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17:04:25 <phracek> Bike is nice and w/o traffic :)
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17:05:30 * mattdm joins -- sorry, lost track of time
17:05:32 <hhorak> #topic modular fedora next
17:06:08 <vpavlin> hello
17:06:19 <mattdm> hello :)
17:06:26 <phracek> Hi. Interesting topic for fedora and RHEL.
17:06:43 <hhorak> I was thinking how to kick off today's kind of special meeting (because of topic) and honestly don't have anything special :) so how the future will look like?
17:06:58 <mattdm> shiny?
17:07:20 <hhorak> anybody has Crystal ball?
17:07:23 <mattdm> http://mattdm.org/fedora/2015status/rings2015.svg
17:07:36 * langdon distracted by squirrel
17:07:38 <hhorak> mattdm: that seems quite similar to crystal ball
17:07:45 <phracek> mattdm: Thanks for your email regarding rings. It was helpful for me.
17:07:45 <mattdm> hhorak: exactly! :)
17:08:10 <mattdm> I don't think we know the exact answer, but I think that's a reasonable general picture
17:08:39 <mattdm> What I'd like to see is an Objective proposal for a concrete stab at figuring out an implementation of this
17:08:45 <mattdm> Example objective proposal
17:08:47 <mattdm> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Objectives/Fedora_Editions,_Phase_2
17:09:16 <mattdm> since this is different it doesn't have to look exactly like that model...
17:09:23 <phracek> mattdm: I have a lot of question for discussion. Or maybe better understanding for me.
17:09:28 <mattdm> but the headlines are the key points to fill in.
17:09:47 <phracek> Let's say that I have installed Workstation. Does it mean that I can switch to another ring like Server?
17:10:14 <jwb> er, rings aren't workstation, server, etc
17:10:17 <mattdm> One approach might be to make a "skunkworks" project to implement an ostree-based base + cloud/server/workstation
17:10:18 <phracek> If so then I can see the future.
17:11:09 <mattdm> phracek: cloud/server/workstation are on a different "image layer" above the rings
17:11:10 <phracek> mattdm: do we have any alternative for ostree?
17:11:10 <vpavlin> mattdm: So you see future Fedora versions being ostree-based?
17:11:30 <mattdm> vpavlin: Right now, i see it as the best candidate technology and worth exploring.
17:11:46 <jwb> i think it helps with a lot of things that just plain RPM doesn't
17:12:06 <mattdm> jwb can you enumerate some?
17:12:06 <jwb> like shipping OS updates as a cohesive set
17:12:11 <mattdm> (ooh, yes you can)
17:12:12 * vpavlin should have scrolled on when looking at that image:)
17:12:14 <jwb> rollback of the OS
17:12:15 <jwb> etc
17:12:40 <jwb> but it is definitely a departure from today's Fedora delivery and process
17:12:51 <langdon> jwb, "switch os" too.. e.g. f21->f22alpha->f21
17:13:20 <walters> most of my thoughts on this are in https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/desktop/2014-December/011211.html
17:13:21 <jwb> langdon, possibly, but i think i'd start just within a release
17:13:26 <mattdm> it also gives an abstraction layer where we're composing something out of the package set, which gives as an ability to that deparature without totally ripping up what we have
17:13:33 <hhorak> maybe ostree doesn't have to be compulsory, just default and recommended way.. we can still get to the same result with rpms if really required (some users may want it)
17:13:44 <vpavlin> ok, makes sense..do you see us using this in case of WS: https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/SandboxedApps ?
17:13:49 <mattdm> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/desktop/2014-December/011211.html
17:14:01 <phracek> jwb: you would like to replace of stop RPM?
