22:57:05 <echevemaster> #startmeeting Fedora Latam meeting 2017-04-29
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22:57:39 <echevemaster> #topic Roll Call
22:57:48 <alexove> .fas alexove
22:57:49 <zodbot> alexove: alexove 'Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis' <alleinerwolf@gmail.com>
22:57:52 <echevemaster> .fas echevemaster
22:57:53 <zodbot> echevemaster: echevemaster 'Eduardo Javier Echeverria Alvarado' <echevemaster@gmail.com>
22:58:05 * echevemaster Colombia - Venezuela.
22:58:11 * alexove = Peru
22:58:48 <yn1v> .fas yn1v
22:58:49 <zodbot> yn1v: yn1v 'Neville A. Cross' <yn1v@taygon.com>
22:58:58 * yn1v Nicaragua
22:59:11 <echevemaster> waiting for more people to start our first and only topic for today.
23:00:15 <echevemaster> potty, are you there, right?
23:00:24 <echevemaster> #chair potty yn1v
23:00:24 <zodbot> Current chairs: echevemaster potty yn1v
23:02:31 <chinosoliard> .fas chinosoliard
23:02:31 <zodbot> chinosoliard: asoliard 'Soliard, Adrian D.' <a.soliard@gmail.com>
23:02:35 * chinosoliard from Argentina
23:02:43 <chinosoliard> hi!
23:03:40 <potty> Hi
23:03:44 <potty> Always here
23:03:55 <potty> Ping me when my time have arrived
23:04:24 <echevemaster> potty, I'm not God,I can't say when you time has arrived
23:04:56 <echevemaster> #topic Stop approving lonely tickets, lets align events with new mission statement
23:05:12 <echevemaster> https://pagure.io/ambassadors-latam/tasks/issue/401
23:05:21 <echevemaster> potty, go ahead
23:06:16 <wmoreno> .fas  williamjmorenor
23:06:16 <zodbot> wmoreno: williamjmorenor 'William Moreno' <williamjmorenor@gmail.com>
23:06:16 <itamarjp> .fas itamarjp
23:06:19 <zodbot> itamarjp: itamarjp 'Itamar Reis Peixoto' <itamar@ispbrasil.com.br>
23:06:41 * wmoreno is on  the cellphone
23:06:51 <wmoreno> hello
23:06:57 <echevemaster> hello wmoreno.
23:07:12 <echevemaster> potty, go ahead.
23:07:18 <athos> hello :)
23:07:23 <wmoreno> hi echevemaster
23:07:31 <wmoreno> hi athos
23:09:24 <wmoreno> Lkf ?
23:09:37 <Lkf> ?
23:09:48 <potty> It is simple
23:09:51 <yn1v> .fas lkf
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23:09:53 <potty> We overspent the budget
23:10:08 <potty> I have to write a ticket to Council explaining this behavior
23:10:17 <potty> Hoping they could approve extra budget for us
23:10:32 <potty> 2600 aprox spent / 1300 allocated
23:11:22 <potty> No more tickets will be approved right now
23:11:29 <potty> Until further news
23:11:40 <potty> I will keep you up to date within the open issue
23:11:43 <potty> On Pagure
23:11:46 <potty> Any questions?
23:11:50 <athos> !
23:11:58 <echevemaster> go ahead athos
23:11:58 <potty> Athos
23:13:32 <athos> do you need help opening that ticket? I volunteer to do whatever you need :) As I see, reimbursements are frozen and that's not fair with the ones waiting. OK, we made a mistake, let's move on and see what we can do
23:13:41 <echevemaster> potty, Can you talk about what do you mean with align events with the new mission statement, in order that people could understand what's going on?
23:13:42 <potty> No extra hands are needed
23:14:04 <potty> I am currently the treasurer, I should be able to respond our expenses
23:14:13 <potty> My support is Neville and FCAIC
23:14:20 <potty> s/is/are
23:14:25 <wmoreno> pregunta: se justifica el monto ejecutado de mas?
23:14:28 <potty> So dont worry and wait
23:14:37 <potty> wmoreno: i got some reasons
23:15:05 <potty> So wait for my ticket in Council
23:15:13 <athos> eof
23:15:29 <potty> I already spoke to FCAIC. He is aware and willing to help on this situation.
