14:10:33 <chinosoliard> #startmeeting Fedora LATAM
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14:10:35 <x3mboy> Hi!
14:10:41 <chinosoliard> #chair x3mboy bt0
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14:10:46 <s14ck> what is the official language for latam meeting?
14:10:51 <x3mboy> s14ck, are you still in BlueJueans?
14:10:53 <chinosoliard> hi everyone!
14:11:00 <s14ck> x3mboy: yeap
14:11:01 <bt0> o/
14:11:01 <x3mboy> s14ck, English for meetings
14:11:14 <x3mboy> s14ck, o/ I'm from Venezuela too, but I'm in Chile
14:11:26 * s14ck feelling multitasking today
14:11:27 <chinosoliard> s14ck, we try to use english because LATAM have portuguese speakers, but if you can't, spanish is OK
14:11:41 <s14ck> chinosoliard: agree!
14:11:47 <chinosoliard> #chair williamjmorenor
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14:11:55 <williamjmorenor> .fas williamjmorenor
14:11:56 <zodbot> williamjmorenor: williamjmorenor 'William Moreno' <williamjmorenor@gmail.com>
14:11:57 <chinosoliard> #topic Rollcall
14:12:00 <chinosoliard> .fas chinosoliard
14:12:01 <zodbot> chinosoliard: asoliard 'Soliard, Adrian D.' <me@chinosoliard.com>
14:12:04 * williamjmorenor Nicaragua
14:12:04 * chinosoliard from Argentina
14:12:05 <x3mboy> .fas x3mboy
14:12:06 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
14:12:14 <s14ck> .hello linuxmodder
14:12:15 <zodbot> s14ck: linuxmodder 'Corey W Sheldon' <sheldon.corey@openmailbox.org>
14:12:16 * x3mboy from Venezuela - Chile
14:12:17 <williamjmorenor> hola y buenos días a todos
14:12:17 <bt0> .fas bt0dotninja
14:12:18 <zodbot> bt0: bt0dotninja 'Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez' <hotgalan@gmail.com>
14:12:28 * bt0 from Mexico
14:12:44 * chinosoliard have problems with his laptop. Very hot. It can power off when it wants
14:12:58 <s14ck> x3mboy: cool! I'm living in Ecuador now
14:13:13 <chinosoliard> #topic Announcements
14:13:20 <s14ck> .hello2
14:13:21 <zodbot> s14ck: Sorry, but you don't exist
14:13:27 <s14ck> .hello s14ck
14:13:28 <zodbot> s14ck: Sorry, but you don't exist
14:13:54 <williamjmorenor> #info bex if workgin to get the swag done
14:14:07 <williamjmorenor> landyards are on the way
14:14:13 <williamjmorenor> buttons to
14:14:19 <x3mboy> s14ck, You need a fas account to do that, and use the name in your fad account
14:14:42 <chinosoliard> excelent, williamjmorenor. Thanks for carry that
14:14:43 * s14ck zodbot don't like my commands
14:14:55 <s14ck> fas s14ck
14:15:02 <chinosoliard> .fas s14ck
14:15:03 <zodbot> chinosoliard: jhoanir 'Jhoanir Torres' <jhoanir@gmail.com>
14:15:11 <s14ck> .fas s14ck
14:15:13 <zodbot> s14ck: jhoanir 'Jhoanir Torres' <jhoanir@gmail.com>
14:15:15 <bt0> cool, i see the mails
14:15:17 <williamjmorenor> bt0 please write a report  of your release party and send it to me with a list of FAS accounts in the event to clain your badge
14:15:20 <s14ck> .fasinfo s14ck
14:15:21 <zodbot> s14ck: User "s14ck" doesn't exist
14:15:22 <chinosoliard> I've to tell something
14:15:27 <s14ck> .fasinfo jhoanir
14:15:28 <zodbot> s14ck: User: jhoanir, Name: Jhoanir Torres, email: jhoanir@gmail.com, Creation: 2012-06-24, IRC Nick: s14ck, Timezone: America/Guayaquil, Locale: en, GPG key ID: F23ADEA5, Status: active
14:15:31 <zodbot> s14ck: Unapproved Groups: commops
14:15:33 <williamjmorenor> yes chinosoliard
14:15:35 <zodbot> s14ck: Approved Groups: fi-apprentice fedora-ec cla_fpca cla_done
14:15:48 <chinosoliard> http://www.paranaconf.org will be march 29th and 30th
14:16:06 <bt0> williamjmorenor, yeah
14:16:17 <chinosoliard> and nobody from .ar is going to be present, only me, and I'm organizer, so I can't represent Fedora all the time
14:16:18 <williamjmorenor> # info http://www.paranaconf.org will be march 29th and 30th
14:16:54 <chinosoliard> So, Fedora Project is a supporting community, but there will be NO representatives :(
14:17:10 <williamjmorenor> sad to hear that
14:17:17 <bt0> :(
14:17:27 <chinosoliard> .ar community is disolved
14:17:37 <williamjmorenor> we need to look for new contributors to the project
14:17:38 <s14ck> what? why?