17:14:12 <mattdm> #info jwb ostree helps with a lot of things that just plain RPM doesn't
17:14:15 <jwb> vpavlin, imo, xdg-apps would work on top of ostree
17:14:24 <jwb> phracek, i'm not sure i understand your question
17:14:33 <langdon> one alt approach is overlayfs (layering), however, that probably has less "testing" (for this use case) than ostree
17:14:40 <vpavlin> jwb: I guess they would:) I am just curious if we all think about same technology
17:15:06 <jwb> phracek, ostree requires RPMs.  i don't see it replacing them at all.  i see it leveraging them in a better way
17:15:13 <phracek> jwb: I don't understand this "i think it helps with a lot of things that just plain RPM doesn't"
17:15:17 <jwb> vpavlin, that, and docker containers, etc
17:15:32 <mattdm> jwb++
17:15:39 <walters> jwb, *rpm*-ostree requires rpms
17:15:52 <jwb> walters, sorry, correct.  i've been meaning rpm-ostree here
17:16:04 <mattdm> I'd like to see more convergence between the desktop containerization use cases and the server/cloud ones, but right now they've got different immediate problems to solve
17:16:16 <phracek> jwb: Would you like to have several containers above ostree?
17:16:17 <hhorak> can somebody summarize what is xdg-app in one sentence and put it in #info, please?
17:16:32 <jwb> phracek, rpm-ostree allows us to take a set of packages, create a tree (or image), QA that _set_, and ship it as a single thing.
17:16:44 <phracek> jwb: like http -> one container, DevAssistant another container , ...
17:16:50 <jwb> phracek, but before we use that, i think we need some layering capabilities
17:16:58 <jwb> phracek, not necessarily but it's possible
17:17:22 <mattdm> #info rpm-ostree layering capabilities seem really important to this plan
17:17:34 <mattdm> hhorak: one sentence? i'm not sure I can :)
17:17:36 <phracek> jwb: Personally I don't think that this could be a way. A lot of containers. But may be it is a feature for any OS.
17:17:41 <phracek> Like containers.
17:18:00 <jwb> phracek, yes, i see containers as an add-on feature.
17:18:20 <phracek> Or better say. The system will be a collection of containers. And any can be turn off on the request.
17:18:48 <mattdm> phracek: I think that's an interesting long-term structure, but I'm not sure how to get from here to there in a straight line
17:18:49 <jwb> no, i'm not envisioning that as the default
17:19:09 <hhorak> do I understand it correctly that "rpm-ostree layering capabilities" means layers of different rpm-ostree content?
17:19:10 <phracek> What is the release plan for rings? F23 or later on?
17:20:11 * phracek nods for ostree and layering like ostree and switching to several rings. It would be really interesting for developers and for users.
17:20:14 <langdon> convo seems to be diverging... and, I, for one, am getting mildly confused
17:20:17 <vpavlin> #link https://github.com/alexlarsson/xdg-app
17:20:31 <mattdm> timeline: some aspects in F23. I'm seeing most of this as "demo in F23 timeframe, deliverable in F24/F25"
17:20:45 <jwb> mattdm, i think that's slightly optimistic
17:20:52 <langdon> ostree layering usually means "layer from fedora" + "stuff from somewhere else" + "my stuff" as I understand it
17:20:55 <vpavlin> hhorak: It's basically a technology to sandbox a gui application
17:21:02 <phracek> Sometimes I would like to use system as a workstation for standard user work and sometimes I would like to develop under server.
17:21:07 <mattdm> jwb: mockup in F23, demo in F24? :)
17:21:13 <jwb> mattdm, yes, possibly
17:21:15 <hhorak> vpavlin: you meant xdg-app?
17:21:15 <walters> hhorak, my personal opinion on this is that if what's desired is partial filesystems with metadata, RPM is OK (and the right thing is to fix it) - that's the direction i've been going upstream, but certainly the design is open
17:21:23 <vpavlin> hhorak: yes, sorry
17:21:55 <phracek> jwb: it means that after a year (F24) demo is going to be ready. I am not so optimistic.
17:22:02 <mattdm> phracek: that's probably a good use case for a VM
17:22:08 <langdon> regarding, "everything containers" ... I am +1 on that idea.. i think a small "core" (base-wg?) plus containers for all apps is probably the long term OS.. some of those containers are local and some are remote..
17:22:24 <hhorak> #info xdg-app is basically a technology to sandbox a gui application (very briefly said)
17:22:52 <phracek> mattdm: yeah, but I think it is not case for rings, right?
