15:00:30 <pwhalen> #startmeeting Fedora ARM and AArch64 Status Meeting
15:00:30 <pwhalen> #chair pwhalen pbrobinson coremodule jlinton
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15:00:30 <pwhalen> #topic roll call
15:00:39 <pwhalen> Good morning folks, who's here today?
15:00:44 * pbrobinson is sort of here
15:00:52 * jlinton waves
15:02:05 <coremodule> good morning pwhalen
15:02:07 * coremodule is here
15:02:37 <pwhalen> Good day gents
15:02:45 <pwhalen> #topic 0) Fedora Linux 36 Beta released today!
15:02:45 <pwhalen> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/announcing-fedora-36-beta/
15:03:18 <pbrobinson> whee!
15:04:38 <pwhalen> Looking at the website,  IoT isnt updated, but the rest seems ok at a glance. If people could take a look too that would be appreciated
15:05:22 <pbrobinson> yes, I don't think we explicitly chose the beta candidate there to sign/push, I clearly dropped that ball in the travel/covid problems
15:05:53 <pwhalen> Understood. I tested the latest nightly and it looked ok
15:07:35 <pwhalen> Out of scope of this meeting, but lets decide which we want to push, get the website updated accordingly
15:07:46 <pwhalen> Anything else to mention for the release?
15:07:49 <jlinton> Is this still the test page for the beta?
15:07:51 <jlinton> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_36_Beta_1.4_Summary
15:07:54 <pbrobinson> yep, will need to get it signed
15:08:05 <pwhalen> jlinton: yes
15:09:22 <jlinton> I can probably run the usual direct/usb install tests in the next couple days. I've mostly finished up the coresight stuff I was doing for the LTS.
15:10:10 <pwhalen> I ran the usb tests in the go/nogo meeting. I always forget those, because you usually do them :)
15:10:29 <pwhalen> or, the netinstall anyways
15:10:35 <pwhalen> thanks jlinton
15:11:02 <pwhalen> #topic 1) ==== Userspace Status  ====
15:11:12 <pwhalen> Any new user space issues to discuss?
15:11:17 <pbrobinson> don't think there's anything specific here
15:12:11 <pwhalen> #info No new issues.
15:12:15 <pwhalen> #topic 2) ==== Kernel Status ====
15:12:23 <pwhalen> #info kernel-5.17.1-300.fc36
15:12:23 <pwhalen> #link https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1939765
15:13:02 <pwhalen> I started to test this, no new issues so far
15:14:08 <pbrobinson> I pinged the rpi4 eth fix with is now in Linus's tree for stable, so hopefully that will come with .2 or .3
15:14:10 <pwhalen> #info Bug 2053729 - RPi4 wired network fails - eth0 (bcmgenet): transmit queue 1 timed out
15:14:20 <pwhalen> Right, was about to mention that :)
15:14:56 <pwhalen> #info RPi4 eth fix with is now in Linus's tree for stable, so hopefully that will come with .2 or .3 (5.17)
15:15:46 <pwhalen> #info Bug 2053214 - early kernel panic on aarch64 with kernel-5.17.0-0.rc2.20220202+
15:17:40 <pwhalen> That is still an issue as well.
15:17:52 <pwhalen> Anything else for the kernel?
15:18:11 <pbrobinson> what HW is that on?
15:18:13 <jlinton> Is it just that the fix isn't in the kernel, or that the fix (reversion) is failing?
15:19:01 <pwhalen> pbrobinson: mustang and seattle
15:19:33 <pwhalen> jlinton: iirc, we needed a new patch
15:20:25 <jlinton> I will probably go into the office, where I can retest this on my seattle now that I know its gcc12 related.
15:20:33 <jlinton> (this afternoon)
15:20:56 <pwhalen> jlinton: great, thank you
15:21:39 <pwhalen> #topic 3) ==== Bootloader Status ====
15:21:49 <pwhalen> #info uboot-tools-2022.04-0.4.rc5.fc36
15:21:49 <pwhalen> #link https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=1939858
15:21:56 <pwhalen> #info Please test and report any issues to the list or #fedora-arm.
15:22:31 <pwhalen> Haven't tested this at all yet, anyone else?
15:23:02 <coremodule> no, haven't tested it yet. Will give it a try later
15:23:14 <pbrobinson> yes, testing here please
15:23:19 <pbrobinson> and karma
15:23:37 <pwhalen> thanks!
15:23:54 <pbrobinson> I expect the GA release next week, right as we go into freeze, as tradition says will happen
15:24:50 <pwhalen> #info Uboot GA expected next week.
15:25:09 <pwhalen> Anything else for bootloaders?
15:26:03 <pwhalen> #topic 4) ==== Fedora Linux 36 ====
15:26:14 <pwhalen> #info List of Blockers for Fedora Linux 36 (Final)
15:26:14 <pwhalen> #link https://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/36/final/buglist
15:27:02 <pwhalen> Nothing specific to arm (yet)
15:27:37 <pwhalen> Anything for to discuss for F36? Things we need to fix for final?
15:28:48 <jlinton> The "basic graphics"/UEFI framebuffer bugs will hit the usual set of arm platforms without explict GPU drivers.
15:29:30 <pbrobinson> jlinton: how does the move to simpledrm affect that?
15:29:49 <jlinton> I haven't looked at that bug to know if that is part of the problem.
15:30:53 <jlinton> Although, maybe we dodged it? Graphics still seem to be working on my without the drivers, so maybe its not a problem.
15:31:15 <jlinton> (on my rpi), I cant seem to type today.
15:34:04 <pwhalen> Ok, lets try to test this week and discuss/file bugs if we find an issue
15:34:18 <pwhalen> Anything else for F36?
15:34:57 <pbrobinson> jlinton: so I think with the move from fbdev -> simpledrm we may have worked around/resolved that issue
15:37:08 <pwhalen> #topic 5)  == Open Floor ==
15:37:14 <pwhalen> Anything else for today?
15:37:25 <pbrobinson> not from me
15:38:34 <pwhalen> #endmeeting