14:17:54 <williamjmorenor> and focus of those that are taking down
14:18:10 <chinosoliard> I speak with itamar, but he can't assist, because he have university exams that days
14:18:35 <s14ck> can we do some brainstorment in order to get a plan for raise/wakeup the community there?
14:18:40 <williamjmorenor> any one more from brazil?
14:19:04 <chinosoliard> s14ck, the problem is that I'm not in a "big city", and there aren't too many FLOSS users...
14:19:07 <williamjmorenor> s14ck yes we can, maybe reproduce some ideas from peru
14:19:41 <williamjmorenor> chinosoliard maybe focus in a one university near to you to set up a community on it
14:19:50 <chinosoliard> but a very very big new is that a friend of mine installed Fedora and he's completely in love with. So, I'll try to join him to the community
14:20:03 <s14ck> chinosoliard, williamjmorenor here in Ecuador I have the same perception
14:20:10 <williamjmorenor> we can help with virtual talks al workshop, those have worked for peru
14:20:27 <chinosoliard> I though that this event was going to help Fedora to get new contributors...
14:20:47 <x3mboy> I have an annoucement!
14:20:54 <chinosoliard> I've no too much time to work with people in university
14:20:56 <williamjmorenor> please x3mboy
14:20:56 <s14ck> chinosoliard: I'm agree with williamjmorenor suggest. We can do remote collaboration
14:21:02 <x3mboy> #link https://fedoramagazine.org/listen-new-fedora-podcast/
14:21:14 <x3mboy> Not only for autopromotion (I'm the host of the podcast)
14:21:15 <williamjmorenor> x3mboy++
14:21:28 <x3mboy> But is one the first great steps to do
14:21:38 <x3mboy> We went ahead of openSUSe
14:21:40 <s14ck> x3mboy++
14:21:40 <zodbot> s14ck: Karma for x3mboy changed to 17 (for the f27 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
14:21:40 <bt0> x3mboy++ i just heard it
14:21:50 <x3mboy> Behind Ubuntu and RedHad
14:21:56 <x3mboy> But it's ok
14:22:11 <williamjmorenor> I see the redhat podcast on spotify, not bad
14:22:28 <x3mboy> And I want to apologize, because I'm failing some duties as Ambassador because of this
14:22:35 * s14ck think x3mboy's work is really cool
14:22:42 <x3mboy> :D
14:23:12 <williamjmorenor> do not worry x3mboy , the spected time to spend per week per contributor are just 4 hours
14:23:33 <williamjmorenor> and editing a podcast takes a lot more that this
14:23:48 <s14ck> chinosoliard: can you give me a chair?
14:23:54 <williamjmorenor> no one here is a paid contributor, all we are voluntears
14:24:04 <chinosoliard> #chair s14ck
14:24:04 <zodbot> Current chairs: bt0 chinosoliard s14ck williamjmorenor x3mboy
14:24:28 <chinosoliard> x3mboy, that's amazing!!!!
14:24:33 <williamjmorenor> if no more announces we can move to openfloor
14:24:47 <bt0> ok
14:24:53 <x3mboy> Ok
14:24:54 <s14ck> williamjmorenor: yeap, this is on our best effort
14:25:03 <williamjmorenor> #topic OpenFloor
14:25:03 <s14ck> wait!
14:25:10 <williamjmorenor> #undo
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14:25:17 <williamjmorenor> s14ck ?