17:23:03 <walters> so do things in "Fedora RPM collection" move at different speeds?
17:23:06 <jwb> langdon, i'm thinking layering in this context is more like... "core" rpm-ostree + gnome rpm-ostree + xdg-apps
17:23:20 <walters> or are they all released every 6 months?
17:23:32 <jwb> langdon, not fedora + 3rd party + my junk
17:23:40 <mattdm> phracek: cloud/server/workstation is a different things from rings
17:23:45 <phracek> langdon: me not. users should learn a new system capabilities. I am a pretty scared.
17:23:48 <jwb> walters, now or in the glorious future?
17:24:12 <walters> now none of the exists right?
17:24:27 <mattdm> walters: I think we need some specific use cases for things moving at different speeds and a picture of what that'd look like
17:24:27 <walters> well the outer ring exists
17:24:30 <jwb> the Fedora RPM collection exists
17:24:42 <mattdm> right now, I think mostly i have a vague idea that it'd be useful for some things.
17:24:49 <langdon> phracek, was that in re to container-all-the-things? or ostree-layering?
17:25:03 <hhorak> walters: I see use cases for different speeds, but then we'll break things to users more often :)
17:25:08 <phracek> langdon: first one.
17:25:11 * vpavlin gets really confused by interleaving conversations:)
17:25:29 * mattdm is going offline for a few minutes, then back, then gone again.
17:25:40 <langdon> jwb, sure.. i guess I am thinking distinction w/o a difference.. e.g. my "3rd party" might be gnome.. but.. your way is probably "cleaner" in the near term..
17:25:46 <vpavlin> hhorak: That's fine, it's Fedora, we are used to having it broken..
17:26:03 <walters> #info (different speeds): <mattdm> I think we need some specific use cases for things moving at different speeds and a picture of what that'd look like
17:26:17 <jwb> langdon, true.  but i'm taking a "what does _fedora_ deliver
17:26:19 <langdon> phracek, but this is the crystal ball :) ... the caps of a user's system don't have to be present locally in an "always conneted" world..  :)
17:26:20 <jwb> er...
17:26:27 <jwb> "what does fedora deliver" standpoint
17:27:30 <phracek> vpavlin: I agree. we should discuss one thing and then go to the other. Sorry. It was probably done from my side..
17:28:19 <jwb> vpavlin, oddly enough, i'd like to leverage rpm-ostree to make fedora much less broken.  we shouldn't be used to it
17:28:34 * phracek is thinking about ostree and use cases.
17:28:50 <jwb> and to be clear, some of the concepts i'd like to see could be done with other tooling
17:29:05 <jwb> btrfs snapshots, reworked updates mechanisms, etc
17:29:15 <vpavlin> jwb: Yeah, the "image" based distribution would be interesting
17:29:21 <jwb> but i think rpm-ostree provides the best stability and tradeoffs thus far
17:29:35 * phracek nods
17:29:37 <mattdm> #info "oddly enough i'd like to leverage rpm-ostree to make fedora much less broken. we shouldn't be used to it" -- jwb
17:29:50 <jwb> assuming we can get some layering in ways that work
17:30:02 <vpavlin> jwb: So, should we also include systemd guys into the picture with Lennart's proposal of new OS?
17:30:21 <vpavlin> (I know it's also a crystal ball how all that will/could work, just thinking)
17:30:22 <jwb> vpavlin, i think we should involve them.  i don't necessarily think we should focus on Lennart's specific proposal of using btrfs
17:30:29 <jwb> but the concepts are very similar, yes
17:30:32 * mattdm nods to that
17:32:09 <walters> vpavlin, we definitely need some sort of meetings or design groups that involve the systemd developers
17:32:24 <phracek> vpavlin: "image" like download from a fedora infrastructure? And you only select kind of images which you would like?
17:32:56 <mattdm> we should invite harald hoyer as representative of base design -- and also systemd, so that's convenient
17:33:02 <hhorak> so is the rpm-ostree based system we talk about here just the small ring or does anybody thinks about it like e.g. whole cloud product may be one ostree? (not taking workstation into this thinking)
17:33:03 <phracek> seems to be good. And really useful. I can imagine it.
