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00:58:32 <echevemaster> #topic Rollcall
00:58:41 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
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00:58:58 * echevemaster Colombia/Venezuela
00:59:11 <galoget> .fas galoget
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00:59:13 * srkraken From México
00:59:17 <s14ck> .fas jhoanir
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01:00:00 * bt0 from Mexico
01:00:08 <LoKoMurdoK> .fas lbazan
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01:00:12 * LoKoMurdoK Panama
01:00:38 <itamarjp> .hello2
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01:00:55 <echevemaster> #chair itamarjp LoKoMurdoK
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01:01:33 <echevemaster> #chair yosef7
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01:01:47 <fredlima> hi
01:01:58 <LoKoMurdoK> first topic?
01:02:04 <s14ck> Hello fredlima
01:02:09 <galoget> .hello2
01:02:12 <LoKoMurdoK> fredlima: :-)
01:02:13 <echevemaster> #chair x3mboy
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01:02:13 <zodbot> galoget: galoget 'Galoget Latorre' <fedora.ecuador@gmail.com>
01:02:17 <srkraken> Hi latam
01:02:19 <echevemaster> Hi guys.
01:02:33 <echevemaster> Thanks for attend to our first meeting at Mondays
01:02:41 * LoKoMurdoK good attendance!
01:02:56 <echevemaster> #topic Flock 2018
01:03:00 <fredlima> .fas fredlima
01:03:00 <bt0> \o/
01:03:00 <zodbot> fredlima: fredlima 'Frederico Henrique Gonçalves Lima' <fred@fredhgl.com>
01:03:16 <echevemaster> x3mboy, the microfone is yours.
01:03:34 <echevemaster> What do you want to bring us through this topic?
01:04:08 <potty> Hello
01:04:21 <s14ck> Hey potty !
01:04:27 <echevemaster> seems x3mboy is off.
01:04:40 <echevemaster> Theres is a topic do you want to discuss guys?
01:05:10 <LoKoMurdoK> x3mlinux: ?
01:05:13 <potty> Me, not.
01:05:23 <bt0> i want to know what happen in FLOCK
01:05:34 <echevemaster> sorry I was a bit lost from the planet, and I dont know what last topic tyou had.
01:05:39 <bt0> but i can wait without problem
01:05:56 <potty> bt0 topic is a good one
01:06:19 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, do you want to tell us about flock?
01:06:47 <bt0> which one?
01:07:33 <yosef7> hi
01:07:34 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: ok in openfloor about the fud.... yosef7 ?
01:07:39 <yosef7> .fas josereyesjdi
01:07:40 <zodbot> yosef7: josereyesjdi 'Jose A. Reyes H.' <josereyes.jdi@gmail.com>
01:07:44 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: tell about fud....
01:07:46 <LoKoMurdoK> ?
01:08:05 <potty> .fas potty
01:08:06 <zodbot> potty: apkpotty 'Anantha Padmanaban K Potty' <apkpotty@gmail.com> - potty 'Abdel G. Martínez L.' <abdel.g.martinez.l@gmail.com> - gdgd34434 'potty  gurg' <dfgdfg@TempEMail.net> - radhakrishnanpotty 'S.Radhakrishnan' <radhakrishnanpotty@hotmail.com>
01:08:06 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, there is no more topics for today.
01:08:10 <s14ck> galoget and me wants to purpose one event in September to celebrate a release party in Ecuador
01:08:12 <LoKoMurdoK> and put links? or not yet?
01:08:20 <echevemaster> yosef7, ?
01:08:24 <yosef7> Yes!
01:08:41 <echevemaster> yosef7, please tell us more about it.
01:09:00 <echevemaster> It's related to Flock, or do you want to change the topic?
01:09:20 <potty> it is a different topic
01:09:28 <potty> The idea is to propose a FUDCon
01:09:31 <blackfile> .fas blackfile
01:09:32 <zodbot> blackfile: blackfile 'Luis Manuel Segundo' <luis@blackfile.net>
01:09:39 <echevemaster> ok
01:09:39 <alexove> .fas alexove
01:09:40 <zodbot> alexove: alexove 'Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis' <alleinerwolf@gmail.com>
01:09:44 * alexove = Peru
01:09:45 <LoKoMurdoK> potty: +1
01:09:48 <echevemaster> #topic Discussion about Fudcon
01:09:55 <echevemaster> here you go
01:09:55 <s14ck> echevemaster: the next topic can be the event in Ecuador please?
