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14:00:58 <tstclair> #meetingtopic status
14:02:16 <tstclair> Morning folks want to give a brief status update then go-a-around: mattf, eje_, willb, rsquared, et. all
14:03:30 <tstclair> iirc we had an open action to discuss CentOS and copr repos.
14:03:35 <eje> status: alternating between teaching myself Scala and teaching myself Spark code base
14:05:06 <willb> I've been working on Spark, on the project I'm presenting at Spark Summit, and still thinking about Scala packaging guidelines.
14:07:59 <tstclair> I started looking at updates to zookeeper 3.4.6, fixed mesos issues around systemd integration + more patches.  Created abstract for mesoscon, and helping on the committee.  Still waiting on hadoop for tachyon+gluster mods.
14:09:23 <tstclair> mattf, Any news on the CentOS repo?
14:09:39 <tstclair> pmackinn isn't around to give a copr update..
14:10:09 <rsquared> hadoop is blocked on log4j
14:13:40 <tstclair> quiet today.. Are there other things to bring up to the group?  mattf, willb, rsquared, eje, number80 ...
14:13:51 <number80> hi
14:14:07 <rsquared> nothing from me
14:14:36 <number80> if Pete isn't here, nothing (about sqoop review which is almost finished)
14:14:57 <number80> oh i forgot
14:15:24 <number80> I'll send an email on the list to discuss the content of the big data image with you
14:15:46 <tstclair> number80, +1.
14:16:00 <willb> nothing else from me at the moment
14:16:04 <number80> I hoped jeid64 wil do it but he must be busy w/ exams
14:20:04 <tstclair> ok folks, I'm gunna call it.. I'll send an email to the list to follow up on the last action items.
14:20:18 <tstclair> #endmeeting