15:04:04 <mmaslano> #startmeeting Env and Stacks (2014-07-15)
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15:04:10 <mmaslano> #meetingname env-and-stacks
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15:04:17 <mmaslano> #chair pkovar tjanez samkottler bkabrda hhorak juhp mmaslano vpavlin sic
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15:05:13 <hhorak> Hi
15:07:45 <mmaslano> hi
15:08:08 <mmaslano> #topic init process
15:08:23 <mmaslano> we really need new time, could you fill http://whenisgood.net/f7x2qi2
15:08:26 <mmaslano> hhorak: ^
15:08:58 <hhorak> mmaslano: sure, I added myself there, hopefully
15:09:10 <hhorak> but I don't see the result
15:09:11 * tflink is here for the meeting
15:09:41 <mmaslano> ok now we have 6 of 9 :) I'll poke the rest for their input
15:09:43 <mmaslano> tflink: hi
15:11:52 <mmaslano> looks like no one else will appear,so we can close it
15:11:59 <mmaslano> if tflink doesn't have anything :)
15:12:08 <hhorak> mmaslano: does it seem like we will find a common time?
15:12:09 <mmaslano> tflink: at least you and hhorak showed up
15:12:37 <mmaslano> hhorak: hard to say
15:14:24 <mmaslano> otherwise I would suggest email communication ;-)
15:14:39 <mmaslano> last week we solved something about Docker, so irc works sometimes
15:15:37 <mmaslano> closing meeting see you in better time
15:15:41 <mmaslano> #endmeeting