14:25:18 <s14ck> I have one info
14:25:27 <williamjmorenor> ok, please go ahead
14:25:45 * chinosoliard think that we were in openfloor :)
14:26:01 <chinosoliard> s14ck, go ahead :)
14:26:09 <s14ck> I get one space in a university here in Ecuador to run some workshops
14:26:16 <williamjmorenor> s14ck ? let us know
14:26:31 <williamjmorenor> s14ck we can help with virtual talks
14:26:50 <williamjmorenor> jitsi works great for this
14:27:14 <s14ck> I've post a briefy info in https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom
14:28:05 <chinosoliard> !
14:28:06 <s14ck> endOfInfo xD
14:28:13 <williamjmorenor> chinosoliard
14:28:19 <williamjmorenor> please go ahead
14:28:36 <chinosoliard> you should move that wiki page  https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Classroom to a URL under your personal wiki page.
14:28:52 <chinosoliard> why? because Classroom can be used for general porpouses
14:29:04 <chinosoliard> proposes
14:29:10 <x3mboy> s14ck, that's the wrong place to put
14:29:14 <x3mboy> But thanks for your effort
14:29:23 <x3mboy> If you need some help, please let us know
14:29:33 <williamjmorenor> ! o/
14:29:38 <x3mboy> You have this to guide you: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Latam/EventOrganizationGuideLine
14:29:49 <x3mboy> williamjmorenor, go ahead
14:30:02 <s14ck> actually, admin user of classroom subproject ask me put that there
14:30:29 * s14ck have the bless of the gods
14:30:29 <chinosoliard> s14ck> actually, admin user of classroom subproject ask me put that there <- s14ck, I was thinking on that! Really!
14:31:41 <chinosoliard> So now I'm OK with the URL :)
14:31:44 <s14ck> x3mboy: I'll read that
14:31:55 <x3mboy> Oh, cool then!
14:32:01 <chinosoliard> x3mboy, we can look for a way to publish that on Events/LATAM
14:32:03 <s14ck> chinosoliard: thanks!
14:32:14 <williamjmorenor> s14ck and chinosoliard I have a idea, can you look for 4 or 5 candidates to contributos so we can start a to work with then to get started?
14:32:44 <x3mboy> chinosoliard, sure!
14:32:45 <chinosoliard> It's difficult to find that qntty of people here...
14:32:50 <chinosoliard> BUT!
14:32:50 <x3mboy> Oh!
14:32:52 <s14ck> williamjmorenor: yes I can
14:32:52 <x3mboy> Oh!
14:33:07 <x3mboy> I need a time to speak about something!
14:33:23 <williamjmorenor> x3mboy please go ahead
14:33:29 <chinosoliard> As I always said... I joined the project because of the community. Now it is not the same
14:34:11 <x3mboy> Mindshare comitee is having a struggle to find the Ambys reps
14:34:34 * s14ck understand chinosoliard's feelings
14:34:34 <williamjmorenor> I did no undestand x3mboy
14:34:45 <x3mboy> I know there are 2 people nominated, but I need to report back if they were approved in meeting or just auto propossed in the wiki
14:34:47 <williamjmorenor> what do you mean?
14:35:12 <x3mboy> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mindshare/Nominations
14:35:43 <x3mboy> Remember Mindshare? The new outreach committee that will replace FAmSCo?
14:35:45 <s14ck> x3mboy: "Nomination period is now closed."
14:36:42 <williamjmorenor> chinosoliard and s14ck can we talk about the idea to start a "mentoring" plan?
14:36:44 <x3mboy> s14ck, yes it is. The problem is that nominations are reviewed, and since Ambassadors works by region, we (Mindshare) need to know if the nominations are still relevant, and that each region is ok with their nominees
14:37:03 <x3mboy> are being*
14:37:12 <s14ck> williamjmorenor: sure!
14:37:38 <williamjmorenor> wait, x3mboy have not finished yeat
14:37:57 <x3mboy> So, please, for next meeting we need to have an answer
14:38:20 <s14ck> x3mboy: about?
14:38:24 <williamjmorenor> what do you need from us x3mboy ?
14:38:27 <x3mboy> Are still ok with the nominees? I think they were approved in meeting, so we shouldn't have problems
14:38:31 <williamjmorenor> I have not cached yet
14:38:59 * s14ck no cacha hahaha
14:39:04 <x3mboy> itamarjp and alexove where nominated to mindshare
14:39:05 <x3mboy> LOL!!!!