01:10:02 <echevemaster> pleae go ahead
01:10:04 <LoKoMurdoK> potty: I change some info in the link and migrate of 2017 to 2019
01:10:07 <echevemaster> s14ck, sure thing.
01:10:26 <echevemaster> s14ck, do you have opened ticket, right?
01:10:37 <s14ck> echevemaster: yeap
01:10:44 <potty> Here is the link
01:10:53 <LoKoMurdoK> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:LATAM_2019_Bid_Panama
01:10:57 <potty> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:LATAM_2019_Bid_Panama
01:10:59 <LoKoMurdoK> oh
01:11:01 <LoKoMurdoK> sorry
01:11:05 <LoKoMurdoK> #undo
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01:11:06 <potty> Ok...
01:11:09 <potty> Hahaha
01:11:17 <potty> Well please check it out
01:11:20 <LoKoMurdoK> potty: need update some info
01:11:55 <blackfile> hello guys
01:12:07 <LoKoMurdoK> thanks to yosef7 and x3mlinux to talk about that in flock :-)
01:12:32 * LoKoMurdoK cheers!
01:12:32 <aeperezt> ./fas aeperezt
01:12:42 <aeperezt> .fas
01:12:42 <zodbot> aeperezt: (fas <query>) -- Search the Fedora Account System usernames, full names, and email addresses for a match.
01:12:47 <lorddemon> hi people
01:12:49 * yosef7 Disculpen estoy en un sotano y perdi la señal LTE
01:12:52 <lorddemon> .fas lorddemon
01:12:52 <aeperezt> .fas aeperezt
01:12:52 <zodbot> lorddemon: lorddemon 'Gonzalo Nina Mamani' <g.nina.m@gmail.com>
01:12:55 <echevemaster> great. so we have an opportunity to reactivate Fudcon?
01:12:56 <zodbot> aeperezt: aeperezt 'Alejandro Perez' <alejandro.perez.torres@gmail.com>
01:12:59 <LoKoMurdoK> I update budget to travel (more contributors)
01:13:07 * aeperezt panama
01:13:14 <potty> As far I understand there is a chance
01:13:26 <potty> But the idea is to propose good and feasible objectives
01:13:42 * LoKoMurdoK se le olvido algo
01:13:52 <potty> The data from Panama bid is still relevant and we are updating minor details
01:14:04 * yosef7 nosotros queremos organizar un evento para que todo latam participe y unifiquemos (fortalezcamos) nuestros fundamentos ademas de aportar ideas nuevas para los distinas ramas de fedora y seamos tambien un referente
01:14:13 <x3mlinux> I'm here
01:14:14 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: :o
01:14:24 <x3mlinux> .hello x3mboy
01:14:25 <zodbot> x3mlinux: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
01:14:51 <s14ck> yosef7 +1
01:14:56 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: +1000
01:15:01 <echevemaster> glad to know that, I hope this time, we can discuss in a good way and decide it in advance.
01:15:12 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: +1
01:15:25 <LoKoMurdoK> davisclick: hello!
01:15:37 * LoKoMurdoK oooo good attendances!!!!
01:15:39 <x3mlinux> +100000000000
01:15:41 <bt0> omg, great quorum
01:15:44 <alexove> !
01:15:48 <echevemaster> What's the plan? and how we can decide how we will move that effort as entire group?
01:15:50 <LoKoMurdoK> bt0: :-)
01:15:57 <davisclick> . fas davisclick
01:15:58 <zodbot> davisclick: davisclick 'Davis Alvarez' <alvarez.davis@gmail.com>
01:15:59 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, potty
01:16:08 <alexove> !!
01:16:12 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: the next step is negotiate with not remember :-) xD
01:16:13 <echevemaster> alexove, go ahead
01:16:18 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: have the info and x3mlinux
01:16:26 <alexove> Disculpen por hablar en español (solo era por hoy)
01:16:51 <alexove> Creo que debemos poner objetivos al evento para que la propuesta tenga más peso
01:17:12 <LoKoMurdoK> alexove: yes!
