16:00:21 <decathorpe> #startmeeting java-maint-sig Meeting (2021-02-18)
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16:00:35 <decathorpe> #meetingname java-maint-sig
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16:00:39 <decathorpe> #topic Roll Call
16:00:56 * cyberpear listens in
16:01:09 <decathorpe> welcome
16:01:49 <mizdebsk> hi
16:02:07 <loganjerry> hello
16:02:13 <decathorpe> #chair mizdebsk
16:02:13 <zodbot> Current chairs: decathorpe mizdebsk
16:02:17 <decathorpe> #chair loganjerry
16:02:17 <zodbot> Current chairs: decathorpe loganjerry mizdebsk
16:02:37 <decathorpe> wow so many people ;)
16:03:35 <mbooth> What up?
16:03:43 <decathorpe> hey mbooth :-)
16:03:45 <decathorpe> #chair mbooth
16:03:45 <zodbot> Current chairs: decathorpe loganjerry mbooth mizdebsk
16:04:06 <decathorpe> #link Agenda
16:04:43 <decathorpe> I think loganjerry already replied to my jansi PR, so we can skip that?
16:05:14 <loganjerry> Yes I think nothing to do there until the next jline release.
16:05:50 <decathorpe> thanks for confirming
16:06:15 <decathorpe> #topic maven-antrun-plugin 3.0.0?
16:06:18 <decathorpe> #link
16:06:49 <decathorpe> I'd like to update that one at some point, but it removes some deprecated config options ...
16:07:22 <decathorpe> some dependent packages were retired in the meantime, but for the others, there's not much we can do, right?
16:07:28 <mizdebsk> it should be fairly easy to port packages to 3.0.0
16:07:49 <mbooth> What is the scope of breakage, just tasks->target?
16:07:59 <decathorpe> I tried to look into it, but the maven-antrun-plugin docs were rather unhelpful :)
16:08:10 <mizdebsk> mbooth, yes
16:08:14 <mizdebsk> the fix is like
16:08:33 <mbooth> Cool, well, easy peasy then :-)
16:08:43 <decathorpe> oh that's easier than I thought -.-
16:10:21 <decathorpe> There's a similar problem with exec-maven-plugin 3.0.0 but I seem to have not written that down ... oh well.
16:10:25 <mizdebsk> #info porting packages to maven-antrun-plugin 3.0.0 typically involves renaming <tasks> to <target>
16:10:39 <decathorpe> yeah thanks
16:10:59 <mizdebsk> no idea about exec
16:11:00 <decathorpe> #topic objectweb-asm 9
16:11:05 <decathorpe> #link
16:11:52 <mizdebsk> asm is backwards-compatible, so this should be rather straightforward i'd say
16:12:04 <decathorpe> backwards compatible sounds nice
16:12:12 <decathorpe> anybody up for submitting a PR? ;-)
16:12:27 <mbooth> Asm is actually really good at back-compat, pretty rare in java land
16:12:52 <mbooth> I guess I can do this update, since it's useful for Eclipse
16:13:05 <mizdebsk> yeah, since version 4 their kept their promise of backwards-compatibility
16:13:14 <decathorpe> that's great, thanks!
16:13:52 <mkoncek> i don't think there were any troubles with it:
16:14:33 <decathorpe> I only had issues with asm when I tried to update xbean beyond 4.15
16:14:56 <mbooth> What even uses xbean?
16:15:18 <decathorpe> plexus-containers, hawtjni
16:15:44 <decathorpe> so pretty much everything transitively depends on it
16:16:00 <mkoncek> xbean uses a xbean-asm<N>-shaded module
16:16:27 <decathorpe> #chair mkoncek
16:16:27 <zodbot> Current chairs: decathorpe loganjerry mbooth mizdebsk mkoncek
16:16:29 <mizdebsk> i was going to say there is a patch for xbean
16:17:00 <decathorpe> ok, then another problem solved :+1:
16:17:16 <decathorpe> #topic Jakarta EE 9
16:17:26 <decathorpe> mbooth: I think we don't need those updates yet, right?
16:18:56 <mbooth> Yeah I would like to hold until Eclipse and Jetty move to it upstream, IIRC Jetty 11 has, but we didn't adapt Eclipse yet
16:19:39 <decathorpe> great, let me know once things start depending on the new versions.
16:19:45 <mbooth> Will do
16:20:15 <decathorpe> #topic Open Floor
16:20:32 <decathorpe> that was pretty much it from my side. does anybody else have anything?
16:21:09 <mbooth> decathorpe: I like your copr rebuilds of dependent packages for testing PR -- I don't remember if I previously asked, is that script available some place?
16:21:37 <decathorpe> uhmmm yeah,
16:22:06 <decathorpe> it's here:
16:22:27 <decathorpe> but I have since fixed a few small things, and intend to push a new version to the java-maint-sig pagure
16:22:37 <mizdebsk> is this meeting for java-sig or java-maint-sig? or do you consider both groups equivalent?
16:23:07 <decathorpe> mizdebsk: well that's a rather philosophical question
16:25:35 <mizdebsk> do we want to agree on the meeting time?
16:25:58 <mizdebsk> for some of us in Europe current time is out of our regular hours
16:27:07 <decathorpe> I picked the one where most people had indicated to have time, but the slot one hour earlier had same number of positive responses.
16:27:45 <decathorpe> would that work better?
16:28:16 <mizdebsk> for me personally yes, one hour earlier is definitely better
16:29:47 <decathorpe> mbooth, loganjerry: would having the meeting one hour earlier work for you too?
16:29:56 <loganjerry> Yes
16:30:00 <mbooth> Fine by me
16:30:27 <decathorpe> well that settles it then :-) I'll update the fedocal entry.
16:30:54 <mizdebsk> thx
16:31:51 <decathorpe> anything else? if not, I'll close the meeting in a few minutes.
16:32:52 <decathorpe> (as always, feel free to look at the kanban board, I'm updating it regularly: )
16:35:48 <decathorpe> ok, thanks everybody for showing up, see you in two weeks!
16:35:51 <decathorpe> #endmeeting