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14:01:34 <tstclair> #meetingtopic f21status
14:01:46 <tstclair> #topic status
14:02:25 <tstclair> Hey folks, want to give a brief update on big-data-sig packages/packaging as we tread towards f21..
14:02:31 <rsquared> hadoop runtime is broken due to asm conflicts again, oozie dep on json_simple is still broken
14:02:56 <tstclair> rsquared, asm conflict = runtime classpath or..?
14:03:12 <pmackinn> hive blocked on json_simple also
14:03:32 <rsquared> I contacted the json_simple maintainer and he said he wasn't a java/maven guy but would try again.  Not sure when but I asked for it by beta.  I pointed him to fedora-java and offered to help there if I could, but I haven't heard anything since.
14:03:53 <rsquared> tstclair: runtime classpath.  I resolved this before, but I guess sands must have shifted
14:04:01 <tstclair> hchen, welcome! Feel free to let the world know about your recent endeavors.
14:04:12 <tstclair> rsquared, ack.
14:05:10 <hchen> hello world, i am new here. most recently, working with tstclair on packaging amplab-tachyon
14:05:18 <tstclair> I've updated mesos to 0.20 release and pushed almost all my integ patches back.  I still have one bug to fix around systemd integration, b/c they didn't like my patch to I'll be working on that.
14:06:09 <tstclair> I've also been talking with the Fedora-Atomic folks about seeing if we can include Mesos in their image.
14:06:13 <tstclair> number80, ^
14:07:19 <number80> hey
14:10:29 <tstclair> Any other updates?  willb is any news on Spark/scala?
14:11:38 <willb> I think I have Scala figured out with the current state of Rawhide Java
14:12:15 <willb> and am just going to resume the unresponsive maintainer procedure, since the maintainer who responded last time has disappeared again
14:12:40 <willb> mcpierce also has Scala on his critical path and is willing to comaintain it with me
14:13:07 <tstclair> willb, when it's "working" let me know and I will try to snap-shot a docker container at that time to play with other ideas.
14:13:53 <willb> sure, we can coordinate then
14:15:08 <tstclair> rsquared, willb, pmackinn, hchen - given other load I think we may aim for post-beta / pre-release
14:15:13 <tstclair>
14:16:11 <rsquared> tstclair: What are we targeting at post-beta?
14:16:57 <tstclair> rsquared, fixes for broken stuff.
14:18:08 <tstclair> willb, hchen, mattf, rsquared, pmackinn - any other updates to share?
14:18:35 <mattf> nope
14:18:49 <hchen> no
14:19:19 <rsquared> Nope
14:19:52 <pmackinn> no
14:21:30 <tstclair> OK, thanks folks!
14:21:38 <tstclair> #endmeeting