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15:01:03 <tstclair> #meetingtopic updates
15:01:40 <tstclair> #topic issues
15:02:35 <tstclair> Hello folks, are there currently any open issues to discuss?  rsquared, pmackinn, willb, mizdebsk, besser82, et. all
15:02:42 <pmackinn> nothing here
15:02:57 <besser82> all fine, over here  :D
15:03:04 <rsquared> Nothing here
15:03:23 <mizdebsk> no issues for me
15:03:58 <willb> I have a wish list of scala packages on the wiki
15:04:16 <willb> anyone who is interested in learning more about Scala, track me down and I'll get you started!
15:04:17 <samkottler> \o
15:04:27 <number80> o/
15:04:51 <tstclair> willb, wishlist for review, or still needs packaging?
15:05:18 <willb> wishlist for packaging; I think I only have one package in review atm
15:05:31 <tstclair> ack.
15:05:43 <tstclair> #topic status
15:05:56 <tstclair> News?
15:06:11 <rsquared> HBase has landed in rawhide.
15:06:14 <tstclair> I've updated bookkeeper and zookeeper for rawhide.
15:06:26 <tstclair> rsquared, w00t
15:06:27 <rsquared> Hadoop is broken again.  I'm also working on packaging greenmail
15:06:37 <willb> here's the list:
15:06:52 <mizdebsk> hadoop is still ftbfs, i disabled nightly scratch build
15:07:46 <tstclair> mizdebsk, I'm betting on the zookeeper update caused the %goo to fail in hadoop.
15:08:10 <mizdebsk> it's about netty3 iirc
15:08:14 <tstclair> yup
15:08:50 <rsquared> I have a feeling hadoop will waffle in and out of ftbfs until the netty change finishes rippling through packages
15:10:35 <tstclair> I'm hoping to collaborate with upstream on fixing some tachyon issues so when 0.4.0 rolls out it works on F21 w/o massive hiccups.
15:10:51 <tstclair> right now it has some big issues.
15:11:44 <tstclair> Does anyone know of f21 time-frame?
15:12:17 <mizdebsk> tstclair: it hasn't been decided yet
15:12:21 <tstclair> #topic f21
15:12:43 <tstclair> mizdebsk, are Features->Changes still a thing or has it been rebranded?
15:12:53 <tstclair> Or still too early?
15:13:17 <rsquared> samkottler: Any update on the activemq update?
15:13:18 <mizdebsk> for now we have "changes"
15:13:30 <mizdebsk> "features" are obsolete now and aren't in use
15:14:02 <samkottler> rsquared: I'm hopefully gonna get it done tomorrow (he says for uhh....the 8th time) on my way to fosdem
15:14:17 <tstclair> I'll need to monitor more closely to make certain we tack on some of our items to the "change" list.
15:14:29 <mizdebsk> tstclair: you can work on changes as early as you want, they just won't be approved until some milestone in the schedule
15:14:38 <tstclair> mizdebsk, ack
15:15:26 <rsquared> samkottler: Thanks
15:18:05 <tstclair> #topic newpackages
15:18:22 <tstclair> Are there any new packages on the radar?
15:18:49 <rsquared> That have been packaged, are currently being packaged, or we would like to package?
15:19:03 <tstclair> willb, mizdebsk, pmackinn, samkottler, rsquared, besser82 ^ ?
15:19:30 <willb> a few scala ecosystem things since last time:  scalacheck, sbinary, test-interface are all in Fedora to some extent.  sbt is under review (thanks rsquared)
15:19:32 <samkottler> I can't think of any
15:19:35 <besser82> nothing from me so far...
15:19:36 <tstclair> rsquared, why don't we start with currently being packages, then  would like to package.
15:19:41 <samkottler> has anyone been talking to the openstack savanna folks?
15:19:43 <willb> (thanks to gil for the other reviews, but I don't think he's here)
15:19:55 <tstclair> crobertsrh, ^
15:19:55 <pmackinn> pig is in the works, but working through bin script issues
15:19:58 <rsquared> I'm currently packaging greenmail
15:20:16 <tstclair> I need to follow up with Twitter folks on Aurora.
15:20:32 <crobertsrh> I have not heard anything savanna-wise
15:21:27 <rsquared> apache-log4j-extras is in fedora now (thanks mizdebsk)
15:23:29 <tstclair> Any other items to discuss?  willb, mizdebsk, pmackinn, samkottler, rsquared?
15:23:43 <mizdebsk> nothing for me
15:23:47 * samkottler doesn't have anything
15:23:50 <pmackinn> nope
15:24:00 <rsquared> Nothing from me
15:24:08 <willb> nope
15:24:16 <tstclair> Kyle, thanks everyone.
15:24:20 <tstclair> ha!
15:24:27 <willb> poor Kyle
15:24:28 <tstclair> Kyle, thanks everyone
15:24:42 <tstclair> ohh my it auto-inserts
15:24:56 <tstclair> that was not tab.. anyway
15:24:59 <tstclair> #endmeeting