17:33:35 <mattdm> hhorak I think the whole thing.
17:33:41 <mattdm> But, I have to go....
17:33:49 <mattdm> I expect this will be all worked out when I check back in :)
17:33:53 * phracek nods to that.
17:34:49 <vpavlin> phracek: by image based I mean you'll get a "minimal install" of Server as an image base on rpm-ostree - and then extend by using containers and/or rpm-ostree layeres as mentiond before
17:35:03 <phracek> thx.
17:35:12 <walters> so is the process here we're looking at this from an env-and-stacks perspective and then the proposal rotates to other groups and is potentially modified by them?
17:35:49 <hhorak> walters: that sounds fine to me
17:35:51 <phracek> What about to separate whole product from rpm-ostree? Does it make sense?
17:36:26 <jwb> cloud already has a whole rpm-ostree image.  it's already done and was for f21
17:36:34 <jwb> that is what atomic cloud is
17:36:40 <phracek> ok
17:36:51 <jwb> what we're talking about is taking that and extending it to more than just cloud.  like workstation.
17:37:21 <langdon> hhorak, walters i thought the envs&stacks group "set the policy" ... and then the editions implemented their tools based on it.. (obviously, they should be involved in the policy setting, but once it is done, they shouldn't change it unless envs&stacks agrees)
17:38:34 <walters> langdon, hmm but...where does the collaboration/discussion happen?
17:38:37 <vpavlin> langdon: That does not conflic with walters's expextation?
17:38:38 <jwb> i think we're talking about it here because we're going to be talking about it with all the groups.  how each WG plays into the overall picture is still up for discussion
17:38:54 <jwb> so Env & Stacks, Base, the product WGs, rel-eng, etc
17:38:54 <hhorak> langdon: thinking what is the policy... tools, technologies? guidelines how to make all the app look similarly.. what else?
17:39:02 <langdon> how do you imagine that a user adds a single app? like hexchat? :) in the ostree world? do they compose their own tree? where does config live? in the user's tree? local? is a goal that a user can get back to their system "in toto" after a crash?
17:39:50 <phracek> I would prefer standard installation. By dnf. Of course not container.
17:40:19 <hhorak> phracek: so you're too old-style hacker for the new fedora.. :)
17:40:27 <langdon> jwb, walters i think i am just clarifying that, like the rpm guidelines, a WG should not modify the guidelines w/o consent of this group (who will ensure the guideline change meets the needs of all constituencies)
17:40:42 <phracek> Or we can define a group with apps and make container with it.
17:40:56 <jwb> langdon, sure
17:41:10 <langdon> phracek, why wouldn't "dnf install my-container-version-of-hexchat" work? that is basically what the xdg-app folks are thinking
17:41:18 <walters> btw the rpm-ostree and dnf people do talk somewhat regularly now although mostly around technology sharing, not the "end picture"
17:41:52 <hhorak> phracek: this all will be build above rpm.. and some non-rpm stuff maybe... but the point is you should still be able to install things by yourself..if you want... (right?)
17:42:01 <jwb> langdon, oh yes!  if we can make this mostly seamless from that standpoint, all the better
17:42:15 <jwb> hhorak, in my head, definitely
17:42:28 <phracek> langdon: each application will have its own container?
17:42:37 <phracek> hhorak: ok.
17:42:48 <langdon> in the gnome-apps (or whatever it is called) model, yes
17:43:00 <langdon> in my world.. yes..
17:43:08 <langdon> and they all communicate over a magic bus :)
17:43:19 <phracek> like crystal ball:)
17:43:30 * langdon http://i1.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/005/896/Magic-School-Bus.jpg
17:43:51 <phracek> langdon: lol
17:43:55 * vpavlin sees some unicorns here..
17:43:56 <phracek> like crystal ball:)
17:44:17 <phracek> I can see a problem like we are building a new thing above a simple apps.
17:44:28 <jwb> below actually
17:44:31 <hhorak> langdon: The blue bus is calling us... but that's quite long way to go, right? what will be the route? will just apps run in container work in real use cases?
