23:09:42 <potty> #startmeeting Fedora LATAM Ambassadors
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23:10:00 <itamarjp> .fas itamarjp
23:10:00 <zodbot> itamarjp: itamarjp 'Itamar Reis Peixoto' <itamar@ispbrasil.com.br>
23:10:13 <potty> #topic Roll Call
23:10:22 * itamarjp Cuba
23:10:29 <potty> .fasinfo potty
23:10:29 <zodbot> potty: User: potty, Name: Abdel G. Martínez L., email: abdel.g.martinez.l@gmail.com, Creation: 2010-03-27, IRC Nick: potty, Timezone: America/Panama, Locale: es, GPG key ID: , Status: active
23:10:31 <yn1v> .fas yn1v
23:10:32 <zodbot> potty: Unapproved Groups: l10n-commits
23:10:35 <zodbot> potty: Approved Groups: web qa python-sig freemedia @fedora-pa cla_fedora cla_done ambassadors campusambassadors packager fedorabugs cla_fpca bzrpython-fedora @gitmarba3nf docs docs-writers gitfas
23:10:39 <zodbot> yn1v: yn1v 'Neville A. Cross' <yn1v@taygon.com>
23:10:48 * yn1v = Nicaragua
23:10:58 * potty Panama
23:11:51 <potty> Welcome people!
23:12:02 <potty> #topic Meeting Date and Schedule
23:12:21 <potty> This is the new temporary schedule for the meeting...
23:12:35 <potty> Do anyone has comments about it?
23:13:07 <potty> #chair yn1v itamarjp
23:13:07 <zodbot> Current chairs: itamarjp potty yn1v
23:14:26 <itamarjp> I preffer meetings at saturday
23:14:30 <itamarjp> this time is ok for me.
23:14:54 <srkraken> .fas srkraken
23:14:54 <zodbot> srkraken: srkraken 'Efren Antonio Robledo Moreno' <efren.a.rm@gmail.com>
23:14:57 <itamarjp> I work during the week and I don't have time to attend the meeting in weekdays
23:15:01 * srkraken Mexico
23:15:12 <yn1v> there is more chances that I will be avaliable on Saturday than in a working day
23:15:51 <potty> Do you think the voting system to chose the new date was the ideal?
23:16:51 <yn1v> yes, it has been used widely in fedora project for arranging meeting times in others bodies, like council and famsco
23:17:46 <potty> I'm telling this because not everyone vote. Only 9 person.
23:18:39 <itamarjp> 9 is enough we need to make our community grow, so next time we have more persons voting.
23:19:00 <itamarjp> we need to invite the people using gmail calendar and facebook events.
23:19:09 <itamarjp> 99% of the people use these stuff
23:20:44 <potty> I agree
23:20:52 <potty> Do we have any othe opinion?
23:21:37 <potty> #idea Set-up recursive Google Calendar and Facebook events
23:24:23 <yn1v> We have the issue that mailing list were been updated and that make some emails to be delayed
23:24:40 <potty> Yes
23:24:44 <potty> That was not fair
23:25:03 <yn1v> If we set up fedocal I think it will be enough
23:25:03 <potty> And Telegram was the way people get noticed of the new schedule
23:25:21 <potty> Fedocal is setted...
23:25:23 <potty> Question
23:25:38 <potty> Can the fedocal send reminders to the mailing list?
23:25:43 <yn1v> I didn't get notofication from fedocal
23:25:52 <itamarjp> me neither
23:25:53 <yn1v> yes,
23:25:59 <yn1v> Not sure how
23:26:02 <potty> Ok
23:26:07 <potty> I know how
23:26:09 <potty> But not sure
23:26:18 <yn1v> I do get reminders for docs meetings and office hours
23:26:20 <potty> If it does not have problems sending it
23:26:26 <potty> I will set it up
23:26:50 <potty> Also lets try a few more meetings on Saturday
23:26:57 <potty> And see if people come
23:27:19 <potty> Finally post on the CommBlog about the new date
23:27:23 <potty> What do you think?
23:28:12 <alexove> .fas alexove
23:28:12 <zodbot> alexove: alexove 'Alex Irmel Oviedo Solis' <alleinerwolf@gmail.com>
23:28:17 <yn1v> I think in the future commops blogs will be a reference, but not now ... not every body is aware of it
23:28:21 <potty> Welcome alexove
23:28:43 <alexove> thanks potty, sorry I'm late :-(
23:28:47 <potty> But I think it will be recorded
23:29:01 <yn1v> It won't hurt, but I do not think it will raise awareness at the moment
23:29:04 <potty> alexove: relax! We are talking about the schedule of the meeting
23:29:20 <potty> yn1v +1
23:29:29 <itamarjp> alexove what do you think about meetings at saturdays ?