01:17:15 <alexove> en FWD esta pidiendo metricas algo estrictas
01:17:16 <potty> Indeed
01:17:23 * yosef7 No estoy muy claro si podemos hacer FUDCon (debemos consultar) Pero la idea es hacer un estilo FLOCK pero para LATAM
01:17:36 <potty> The idea is to set proper objectives
01:17:36 <s14ck> echevemaster: an election/vote is a good way to choice
01:17:39 <potty> Discuss as team
01:17:41 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: +1
01:17:41 <potty> Then propose
01:17:44 <alexove> creo que podemos tomar algunas ideas de ahi e incluirlas en la propuesta
01:17:47 <alexove> EOM
01:18:02 <srkraken> @yosef7: +1
01:18:06 <echevemaster> so, it should be an effort of entire latam with a commitee.
01:18:13 * yosef7 perdemos mucho tiempo y creamos fricción escogiendo entre varios lugares, mejor es escoger anualmente un nuevo lugar.
01:18:15 <alexove> #link https://pagure.io/fedora-diversity/fedora-womens-day/issue/4#comment-525703
01:18:23 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: +1
01:18:30 * yosef7 reunirnos en ese pais y trabajar esos días
01:18:33 <echevemaster> Flock has a comitee. so, What do you think if we can start with that?
01:18:49 <s14ck> yosef7 +1
01:19:07 <s14ck> echevemaster +1
01:19:13 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: +1
01:19:16 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: +1
01:19:18 <x3mlinux> +1
01:19:47 <echevemaster> ok what about to decide a commitee and start to work in the next fudcon?
01:19:53 <echevemaster> we have an agreement?
01:20:02 <echevemaster> Do we*
01:20:09 <alexove> +1
01:20:10 <x3mlinux> I think we have
01:20:18 <s14ck> +1
01:20:18 <lorddemon> +1
01:20:19 <bt0> +1
01:20:28 <srkraken> +1
01:20:34 <yosef7> +1
01:20:35 <potty> +1
01:20:51 <blackfile> +1
01:20:52 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: propose the names
01:20:54 <LoKoMurdoK> +1
01:21:00 <echevemaster> #agreed Latam will choose a commitee to start to work in the next Fudcon.
01:21:21 <echevemaster> ok.
01:21:24 <potty> yosef7 and  x3mlinux should lead this
01:21:32 <potty> My 2 cents
01:21:36 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: It would be a big step to have that team today!
01:21:42 <LoKoMurdoK> potty: +100
01:21:49 <echevemaster> potty, yosef7 x3mlinux
01:21:53 <LoKoMurdoK> potty: yosef7 and x3mlinux take your team
01:22:02 <echevemaster> and I want to be part of that too.
01:22:28 <echevemaster> it is something that we can decide today, please go ahead.
01:22:28 <yosef7> chinosoliard and alexove
01:23:14 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7 x3mlinux chinosoliard and alexove 4 is good the others contribute to help the team
01:23:23 * potty apoya desde fuera del team
01:23:45 * lorddemon les desea mucho exito
01:23:49 <LoKoMurdoK> x3mlinux: agreed?
01:23:51 * yosef7 el apoyo desde fuera del comite es muy valioso
01:23:59 <echevemaster> yosef7, x3mlinux, chinosoliard, alexove
01:24:06 <echevemaster> please agreed, and commit.
01:24:09 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: preguntale a tu equipo si esta de acuerdo
01:24:20 <LoKoMurdoK> o si quieren algo mas
01:24:23 <s14ck> LoKoMurdoK: I can help inside if is posible
01:24:24 <LoKoMurdoK> ya para terminar
01:25:04 * yosef7 pido hasta la proxima reunion, quiero llamarlos y hablar con cada uno de ellos para saber su sentir y si estan dispuestos a representar el comite
01:25:08 <alexove> I accept the proposal
01:25:22 <yosef7> alexove: excellent
01:25:25 <yosef7> :)
01:25:27 <echevemaster> guys, please I need your commit in written to have an agreement.
01:26:02 <echevemaster> ?
01:26:18 <echevemaster> alexove, is in
01:26:19 <yosef7> My commit!
01:26:21 <LoKoMurdoK> the location is the same? Panama or change?
01:26:25 <echevemaster> yosef7, is in
01:26:40 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: vas a continuar con la misma locación?
01:26:54 <yosef7> sure
01:27:02 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: ok good!
