17:01:00 <jreznik> #startmeeting F21 Alpha Go/No-Go meeting
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17:01:12 <jreznik> #meetingname F21 Alpha Go/No-Go meeting
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17:01:25 <jreznik> #topic Roll Call
17:01:42 * jreznik has a bad feeling it's going to be a quick meeting today...
17:01:49 <pjones> jreznik: indeed
17:02:27 <jwb> seems simple enough
17:02:42 <jreznik> but at least we moved to the real release process with F21, good job anyone, even we're not completely ready
17:02:53 * nirik waves
17:02:57 <jreznik> so who's in today?
17:04:03 * jzb is around if needed.
17:04:19 <dgilmore> hole
17:04:20 <dgilmore> hola
17:04:23 <jreznik> anyone from QA, adamw?
17:04:33 <jreznik> hi dgilmore
17:04:44 <jreznik> #chair nirik dgilmore jwb
17:04:44 <zodbot> Current chairs: dgilmore jreznik jwb nirik
17:06:16 * tflink can do qa if nobody else shows up but probably isn't the best person to do so :)
17:06:30 * pjones here too
17:06:35 <Neldogz> neldogz here
17:06:44 * amita here
17:06:44 <jreznik> tflink is always the best person around :)
17:06:52 <jreznik> #chair tflink pjones
17:06:52 <zodbot> Current chairs: dgilmore jreznik jwb nirik pjones tflink
17:06:54 <amita> yes true :)
17:06:59 <jreznik> ok, so let's move on
17:07:18 <jreznik> #info just a reminder - Readiness meeting follows in two hours later, even we say No-Go today
17:07:24 * roshi is here as well
17:07:46 <jreznik> #topic Purpose of this meeting
17:07:47 <jreznik> #info Purpose of this meeting is to see whether or not F21 Alpha is ready for shipment, according to the release criteria.
17:07:49 <jreznik> #info This is determined in a few ways:
17:07:50 <jreznik> #info No remaining blocker bugs
17:07:52 <jreznik> #info Release candidate compose is available
17:07:53 <jreznik> #info Test matrices for Alpha are fully completed
17:07:55 <jreznik> #link http://qa.fedoraproject.org/blockerbugs/milestone/21/alpha/buglist
17:07:56 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_21_Alpha_TC5_Install
17:07:58 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_21_Alpha_TC5_Base
17:07:59 <jreznik> #link https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Results:Fedora_21_Alpha_TC5_Desktop
17:08:59 <dgilmore> as we do not have a RC we can not be go
17:09:01 <tflink> this should be quick for qa - there are still open blockers
17:09:08 <tflink> and the RC part :)
17:09:12 * nirik nods. No way we are go.
17:09:25 <jwb> ok, then let's just call it no-go and get back to work?
17:09:31 <jreznik> #topic Current status
17:09:38 <jreznik> #info as we do not have a RC we can not be go
17:09:58 <jreznik> #info qa is no-go, there are still open blockers
17:10:17 <jreznik> ok, so it's really simple question
17:10:55 <pjones> clearly it's no-go.
17:10:57 <jreznik> proposal #agreed Fedora 21 Alpha is No-Go due to no Release Candidate available and open blocker bugs
17:11:02 <dgilmore> ack
17:11:03 <jsmith> Yup.... no-go seems obvious
17:11:08 * jreznik could just go with agreed :(
17:11:12 <jsmith> ACK
17:11:44 <roshi> ack
17:11:47 <tflink> ack
17:11:59 <jreznik> #agreed Fedora 21 Alpha is No-Go due to no Release Candidate available and open blocker bugs
17:12:22 <pjones> ack
17:12:57 <jreznik> #action jreznik to announce slip, the next Go/No-Go is on 2014-09-11
17:13:25 <jreznik> but maybe we can take a quick look what else we need to make sure we Go next week
17:14:04 <jreznik> looking on the current blockers list, there's 1088933 with needinfo on dgilmore
17:14:12 <jreznik> .bug 1088933
17:14:15 <zodbot> jreznik: Bug 1088933 update grubby to support device tree options for arm - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1088933
17:14:35 <dgilmore> I need to sit down and redo the patches
17:14:58 <jreznik> #info dgilmore to redo patches for bug 1088933
17:15:18 <jreznik> dgilmore: any expectations on it? how much work it is?
17:15:32 <dgilmore> jreznik: there is some bugs in what I have written
17:15:40 <dgilmore> its a matter of covering some corner cases
17:16:01 <jreznik> ok, thanks
17:17:00 <jreznik> do you want to go through the other bugs in ASSIGNED/POST state?
17:17:18 <tflink> we just did a review yesterday, not sure that needs to be done again
17:17:46 <jreznik> that's why I'm asking but we have right people here today for some of them
17:18:03 <tflink> roshi: thoughts?
17:18:39 <jreznik> adamw commented 1134524 and the comment worries me a bit
17:18:41 <jreznik> .bug 1134524
17:18:46 <zodbot> jreznik: Bug 1134524 Product-ized network install images do not offer filtered group lists - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1134524
17:18:57 <roshi> I think things are mostly covered - a review probably won't do much
17:20:05 <tflink> yeah, that doesn't sound good :-/
17:20:07 <jreznik> seems like quite a lot of work will be needed for this bug, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1134524
17:20:30 <roshi> for sure
17:21:17 <jreznik> if we need to touch anaconda, mirrormanager it's a best time to try to coordinate it/file bugs etc.
17:21:49 <jreznik> dgilmore: any thoughts what else will be needed?
17:22:58 <jreznik> or ideas where to start to make it moving
17:24:46 <jreznik> seems like he's out, let's talk out of this meeting not to bother other folks here :)
17:24:57 <jreznik> #topic Open floor
17:25:19 <jreznik> anything else for today? any concerns with Alpha?
17:25:59 <adamw> eh, the go/no-go is now?
17:26:04 <adamw> i thought it was in like 4 hours
17:26:12 * roshi has nothing for this meeting anyways
17:26:32 <adamw> well, jreznik raised the major issue i'd like to highlight, yeah - that's going to be a problem, we need to at least get dgilmore and anaconda folks together on that one, possibly drag in more people if necessary
17:26:40 <adamw> (e.g. sgallagh, kalev)
17:26:48 <jreznik> adamw: yeah, I touched it above
17:27:11 <jreznik> adamw: in two hours there's readiness :) you'd kill me with go/no-go in 4 hours
17:27:38 <adamw> oh right
17:27:41 <jreznik> would be great to know at least where to start with it
17:27:41 <adamw> so, no go not ready :P
17:27:54 <jreznik> :)
17:28:52 <jreznik> adamw: so, do you have any idea where to start to make sure it's moving? seems like not an easy task
17:32:04 * jreznik is going to end meeting now and move the discussion out of it, seems like noone is now interested to talk about it :)
17:32:13 <jreznik> setting fuse, 3...
17:32:36 <jreznik> 2...
17:32:43 <roshi> interested, sure. Capable of providing any kinds of answers, no :)
17:32:55 <jreznik> roshi: same here :(
17:32:58 <jreznik> 1...
17:33:10 <jreznik> #endmeeting