12:03:27 <hhorak> #startmeeting Env and Stacks (2015-05-21)
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12:03:47 <hhorak> #chair bkabrda hhorak juhp ncoghlan vpavlin sicampbell walters ttomecek phracek
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12:03:51 <hhorak> #topic init process
12:03:57 <hhorak> hey
12:04:54 <phracek> Hi
12:04:55 <hhorak> I'd like to apologize right from the begining since I'll need to leave in about 15 minutes for approx 25min. (another important meeting)... but hopefully I won't be missing :)
12:05:29 <hhorak> #topic Follow-ups, if any progress has been made
12:06:12 <bkabrda1> hi
12:06:49 <phracek> I have only one announcement regarding Fedora_dockerfiles handled by Scott Collier.
12:07:31 <phracek> Scott told me that he can approve as a co-maintainer anyone who can help him with updating docker files to the latest one.
12:07:48 <hhorak> #info as for docker images and dockerfiles, I already mentioned it, but would like to do it again :) there are interesting discussions taking place under https://github.com/sclorg/rhscl2dockerfile/ where we try to define nice images for rhscl, but the same API we'd like to move also into Fedora-dockerfiles very soon... praiskup already started with postgres..
12:08:15 <hhorak> #info Scott said that he can approve as a co-maintainer anyone who can help him with updating docker files to the latest one
12:08:23 <hhorak> phracek: thanks, that's great
12:08:32 <phracek> Do you plan to include also behave as a testing environment, I guess.
12:09:33 <phracek> thozza who plays with behave could provide us some intro so that we can include them, right?
12:09:37 <hhorak> phracek: this is also in the plan, except we're now in hurry with features, so the test will need to wait for the beginning, but it is definitely on the list
12:10:18 <phracek> hhorak: Or some person would start on it parallel.
12:10:35 <phracek> Is there any volunteer who will be a co-maintainer?
12:11:04 <phracek> Pull request would be faster if anyone is going to be a co-maintainer.
12:11:23 <phracek> BTW I am sending discussion from Scott to ENV&Stack ML.
12:13:41 <hhorak> phracek: if we find someone, that would be great.. I'll try to ask guys not being here later..
12:13:48 <hhorak> but anyone is welcome :)
12:13:57 <phracek> hhorak: Great:)
12:14:44 <phracek> Conversion between Scott and me is already available on our ML.
12:14:45 <phracek> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/env-and-stacks/2015-May/000789.html
12:15:20 <phracek> hhorak: It seems that I would be a first one:) My task is to update Fedora_dockerfiles to the F22, I guess:)
12:16:19 <hhorak> phracek: for inspiration what we're gonna to test: https://github.com/sclorg/rhscl-dockerfiles
12:16:21 <hhorak> #link https://github.com/sclorg/rhscl-dockerfiles
12:18:16 <phracek> hhorak: I don't see any test here. Only RHSCL-dockerfiles. Did I miss something?
12:18:41 <phracek> But it is cool to have this inspiration. :)
12:20:08 <hhorak> phracek: no, we have no tests yet :( but openshift does, feel free to look at: https://github.com/openshift/postgresql/blob/master/9.2/test/run
12:20:17 <hhorak> sorry guys, I need to leave now for a while..
12:21:01 <phracek> #link https://github.com/openshift/postgresql/blob/master/9.2/test/run
12:21:02 <bkabrda1> is it worth continuing? it looks like there's just the three of us
12:21:11 <bkabrda1> two without hhorak
12:21:36 <phracek> bkabrda1: yeah. What do you propose? Finish the meeting?
12:21:41 * phracek nods
12:21:43 <bkabrda1> +1 :)
12:22:28 * bkabrda1 is not sure how exactly that is done
12:22:39 <phracek> mmnt, please.
12:22:40 * ttomecek is sorry for being late
12:22:56 <bkabrda1> ttomecek: we're just about to end the meeting, because it's just me, phracek and now you
12:23:03 <phracek> #topic Install only packages to prevent 3rd party app breakage (see ML for more info)
12:23:13 <phracek> Anything for this issue?
12:23:37 <phracek> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/env-and-stacks/2015-May/000787.html
12:23:47 <bkabrda1> ok, so let's talk about this before finishing the meeting :)
12:23:52 <hhorak1> vondruch had raised this topic, so ping him to join this channel please :)
12:24:26 <bkabrda1> I'm +1 on this, since we've talked about this with vondruch quite a long time ago and agreed that this would be cool to have
12:24:58 * phracek is reading the mail.
12:26:04 <bkabrda1> I guess that the only thing missing from the proposal is how the old packages should get removed, since they wouldn't get updated by newer versions and potentially could stay indefinitely on the machine, consuming disk space and being useless
12:27:07 <phracek> yeah, This is my question too.
12:27:07 <bkabrda1> I currently can't think of any solution for this issue, but I'll try to think harder :)
12:28:50 <phracek> I think that yum/dnf/rpm can inform user if new packages together with old packages ...
12:29:12 <phracek> and this information should be visible till the old package is not deleted.
12:29:32 <phracek> Personally, I would be glad for a real situation.
12:31:22 <phracek> I did not understand the sentence (while the release is changed). But I will ask vondruch for details.
12:31:23 <ttomecek> bkabrda1, ah, okay; I didn't have time for env-n-stacks for past couple of weeks; I hope I will be able to start working on stuff in following weeks
12:34:21 <phracek> ttomecek: great:)
12:34:35 <phracek> I am switching to the next topic.
12:34:42 <phracek> #topic Council Engineering update (see ML for more info)
12:35:04 <phracek> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/env-and-stacks/2015-May/000786.html
12:36:44 <phracek> #info Fedora Enginnering Update meeting is 7th July
12:36:59 <phracek> Anything to this topic?
12:38:40 <phracek> ok, let's go to the next topic.
12:38:48 <phracek> #topic https://fedorahosted.org/council/ticket/26 -- gathering feedback from users
12:39:03 <phracek> langdon: it is our turn:)
12:39:11 <phracek> Any update?
12:39:22 <langdon> arggh.. forgot this was going on
12:39:36 <vondruch> hi
12:39:38 <langdon> update on 26?
12:39:43 <langdon> phracek, ^^
12:39:59 <phracek> langdon: yes
12:40:23 <langdon> i was going to reply that it sounds like some changes are required to the ticket (based on comments).. but I can't edit the ticket.. so .. should council approve this one? should I write a new one?
12:41:37 <langdon> any opinions? am i just dumb for not being able to find the "edit the content of the ticket" button?
12:42:14 <phracek> Modify button is there after a login. I suggest to create a new topic and close this one.
12:42:39 <phracek> And of course inform council
12:43:17 <phracek> #action langdon will create a new ticket with updates from https://fedorahosted.org/council/ticket/26
12:43:18 <langdon> phracek, the only one i found was to change ticket status/title and the like.. not the actual content.. but, ill look again..
12:43:31 <phracek> ok, great thanks
12:43:35 * langdon grumbles about lots more writing .. thanks a lot mattdm
12:45:53 <phracek> #topic Env & Stacks Elections after F22
12:46:05 <phracek> Do you know more details about the elections?
12:46:19 <phracek> Who/what is going to be elected?
12:49:31 <phracek> #topic Open Floor
12:49:47 <phracek> Anything what you would like to discuss?
12:51:09 <phracek> Well. It seems that we are at the end.
12:51:42 <phracek> Thanks to all participants and sorry for not useful meetings.
12:51:49 <phracek> Bye.
12:51:56 <phracek> #endmeeting