01:27:04 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, IMO, that is the task that must have the comitee :)
01:27:18 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: colombia parce
01:27:33 <LoKoMurdoK> anything else?
01:27:35 <potty> Good
01:27:37 <yosef7> It is not an issue that we should spend so much energy.
01:28:04 <s14ck> LoKoMurdoK: what about Ecuador? we need a lot of help here
01:28:06 <echevemaster> #agreed alexove x3mlinux yosef7 will be part of the Fudcon Comitee.
01:28:28 <yosef7> bt0 and you?
01:28:35 <bt0> me?
01:28:50 <yosef7> Part of the comitee
01:29:07 <bt0> ok, i can do it
01:29:14 <yosef7> :) perfect
01:29:15 <LoKoMurdoK> s14ck: Join them to learn and improve the community! I think so is good idea yosef7!
01:29:16 <yosef7> 5 persons
01:29:29 <echevemaster> #undo
01:29:29 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: good
01:29:29 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: AGREED by echevemaster at 01:28:06 : alexove x3mlinux yosef7 will be part of the Fudcon Comitee.
01:30:10 <echevemaster> #agreed alexove x3mlinux yosef7 bt0 chinosoliard will be part of the Fudcon Comitee
01:30:28 <yosef7> thnks!
01:30:30 <s14ck> LoKoMurdoK: for sure!
01:30:34 <echevemaster> ok, Can I pass to the next topic?
01:30:40 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: cerveza?
01:30:46 <echevemaster> sure thing.
01:30:55 <LoKoMurdoK> next topic?
01:31:07 <bt0> sure +1 LoKoMurdoK
01:31:08 <echevemaster> s14ck, please what is your topic
01:31:10 <echevemaster> and link
01:31:37 <x3mlinux> Wiii
01:31:50 * yosef7 s14ck comenta lo que esta pasando en Ecuador please :)
01:32:28 <echevemaster> s14ck, if you want to write in Spanish no problem.
01:32:28 <s14ck> #topic Release Party in Ecuador
01:32:39 <echevemaster> #topic Release party in Ecuador
01:32:48 <echevemaster> please paste the link.
01:33:09 <s14ck> #link https://pagure.io/mindshare/issue/36
01:33:31 <s14ck> well, galoget have a proposal to do a release party here
01:33:40 <yosef7> galoget is creating the wiki
01:33:58 <s14ck> plus, yosef7 will come here on september and
01:34:08 <s14ck> the idea is join both things
01:34:15 <LoKoMurdoK> s14ck: good!
01:34:34 <echevemaster> s14ck, I think you have to move that ticket to Ambassadors wiki
01:34:37 <s14ck> so, in Ecuador we need something like a BigBang from you guys
01:34:53 <echevemaster> 75 x Blue LATAM 1" Smalls Buttons
01:34:53 <echevemaster> 75 X 4"x4" Latin America Sticker Sheets
01:34:53 <echevemaster> 75 X 2.25" Round Fedora LATAM buttons
01:34:54 <echevemaster> 75 x Lanyards
01:34:54 <echevemaster> 100 x 2.25" Fedora Linux Hexagon
01:34:54 <echevemaster> 50 x Fedora Diversity
01:34:54 <s14ck> echevemaster: ok, I'll do later
01:34:59 <echevemaster> thanks.
01:35:12 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: fpaste xD
01:35:22 <yosef7> :D
01:35:30 <echevemaster> please move it. because in case we agreed we need to put the link of the ticket.
01:35:34 <echevemaster> s14ck,
01:35:42 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, nah.
01:35:45 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: xD
01:36:09 <echevemaster> in the meantime, please vote.
01:36:23 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: in mindshare you dont need votes
01:36:25 <s14ck> so, the idea is celebrate the first event but we really need your support to achieve more people, universities and others communities even.
01:36:55 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, we moved the tickets to Midshare?
01:37:01 <echevemaster> Mindshare*?
01:37:04 <echevemaster> all of them?
01:37:06 <LoKoMurdoK> check the link
01:37:08 <galoget> We'll, this will be the 2nd event in Ecuador, we already have a release party in January 27th, 2017.
01:37:13 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: the ticket create in mindshare
01:37:15 <LoKoMurdoK> direct
01:37:16 <galoget> Well*
01:37:18 <alyaj2a> .fas alyaj2a
01:37:19 <zodbot> alyaj2a: alyaj2a 'Aly Yuliza Machaca Mamani' <alyaj2a@gmail.com>
01:37:25 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: eso esta aprobado?