14:39:18 <williamjmorenor> but "	Nomination has been discontinued due to missing interview"
14:39:23 <x3mboy> But "Nomination has been discontinued due to missing interview"
14:39:35 <williamjmorenor> dejavu
14:39:44 <chinosoliard> hahaha
14:39:47 <x3mboy> Yes, I can put them back in, if we have proof that they were approved in meeting by voting
14:39:54 <williamjmorenor> so we do not have anyone from latam here
14:40:00 <bt0> as far i remember we talk about the nominees on some meeting
14:40:03 <x3mboy> Yes, me
14:40:04 <x3mboy> :D
14:40:13 <williamjmorenor> yes they were
14:40:15 <x3mboy> I'm representative for Mktg
14:40:39 <williamjmorenor> or at lest there was no any -1 about theirs nominations
14:40:43 <s14ck> x3mboy: so, wa have nominees?
14:40:48 <s14ck> we
14:40:51 <williamjmorenor> so we were ok with is
14:40:52 <bt0> just for the fist round when the interview was not mandatory
14:40:56 <williamjmorenor> I think we have
14:41:08 <x3mboy> Ok, can someone take some time to review and send by email the log where they were elected?
14:41:17 <x3mboy> I have any time left to search it
14:41:27 <williamjmorenor> but we need to ask if they want to continue
14:41:46 <williamjmorenor> if not we can propose someone else
14:41:50 <williamjmorenor> hola nadie_LKF
14:41:55 <nadie_LKF> hello,
14:42:03 <williamjmorenor> .fas lkf
14:42:04 <zodbot> williamjmorenor: yzhou 'Yingfu Zhou' <yolkfull@gmail.com> - dslkfjihj 'lkjsdfjf' <kdshfjh@maildrop.cc> - dfgfhklflkfg 'Ankita Sharma' <dfgfhklflkfg@mail.com> - dslkfjkjh 'sdelfklkf' <ieafqoonspfj@dropmail.me> - blkf 'Michael Liang' <blkfcn@gmail.com> - jkjoillm 'hjlkffdd' <ImaHogg@SharedMailbox.org> - rinku4 'kdfjf' <lkfjjfr@abusemail.de> - sunny15 'jxjhjs' <lkfjjr@abusemail.de> - jfyfik 'lfujf lkfjf' (2 more messages)
14:42:11 <nadie_LKF> fas lkf
14:42:21 <bt0> #action bt0 will search the logs about the nomination of alexove and Itamar for MindShare
14:43:13 <williamjmorenor> ok, we can go back to help .ar and .ec s14ck and chinosoliard
14:43:54 <williamjmorenor> my idea is simple, look for some one interested, setup weekly remote workshops
14:43:57 <chinosoliard> !
14:44:04 <williamjmorenor> chinosoliard
14:44:22 <chinosoliard> I still have to move FLISoL wiki pages to our new URL (events/latam). I'm sorry, I'm busy with the conference
14:44:24 <chinosoliard> EOM
14:44:31 <williamjmorenor> ok
14:44:36 <williamjmorenor> ok
14:44:39 <bt0> s14ck need special help because is not a ambassador yet
14:44:52 * s14ck :(
14:45:02 <williamjmorenor> chinosoliard what do you think?
14:45:12 <chinosoliard> .fasinfo s14ck
14:45:13 <zodbot> chinosoliard: User "s14ck" doesn't exist
14:45:20 <williamjmorenor> well s14ck will be part of the mentoring process then
14:45:22 <s14ck> .fasinfo jhoanir
14:45:23 <zodbot> s14ck: User: jhoanir, Name: Jhoanir Torres, email: jhoanir@gmail.com, Creation: 2012-06-24, IRC Nick: s14ck, Timezone: America/Guayaquil, Locale: en, GPG key ID: F23ADEA5, Status: active
14:45:24 <chinosoliard> what's your FAS, s14ck?
14:45:26 <zodbot> s14ck: Unapproved Groups: commops
14:45:29 <zodbot> s14ck: Approved Groups: fi-apprentice fedora-ec cla_fpca cla_done
14:45:55 <s14ck> chinosoliard: jhoanir
14:46:03 <chinosoliard> so... s14ck, you should contact alexove to start been promoted as an ambassador
14:46:05 <williamjmorenor> s14ck: , chinosoliard do we agree?
14:46:41 <s14ck> williamjmorenor: yeap
14:46:41 <williamjmorenor> #action s14ck to contact alexove to start been promoted ad ambassador
14:46:46 <chinosoliard> williamjmorenor, I think it's not necessary "workshops", what if s14ck like design? I like desing, but I'm not good on that... Understand?