17:44:33 <jwb> but yes, we are building a new thing
17:44:38 <hhorak> (without bus)
17:44:39 <langdon> i basically am thinking of a services oriented desktop/os .. so.. there is a well known way to communicate (e.g. dbus) between things, there is a way to raise "intents" (a la android), and all the things are independent
17:45:04 <langdon> hhorak, i actually have started using them a ton... and am getting annoyed when I need to do a "real" install
17:45:10 <langdon> :)
17:45:50 <phracek> jwb: well I can imagine it. But hopefully system will not be busy with a lot of containers. That's why I am a bit scary.
17:45:51 <jwb> vpavlin, if you look hard enough, they aren't unicorns.  they are horses with big warts that need fixing.  then you just have horses.
17:45:56 <walters> so it's probably worth looking at this from the "what would break" perspective
17:45:58 <langdon> so.. it is a "hard" problem when you think about gui apps.. which is what gnome is trying to solve.. but when you are talking about "Server apps" ... like httpd.. it is much simpler
17:46:27 <walters> i can certainly tell you that I want rpm-ostree package layering myself after using it a lot
17:46:29 <jwb> phracek, you are worried about the overhead of the container mechanisms themselves?
17:46:53 <walters> another example is around manageability; with both xdg-app and docker, modifying the ca-certificates is now much more painful
17:47:05 <phracek> no about containers but like a lot of VMs makes the problem with system performance.
17:47:15 <phracek> But may be I am from old school:)
17:47:17 <walters> you might even be using an ubuntu-based app container and not realize it until you go "where's /etc/pki/"?
17:47:25 <langdon> phracek, i think "performance" (in a lot of definitions of that word) is a real concern... basically interproc comm begins network-comm, always.. but... com/dcom fixed that ~15 yrs ago.. so I think we might have some ideas
17:47:32 <jwb> phracek, containers and VMs have totally different overhead characteristics.  nobody is talking about running VMs here
17:47:46 <phracek> jwb: But you are right that just install a new container with already setup application is awesome.
17:47:50 <langdon> *begins = becomes
17:48:13 <jwb> there will be overhead for sure, but i'm not sure it's enough to make this not worth investigating
17:48:30 <phracek> langdon: jwb: ok, I will be a more optimistic.
17:48:43 <langdon> well.. and the possibilities are sooooo interesting ...
17:49:40 <jwb> walters, langdon: i'd like to start even more modest.  like... take Atomic Host, expand it a bit to make it more useful than the docker host thing, put another "desktop" rpm-ostree layer on top, and then see where we are
17:49:58 <langdon> jwb, +1
17:50:05 <jwb> you guys are looking at the end game.  i'm wanting to start prototyping based on what will be available relatively soon
17:50:20 <jwb> and if that means helping with the rpm-ostree layering, great.  let's find some people to do that
17:50:27 <walters> jwb, note that ostree is wildly different from docker in that it doesn't do layering in that way
17:50:44 <walters> it's more like git - if you have two branches they transparently share storage, but they're distinct entities
17:50:51 <phracek> langdon: yes. If I install a container-appl with settings and on the new system I will have the same, that it is really nice.
17:51:05 <langdon> i would also like to see an "answer" to my q about "where does the user config live".. in the near term, in can be the ostree model of just "on disk in special places" ... but I think in the longer term, I would like to see "my tree" which contains my config as a layer on the rest
17:51:10 <walters> so if you compose the same RPMs into a new branch, it will share storage with the atomic host, but it's not a layer
17:51:36 <walters> now we could *make* rpm-ostree do that kind of layering if the end goal is really bitwise identical layering
17:51:54 <jwb> walters, right and i think we do
17:52:19 <walters> how do you capture things like workstation doesn't have ssh enabled by default, server does?
17:52:51 <walters> with the "separate commits" model, this is very clear in ostree - they have slightly different /usr/etc (or /usr/lib)
17:53:25 <walters> whereas if it's layering...then workstation needs to carry a "disable ssh" bit?
17:54:06 * langdon grumbles about why wkstn has ssh-server disabled by default..