01:37:25 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, ok, copied.
01:37:27 <LoKoMurdoK> verdad
01:37:30 <LoKoMurdoK> ?
01:38:09 <yosef7> Mindshare it is faster
01:38:09 <echevemaster> Guys, a question, all the tickets from ambassadors will be managed in Mindshare?
01:38:15 <s14ck> galoget have time working with local community. I'm trying to do the same but we need something different and disruptive this time
01:38:19 <echevemaster> please let me know.
01:38:43 <LoKoMurdoK> not yet...
01:39:02 <echevemaster> ok LoKoMurdoK, so what's the policy then?
01:39:13 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: ask to x3mlinux
01:39:19 <echevemaster> ok.
01:39:20 <LoKoMurdoK> x3mlinux: are you there?
01:39:35 <s14ck> finally, I think if we work together on that like an experiment, we try to reply on others countries
01:39:44 * bt0 will take notes
01:39:44 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: ambassador managed by mindshare? or not yet?
01:40:10 <echevemaster> s14ck, great. From my side, if it is approved in advance and we'll have more contributors in Ecuador, is a big +1
01:40:25 <s14ck> something like a task force)
01:40:44 <yosef7> to send the swags is faster in mindshare
01:40:52 <lorddemon> s14ck: +1
01:40:59 <yosef7> Bex told me
01:41:00 <echevemaster> please, let us know, because we need to know if we'll managing the resources through Mindhsare or not.
01:41:13 <echevemaster> so, mindshare for swags.
01:41:51 <echevemaster> please be sure to write that in somewhere
01:41:55 <yosef7> yes, less than 100 dollars
01:42:06 <s14ck> so, can we move to agreement to rise this proposal?
01:42:18 <echevemaster> people should be aware that if they want to ask for swag that is an option.
01:42:41 <echevemaster> s14ck, you don't need an agreement to held an event.
01:42:58 <echevemaster> you need an agreement or votation if you need swag or resources.
01:43:20 <echevemaster> so, if this is managed by Mindshare, they will take your ticket and process it.
01:43:47 <echevemaster> For our side, obviously, we can give you support and mentoring about how to held this kind of events :)
01:43:52 <s14ck> guys, if the swags is a gap, is not big deal right now. More important is get more of your time in this proposal
01:43:55 <yosef7> https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/project/_images/orgchart.png
01:44:01 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: this ticket manager by mindshare and the owner is yosef7
01:44:02 <echevemaster> no, it isn't
01:44:11 <echevemaster> s14ck, is not a gap
01:44:15 <echevemaster> no worries.
01:44:22 <LoKoMurdoK> s14ck: remeber the wiki in the event area
01:44:25 <LoKoMurdoK> section /area
01:44:41 <s14ck> LoKoMurdoK: galoget is working on it right now
01:45:09 <LoKoMurdoK> s14ck: take your time! :-)
01:45:38 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, yes, no problem. I just telling him that he don't need an agreement to held the event.
01:46:02 <echevemaster> s14ck, the best wishes and luck to theld that party
01:46:09 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: +1
01:46:14 <echevemaster> yosef7, you will take care of that?
01:46:28 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: yes! yosef7 :-)
01:46:43 <echevemaster> ok, I think we are done with this topic.
01:46:51 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: yes!
01:46:52 <LoKoMurdoK> yosef7: ?
01:46:56 <echevemaster> #topic OpenFloor
01:46:56 <LoKoMurdoK> s14ck: ?
01:47:01 <LoKoMurdoK> wueeee
01:47:12 <aeperezt> saludos a todos desde ultratumba
01:47:16 <s14ck> LoKoMurdoK: ok, the first discussion end
01:47:17 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: buena hora para reuniones
01:47:23 <blackfile> hahaha
01:47:27 <LoKoMurdoK> hahahahahahaha
01:47:27 <echevemaster> if someone wants to add something in OpenFloor, go ahead.
01:47:30 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, indeed
01:47:32 <aeperezt> si ese cambio ayuda a que uno pueda estar
01:47:39 <LoKoMurdoK> aeperezt: welcome back!
