16:01:48 <sesivany> #startmeeting FAmSCo 2014-07-15
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16:01:50 <sesivany> #meetingname famsco
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16:01:56 <sesivany> #topic Roll Call
16:02:23 <sesivany> masta, yn_1v: pong
16:02:40 <sesivany> robyduck: ping
16:02:45 <sesivany> .fas eischmann
16:02:45 <zodbot> sesivany: eischmann 'Jiri Eischmann' <eischmann@redhat.com>
16:03:11 <yn_1v> .fas yn1v
16:03:12 <zodbot> yn_1v: yn1v 'Neville A. Cross' <yn1v@taygon.com>
16:03:37 <masta> hey folks, I'm half here... in another meeting
16:04:06 <masta> .fas parasense
16:04:06 <zodbot> masta: parasense 'Jon Disnard' <jdisnard@gmail.com>
16:04:45 <sesivany> masta: no problem, I'm still not sure if we're not going to cancel today's meeting. I saw a lot of regrets in the mailing list.
16:04:52 <sesivany> it's a holiday time :)
16:05:05 <sesivany> lbazan: ping
16:07:53 <sesivany> yn_1v: do you have any topic to discuss today?
16:08:00 <yn_1v> not really
16:09:23 <sesivany> ok, if no one else is going to show up in 5 minutes, let's cancel the meeting.
16:11:41 <tuanta_> .fas tuanta
16:11:42 <zodbot> tuanta_: tuanta 'Truong Anh Tuan' <tuanta@iwayvietnam.com>
16:11:45 <tuanta_> sorry, I am late
16:11:47 * tuanta_ is trouble shooting my network :(
16:12:15 <sesivany> tuanta_: do you have any topic to discuss? There are just 3.5 of us today.
16:12:54 <tuanta_> how about drafting a new guidelines for Mentors?
16:13:20 <sesivany> #topic New guidelines for mentors
16:13:30 * tuanta_ is looking for link
16:13:48 <tuanta_> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/pipermail/fama-mentors/2014-July/000047.html
16:13:54 <tuanta_> this is an idea
16:14:24 <tuanta_> and I would like to draft a guidelines then share to mentors for comments
16:14:44 <tuanta_> then we will have a common guidelines for mentors, especially new ones
16:14:53 <sesivany> tuanta_: that's actually a good idea.
16:15:29 <sesivany> tuanta_: how about creating an etherpad where everyone can put his/her rules and then we can pick the best ones?
16:15:32 <tuanta_> mentoring strategy could be different between mentors, but we could have common guidelines
16:15:44 <tuanta_> sesivany, that's a good idea
16:15:53 <tuanta_> I will create one, and draft something in
16:16:40 <tuanta_> #action tuanta to draft a new mentors guidelines and share them via Etherpad for people to comment in easier
16:16:48 <sesivany> #action tuanta to create an etherpad to collect rules for ambassador candidates
16:16:58 <sesivany> damn... you're faster
16:17:02 <sesivany> #undo
16:17:02 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: ACTION by sesivany at 16:16:48 : tuanta to create an etherpad to collect rules for ambassador candidates
16:17:23 <tuanta_> actually, I have not much idea at this moment
16:17:52 <tuanta_> I will reserve a free time (about 1h) to think about this and wirte something down
16:18:01 <tuanta_> s/wirte/write
16:18:04 <sesivany> tuanta_: I'm quite busy with Flock, so I don't have an idea either.
16:18:19 <tuanta_> that's ok. I will do
16:18:20 <sesivany> but I will surely have some to chip in.
16:18:37 <tuanta_> it's also my topic at Flock
16:18:58 <sesivany> for example I require all candidates to attend at least one regional IRC meeting before they're accepted as ambassadors.
16:18:59 <tuanta_> I would like to collect some ideas before Flock
16:19:06 <sesivany> that could be a rule.
16:19:15 <tuanta_> yes, good
16:19:57 <tuanta_> in my mentoring work, I would like my mentees to do some real activities (or events) and I would support them
16:20:03 <tuanta_> support almost things
16:20:32 <tuanta_> give them necessary pages to understand how to do those tasks
16:20:40 <tuanta_> I meant wiki pages
16:20:45 <sesivany> yep
16:21:53 <tuanta_> we can think many things could be done before approve one to be a new ambassador. all for make sure they are ready with that new purose
16:21:54 <sesivany> otherwise we didn't receive much feedback from the mentors, did we?
16:22:07 <tuanta_> yes, not much
16:23:05 <tuanta_> but I will try to drive this. Hope they would have more attention
16:23:41 <tuanta_> let me draft something then we can discuss on mailing list and next meeting(s)
16:23:42 <sesivany> looks like mentors don't care much about the process.
16:23:56 <tuanta_> sesivany, maybe, I don't know
16:24:03 <yn_1v> there is no standard
16:24:17 <tuanta_> yes, that's true at this moment
16:24:22 <yn_1v> and I think is different across regions
16:24:40 <tuanta_> yes, but there are some common things at the same time
16:24:54 <tuanta_> I think so, yn_1v
16:25:21 <tuanta_> of course, we can have some specific stuffs for regions
16:25:47 <tuanta_> if we are sure that they could be specific for that region
16:26:09 <sesivany> yeah, there is some common base among regions.
16:26:31 <yn_1v> probably we sholud look as guidelines and not as rules
16:26:43 <tuanta_> yes, they are guidelines
16:27:41 <tuanta_> if you have any ideas for this, olease feel free to send me over the mailing list
16:27:41 <sesivany> yn_1v: sure, it was just bad wording from me.
16:27:58 <tuanta_> I will make sure they put in the first draft
16:28:20 <tuanta_> I have no more topic to discuss today
16:28:55 <sesivany> tuanta_: you should create a ticket, too, but we should gather ideas and brainstorm on an etherpad which is a better tool for this.
16:29:35 <tuanta_> ok, I will use both
16:29:48 <tuanta_> etherpad is better for drafting
16:30:10 <tuanta_> but ticket is more formal
16:31:04 <tuanta_> I may use wiki instead of etherpad for better tracking
16:31:12 <tuanta_> I will see
16:31:58 <sesivany> ok, is it all for today then? or do we have anything else to discuss?
16:32:12 <tuanta_> nope at my side
16:32:59 <sesivany> ok, let's end the meeting then.
16:33:32 <sesivany> thank you, guys, for coming and meet you next week and most importantly in person at Flock!
16:33:37 <tuanta_> thanks
16:34:17 <yn_1v> we are about three week away of flock
16:34:22 <yn_1v> aren't we?
16:34:38 <tuanta_> yes, yn_1v
16:34:48 <sesivany> yn_1v: the organization is getting serious, we still have a lot to finish.
16:34:49 <tuanta_> yn_1v, you are attending?
16:34:53 <yn_1v> yes
16:35:05 <tuanta_> great. see you there
16:35:21 <tuanta_> sesivany, I see
16:35:25 <tuanta_> thank you all
16:35:33 <sesivany> #endmeeting