23:15:32 <wmoreno> cool
23:15:37 <potty> Missing only Council
23:15:43 <potty> After this meeting
23:15:46 <potty> I will open it
23:15:49 <echevemaster> potty, please answer my question when you can, or if you want we can talk about it in another ticket.
23:15:55 <potty> But i wanted to you know all the inside
23:16:05 <potty> echevemaster: to your question
23:16:12 <potty> We are doing events wrongly
23:16:16 <potty> First
23:16:26 <potty> The Project expect us to make budget per event
23:16:33 <potty> We basically move per country
23:16:34 <wmoreno> i have not seen many flisol reports and we spent a lot of budget in flisol
23:16:38 <potty> For example
23:16:43 <potty> Flisol
23:16:50 <potty> We do not have a global flisol budget
23:16:59 <potty> But per country flisol tickets
23:17:03 <potty> Not correct
23:17:10 <echevemaster> wmoreno, please let's talk potty first, and after that please share your thoughts
23:17:19 <potty> The right thing to do is to identify the event
23:17:22 <potty> Determine the objectives
23:17:28 <potty> And positive impact for the project
23:17:37 <potty> Then distribute the budget to each participant country
23:17:55 <chinosoliard> +1
23:18:02 <chinosoliard> !
23:18:07 <potty> Also another missing thing
23:18:09 <itamarjp> we overspend because we are paying traveling for fedora contributors, flisol should be a local event with no travelling.
23:18:15 <potty> Is reporting as wmoreno
23:18:17 <potty> Mentioned
23:18:35 <chinosoliard> I was thinking the same that itamarjp
23:18:39 <potty> We make small reports
23:18:44 <potty> Not big impact
23:18:47 <chinosoliard> We must try to make FLISoL a local event
23:18:59 <potty> So to correct here is to have a global report per country
23:19:08 <potty> With quantitative positive impact for the project
23:19:25 <chinosoliard> One of the things I learn with Fedora is to take the initiative. If it's no FLISoL event organized on my city, I should organize
23:19:32 <chinosoliard> that's what I do every year
23:19:37 <alexove> potty: ¿Como mides el impacto?
23:19:48 <potty> itamarjp: maybe that is a reason but is not the root cause
23:20:12 <potty> chinosoliard: that is good, but we have to coordinate as region, not per country basis
23:20:23 <chinosoliard> potty: we can make numbers to see what's going on
23:20:26 <echevemaster> this is  something written in somewhere? remember, sadly latam not obey nothing if this is not written.
23:20:26 <potty> alexove: impact is measure on the success metrics we define for the events
23:20:39 <itamarjp> the money we spend in travelling we should spend in stuff to give-away in flisol (marketing material, folders, usb stickers, etc...)
23:21:07 <echevemaster> sadly in latam, if something is not written, people don't want or not remember that it's a rule..
23:21:14 <potty> alexove: for example if it is a tech event maybe a metric could be packages in-process to be included in repo
23:21:27 <chinosoliard> It's true that we need to go, sometimes, to places where there's no contributors, or there are no SL community
23:21:33 <potty> alexove: another example could be non tech event where the metric could be new users or new contributors
23:21:36 <potty> Maybe installations
23:21:47 <athos> the problem has nothing to do with traveling, we simply failed in setting a limit to the tickets we approved. After the budget was reached, we should have stopped approving tickets
23:21:57 <potty> itamarjp: that could be a feasible solution but traveling is not the problem
23:22:05 <yn1v> flisol is about new users, so how many installations were made... may be one of the metrics
23:22:16 <potty> itamarjp: maybe we have to explore new areas where ambassadors have not yet explored and set a community there
23:22:24 <itamarjp> athos, I agree with you.
23:22:32 <echevemaster> ok. people, potty is right. we have to start to give a clear objective to events.
23:22:50 <potty> athos: you are correct. But limiting was a double edge weapon
23:22:53 <echevemaster> and this have to be one of the reasons to approve events.