17:54:45 <jwb> walters, either could work.  i mean, if the end goal is to be able to take a core tree, slap the gnome tree on top, and then slap the product differences on top of that... whatever makes sense
17:55:06 <jwb> walters, but the idea is that core layer is common, the gnome layer depends on core and works on either product.
17:55:34 <jwb> common between the rest of the layers
17:55:35 <phracek> jwb: how the layer will communicate?
17:55:48 <jwb> the terminology is getting slightly confusing.  pictures would help
17:56:11 <phracek> jwb: great idea:)
17:56:19 <langdon> jwb, actually.. and i am not sure if this is a good point, but I think you point out... how do we decide which way the layers work? I was thinking it was base+wkstn+gnome & base+server+gnome .. and you have it differently
17:57:29 <langdon> could be just QED, exercise for the reader, (aka the WG decides based on what they need).. I am not sure if it matters
17:57:57 <phracek> sorry guys kids are fighting. I have to leave.
17:58:12 <phracek> Thanks for nice conversation. Bye.
17:58:23 <jwb> langdon, i think it's a good point, but yeah it might not be clear until we try some stuff
17:59:04 * langdon totally thought phracek was referring to us :)
17:59:21 <jwb> haha
18:00:01 <hhorak> langdon: your way seem reasonable, the other way would be base+gnome+wkstn? that wouldn't make sense..
18:00:33 <jwb> hhorak, sure it would, if you think about people that want to not run a productized install
18:00:44 <jwb> gnome isn't specific to workstation.  it's just a DE
18:00:44 <langdon> hhorak, per jwb, I am not sure we know yet..
18:01:01 <jwb> but yeah, we don't really know yet
18:01:17 <jwb> and none of this is really possible now anyway :)
18:02:10 <hhorak> thought it is not possible to install non-product fedora any more
18:02:34 <hhorak> but yeah, it may be valid use case..
18:02:37 <jwb> there's no media, but you can still do non-productized installed via boot.iso and kickstart
18:02:41 <langdon> hhorak, can i propose that discussion be later? or something else?
18:02:53 <jwb> i think we're kind of tailing off here anyway
18:03:01 <sgallagh> hhorak: You can install non-product Fedora with any spin...
18:03:02 <langdon> can i ask the group.. have we (technically "you") made any decisions yet? actions?
18:03:11 <sgallagh> Or the netinstall media, etc.
18:04:54 <hhorak> langdon: I have the impression we're all on the same page the future is in layered rpm-ostree and containers, right?
18:05:27 <hhorak> action for container part is definitely to be able to deliver containers in the first place.
18:05:30 <jwb> hhorak, i think i'd phrase it as "a future really worth looking into"
18:05:47 <hhorak> jwb: or the best idea we have now
18:06:04 <langdon> hhorak, sounds about right to me.. but how do we get from here->there? i assume we need an "objective" (or is it an "initiative"?) or, to jwb's point, maybe some "spikes" (per agile terminology)
18:06:08 <jwb> hhorak, aside from just keeping on with what we are doing, yeah.
18:06:26 <jwb> langdon, i think we need people willing to work on it, and a prototype
18:06:56 <jwb> because trying to have this discussion without something people can play with is going to be a very long and fraught process
18:07:10 <langdon> jwb, i guess i think we need to write up what the prototype is .. so that people other than those who are here can help and to make sure we all think we are prototyping the same thing :)
18:07:34 <jwb> yes, exactly.  otherwise, take this meeting (which has actually gone really really well!) and try to hold it over devel list and... uuf
18:08:42 <hhorak> walters: do you see any specific actions for now for rpm-ostree part? (I still don't feel experienced enough in that field)
18:09:22 <walters> investigating "binary layering" versus "local rpm layering" is one
18:09:36 <walters> s/binary/tree/ i guess
18:09:46 <jwb> or maybe "plus" and not "versus"
18:10:16 <walters> right
18:10:18 <jwb> i'm pretty sure i need to sit down and read more of the rpm-ostree stuff myself anyway
18:11:48 <walters> hhorak, beyond that...i think the requirements here mostly align with the existing roadmap
18:12:11 <hhorak> walters: sounds fine
18:13:21 <jwb> i need to drop off for a bit.  i appreciate everyone participating today.  i think it's gone well
18:13:28 <hhorak> langdon: as you mentioned deamons are easier for working with them in containers, I'd start with those..
