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02:50:53 <cmurf> #chair mcatanzaro
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02:51:07 <cmurf> #topic Rollcall
02:51:09 <cmurf> #info present:  owen, michael, tomas, matthias, jens, allan, neal, chris, langdon
02:51:11 <cmurf> #info regrets: kalev
02:51:13 <cmurf> #info present guests: james cassell, michel, robert
02:51:15 <cmurf> #topic Approval of 2 Feb minutes:
02:51:17 <cmurf> #link
02:51:19 <cmurf> #agreed No objections
02:51:21 <cmurf> #topic Announcements, follow-ups, status reports
02:51:23 <cmurf> Michael: F34 is branched from rawhide today, and RHEL9 will be based on it.
02:51:25 <cmurf> Allan: Please look through open issues that are blocking on you, and take care of them.
02:51:27 <cmurf> Updates on issue #186 (parental concern): plan was to include it in rawhide - but now we're branched.
02:51:29 <cmurf> We should turn it on in rawhide before deciding about F34 branched.
02:51:31 <cmurf> #info Make use of malcontent in the default install?
02:51:33 <cmurf> #link
02:51:35 <cmurf> #action kalev to enable it in rawhide
02:51:37 <cmurf> Update on issue #164 (remove photos):  Concerns were - media apps are somewhat obsoleted by phones,
02:51:39 <cmurf> quality is mediocre, no backup/export story. Allan will follow up with Debarshi and update the ticket
02:51:41 <cmurf> #info remove photos
02:51:43 <cmurf> #link
02:51:45 <cmurf> Update on issue #134 (monospace fonts): 10pt seems too small, 11pt too big.  Will make a decision before
02:51:47 <cmurf> UI freeze.
02:51:49 <cmurf> #info decide on monospace font by UI freeze
02:51:51 <cmurf> #link
02:51:53 <cmurf> #topic Updated activities overview design for GNOME 40 / F34
02:51:55 <cmurf> #link
02:51:57 <cmurf> Upstream merging has continued, we are still waiting for one big chunk to land before we do another
02:51:59 <cmurf> rawhide snapshot, which is still expected this week. Polish and bug fixes also continue and land upstream.
02:52:01 <cmurf> Allan and the design team have looked at multi-monitor concerns, and there will be a blog post about this
02:52:03 <cmurf> this week. is the preview
02:52:05 <cmurf> #topic Offline automated workstation installation not possible
02:52:07 <cmurf> #link
02:52:09 <cmurf> Summary from Michael: we don't have install media that let one do an automated offline install.
02:52:11 <cmurf> Owen says he doesn't quite understand the use case. Neals guess: Mass autoprovisioning using our
02:52:13 <cmurf> install media. Owen says you can of course do this with a custom kickstart.
02:52:15 <cmurf> Some discussion between Neal and Owen about ways to possibly do this with text-mode anaconda,
02:52:17 <cmurf> if we can make the live iso boot into anaconda.
02:52:19 <cmurf> Michel mentions that facebook also has a desire to use the live media for customized installs with an
02:52:21 <cmurf> extra kickstart file.
02:52:23 <cmurf> Neal points out that putting options in the kernel commandline still has effect on the anaconda run
02:52:25 <cmurf> in live media.
02:52:27 <cmurf> Langdon suggests ticket response: We'd really like to see this, and we think it should be done with a
02:52:29 <cmurf> secret flag in the kernel commandline.
02:52:31 <cmurf> #action Owen to write a comment with suggestions
02:52:33 <cmurf> Felipe points out that boxes express install works by passing a kickstart to the vm. Allan thinks
02:52:35 <cmurf> it is embarrassing that express install works on every OS but Fedora Workstation (when using
02:52:37 <cmurf> the downloaded live iso).
02:52:39 <cmurf> #topic Open Floor
02:52:41 <cmurf> Nothing
02:52:43 <cmurf> #topic closed session on multimedia codecs
02:52:45 <cmurf> No notes
02:53:26 <cmurf> #endmeeting