23:23:00 <potty> athos: let me explain you why
23:23:13 <chinosoliard> potty: that is! in Nicaragua, ambassadors went to places to create a new community
23:23:39 <potty> Latam learned that have to be more active on local events, so we started to participate more (creating more tickets) but the problem is that we discovered this too late
23:23:41 <itamarjp> potty, we have to spend only what fedora allowed us to, overspend is bad.
23:23:44 <alyaj2a> .fas alyaj2a
23:23:45 <zodbot> alyaj2a: alyaj2a 'Aly Yuliza Machaca Mamani' <alyaj2a@gmail.com>
23:23:52 <potty> Organizational changes pushed to a limited budget
23:24:07 <potty> If we limited on the budget (which was the smallest)
23:24:15 * alyaj2a from Peru
23:24:17 <potty> We could basically have nothing for flisol
23:24:28 <potty> Which is a major event for latam
23:24:41 <potty> I took the risk
23:24:44 <potty> Now is payoff
23:24:56 <athos> potty: I agree, we did a good job with the massive participation in FLISOL (reports pending). Bad timing and bad planning :(
23:25:01 <potty> Repxo
23:25:05 <potty> Reports are pending
23:25:08 <potty> That might help out
23:25:11 <potty> With council
23:25:17 <potty> Questilns?
23:25:26 <echevemaster> please, people, share your reports ASAP
23:25:36 <athos> shall I send an email to FLISOL participants asking for reports? :)
23:26:00 <athos> I can ask each of them individually and collect the links ;)
23:26:10 <echevemaster> athos, ambassadors have to make reports. that is their task
23:26:21 * chinosoliard was very busy last week, is going to write report tomorroy or past
23:27:04 <athos> OK :)
23:27:12 <echevemaster> ok, so what will be the actions?
23:27:14 <echevemaster> one
23:27:34 <echevemaster> #action Ambassadors should send reports this week (Flisol)
23:27:39 <chinosoliard> athos: I was recovering hours lost in FLISoL at work this week. I think we can wait some days
23:27:48 <alexove> !
23:27:50 <chinosoliard> ok
23:27:52 <echevemaster> alexove, go ahead
23:28:14 <echevemaster> thanks potty I think there are no more questions
23:28:23 <echevemaster> thanks for your explanation.
23:28:24 <alexove> Sugiero que este tipo de dudas lo hagan por la lista de correo o en el ticket de pagure para discutirlo con orden y calma
23:28:34 <echevemaster> It's something needed to create the new budget?
23:28:36 * chinosoliard agreed with alexove
23:28:38 <echevemaster> potty, ?
23:28:47 <alexove> y debemos tomarnos el tiempo para mejorar
23:28:57 <alexove> tengo un anuncio para openfloor
23:28:58 <alexove> eof
23:29:01 <echevemaster> we have to start to work in the new budget planning?
23:29:04 <echevemaster> potty, ?
23:29:13 <potty> echevemaster: we have to work ln that
23:29:21 <potty> echevemaster: yes
23:29:35 <potty> I will update that on the issue opened
23:29:42 <potty> :)
23:29:47 <yn1v> alexove suggest that this kind of doubts are done by mailing list or in pagure, so it can be discussed at ease. We should take the time to improve
23:30:05 <echevemaster> ok, how? I think could be interesting, since now, give objectives to every events in the planning of the new budget
23:30:07 <yn1v> alexove, also has an announcement for open floor
23:30:15 <echevemaster> yn1v, riht
23:30:23 <echevemaster> thanks
23:30:30 <echevemaster> #topic OpenFloor
23:30:35 <echevemaster> go ahead alexove
23:30:44 <alexove> jajajaja
23:30:47 <alexove> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:Cusco2017
23:31:07 <alexove> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:Cusco2017
23:31:16 <yn1v> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD:Cusco2017
23:31:22 <alexove> Es una propuesta en la que estoy trabajando justamente para mejorar todas nuestras actividades
23:32:16 <potty> Lo ideal es que sea virtual, pero estoy de acuerdo
23:32:25 <yn1v> alexove said that it is a proposal were he is working focused on improve our activities
23:32:59 <yn1v> potty said, that will be better to do it virtually, but he agrees
23:33:54 <echevemaster> alexove, when this could be considered a finished proposal?
