17:40:27 <cmurf> #startmeeting Workstation WG (2021-07-13)
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17:40:31 <cmurf> #chair Neal
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17:40:48 <cmurf> #topic Rollcall
17:40:50 <cmurf> #info present:  Matthias, Neal, Chris, Tomas, Jens, Michael, Allan (secr.), Owen
17:40:52 <cmurf> #info regrets:
17:40:54 <cmurf> #info present guests: James Cassell
17:40:56 <cmurf> #topic Approval of June 29 minutes
17:40:58 <cmurf> #link
17:41:00 <cmurf> #agreed Approved - no objections
17:41:02 <cmurf> #topic Announcements, follow-ups, status reports
17:41:04 <cmurf> #info GNOME UI freeze is 14 August - nearly 4 weeks away. 41.alpha is due out soon, too.
17:41:06 <cmurf> Items to track for UI freeze: Connections app polish, UI parts of #105
17:41:08 <cmurf> #info Owen has created 2 change proposals for F35. Some questions about Flathub in the mailing list discussion. It looks like it's going to be approved.
17:41:10 <cmurf> #link
17:41:12 <cmurf> #link
17:41:14 <cmurf> Allan: how to land the change? Owen: tooling change in /etc will need to happen first, then the UI parts. There's a number moving parts, so we need a development plan.
17:41:16 <cmurf> #topic Workstation web presence goals
17:41:18 <cmurf> #link
17:41:20 <cmurf> #agreed Deferred - no updates
17:41:22 <cmurf> #topic homed
17:41:24 <cmurf> Scheduling for a meeting with Lennart. His preference is for Wednesday 28 July.
17:41:26 <cmurf> #action Matthias to send an invite for 28 July at 13:30 UTC
17:41:28 <cmurf> #topic Review F35 change proposal: Rebase firewalld to upstream v1.0.0
17:41:30 <cmurf> #link
17:41:32 <cmurf> #agreed The change proposal doesn't affect us. \o/
17:41:34 <cmurf> #topic Open floor
17:41:36 <cmurf> Allan: OOM handling - problems with processes getting unceremoniously killed. Anyone experiencing this? Chris has seen some traffic about it, though not as much on workstation. Other desktops may lack uresourced which contains a helper (cgroupify) to put Chrome and Firefox tabs in their own cgroups, enabling kill of individual tabs rather than the whole app. Some enhancements needed for
17:41:38 <cmurf> logging - to include info on memory states when a kill is performed. Chris: the issues are generally edge cases, but almost certainly are bugs that should be reported against systemd and cc: Anita Zhang <> and optionally cmurf <>
17:41:40 <cmurf> #info Please report oomd related bugs or confusion against systemd component, and cc: relevant people
17:42:08 <cmurf> #endmeeting