17:00:06 <jkurik> #startmeeting F24 Final Go/No-Go meeting #2
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17:00:09 <jkurik> #topic Roll Call
17:00:11 <jkurik> .hello jkurik
17:00:11 <zodbot> jkurik: jkurik 'Jan Kurik' <jkurik@redhat.com>
17:00:32 <jkurik> #chair dgilmore nirik adamw
17:00:32 <zodbot> Current chairs: adamw dgilmore jkurik nirik
17:00:41 <nirik> morning
17:00:47 <jkurik> evening :)
17:00:49 <coremodule> .hello coremodule
17:00:50 <mattdm> hello!
17:00:50 <zodbot> coremodule: coremodule 'Geoffrey Marr' <gmarr@redhat.com>
17:00:57 <jkurik> hi every body
17:01:25 <jkurik> adamw: do we have you ?
17:01:30 <adamw> yes
17:01:33 <jkurik> hi
17:01:35 <adamw> i'm just looking into remaining dual boot issues
17:01:55 <jkurik> ok, we will talk about it shortly
17:02:06 <jkurik> #topic Purpose of this meeting
17:02:07 <jkurik> #info Purpose of this meeting is to check whether or not F24 final is ready for shipment, according to the release criteria.
17:02:09 <jkurik> #info This is determined in a few ways:
17:02:11 <jkurik> #info - No remaining blocker bugs
17:02:12 <jkurik> #info - Release candidate compose is available
17:02:14 <jkurik> #info - Test matrices for Final are fully completed
17:02:15 <jkurik> #link https://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/24/final/buglist
17:02:17 <jkurik> #link http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_24_Final_Release_Criteria
17:02:18 <jkurik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Category:Fedora_24_RC_Test_Results
17:02:20 <jkurik> #topic Current status
17:02:26 <jkurik> #info This is the second round of the Go/No-Go meeting of Fedora 24 Final
17:02:33 <jkurik> #info The RC for the Fedora 24 Final is available as Fedora 24 RC 1.2 (20160614.0)
17:02:40 <jkurik> #link https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org/compose/24/Fedora-24-20160614.0/
17:02:45 <jkurik> #link https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/6423#comment:13
17:02:51 <jkurik> #info Currently we have 2 proposed and none approved Blockers
17:02:59 <jkurik> #info We have 2 proposed and 5 accepted Freeze Exceptions
17:03:06 <jkurik> #link https://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/24/final/buglist
17:03:16 <jkurik> Let's start with Mini-blocker review
17:03:23 <jkurik> adamw: may I ask you please to chair the mini-blocker review ?
17:03:28 <nb> hello
17:03:35 <jkurik> nb: hi
17:03:50 <adamw> sure
17:03:59 <jkurik> #topic Mini-Blocker Review
17:04:13 <adamw> so we have two windows dual boot bugs to consider
17:04:14 <adamw> #topic (1347273) There is no Windows entry in grub after installation to dual boot
17:04:15 <adamw> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1347273
17:04:15 <adamw> #info Proposed Blocker, grub2, NEW
17:04:47 <adamw> this one i have not yet reproduced as i'm working on the other one: so far the symptom seems to be that Windows isn't auto-detected and added to the Fedora boot menu if you have a UEFI Windows install on a firmware RAID device
17:05:23 <jkurik> as I understand it, it appears only on RAID and even such it is not reliably reproducible
17:05:38 <nirik> given that you can still boot windows, I'm -1 blocker.
17:05:50 <jkurik> -1 blocker from my side as well
17:06:08 <adamw> well, you can boot it from the system firmware
17:06:20 <adamw> if we thought that was enough we would never have taken *any* of these bugs as blockers
17:06:47 <adamw> so far we've said we want it to work from the Fedora grub because we're not confident enough that all firmwares provide a usable interface to the boot manager
17:07:01 <nirik> hum.
17:07:12 * nirik adds another reason to dislike firmware raid. ;)
17:07:24 <adamw> still, i can go with -1 for limited impact and discovered really late
17:07:33 <adamw> the more we poke at this the more corner cases we're likely to find
17:07:51 <jkurik> does it applies only for a specific firmware/raid or is it general ?
