel and #fedora-qa and see what their opinion is
21:44:29 <nirik> anyone have any further topics? I'm not sure I do, but it feels like we are missing something.
21:44:58 <stahnma> the obvious lack of progress is something that keeps getting brought up.  Both on list and from potential users
21:45:18 <stahnma> I was wondering about something like a branch day
21:45:21 <nirik> #topic improving communication
21:45:33 <nirik> is there anything we can do to improve communication?
21:45:37 <nirik> I guess meetings are one.
21:45:39 <stahnma> where we go through and try to branch packages not already in EPEL, get them built and go from there
21:45:43 <stahnma> meetings are probably good
21:46:23 <nirik> well, we need those maintainers to help right? or at least not care if we do the work...
21:46:28 <stahnma> Weekly highlights would probably be good, maybe not a full report, but a summary of activities to keep us on task
21:46:58 <SmootherFrOgZ> abadger1999: pong
21:47:14 <stahnma> nirik: yeah.  I have been seeing several bug reports filed about missing packages.  Some maitainers think that is fine, others say "That is not the process", get mad, and closes the bug
21:47:23 <nirik> hey SmootherFrOgZ.
21:47:37 <stahnma> also, we need somebody to pull the meeting logs on the wiki into the wiki namespace and off of main
21:47:38 <SmootherFrOgZ> nirik: hey, sorry i'm quite late
21:47:48 <nirik> SmootherFrOgZ: are you still able to/interested in https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/1230 ?
21:48:08 <nirik> stahnma: well, with this new meeting bot, we can at least upload the logs and html summary easy.
21:48:15 <nirik> stahnma: wiki upload is being worked on for it.
21:48:18 <SmootherFrOgZ> nirik: sure thing
21:48:21 <stahnma> cool
21:48:48 <LinuxCode> nirik, meetings times on wiki/epel ?
21:48:58 <LinuxCode> EPEL SIG != current day
21:49:45 <nirik> SmootherFrOgZ: cool. When might you be able to work on that? any idea of your timeframe?
21:49:54 <nirik> LinuxCode: oops. Can you correct it? or I can.
21:50:03 <LinuxCode> let me see
21:50:03 <LinuxCode> sec
21:50:05 <nirik> thats another topic in communication: we need a wiki wrangler.
21:50:12 <LinuxCode> so its today now yeah ?
21:50:18 <LinuxCode> 21.00 UTC ?
21:50:39 <SmootherFrOgZ> nirik: dgilmore need to be available to sync its work with me
21:51:04 <LinuxCode> Friday, 21:00 every week
21:51:34 <LinuxCode> changed
21:51:52 <nirik> LinuxCode: thanks.
21:51:59 <LinuxCode> pleasure
21:53:14 <stahnma> I can work on moving minutes in the meeting namespace
21:53:19 <stahnma> that seems easy enough
21:53:27 <nirik> SmootherFrOgZ: ok, some of those seem like they could be done in bodhi and then tested once koji was further.
21:53:55 <SmootherFrOgZ> right
21:53:56 <nirik> stahnma: i think we need a general revamp... but I am horrible about those.
21:54:01 <stahnma> I agree
21:54:07 <nirik> perhaps we could talk to some docs/websites people and get help?
21:54:08 <stahnma> I figured the first thing was remove obvious clutter
21:54:26 <nirik> #help need someone to become wiki wrangler and help us reorganize EPEL wiki pages
21:57:34 <nirik> any other communication ideas?
21:58:09 <stahnma> any publicity needed?
21:58:15 <stahnma> or should we get more ducks in a row ?
21:58:27 <stahnma> communication with RHEL proper developers would be nice
21:58:42 <stahnma> especially as 5.4 is nearing
21:59:07 <nirik> yeah, that would be nice... not sure at all how to get it tho.
21:59:26 <nirik> #help Someone to communicate to/from RHEL to coordinate things
22:00:35 <stahnma> what do the pound-helps do?
22:00:41 * stahnma is new to this bot
22:01:10 <nirik> http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot
22:01:15 <nirik> has the commands. ;)
22:01:23 <nirik> it basically highlights that for the summary.
22:01:34 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
22:01:40 <nirik> anything else? Shall we call it a day?
22:02:10 <stahnma> neat bot
22:02:15 <stahnma> what are the action items ?
22:02:27 <stahnma> #action stahnma will send to list about bug day
22:02:28 <nirik> good question.
22:02:52 <stahnma> #action stahnma will try to move many of the wiki meeting logs into the correct namespace
22:02:55 <nirik> #action dgilmore and SmootherFrOgZ will work on bodhi/koji.
22:03:11 <stahnma> #action stahnma will try to finish preparing the EL5 push...
22:03:47 <nirik> #action nirik will post the meeting logs to the mailing list and ask about meeting times again.
22:04:47 <stahnma> sounds good
22:04:53 <nirik> any other items to note or act on?
22:04:54 <LinuxCode> #action LinuxCode changed wiki to reflect new meeting time
22:05:15 <nirik> stahnma: would moving the meeting 30min out make this time better for you ?
22:05:22 <stahnma> not always
22:05:33 <stahnma> it really varies
22:05:44 <stahnma> I'd rather everybody else be able to meet
22:05:49 <stahnma> and I'll jump in if I can
22:05:57 <stahnma> I should do more at night
22:06:04 <stahnma> and commit to less during the day
22:06:21 <nirik> ok, just thought I would check.
22:06:32 * nirik will close out the meeting in about 60 if nothing else comes up
22:07:41 <nirik> #endmeeting