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05:07:18 <cmurf> #chair mcatanzaro
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05:07:35 <cmurf> #topic Rollcall
05:07:36 <cmurf> #info present:    Allan, Chris,  Tomas, Michael, Jens, Neal, Kalev,  Matthias
05:07:38 <cmurf> #info regrets: Owen, Langdon,
05:07:40 <cmurf> #info present guests:
05:07:42 <cmurf> #topic Approval of Mar 23 minutes
05:07:44 <cmurf> #link
05:07:46 <cmurf> #agreed no objections
05:07:48 <cmurf> #topic Announcements, follow-ups, status reports
05:07:50 <cmurf> Kalev: final freeze starts next week. Possible that things get delayed due to grub issues, might also push the freeze out.
05:07:52 <cmurf> Kalev: has been working on rebuilding Fedora flatpaks.
05:07:54 <cmurf> Matthias: we have incremental updates for Fedora flatpaks now.
05:07:56 <cmurf> #topic Consider limiting the journal in size
05:07:58 <cmurf> #link
05:08:00 <cmurf> #info devel list thread
05:08:02 <cmurf> #link
05:08:04 <cmurf> Matthias doesn't remember filing the ticket, Chris says it came up on the devel list.
05:08:06 <cmurf> Some concerns around data retention. Chris mentions that there are configurations that produce a lot of logs. Our default configuration seems to provide room for roughly a year worth of logs in normal circumstances. Time-based limits are available. We could set a limit like 1 month, 3 months, 6 months.
05:08:08 <cmurf> Tomas asks if time and size limits can be combined. Chris doesn't know the answer.
05:08:10 <cmurf> Tomas brings up the topic of getting data for GNOME Software improvement by turning on verbose logging for a while in rawhide/F35. This would need size limits.
05:08:12 <cmurf> Suggestions: make the time limit match the Fedora lifetime, 13 months.
05:08:14 <cmurf> Alternative suggestion: 12 months.
05:08:16 <cmurf> Chris notes that MaxRetentionSec= "controls whether journal files containing entries older than the specified time span are deleted". A deleted journal file could contain two or three weeks of entries.
05:08:18 <cmurf> #action: Chris will revive the devel discussion(s), revisit later
05:08:20 <cmurf> #topic Include Fedora Media Writer in the default install
05:08:22 <cmurf> Tomas says it comes in frequently in handy for him, so would be in favor. Neal wants it too.
05:08:24 <cmurf> Allan says it has a lot of UI issues, and is not getting a lot of love.
05:08:26 <cmurf> Neal says a rewrite in qt6 is planned and could include a UI refresh. Neal points out it is the one obvious way to create a recovery disk.
05:08:28 <cmurf> Tomas says it uses qgnomeplatform, which is getting improved.
05:08:30 <cmurf> Neal is working on porting it to cmake first, before looking at qt6.
05:08:32 <cmurf> Allan is concerned about quality issues with the separate themes (gtk and qt).
05:08:34 <cmurf> Tomas points out that the qgnomeplatform effort was started to make qt apps first-class citizens on the
05:08:36 <cmurf> GNOME desktop.
05:08:38 <cmurf> The media writer is actually forcing Adwaita to look the same (and reasonable, if foreign) on all platforms. Qt6 may change this a bit, with a better macos theme.
05:08:40 <cmurf> There seems to be a (soft) agreement to include it, with Neal and Matthias in favor, everybody else neutral.
05:08:42 <cmurf> #action wait for improvements in F35, further discussion next week
05:09:19 <cmurf> #link
05:09:38 <cmurf> #endmeeting