23:34:21 <echevemaster> do you need input for other people?
23:34:33 <chinosoliard> what about covering some things with next Q budget, and do it in Q3 or Q4?
23:34:41 <chinosoliard> sorry, Q3...
23:34:52 <yn1v> I will love to go to Cuzco, but I think that there are cities that are better connected in LATAM that will make travel cheaper,  like Sao Paolo or Panama
23:34:57 <athos> IF this is to be in person, as suggested, June sounds way too soon.
23:35:16 <echevemaster> alexove, consider yn1v is saying.
23:35:35 <echevemaster> you can do it in Panama for example.
23:35:49 <athos> if this is to happen in são paulo, as suggested, I'd love to help organizing, finding a venue to host the event and maybe even hosting 1 or 2 of you in my place :)
23:35:52 <echevemaster> or Brazil.
23:36:25 <echevemaster> but the important is... alexove please share the clear onbjectives for this one.
23:37:18 <echevemaster> ok, I think all it's clear for now.
23:37:26 <echevemaster> Anyone else wants add something?
23:38:15 <echevemaster> people?
23:38:27 <athos> not from here
23:38:29 <athos> :)
23:38:32 <echevemaster> athos, chinosoliard potty yn1v
23:38:33 <echevemaster> ?
23:38:34 <echevemaster> ok
23:38:42 <echevemaster> so, thanks for attending..
23:38:46 <chinosoliard> mmm...
23:38:49 <echevemaster> see you the next week.
23:38:54 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, ??
23:39:00 <chinosoliard> I had something to say, but I really don't remember :-/
23:39:06 <chinosoliard> days ago...
23:39:08 <echevemaster> hehehe
23:39:15 <echevemaster> please take your medicine,
23:39:25 <chinosoliard> ¬¬
23:39:29 <itamarjp> !
23:39:31 <itamarjp> I filled a ticket, https://pagure.io/ambassadors-latam/tasks/issue/402
23:39:35 <yn1v> potty++
23:39:45 <itamarjp> about new New mentor nomination and removal process
23:40:59 <chinosoliard> !
23:41:09 <chinosoliard> I'll need a mentor in Argentina
23:41:41 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, go ahead and nominate yourself
23:41:47 <chinosoliard> 'cause valentinbasel, delete and Matias_Arg are away
23:41:57 <chinosoliard> I need to explain
23:42:25 <echevemaster> so, you need to remove first to valentin, delete and matias.
23:42:28 <chinosoliard> that they are not away from the project, they are without time
23:42:48 <echevemaster> it's the same
23:42:49 <echevemaster> chinosoliard,
23:43:02 <echevemaster> in a practical way
23:43:50 <chinosoliard> I've sent several mails to the mail list (arg), and didn't fet response... only from ezq, villadalmine, and 2 more people that, for example, in FLISoL, did not colaborate
23:44:26 * chinosoliard was very angry because 1 person was an installer in FLISoL CABA, but not for Fedora
23:45:01 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, as I said before, please open a ticket and nominate yourself, if you want, if not please nominate to another person to make it possible
23:45:11 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, do you want to nominate yourself?
23:45:25 <chinosoliard> I should assume that they're not compromised with the project
23:45:36 <wmoreno> just a note, I will finish the flisol badge, send me your reports and I will grant the badge, badges grandted are also a good metric
23:45:53 <chinosoliard> I can nominate myself, but this is because it will no represent a very hard work for me...
23:46:04 <yn1v> I do not understand the need for a mentor form a specific country, we need somebody form latam that has the time to help new ambassadors/collaborators
23:46:06 <chinosoliard> we need to recreate Argentina community
23:46:34 <chinosoliard> yn1v: that is!
23:46:38 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, read yn1v intervention. he is right.
23:46:44 <chinosoliard> yes, he is
23:47:13 <wmoreno> we need to rethink latam
23:47:28 <chinosoliard> but one thing... that itamarjp will be agree, I estimate
23:47:35 <yn1v> so, you need help on mailing list, irc and other communications to answer questions. If we use country mailing list we are dividing our capacity to respond
23:47:37 <chinosoliard> we need to clean some groups!