17:09:54 <adamw> jkurik: not enough data yet
17:10:06 <adamw> i've been reproducing the *other* bug (the one that comes next) so i didn't try this one yet
17:10:11 <adamw> so far we just have pschindl's report
17:10:21 <adamw> we also don't know if this worked in f23
17:10:22 <jkurik> ok, so I am still -1 to block on this
17:11:12 <dgilmore> I can go -1
17:12:44 <adamw> who else do we have to vote?
17:12:46 <adamw> so far i see about -3
17:12:57 <striker> who is allowed to vote?
17:13:18 <jkurik> striker: for blockers anyone is allowed
17:13:27 <coremodule> I'm -1 on the fact that you can still firmware boot.
17:13:33 <striker> then -1, as per comment #2, it seems specific to the environment
17:14:35 <striker> and the reporter also changed his +1 to a -1
17:14:37 <adamw> proposed #agreed 1347273 - RejectedBlocker - this is unfortunate but it's only coming to light very late, we have little data but so far it seems specific to firmware RAID, and there are other mechanisms for achieving boot on UEFI, so the combined impact is too low to consider this a blocker at this point
17:14:50 <jkurik> ack
17:14:54 <coremodule> ack
17:15:06 <nirik> ack
17:15:14 <adamw> #agreed 1347273 - RejectedBlocker - this is unfortunate but it's only coming to light very late, we have little data but so far it seems specific to firmware RAID, and there are other mechanisms for achieving boot on UEFI, so the combined impact is too low to consider this a blocker at this point
17:16:13 <adamw> #topic (1347291) Booting from Windows 10 entry ends with 'relocation failed' error
17:16:13 <adamw> #link https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1347291
17:16:13 <adamw> #info Proposed Blocker, grub2, NEW
17:16:19 <adamw> this one may be a little more worrying i guess
17:16:26 <coremodule> adamw, Do we need someone on secretary duty?
17:16:35 <adamw> coremodule: if you could that'd be great
17:16:43 <coremodule> adamw, Roger that!
17:16:53 <jkurik> coremodule++
17:16:53 <zodbot> jkurik: Karma for coremodule changed to 1 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:17:01 <adamw> so far we have three reports of systems / windows 10 installs where after installing fedora alongside windows (this is all UEFI, btw) the windows entry in fedora's boot manager fails with this 'relocation failed' error
17:17:29 <mattdm> :-/
17:17:42 <adamw> we have one physical system (the same one from the previous bug, but without fwraid) where it seems to work (though with UEFI i guess there's always the possibility it's falling through to the next boot manager entry after grub fails?) and it seems to work in a KVM
17:18:01 <striker> considering I have an amd machine at home w/ win10 and f24rc1-2, going to give my -1
17:18:12 <adamw> striker: UEFI or BIOS?
17:18:15 <striker> UEFI
17:18:21 <adamw> so it worked for you?
17:18:34 <adamw> then that's +3/-3 so far i guess (in terms of systems that work/fail)
17:18:39 <jkurik> do we know whether this is specific for Win 10 ? Do we have a test with Win 7 for example ?
17:18:41 <striker> I set prio order in BIOS to boot Fedora UEFI and grub shows both entires - choosing Windows works fine
17:18:42 <nirik> huh, and it boots after the error on 2+ attemtps to boot?
17:18:58 <adamw> nirik: no, fedora boots OK after showing the error once
17:19:14 <adamw> pjones says that's probably just a weird interaction with the shell (the reason the error messages and the boot success/fail get slightly out of sync)
17:19:16 <nirik> ah, but win never boots?
