14:01:51 <tstclair> #startmeeting
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14:02:02 <tstclair> #meetingname BIG_DATA_SIG
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14:02:11 <tstclair> #meetingtopic status
14:03:08 <tstclair> Morning folks - want to give a brief status update...
14:03:40 <tstclair> status: Updating mesos to 0.20 is in flight hopefully I'll be done by weeks end.
14:03:55 <tstclair> I plan on updating tachyon after that.
14:04:16 <tstclair> pmackinn, rsquared, willb, number80  - updates?
14:04:31 <rsquared> oozie has a broken install dep in rawhide: com.googlecode.json-simple:json-simple
14:04:42 <pmackinn> hive blocker
14:04:44 <rsquared> Looks to be a bug in the json_simple package
14:04:59 <pmackinn> sqoop has same ^^
14:05:05 <pmackinn> filed a bz
14:05:07 <tstclair> rsquared, I had a similar issue I worked around but that page is now on backup tape.
14:05:24 <number80> no update from me (except that alpha has been delayed by one more week)
14:05:24 <rsquared> bz1126522
14:05:34 <tstclair> iirc it was during my ZK update.
14:05:46 <willb> no updates from me atm
14:05:51 <rsquared> tstclair: imo it's a bug in json_simple and should be fixed there.
14:05:51 <tstclair> number80, that is good ;-).
14:06:30 <tstclair> willb, is there any chance we can recruit folks on the scala front?
14:06:57 <willb> I'll update on that at our next meeting
14:06:58 <tstclair> Last I recall there was a train wreck from Java updates.
14:07:03 <tstclair> ack.
14:08:10 <tstclair> I still need to trek back to Zookeeper update but that is a lower prio atm and will cause a dep-chain rebuild.
14:09:29 <rsquared> The json_simple bz has been around for a while with seemingly no one paying attention to it.  Can we shine a light on it?
14:11:00 <tstclair> rsquared, I'm going to be all up in rebuilds this next week so I'll take a look.
14:11:34 <eje> status: responding to feedback from spark upstream on SPARK-2992 umbrella
14:12:08 <rsquared> Oh, hadoop is marching towards a 2.5.0 release.  I'm on the fence as to whether that'll make it into F21
14:12:41 <tstclair> rsquared, given other workloads I think punting for next cycle makes more sense.
14:12:57 <rsquared> That was the way I was leaning.
14:14:03 <tstclair> rsquared, pmackinn, willb, number80, eje - any thing else or should we call it short.  I know we're deep into other things atm so i don't want to take too much time.
14:14:14 <number80> ok
14:14:17 <rsquared> That's all from me
14:14:18 <eje> sure
14:14:30 <number80> pmackinn: let me know, for the pending reviews when you'll have time :)
14:14:40 <pmackinn> what's the current f21 dates?
14:15:35 <pmackinn> number80, ack but sqoop won't build in rawhide due to json_simple bug
14:18:21 <number80> pmackinn: no problem, alpha freeze is august, 19
14:19:38 <tstclair> anything else?
14:20:19 <tstclair> #endmeeting