14:00:32 <tstclair> #startmeeting
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14:00:51 <rsquared> joyous appropriate time relative to timezone everyone
14:01:27 <tstclair> #meetingtopic update
14:01:34 <tstclair> #topic status
14:01:47 <tstclair> Greetings folks, any news and events?
14:02:12 <tstclair> I believe most of the "Changes" are in place for F21 now.
14:02:17 <rsquared> oozie and deps still awaiting review
14:02:52 <tstclair> rsquared, urls?
14:03:23 <rsquared>
14:03:31 <rsquared>
14:03:59 <rsquared>
14:04:08 <rsquared> greenmail is currently under review already
14:04:23 <tstclair> mizdebsk, pmackinn, willb, - any status updates ?
14:04:40 <willb> since the last meeting, Spark is in rawhide
14:05:42 <mizdebsk> no interesting news on my side
14:05:52 <tstclair> rsquared, if there aren't any takers, perhaps a review-swap email to fedora-devel
14:06:06 <pmackinn> sqoop dev waiting on an xmvn fix; ambari package being iterated on: review version will need to omit bundled vendor js libs
14:07:42 <mizdebsk> if something in build systems blocks your work, please make sure to say that explicitly - i will prioritize accordingly
14:08:12 <pmackinn> mizdebsk, i'll update the bz
14:08:29 <tstclair> mizdebsk, on a related note:  Is there a mass rebuild for Java 8?
14:09:00 <mizdebsk> there will be partial rebuild by sochotni
14:09:19 <mizdebsk> probably next week i guess
14:09:34 * tstclair plans his vacation ;-)
14:09:43 * tstclair kids.. kids
14:09:46 <mizdebsk> tstclair: good for you :)
14:09:48 <mizdebsk> ah..
14:10:34 <tstclair> #topic news-events
14:12:05 <tstclair> Any new developments? (new projects), general news (which we might be able to leverage).
14:13:52 <tstclair> has anyone been tracking:
14:15:42 <tstclair> willb, pmackinn, mizdebsk, rsquared - are there any other topics or end early today?
14:15:49 <rsquared> Nothing from me
14:15:59 <willb> nothing from me, either
14:16:06 <mizdebsk> nothing from me
14:16:16 <pmackinn> not here
14:16:46 <tstclair> k, lets just call it then.  For anything else we can use the list.
14:16:51 <tstclair> Thanks Folks!
14:16:59 <tstclair> #endmeeting