17:19:23 <adamw> but basically windows never boots (from fedora grub), fedora does boot
17:19:28 <adamw> striker: ok, thanks
17:19:40 <adamw> jkurik: we are not sure of the parameters yet, let's say
17:19:58 <adamw> for me, i've tested the same win10 image in a KVM and on my bare metal test box, it worked in the KVM, failed on the test box
17:20:09 <adamw> i have not tried any other windows yet (this test takes for-goddamn-ever)
17:20:41 <striker> I have a server 2012 iso here I can also test in kvm
17:20:51 <adamw> sure, why not
17:21:00 <adamw> pjones is having a look into my case of this at present
17:21:18 <nirik> is there any commonality with raid here? or it doesn't seem related?
17:21:27 <adamw> no
17:21:36 <adamw> mine fails on install to a single disk
17:21:36 <jkurik> adamw: ok, I just asked as it might be something specific for Win 10
17:21:47 <adamw> jkurik: it may be; we just don't know yet
17:22:22 <nirik> yeah, hard to determine here without more info...
17:23:46 <nirik> should we pause for more testing? or just vote on what we know so far?
17:23:53 <striker> building a virt reproducer for 1347291 now
17:23:53 <jkurik> well, non working dual-boot is blocking: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_24_Final_Release_Criteria#Windows_dual_boot
17:23:54 <adamw> oop, we have another failure report on the bz
17:24:18 <adamw> jkurik: right, but this is clearly conditional: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't
17:24:28 <adamw> we're kinda tossing coins atm since we don't know *when* it works and *when* it fails
17:24:40 <striker> also, you can boot to w10 from uefi selection if it doesn't work from grub
17:24:53 <adamw> striker: again, this is only if your firmware gives you a reasonable interface to that (and you know about it)
17:24:58 <adamw> which is why we still care about the grub menu
17:25:03 <striker> ah, ok
17:25:06 * striker shuts up
17:25:08 <adamw> it is a mitigating factor, though, compared to BIOS where that's not an option
17:25:29 <adamw> striker: we've seen some really awful firmware interfaces that just don't really let you pick what to boot like they should
17:25:48 <striker> that's why everyone should run with lenovos
17:27:19 <jkurik> with the currently available info I am 50/50 to block/not-block on this
17:27:30 <adamw> yeah, i'm kinda on the fence too
17:27:34 <adamw> i'm hoping pjones will see something
17:27:54 <adamw> at least give us an idea
17:27:54 * nirik is a weak -1 blocker right now, but if it's more widespread... bah.
17:27:59 <dgilmore> sorry full attention is here now
17:28:53 <striker> w2k12 installed, installing f24rc1-2 now
17:29:09 <adamw> hi pjones, thanks for stopping by
17:29:14 <pjones> hello.
17:29:41 <adamw> so we're kinda hesitating over whether to block on https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1347291 , since all we know so far is it seems to work sometimes and not work other times, it's kinda not much to go on
17:29:56 <adamw> and it's only been discovered late and dual boot can be kind of a rabbit hole you have to stop jumping into at some point
17:29:56 <pjones> So, with the version of win10 I got from msdn last week, the current code works.
17:30:48 <pjones> which doesn't mean much about the problem itself, but does mean some people /won't/ hit it.
17:31:14 <jkurik> pjones: so we can then ask in "know issues" to update windows to the latest version before they install F24
17:31:26 <adamw> yeah, and we have some successes in bugzilla...but also (by my count) four fails so far, me and pschindl and two bz reporters
17:31:36 <pjones> jkurik: I do not know if a windows update would fix it or not.
17:31:52 <jkurik> ok
17:31:58 <adamw> i guess that's one thing i can try
17:32:05 <pjones> it could be that one is for some 'pro' variant vs some 'home' variant or something like that.
17:32:08 <adamw> (though it'll be after the fedora install)
17:32:23 <adamw> i believe i installed pro (both in my kvm where it worked and my bare metal box where it failed)
17:36:15 * adamw downloading updates for the win10 install on his metal box, and re-running test on KVM
17:36:20 <striker> can't reproduce with wk12
17:36:25 <striker> w2k12*
17:37:05 <pjones> adamw: okay, I think I have the iso that has both and I picked home.