18:13:37 <hhorak> jwb: thanks too!
18:14:55 <langdon> hhorak, start? like container-all-the-things? yeah.. i think there are lots of starts all over.. but there is no unified "target" so they all go different directions in scope and goals and the like..  but i am not sure what you mean by "start"...
18:15:45 <jwb> langdon, start by defining 'fockeret'.  the Fedora Docker/Rocket project.  ;)
18:16:22 * jwb really leaves now.  thanks all!
18:16:29 <langdon> jwb, ha.. well.. as a web developer (essentially) rocket is too smart for me ...
18:17:58 * vpavlin will have to read through the log as he got distracted a lot, sorry:(
18:18:13 <hhorak> vpavlin: who is there with you?
18:18:42 <vpavlin> hhorak: fkluknav...
18:18:43 * mclasen_ reads through the logs as well
18:18:54 <mclasen_> which interesting meeting did I miss here ?
18:19:58 <langdon> mclasen_, envs&stacks
18:20:20 * mclasen_ should come to those, good stuff
18:20:51 <hhorak> langdon: about the start.. I meant first things to containerize (yeah, I mean docker here, since it's most widely used now)... and thinking about some unified approach how to use those without user noticing they are containers actually.. otherwise I don't think I have any nicer answer for you..
18:21:40 <langdon> hhorak, ohh.. yeah.. i do that already.. but, as I brought up last time, i am stuggling with where to put them because having them live in f-dockerfiles forever seems like a bad plan...
18:23:53 <hhorak> ah, right. we were talking about upstream being the right place where they should live, right?
18:24:54 <langdon> hhorak, yeah.. although we need an aggregator.. i think we discussed containers.fp.o or containers.projectatomic.io .. but not sure where that went next..
18:25:05 <langdon> jzb, ^^
18:26:24 <walters> isn't that a registry?
18:26:46 <hhorak> walters: can't we use docker hub in fedora?
18:26:58 <walters> sure
18:27:34 <walters> https://lists.projectatomic.io/projectatomic-archives/atomic-devel/2014-October/msg00002.html
18:28:30 <walters> one angle I look at this from is currently there is a clear line for "fedora" or "not fedora" that boils down to "signed by the GPG key"
18:28:36 <langdon> walters, sorry.. maybe not the right name.. this is meant to be a "website" with look at all the containers built for fed/cent/rhel or whatever... with base image info, maybe best practices, etc
18:29:48 <hhorak> langdon: there is a red hack week the next week (internal, sorry community) and one of the topics is also about trying to go deeper in developer.fedoraproject.org idea.. hopefully somebody picks it and produces some general concept..
18:30:12 <hhorak> if not, then we'll have to look at it. topic for next week agenda?
18:30:24 <langdon> hhorak, ack
18:30:32 <hhorak> (it's getting dark here and the streets are getting dangerous..)
18:30:53 <langdon> hhorak, i want to laugh at that.. but I think you are serious :) .. bike? feet?
18:31:16 <hhorak> langdon: no, that was really a joke, I'm already at home..
18:31:23 <hhorak> ..but vpavlin is not, right?
18:31:24 <langdon> hhorak, ha
18:32:01 * vpavlin is still in the office...building rsyslog image..
18:32:23 * hhorak thinking about closing soon, my mind protests to bring any reasonable ideas anyway..
18:32:46 <langdon> vpavlin, where do i find eliska(sp?) she hang out on IRC? I have to find her to talk about vagrant builds one of these days
18:33:05 <langdon> hhorak, you should do like me and talk crazy all the time...
18:33:16 <vpavlin> langdon: #brno? #devexp?
18:33:22 <langdon> vpavlin, ack
18:33:27 <hhorak> langdon: I'll start if will continue to work 13h a day
18:34:01 <hhorak> anyway, thanks for the discussion!
18:34:26 <hhorak> #endmeeting