23:29:29 <potty> Ok, resuming:
23:29:49 <potty> Yes, alexove, tell your opinion please
23:31:24 <alexove> what is the matter with the schedule? I thought it was agreed
23:31:57 <potty> There was no great participation of the most latam contributors
23:32:15 <potty> And someone said the voting system was not valid
23:32:37 <alexove> how many people are there?
23:32:53 <potty> Only 9 votes
23:34:22 <yn1v> I think that the problem was the mailing list, to officially communicate that we were looking for new meeting time
23:34:30 <potty> Yes
23:35:24 <yn1v> if somebody objected the method, should said why and propose something else
23:35:26 <alexove> We can call to voting again and wait longer time, while lead discussions in the mailing list
23:35:46 <itamarjp> yn1v +1
23:35:51 <potty> So, lets do this: 1) keep the schedule on Saturday for a few weeks 2) mail the situation ob the
23:36:07 <potty> On the list
23:36:31 <potty> 3) set a new voting day and system (i agree to use whenisgood)
23:37:00 <potty> 4) analyze the results and record all of this on the wiki
23:37:09 <yn1v> I would not open to debate the se of when is good ... it will take longer to settle in a tool
23:37:26 <potty> 5) notify on the mailing list and post on commblog
23:37:27 <yn1v> the *use
23:37:59 <potty> yn1v: i dont know if someone got sonething better. If not, we will keep whenisgood
23:38:49 <potty> Do you agree?
23:39:17 <yn1v> I can live with that, it will take longer.
23:39:53 <yn1v> whenisgood has been used for more important schedules like board meeting
23:39:54 <potty> Thats the drawback of this method, but it will lead the process on the "good" way
23:40:39 <potty> yn1v: i know and i am in favor of whenisgood
23:42:59 <potty> Do we have any extra opinion on this?
23:43:06 <potty> So we can move to next topic
23:44:01 <alexove> +1 for whenisgood
23:44:45 <srkraken> +1 for whenisgood
23:45:29 <potty> Ok
23:45:35 <potty> Lets move to next topic
23:45:43 <potty> #topic Budget FY17
23:46:00 <potty> Please remember to fill the budget wiki
23:46:45 <potty> Do we have any questions on how and where?
23:46:57 <yn1v> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget:2017
23:47:22 <potty> Thank you yn1v
23:48:10 <potty> We only got Peru, Venezuela and Nicaragua events
23:48:17 <potty> Is missing the rest
23:48:47 <potty> If we dont fill this, then we cant be filling tickets and asking for reimbursements
23:48:59 <potty> therefore, less budget to LATAM
23:49:19 <itamar_> I will update it adding some Brazilian events.
23:49:38 <potty> Thank you
23:50:17 <srkraken> yo agregare algunos eventos para Mexico
23:50:45 <alexove> We can algo add some extra events and update the swags quantity too
23:51:45 <potty> Good
23:52:59 <potty> Do we have any extra opinion?
23:53:06 <potty> Or shall we move to next topic?
23:53:42 <srkraken> disculpen yo tengo un ticket pendiente podemos tratarlo
23:53:47 <srkraken> ??
23:53:48 <alexove> But I think is necessary say to the ambassadors about the budget again
23:54:59 <potty> srkraken: ok
23:55:21 <srkraken> u segundo dejenme encontrarlo
23:55:42 <potty> alexove: we have a discussionon the list
23:56:02 <srkraken> #link https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-latam/ticket/313
23:56:27 <alexove> potty: Yes we have but the thread is sleeping
23:56:39 <potty> I know
23:57:10 <potty> That would a topic on a next meeting
23:57:15 <alexove> it is necessary to remember that to others
23:58:12 <potty> Yes
23:58:27 <potty> Let solve srkraken ticket
23:58:35 <potty> If we got quorum for that
23:58:54 <potty> And on the next meeting we will discuss the Delegation and Budget.next topic
23:58:58 * alexove Peru
23:59:06 <potty> #topic Ticket 313
23:59:17 <potty> Explain the ticket srkraken
23:59:32 <srkraken> ok potty
00:00:23 <srkraken> Mi ticket es para realizar un release Party de fedora 23 en el sur de mi país,
00:01:11 <srkraken> Oscar Creatura y yo daremos una serie de talleres relacionados
00:01:21 <srkraken> en un hackerspace
00:02:34 <srkraken> Esperamos tener una asistencia entre 30 - 50 personas
00:03:58 <potty> How much is the budget?
00:04:12 <alexove> The budget is not included in the wiki page, srkraken can improbe the wiki page including the budget
00:04:38 <srkraken> 420 dolares
00:04:54 <potty> Try english srkraken
00:05:31 <potty> Please how is this be used? Transport, lodging? What are the expenses?
00:05:43 <srkraken> ok Potty
00:06:21 <yn1v> there is a user base in place already?