17:37:25 <adamw> yeah, my iso has both and i picked pro - but the kvm / metal difference seems odd
17:37:40 <adamw> i'm *maybe* wondering if it actually failed in kvm and instead of looping back to grub fell through to the next bootmgr entry
17:37:46 <adamw> is that plausible? or should it always loop back to grub?
17:37:56 <jkurik> striker: thanks for the good news :)
17:39:51 <adamw> sigh, microsoft's update download progress indicator seems like a good example of the genre
17:40:02 <adamw> starts at 0, suddenly jumps to 74, jumps back down to 68, then sticks at 92
17:40:35 <adamw> ooh, now it's preparing to install updates. exciting
17:41:06 <pjones> I would always expect to get back to grub if that's the failure
17:41:12 <jkurik> adamw: calm down :)
17:42:11 <pjones> ...
17:42:15 <pjones> yours works for me in kvm.
17:42:19 <pjones> with 0.34
17:42:41 <dgilmore> there should be a uefi entry for windows still correct?
17:42:48 <pjones> yes.
17:42:50 <striker> yes
17:43:07 <dgilmore> should we just say use eufi for dual booting?
17:43:14 <striker> I am going -1 for this
17:43:37 <nirik> dgilmore: the thought is that some firmwares don't show that to the user at all usefully.
17:44:26 <dgilmore> nirik: Okay, I have not done a dual boot setup in over 10 years, so I am not sure I am the right person to make a call
17:44:45 * nirik nods. I also have no windows here at all... can't really help testing much
17:44:55 <dgilmore> same
17:44:59 <cmurf> About to update the bug, I cannot reproduce on an Intel NUC.
17:45:09 <adamw> cmurf: so it works for you?
17:45:14 <cmurf> yes
17:45:14 <pjones> adamw: yeah, your binary works 100% fine for me in kvm with grub2-2.02-0.34.fc24.x86_64
17:45:21 <pjones> windows boots cleanly.
17:45:21 <adamw> pjones: yeah, it worked in a KVM for me too - it's only on my metal test box where it doesn't
17:45:33 <pjones> so, that's odd.
17:45:38 <adamw> yeah, i know.
17:45:47 <jkurik> firmware specific ?
17:45:47 <pjones> it's going to take me a while before I can have a look on bare metal.
17:45:50 <adamw> but i've done it twice now, so it doesn't seem like some freak failure
17:46:00 <pjones> jkurik: you would not expect it to be, but...
17:46:04 <adamw> jkurik: seems like the firmware must be involved somehow, but as pjones says this seems weird
17:46:22 <cmurf> I tried SB enabled and disabled, GRUB -34 boots both Fedora and Windows 10
17:46:34 <pjones> I'm thinking "not a blocker" :)
17:46:40 <pjones> cmurf: on real hardware?
17:46:45 <cmurf> Intel NUC
17:46:50 <adamw> i think i can go with -1 for this on the basis that we know it works at least *some* of the time, UEFI boot selection is available as a mitigation for anyone with a sane firmware, and we can't really delay indefinitely on this stuff as there's always gonna be some case that fails
17:47:02 * nirik nods
17:47:22 <jkurik> yeah, the same here, I am becoming more and more -1 to block
17:47:34 <cmurf> NUC5PPYB BIOS 86A 2/23/2016
17:48:00 <adamw> ok, so we've got i think -4 now
17:48:04 <adamw> oh, -5 with pjones
17:48:17 <cmurf> adamw I agree however we don't know the scope of the problem, how much hardware is affected
17:48:24 <cmurf> on the bright side it's fixable with an update
17:48:48 <coremodule> -1 here, based on the BZ report + what's been reported above
17:49:09 <coremodule> And like cmurf said, it's update-fixable.