14:46:47 <williamjmorenor> ok
14:47:01 <chinosoliard> what we need is to be more active on IRC and mail lists
14:47:50 <s14ck> chinosoliard: yes!!!!! I have one proposal
14:47:54 <williamjmorenor> please do not understand workshop in this way, I mean to setup a follow up meeting to ask question review advances and so
14:48:16 <s14ck> williamjmorenor: exactly
14:48:31 <chinosoliard> williamjmorenor, that have my +1
14:48:35 <s14ck> chinosoliard: williamjmorenor x3mboy bt0 Think about this
14:49:16 <x3mboy> +1 too
14:49:21 <bt0> +1
14:49:23 <s14ck> What if we join into channels chat, mailling list etc, in EC and AR
14:49:26 <x3mboy> We can do too much just by asking
14:49:30 <s14ck> AND
14:50:14 <williamjmorenor> irc es un poco frio, unirse a un canal en jitsi le da un poco de calor humano al asunto, ademas que puedes por ejemplo compartir tu pantalla
14:50:17 <s14ck> chat in spanish, about technical or whatever intersting thinks
14:50:33 <chinosoliard> but for being ambassador, the work of following progress and interest is from mentors
14:50:39 <williamjmorenor> pero si creo que necesitamos un espacio para que las personas pregunten en tiempo real
14:50:43 <s14ck> for example, I've create one telegram supergroup for .ec
14:50:47 <williamjmorenor> y no hacer del idioma una barrera
14:51:15 <s14ck> https://t.me/FedoraEC
14:51:27 <bt0> note that if you use the "#fedroa-classroom" you need to make your event in English
14:51:34 <chinosoliard> williamjmorenor, in this moment, for example, I'm working and following this meeting at the same time... I can't get more time to join a videconference... It's a particular problem
14:52:00 <chinosoliard> I'm ok of doing so... but It will be difficult for me to join everytime
14:52:18 <s14ck> bt0: yes, but the root problem here is apathy on the community in all our countries
14:52:20 <williamjmorenor> yes, but we need to momento from this, maybe an hour per weekend
14:52:52 <s14ck> chinosoliard: yes, we can't reponse or stay always
14:53:20 <s14ck> chinosoliard: but we can when we have 15min on the bathroom
14:53:27 * s14ck hahaha...
14:53:36 <s14ck> it's just one example
14:53:37 <williamjmorenor> ok, bueno tratemos de hacer una prueba piloto, s14ck puedes buscar otras personas interesadas y ver si haces una video conferencia en jitse en la proxima semana?
14:53:46 <s14ck> williamjmorenor: sure!
14:53:52 <williamjmorenor> ok
14:54:19 <williamjmorenor> demosle seguimiento por email: williamjmorenor at fedoraproject dot org
14:54:24 <s14ck> williamjmorenor: are you ok using bluejean? or google hangouts?
14:54:53 <s14ck> williamjmorenor: can we create one tkt on pagure.io?
14:55:05 <chinosoliard> <s14ck> chinosoliard: but we can when we have 15min on the bathroom <- Videoconf from the bathrooms :-P
14:55:35 <nadie_LKF> ...
14:55:51 <s14ck> chinosoliard: why not? hahaha
14:56:29 <williamjmorenor> s14ck con sea en tiempo real y permita compartir una pantalla esta bien
14:56:39 <s14ck> so, everyone of you can help me join yourself into https://t.me/FedoraEC
14:57:01 <williamjmorenor> s14ck no veo necesidad de un ticket en pagure
14:58:01 <s14ck> williamjmorenor: we have limitless, the root idea is motivate to others into write, ask, snoop..
14:58:55 * s14ck has finished his rhetoric
14:59:10 <s14ck> is just one proposal
14:59:44 <williamjmorenor> can we close this meeting?
14:59:46 <chinosoliard> PLEASE!
14:59:50 <s14ck> hahaha
14:59:54 <williamjmorenor> 5
14:59:55 <williamjmorenor> 4
14:59:56 <williamjmorenor> 3
14:59:58 <williamjmorenor> 2
14:59:59 <chinosoliard> send mails with your propuestas!
15:00:00 <williamjmorenor> 1
15:00:18 <williamjmorenor> #endmeeting