01:47:41 <LoKoMurdoK> :-)
01:47:42 <LoKoMurdoK> hahahahah
01:47:44 <blackfile> si es un mejor horario
01:47:45 <LoKoMurdoK> todos
01:47:48 <LoKoMurdoK> welcome back!
01:48:05 <LoKoMurdoK> xDDDD
01:48:09 <s14ck> antes eran en las mañanas justo cuando tenia reuniones de la oficina y era complicado
01:48:10 <LoKoMurdoK> latam welcome back!
01:48:29 <alyaj2a> O/
01:48:31 <LoKoMurdoK> anything else?
01:48:46 <echevemaster> igual yo. tenia en ese momento reuniones de ingeniria en mi trabajo
01:48:57 <LoKoMurdoK> alyaj2a: :-)
01:49:03 <echevemaster> pero ahora, ya podemos reactivar esto de nuevo!
01:49:09 * lorddemon manda saludos a todos, y espera estar mas activo ...
01:49:16 <s14ck> chicos tienen que contar como les fue en el evento en Alemania
01:49:17 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: seeee me gusta el comite el primer comite nuevo para el evento
01:49:21 <alexove> !
01:49:24 <LoKoMurdoK> tienen todo mi apoyo
01:49:26 <echevemaster> alexove, es openflorr
01:49:36 <alexove> Procuremos usar esta guia para las reuniones
01:49:38 <LoKoMurdoK> alexove: puedes liberarte
01:49:39 <alexove> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Meetings
01:49:44 <echevemaster> de igual manera chicos tienen todo mi apoyo
01:49:49 <LoKoMurdoK> alexove: nos acabas de decir desordenados
01:49:50 <alexove> Ayuda bastante :-D
01:49:58 <s14ck> jajaja
01:50:00 <bt0> yo senti un poco desorganizado est pero muy activo
01:50:06 <LoKoMurdoK> alexove: nos extañabamos
01:50:08 <s14ck> LoKoMurdoK: la verdad, un poco
01:50:13 <echevemaster> I'll change it alexove
01:50:17 <echevemaster> thanks.
01:50:24 <LoKoMurdoK> bt0: la proxima! sigan instrucciones xD
01:50:38 <LoKoMurdoK> thanks all good attendances today :-)
01:50:43 <s14ck> lo importante ahora es la continuidad
01:50:43 <LoKoMurdoK> good time to meeting
01:50:48 <echevemaster> ok
01:50:57 * LoKoMurdoK siente que debemos cantar los himnos tambien!
01:51:00 <lorddemon> feedback of flock?
01:51:18 <bt0> si cuenten yo solo he visto las fotos
01:51:26 <LoKoMurdoK> x3mlinux: where is the link with the talks of flock?
01:51:26 <s14ck> un resumen del FLOCK para los que no pudimos ir
01:51:41 <LoKoMurdoK> bt0: el evento estuvo excelente muchas charlas
01:51:50 <LoKoMurdoK> bt0: workshops
01:51:53 <LoKoMurdoK> excelente
01:51:56 <LoKoMurdoK> entiendo que van a subir
01:52:00 <LoKoMurdoK> las charlas a un link
01:52:05 <LoKoMurdoK> pero pregunto mañana a ver
01:52:23 <LoKoMurdoK> switch english sorry
01:52:34 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, did you give a talk?
01:52:55 <LoKoMurdoK> all talks would be available
01:53:04 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: nop only attendace
01:53:04 <echevemaster> ok
01:53:26 <echevemaster> Can I conclude the meeting?
01:53:29 <echevemaster> guys?
01:53:35 <s14ck> +1
01:53:40 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: but I learned a lot of new things
01:53:42 <LoKoMurdoK> :-)
01:53:46 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: yes!
01:53:55 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: +1
01:53:57 <echevemaster> LoKoMurdoK, always, that kind of events change minds.
01:54:06 <echevemaster> thanks for attend.
01:54:11 <echevemaster> and welcome back latam
01:54:16 <echevemaster> I love you guys,
01:54:20 <echevemaster> 3
01:54:20 <LoKoMurdoK> echevemaster: yes!
01:54:21 <echevemaster> 2
01:54:22 <echevemaster> 1
01:54:25 <echevemaster> 0
01:54:26 <alyaj2a> Bye bye
01:54:30 <echevemaster> #endmeeting