17:49:22 <adamw> proposed #agreed 1347291 - RejectedBlocker - there definitely seems to be a bug here, but we know it works in at least several cases (so far reports are ~50/50) and the firmware boot interface can be used by anyone with a sensible firmware
17:49:32 <nirik> ack
17:49:40 <jkurik> ack
17:49:44 <coremodule> ack
17:49:46 <adamw> cmurf: at least to some degree, yeah
17:49:59 <adamw> #agreed 1347291 - RejectedBlocker - there definitely seems to be a bug here, but we know it works in at least several cases (so far reports are ~50/50) and the firmware boot interface can be used by anyone with a sensible firmware
17:50:15 <adamw> ok, with that we have no blockers, unless anyone's proposed one in the last half hour
17:50:21 <pjones> ack
17:50:24 <adamw> so there is no point reviewing FEs, i believe
17:50:27 <mattdm> (is this a regression from F23, btw?)
17:50:35 <adamw> mattdm: we don't know that yet either
17:50:39 <dgilmore> ack
17:50:41 <adamw> mattdm: lots of stuff we don't know :/ i'll keep digging into it today
17:50:44 <mattdm> adamw: ok :)
17:50:45 <pjones> mattdm: it didn't work at all in f23 on sb systems, did it?
17:50:56 <adamw> no
17:50:58 <mattdm> pjones: *shrug*
17:51:02 <adamw> but on non-SB it did
17:51:05 <adamw> my case here is non-SB
17:51:11 <pjones> hrm.
17:51:23 <pjones> oh, that's... interesting.
17:51:26 <adamw> (i definitely have no SB in my KVM and i'm pretty sure it's off on my metal box)
17:51:30 <mattdm> (sorry not meaning to hang things up.)
17:51:35 <pjones> on non-sb in the current code you're getting the system firmware's loader in some cases.
17:51:42 <mattdm> just want to be sure I know what I'm talking about :)
17:51:55 <jkurik> ok, so lets move on
17:51:57 <adamw> ok
17:52:02 <adamw> i can debug further with pjones elsewhere
17:52:05 <jkurik> adamw: thanks for the blocker review
17:52:07 <cmurf> Has this os-prober blocker been discussed?
17:52:17 <jkurik> adamw++
17:52:23 <striker> adamw++
17:52:23 <zodbot> striker: Karma for adamwill changed to 25 (for the f23 release cycle):  https://badges.fedoraproject.org/tags/cookie/any
17:52:47 <jkurik> #topic Test Matrices coverage
17:52:53 <jkurik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_24_RC_1.2_Summary
17:52:54 <adamw> cmurf: 1347273 ? yes. it was rejected
17:53:29 <adamw> that one seems to be pretty corner case-ish (out of all the people reporting so far, the only case where that happened was that one pschindl report with firmware RAID windows install)
17:53:37 <adamw> we have pretty darn good coverage
17:53:46 <jkurik> so, as I can see we are missing QA:Testcase_install_to_FCoE_target
17:54:16 <jkurik> that is the one we do not HW for it, right ?
17:55:14 <adamw> yeah...well, theoretically i think it's possible to test entirely with software emulation, but i could not figure it out
17:55:14 <cmurf> If volunteers aren't stepping up and Fedora doesn't have the hardware then it's defacto deprecated.
17:55:29 <coremodule> adamw, I am working on the Xen install currently. My internet is slow for piping X over so give me a bit more time. Worst case, I'll have it tested tonight.
17:55:52 <adamw> you did test it with 0531, right?
17:56:00 <coremodule> Yeah, and it worked fine there.
17:56:02 <adamw> that result is probably OK, nothing significant to xen has changed since then i don't think
17:56:17 <adamw> so we're missing FCoE, SAS, and a couple of ARM desktop tests; one of those was done for RC1.1 (so won't have changed)
17:56:26 <adamw> pwhalen: around?
17:56:27 <jkurik> ok, great
17:56:38 <pwhalen> adamw, i am
17:56:51 <jkurik> it sounds like we are fine with the current coverage
17:56:54 <adamw> pwhalen: can you check update notification?
17:57:00 <adamw> oh, there's a couple of image sanity tests missing too, hrm
17:57:07 <adamw> lemme blow through those quick
17:57:15 <jkurik> adamw: ok, thanks
17:57:48 <nirik> that compose bug is still around... what did we lose? SoAS and design?
