14:03:34 <potty> #startmeeting FAmSCo 2016-06-01
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14:03:43 <potty> #topic Roll Call
14:03:47 <potty> .hello potty
14:03:48 <zodbot> potty: potty 'Abdel G. Martínez L.' <abdel.g.martinez.l@gmail.com>
14:04:42 <giannisk> .fas giannisk
14:04:42 <zodbot> giannisk: giannisk 'Giannis Konstantinidis' <giannis@konstantinidis.cc>
14:04:57 * giannisk waves at potty
14:05:27 <potty> hi giannisk
14:05:51 <potty> giannisk: as I see is only the two of us
14:06:35 <giannisk> potty: yes, it seems so :/
14:07:29 <potty> do we have anything to discuss?
14:08:02 <potty> as i see on the mailing list there is: 1) 7 hour mentoring 2) regional budget planning 3) Famsco to Fosco
14:08:31 <giannisk> Nothing much from my side
14:08:54 <giannisk> I won't lie to you, I felt that the "7 hours mentoring" thread was an insult to me
14:09:14 <potty> i perceived that
14:09:24 <potty> may you explain to mee what is that topic about?
14:09:24 <giannisk> 2) EMEA is in good standing with its reports, however things are kinda tight with the budget
14:10:10 <giannisk> 3) I need to participate to the discussions related to transitioning from FAmSCo to FOSCo; I apologize for taking time to respond
14:10:41 <giannisk> and, if I may add, 4) I am working on a proposal to further improve the ambassador mentoring process
14:11:21 <potty> i think we could discuss further about 1 and 4
14:11:29 <potty> which are related to mentoring
14:11:30 <giannisk> potty: well, everything is pretty much explained on the thread started by robyduck, please take a few minutes to read that :)
14:12:06 <giannisk> potty: but sure, I'm open to discussions :)
14:13:13 <potty> let's set the topic to your mentoring process improvement proposal
14:13:29 <potty> #topic Mentoring Process Improvement Proposal
14:13:42 <potty> giannisk: may you explain a lil bit what is your idea?
14:14:02 <giannisk> Let's start with the current issues
14:14:20 <giannisk> Basically, we have great mentors across all regions
14:14:56 <giannisk> The first question that comes to my mind is: are all these mentors taking candidates on a regular basis?
14:15:38 <giannisk> Speaking for EMEA, I feel that half of the mentors are -unfortunately- not that "active" anymore
14:15:51 <potty> giannisk: how do you define activeness?
14:16:24 <giannisk> potty: As per the current process, I'd say that "taking candidates on a regular basis" justifies activity
14:16:34 <potty> giannisk: understood
14:18:41 <giannisk> Second question: Should the ambassador mentors continue growing the community in a "passive" way (meaning that candidates need to reach out to them first, as per the current process)?
14:19:28 <giannisk> Or do we wish to enable them to "actively" take part in community building?
14:19:50 <potty> In LATAM, we have 5 mentors. We are able to communicate to all of them. What happens regularly is two situations: 1) when we have a new contributor (wanting to be an ambassador), we guide him with the guidelines of being an ambassador (this task is not necessary done by mentors). After we think the person is ready we point him to any of the 5 mentors. Then
14:19:50 <potty> chosen mentor assess if the contributor is ready to be ambassador and then sponsor him/her.  2) the new contributor directly talks to the mentor and the mentor do all the process (guide, train and sponsor).
14:21:24 <giannisk> potty: I see
14:21:37 <potty> My personal feeling is that all ambassadors should be mentors. And the approval of new ambassadors should be done by three positive votes of 3 current ambassadors from  countries (and why not, cross-regions).
14:22:53 <giannisk> potty: All ambassadors can at some point act as mentors, meaning that they can help new people to join the project
14:24:00 <giannisk> But I still believe we need to have "official" mentors who are, let's say, more experienced and can make sure that a candidate has sufficient knowledge before assuming a new role
14:24:31 <potty> i understand and i agree giannisk
14:25:37 <potty> giannisk: understanding the situation, what is the proposal?
14:25:59 <giannisk> Going back to what I had previously said, about giving mentor a more "active" role
14:26:06 <giannisk> s/mentor/mentors
14:26:22 <giannisk> That could possibly mean, that mentor tasks/responsibilities/whatever would include participating in conferences for community growing purposes, aka to engage with experienced potential contributors
14:26:54 <giannisk> potty: There is no concrete proposal yet, as I didn't have time to work on it.
14:27:15 <giannisk> potty: I'd certainly love to hear everybody's feedback before going ahead :)
14:27:15 <potty> giannisk: understand. sorry for interrupt you idea. you shall continue on
14:28:13 <potty> ok
14:28:18 <giannisk> potty: No worries, that's all from me pretty much. :)
14:28:24 <potty> good
14:28:24 <giannisk> At least for the time being.
14:28:29 <potty> yes
14:28:34 <potty> it is a good basis to work on
14:28:41 <potty> thanks for working on it
14:28:47 <potty> ...
14:28:49 <potty> as i see
14:28:49 <giannisk> potty: Anytime :)
14:28:54 <potty> there's is no extra famsco members
14:29:00 <potty> and the other topics requires some of them
14:29:12 <potty> so let's end this meeting in 3 minutes
14:29:13 <potty> do you agree?
14:29:35 <giannisk> potty: To reach consensus, yes, we need way more members present.
14:29:37 <giannisk> potty: +1
14:29:51 <potty> thank you for coming giannisk
14:30:00 <giannisk> potty: Thanks for chairing
14:30:19 <potty> :)
14:30:28 <potty> Let fast forward this 3 minutes
14:30:31 <potty> 3
14:30:31 <potty> 2
14:30:32 <potty> 1
14:30:35 <potty> #endmeeting