15:05:14 <giannisk> #startmeeting FAmSCo 2017-03-29
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15:05:21 <giannisk> #meetingname famsco
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15:05:26 <giannisk> #topic Roll Call
15:05:29 <giannisk> .fas giannisk
15:05:30 <zodbot> giannisk: giannisk 'Giannis Konstantinidis' <giannis@konstantinidis.cc>
15:06:00 <Kohane> Hello!
15:06:06 <Kohane> .fas lailah
15:06:06 <zodbot> Kohane: lailah 'Sylvia Sánchez' <BHKohane@gmail.com>
15:06:48 <giannisk> ping fredlima jonatoni mailga
15:07:55 <jonatoni> .fas jonatoni
15:07:55 <zodbot> jonatoni: jonatoni 'Jona Azizaj' <jonaazizaj@gmail.com>
15:09:00 <giannisk> Let's wait a few more minutes for other to join, too.
15:09:20 <giannisk> As you may have noticed, there's been a change in the timezone.
15:09:30 <giannisk> I hope it hasn't caused much confusion.
15:09:56 <giannisk> The original meeting time remained untouched.
15:10:44 <Kohane> Yes, I wrote wrongly the meeting hours in my calendar. But I quickly realised my mistake.
15:12:55 <giannisk> We have not reached quorum yet (3/7).
15:13:15 <Kohane> Yes, I know.
15:18:17 <giannisk> ping fredlima mailga
15:18:34 <giannisk> Kohane, jonatoni: anything in particular you'd like to discuss today?
15:18:52 <Kohane> Not that I remember...
15:19:22 <jonatoni> Robyduck and mailga wrote on mailing list that they will not attend
15:19:23 <Kohane> From what we discussed in the last meeting... there was anything left to discuss today?
15:20:20 <giannisk> jonatoni: Aha, thank you, I was not aware about mailga's absence, didn't notice.
15:20:34 <Kohane> jonatoni:  ah, thanks, I was almost sure someone said he couldn't attend but didn't remember who.
15:20:49 <giannisk> #info robyduck and mailga send regrets
15:20:57 <giannisk> #info quorum not reached (3/7)
15:21:34 <giannisk> #topic Updates on ambassador mentor status
15:21:52 <giannisk> I have an update.
15:22:05 <giannisk> The end results are not so encouraging, let's say.
15:22:20 <Kohane> Doh...  What is the update?
15:22:24 <giannisk> More than 1/3 of the mentors haven't replied back to me to let me know of their status.
15:22:39 <Kohane> Wow! That's a lot!
15:23:08 <giannisk> I made it clear (in a positive tone) that failure to reply will result into them being marked as inactive.
15:23:21 <jonatoni> Next step is to list them as inactive, right?
15:23:25 <giannisk> I have made two attempts to reach out to them.
15:23:44 <Kohane> jonatoni: yes, that's right
15:23:50 <giannisk> I will send them a last notification indicating they're being marked as inactive - with an option to be reinstated in the future if they wish to.
15:24:35 <Kohane> giannisk:  it's a lot of people that didn't reply, but this was the outcome I expected.
15:24:48 <giannisk> Like Pontius Pilate said, "I wash my hands".
15:25:05 <giannisk> There isn't much I can do. Imagine ambassador candidates trying to reach out to mentors.
15:25:18 <giannisk> If a mentor is unable to respond, then this is definitely not a good sign.
15:25:35 <giannisk> It can spring back and demotivate candidates.
15:26:05 <Kohane> Well, it certainly did to a number of people I know in LATAM
15:26:38 <jonatoni> But AFAIK if we list them as inactive, after 6 month they will be removed if they will not *at least* sign in with their FAS account during this period.
15:26:57 <giannisk> I have a question for all of you: should we also have those mentors removed from the respective FAS group?
15:27:10 <giannisk> jonatoni: I'm not sure whether such a measure is in place.
15:27:39 <Kohane> giannisk:  Well, I think yes.
15:28:10 <Kohane> They don't seem to be contributing nor show interest, so why would Fedora keep those idle FAS?
15:28:26 <Kohane> I think it's better to remove them.
15:29:31 <jonatoni> giannisk: I think yes, because we need mentors to be responsible and help ambassadors. Why to keep their "title" if they are not active and be part of the respective FAS group?
15:30:12 <jonatoni> But we need to ask also the others
15:30:25 <jonatoni> at our next meeting or mailing list
15:30:26 <Kohane> Yes, of course
15:30:28 <giannisk> jonatoni: Definitely, this isn't something we get to decide today.
15:31:01 <giannisk> #action giannisk make a third contact attempt and inform non-responsive mentors that they will be marked as inactive on the wiki
15:31:59 <giannisk> #action giannisk inform rest of FAmSCo regarding mentors' failure to respond, initiate discussion
15:33:58 <giannisk> Anything else for now?
15:34:09 <jonatoni> Regarding ambassadors status I don't have any updates. On monday I will run again the script.
15:34:17 <giannisk> jonatoni++
15:34:46 <Kohane> Looks like there isn't much to discuss today. Although I might be forgetting something....
15:36:17 <giannisk> I also share jonatoni's concerns above. But let's not open up such a big discussion today, we have too many members absent.
15:36:34 <giannisk> Okay, let's move on to the Open Floor
15:36:39 <jonatoni> giannisk: +1
15:37:00 <giannisk> #topic Open Floor
15:37:38 <giannisk> If there's anything else you'd like to discuss today, please go ahead.
15:37:47 <giannisk> If not, I will end the meeting in five (5) minutes.
15:38:40 <Kohane> I have the sensation that is something else, but I can't remember...
15:41:15 <giannisk> Thanks all for coming today.
15:41:32 <jonatoni> thanks for chairing giannisk :)
15:41:57 <Kohane> giannisk++
15:42:19 <giannisk> #endmeeting