17:57:57 <cmurf> adamw assign me something
17:58:01 <nirik> but not too much help for it I fear
17:58:07 <coremodule> adamw, I can check that... Yes, the last xen change was on 05-31.
17:59:03 <adamw> ok, repoclosure and fileconflicts are fine
17:59:19 <adamw> nirik: yeah, that kind of sucks :(
17:59:36 <adamw> we could maybe fudge something up, like providing download links for a nightly for those or something
18:00:22 <mattdm> +1 to fudging something up
18:00:24 <pwhalen> adamw, hrm need to write out a card for xfce, will take a bit. i did check for updates but there werent any available
18:01:13 <adamw> pwhalen: ah, yeah, you have to either enable updates-testing or downgrade something
18:01:31 <adamw> nirik: do you happen to have noticed if update notification is working in xfce?
18:01:52 <pwhalen> card in progress now, will update asap
18:01:59 <nirik> no. It hasn't for years I don't think.
18:02:06 <pwhalen> ive not seen it
18:02:22 <nirik> there's nothing that would provide them...
18:02:42 <adamw> nirik: oh, okay. well, that doesn't seem worth worrying about, i guess we'll just need to tweak the test matrix a bit.
18:03:12 <nirik> yeah. Someone wrote a panel plugin to do it long ago, but it had some bugs and then they stopped working on it... so meh
18:03:48 <adamw> okay. we wrote that criterion when only GNOME and KDE were blocking, so i guess we'll just tweak it a bit
18:04:07 <adamw> i'm assuming no-one wants to hold up the meeting for some exciting bureaucracy, so, lemme half-ass something...
18:04:20 <jkurik> adamw: ack
18:04:42 <coremodule> Ooh, bureaucracy.
18:04:50 <adamw> propose #agreed nirik affirms there's no mechanism for update notification in Xfce, so we agree in principle to except Xfce from the criterion "Release-blocking desktops must notify the user of available updates, but must not do so when running as a live image.", which makes the lack of an Xfce result for that test case irrelevant
18:05:10 <nirik> ack
18:05:13 <jkurik> ack
18:05:35 <pwhalen> ack
18:05:36 <Southern_Gentlem> ack
18:05:40 <nb> ack
18:05:43 <adamw> nirik: dgilmore: can one of you run https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_Mediakit_Checksums on the blocking images real quick? since you have shell access (i'm assuming)
18:05:46 <coremodule> ack
18:05:46 <adamw> #agreed nirik affirms there's no mechanism for update notification in Xfce, so we agree in principle to except Xfce from the criterion "Release-blocking desktops must notify the user of available updates, but must not do so when running as a live image.", which makes the lack of an Xfce result for that test case irrelevant
18:05:47 <nb> although I thought only workstation and kde were blocking?
18:05:54 <adamw> nb: xfce is blocking for ARM these days
18:06:18 <nb> adamw, oh
18:06:54 <fale> .hello
18:06:54 <zodbot> fale: (hello <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "hellomynameis $1".
18:07:18 * striker has to leave but hopes F24 is a go
18:07:42 <jkurik> striker: thanks for joining, we hope so as well :)
18:08:10 <adamw> so assuming we're OK with waiving SAS and FCoE for lack of test setup (as we usually do) and we're OK with an 05-31 result for xen, the only missing thing is https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA:Testcase_Mediakit_Checksums (which robatino always used to run so i forgot about it)
18:08:58 <jkurik> adamw: thanks
18:09:23 <coremodule> adamw, Xen'll be tested by the end of the day.
18:09:41 <adamw> coremodule: right, but i'm assuming no-one wants to wait around till the end of the day to finish this meeting. :P
18:09:52 <coremodule> Hah, gotcha.
18:09:56 * adamw is checking the checksums he can right now
18:10:03 <jkurik> nirik, dgilmore: will one of you be able to run the Testcase_Mediakit_Checksums ?