23:47:44 <chinosoliard> wmoreno++ :-)
23:48:20 <echevemaster> all of us, sometimes we don't have enough time, and this is normal, but always we have to left new people take the seat
23:48:26 <chinosoliard> Argentina community, last years, were villadalmine, ezq and me
23:48:26 <wmoreno> if we move to es users list?
23:49:04 <echevemaster> wmoreno, I'm not following you.
23:49:07 <echevemaster> what do you mean?
23:49:18 <chinosoliard> echevemaster: I understand that! But I don't understand why people that don't have time to collaborate , have time to travel
23:49:43 <chinosoliard> or spend Fedora budget in things that aren't needed
23:50:04 <chinosoliard> I was viewing some videos days ago... and see a video from FISL 200*
23:50:05 <yn1v> because it is more easy to be hero one day that deal with tiny stuff in a daily basis
23:50:19 <chinosoliard> a guy from Uruguay went to FISL with Fedora Latam budget
23:50:22 <wmoreno> about country groups, we can give support in the es users mailing list, I am on phone, sorry
23:50:27 <echevemaster> yn1v++
23:50:27 <zodbot> echevemaster: Karma for yn1v changed to 9 (for the f25 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
23:50:27 <chinosoliard> anyone know who is this guy?
23:50:47 <wmoreno> chinosoliard have a point
23:51:14 <yn1v> I do not see traveling as a white/black issue
23:51:14 <wmoreno> yn1v have another good point
23:51:24 <echevemaster> FISL?? what version chinosoliard
23:51:36 <chinosoliard> yn1v: it's not a white/black issue, it's a budget issue
23:51:49 <chinosoliard> echevemaster: wait, I'll find it right now
23:52:03 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, always has been a budget issue.
23:52:11 <echevemaster> even in Flock is a budget issue..
23:52:29 <chinosoliard> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH7sIbhJbuI
23:52:36 <yn1v> in the other hand ...  towels with logo and squeeze bottles with logo ... that really is beyond me
23:52:37 <echevemaster> rules are the key here, and guidelines
23:52:57 <wmoreno> chinosoliard++
23:53:15 <chinosoliard> yn1v: yes! it is!
23:53:23 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, he is marcelo ribeiro dantas,
23:53:32 <athos> Once again, I invite ppl to comment on the proposal for rewriting latam reimbursement rules :)
23:53:46 <echevemaster> athos, please send an email to people
23:53:48 <athos> To at least disagree with them :)
23:54:13 <williamjmorenor> yn1v++
23:54:38 <chinosoliard> echevemaster: this one: https://youtu.be/tH7sIbhJbuI?t=37m41s
23:55:03 <chinosoliard> his name is Diego **
23:55:06 <williamjmorenor> I DO agree with Neville about towels
23:55:21 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, he is diego daguerre from uruguay
23:55:38 <chinosoliard> I DO agree with yn1v with towels and bottles
23:55:45 <echevemaster> williamjmorenor, I have my thoughts about that issue.
23:55:56 <chinosoliard> echevemaster: I know... When was the last time you see him online?
23:55:57 <echevemaster> but. I prefer not talk about it.
23:56:24 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, in that year
23:56:30 <chinosoliard> you see?
23:56:54 <chinosoliard> we need to fidelize users/contributos before spend budget on him
23:57:18 <yn1v> that towel event was more expensive than the budget allocated for Flisol San Cristobal that has two flight ticket... please let the flisol travelling alone
23:57:24 <echevemaster> chinosoliard, always we have people with that problem. but at least, of the number of people in that FISL, we are all here.
23:57:58 <echevemaster> yn1v, hehehe
23:58:15 <chinosoliard> that is because we have a budget, and we need to care about it
23:58:30 <echevemaster> well people,I think the point is clear, please share your thoughts in the ticket
23:58:36 <echevemaster> and good bye
23:58:53 <echevemaster> 5
23:58:54 <echevemaster> 4
23:58:55 <echevemaster> 3
23:58:56 <echevemaster> 2
23:58:57 <echevemaster> 1
23:59:02 <echevemaster> #endmeeting