00:07:27 <srkraken> Potty try to make a small table and place it in the last comment
00:07:41 <yn1v> It is difficult make a event remote, if there is no people then everything is more complicated
00:08:49 <yn1v> I think is a waste of time and resources going across the country (specially, a big country) if there is no users there
00:09:39 <potty> Oh... No users there... It is difficult to do some work
00:10:08 <yn1v> I am against starting a relationship with a big party, people will think that all the time they are entitled to have food and drinks
00:10:28 <potty> On such situations srkraken you should start small
00:10:43 <potty> As yn1v said
00:11:24 * potty is thinking meeting went too long
00:11:33 <yn1v> Why go all the way there? What makes that special? You should be working in building a team in your city
00:12:04 <srkraken> ok
00:13:03 <potty> #action srkraken should reconsider about this event and its planning. For now, no votation.
00:13:24 <yn1v> srkraken, They have invited you?
00:13:34 <itamar_> srkraken, theres no enough people here to approve your ticket.
00:13:46 <potty> itamar_: +1
00:14:27 <yn1v> I am trying to understand why make that personal effort
00:14:40 <potty> srkraken: please explain a bit more
00:16:35 <yn1v> It is easy for some one to ask for a presentation, but it seems a bit excessive such a travel
00:17:16 <potty> Do we have any other topic?
00:17:25 <yn1v> yes
00:17:50 <yn1v> budget 2016
00:18:50 <yn1v> should I get ahead with it?
00:18:51 <potty> #Topic Budget 2016
00:19:03 <potty> Tell us yn1v
00:20:30 <yn1v> we did not spend money in Q1 and Q2 ... then we make a lot of spending with FUDCon in Q3
00:21:14 <yn1v> It was approved to use budget from latam to fund people to attend FUDCon
00:22:04 <potty> The point is (?)
00:22:11 <yn1v> So, there is one problem. Some payment were made directly by Ruth. Some others were asked to her for reimbursement.
00:22:37 <yn1v> The point is I have no idea how much budget we have for Q4
00:23:12 <potty> Is there a way to investigate?
00:24:06 <yn1v> Yes, We need to ask people sponsored if they can provide the amount that was sponsored.
00:24:34 <potty> Can you handle that task yn1v ?
00:25:15 <yn1v> THere is a catch, according to lbazan some budget was not from latam. I am not sure which people fall into latam and which are under the extra budget
00:25:46 <yn1v> I can ask for all the info and put it on the budget wiki
00:25:58 <yn1v> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/LATAM/Budget:2016
00:26:20 <yn1v> then ask lbazan to mark what is not from our regional budget
00:26:28 <potty> Ok
00:27:41 <yn1v> But in the general sense we were saying yes to anything on Q1 and Q2 because we have money
00:27:57 <yn1v> now, we don't know if we have or not
00:28:05 <potty> Understood
00:29:27 <yn1v> I am afraid that some items only were discussed by Gtalk and there is no support. It may turn out that the extra budget was not such and was taken from our own budget
00:29:33 <yn1v> eof
00:30:58 <potty> Ok
00:31:06 <potty> Do anyone has comments here?
00:33:49 <potty> Lets open floor then
00:33:54 <potty> #topic Open Floor
00:34:02 <potty> Meeting is almost finished
00:34:10 <srkraken> ok Potty
00:34:11 <alexove> !
00:34:16 <potty> alexove:
00:35:28 <alexove> we receive an invitation for a International Meeting in Ilo city, this city is about 45 minutos by plane
00:36:21 <alexove> we want to go but I have doubts about the reimbursement
00:36:45 <alexove> We can wait for reimbursement but not for long
00:37:25 <yn1v> there is no way to predict what will happen with reimbursements
00:37:49 <alexove> It is advisable to accept the invitation in this context? cardholder or treasurer have not yet
00:37:54 <alexove> eof
00:39:11 <potty> Let me ask about the reimbursement event
00:39:45 <potty> What is your deadline alexove ?
00:40:01 <yn1v> My personal opinion, and should not be taken as any fedora official opinion, is that nobody should spent any money that can not afford to loose. You can wait for too long
00:40:41 <itamarjp> yn1v +1
00:40:53 <potty> yn1v: +1
00:40:57 <alexove> potty: the event is between december 7 and december 11
00:41:02 <alexove> yn1v: +1
00:41:46 <potty> Ok
00:41:53 <potty> Fill a ticket anyhow
00:42:00 <potty> Lets close the meeting then
00:42:16 <itamarjp> potty +1
00:42:45 <potty> In 3...
00:42:48 <potty> 2...
00:43:02 <potty> 1.5...
00:43:07 <potty> 1...
00:43:14 <potty> Thank you for cominng
00:43:18 <potty> #endmeeting