18:10:14 <dgilmore> running now
18:10:23 * nirik was also running it. ;)
18:11:02 <jkurik> :) thanks
18:11:59 <adamw> thanks
18:12:01 <pwhalen> arm spins are OK
18:12:07 <adamw> i'm doing it on openqa, but openqa doesn't have all images
18:12:30 * nirik is running a script on secondary01
18:13:34 <cmurf> Any interest in BIOS Windows Fedora 24 dual boot tested in a VM? I don't have a BIOS system to directly test it on.
18:13:41 <cmurf> It has worked all pre-release period for m.
18:13:56 <cmurf> But the RC1.2 matrix isn't filled out for that particular test.
18:14:42 <adamw> cmurf: can't hurt
18:15:00 <adamw> ok, tested all the checksums i have, they look fine
18:15:22 * nirik is still running, all OK so far
18:18:36 <dgilmore> so far all checksums are okay
18:18:40 <dgilmore> it is still running
18:19:02 <jkurik> ok, lets wait for nirik or dgilmore to complete the test
18:20:46 <adamw> yeah. with that, i'd say we're good on coverage
18:21:10 <dgilmore> every iso checks out checksum wise
18:21:12 <jkurik> yes, QE did a great job
18:21:25 <dgilmore> going to check the md5sums implanted
18:22:34 <adamw> i checked all the ones i have locally and they were fine
18:29:01 <dgilmore> couple more to go
18:29:07 <dgilmore> but all passed so far
18:29:16 * nirik confirms that all isos with checksums are "OK"
18:29:30 <jkurik> ok, thanks
18:29:53 <jkurik> proposed #agreed Coverage of Test Matrices for RC 1.2 is sufficiently completed
18:30:26 <jkurik> may I have your acks ? or better statement :)
18:30:27 <adamw> yup, i think we're ok
18:30:28 <adamw> ack
18:30:42 <nirik> ack
18:31:04 <jkurik> #agreed Coverage of Test Matrices for RC 1.2 is sufficiently completed
18:31:06 <Southern_Gentlem> ack
18:31:22 <jkurik> lets make the decision ....
18:31:28 <jkurik> #topic Go/No-Go decision
18:31:34 <dgilmore> ack
18:31:56 <jkurik> we need +1 to GO from QE, FESCo and RelEng
18:32:13 <dgilmore> releng is go
18:32:19 <adamw> qa is go on the basis of sufficient coverage and no outstanding blockers
18:32:20 <nirik> I guess I can +1 for fesco. :)
18:32:35 <jkurik> great, thanks
18:33:19 <jkurik> #agreed The RC 1.2 compose is considered as GOLD and the final decision for Fedora 24 Final is "GO"
18:33:43 <jkurik> thanks a lot to everyone
18:33:47 <jkurik> #topic Open floor
18:33:55 <jkurik> anything else to discuss today on this meeting ?
18:34:02 * nirik has nothing, lets ship this puppy.
18:34:19 * dgilmore notes that the checkisomd5 check on all isos passed
18:34:23 <jkurik> #action jkurik to publish the Go/No-Go result
18:34:27 <jkurik> dgilmore: thanks
18:34:27 <coremodule> Happy to see this guy ship!
18:34:32 <dgilmore> the check was still running when we moved on
18:34:56 <jkurik> dgilmore: nirik completed it a bit faster :)
18:35:08 <nirik> jkurik: I only did the checksums... ;)
18:35:26 <dgilmore> jkurik: no he completed the CHECKSUMS, which I had said my check was all okay earlier
18:35:27 <jkurik> ah, so then sorry, I was mistaken
18:35:38 <dgilmore> there is two checks to be done
18:35:48 <jkurik> right
18:35:59 <adamw> i did check most of the blocking images' embedded sums
18:36:03 <adamw> all the ones i have downloaded here
18:36:16 <dgilmore> adamw: I checked them all ;)
18:36:41 <dgilmore> for iso in $(find . -name "*iso" -type f); do echo "== $iso =="; checkisomd5 $iso;  done
18:36:46 <dgilmore> anyway
18:36:50 <dgilmore> it is all okay
18:37:23 <jkurik> if there are no other topics for the Open Floor, I will close the meeting in one minute
18:38:34 <jkurik> #endmeeting