19:31:29 <darknao> #startmeeting docs
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19:31:35 <darknao> #topic Roll call
19:31:37 <darknao> #chair pboy darknao pbokoc py0xc3[m]
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19:31:52 <pboy> .hi
19:31:53 <zodbot> pboy: pboy 'Peter Boy' <>
19:32:03 <darknao> .hi
19:32:04 <zodbot> darknao: darknao 'Francois Andrieu' <>
19:34:22 <darknao> ok small team today :)
19:34:38 <darknao> let's start
19:34:41 <darknao> #topic Agenda
19:34:49 <darknao> #link
19:34:51 <darknao> #info Announcements
19:34:53 <darknao> #info Quick docs update
19:34:55 <darknao> #info Open Floor
19:35:02 <darknao> #topic Announcements
19:35:09 <darknao> #info The category system for Quick Docs has been deployed on PROD
19:35:11 <darknao> #link
19:35:13 <darknao> #info Next milestone is F38 (2023-04-18)
19:35:15 <darknao> #info We use GitLab to track work:
19:35:17 <darknao> anything else?
19:35:24 <pboy> nope
19:35:27 <darknao> I think we can also add this:
19:35:37 <darknao> #info First draft of Quick Docs contributors guide is available! Thanks pboy :)
19:35:44 <darknao> #link
19:35:53 <pboy> And I would like to add
19:36:05 <pboy> #link
19:36:13 <pboy> #undo
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19:36:30 <pboy> this one
19:37:07 <pboy> #link
19:37:27 <pboy> I talked with Ralph Bean, the creator
19:39:16 <darknao> right, the repository for that one is
19:40:15 <pboy> Ralph can not do anything about it, at the moment.
19:40:34 <darknao> you mean, to update it?
19:40:39 <pboy> But he would help us, if we want to extend it
19:40:56 <pboy> yes, update and extend, e.g. about contributing to docs
19:41:18 <pboy> And I would like to use it on various of our pages
19:41:36 <pboy> instead of our somehoc boring standard text.  :-)
19:42:09 <darknao> I think this website could be maintained by the website & apps team
19:42:27 <darknao> but we are kind of busy with the new right now :)
19:42:43 <pboy> Well, there is now hurry.
19:42:59 <pboy> First, we must have text and graphics to add.
19:43:03 <darknao> but that's something we should be able to look into after that
19:43:39 <pboy> Maybe, I can write that, but i'm busy at the moment, too. (a little bit. :-) )
19:44:15 <darknao> alright, let's move to the next topic
19:44:25 <pboy> darknao yes, but I would like to answer Ralph wheather we are interested.
19:45:23 <darknao> ok we can go back to that on open floor
19:45:39 <darknao> if you are ok with that
19:45:44 <pboy> OK
19:45:57 <darknao> #topic Quick docs update
19:46:33 <darknao> so first, thanks again for the contibuting guide
19:46:54 <pboy> you are wellcome. It's just a first draft ...
19:47:01 <darknao> that is a very good start
19:47:42 <pboy> Question is, how do we want to proceed?
19:48:24 <pboy> One idea: keep it "hidden" for one week and
19:48:59 <darknao> we should wait a few days for feedback on your discussion topic
19:49:04 <pboy> if process any comments or make it pubic (by adding it to the navigation) as is, just in case there is no commenbt
19:49:32 <pboy> darknao yes, that my idea, too.
19:50:06 <darknao> but I'm fine by making it public, there is enough disclamer on the page saying it's a work in progress
19:50:32 <darknao> so that shouldn't be a problem
19:50:43 <pboy> Ok, then let's make it public as is and add content as it comes.
19:51:03 <pboy> Just a technical thing:
19:52:07 <pboy> The [abstract] at the top is a bit "strange"
19:52:20 <pboy> could you look what I made wrong?
19:52:41 <pboy> Until now it was just ignored.
19:54:36 <darknao> yes, there is 2 spaces at the beginning. That makes it a code block instead.
19:55:06 <darknao> but there is also no specific styling for abstract block (yet)
19:55:14 <darknao> but I'm working on that part
19:55:17 <pboy> OK, small cause, big effect
19:56:04 <pboy> Yes, I know. But I started to add it, because it was ignored. But then it is ready as soon as you add the style.
19:56:18 <darknao> got it
19:57:14 <pboy> That's it at the moment, from we to this topic.
19:57:30 <pboy> Next I'll write the blogg post, as discussed.
19:57:44 <pboy> and the the workflow proposal.
19:58:12 <darknao> cool
19:58:36 <darknao> ok then, I think we can end with Open Floor
19:58:45 <darknao> #topic Open Floor
19:59:12 <pboy> Back to the to do for Fedory topic
20:00:27 <pboy> Could I write Ralph, that we want to extend it, but have to wait until F38 is out, and have to find an author (it's probably me. :-) ) and clarify the technical side (web team or doc team).
20:02:05 <darknao> so for the technical side, that would be Ralph for now, but yeah I can see if the W&A team would be able to help after F38
20:03:00 <pboy> I think, Ralph can keep it running for now, but can't do work on it in the long term.
20:03:50 <pboy> OK, then I'll write him.
20:04:18 <darknao> ok, well, if it's only about updating the text, we can probably do a pull request with the changes
20:04:44 <darknao> or I can do it, if you provide me the new text and everything
20:05:13 <pboy> Yeah, but even just for text, for the next weeks I've no time left.
20:05:31 <pboy> But maybe in March  ....
20:05:47 <pboy> Hope dies last
20:06:26 <darknao> yeah no rush, it can wait
20:06:59 <darknao> I can the documentation part is here
20:07:30 <darknao> so yeah, most links are outdated;..
20:08:07 <pboy> Yeah, but doesn't look too complicated.
20:08:57 <darknao> yes, looks easy enough
20:09:19 <darknao> ok, anything else?
20:09:32 <darknao> or should we close early?
20:09:43 <pboy> No, not now
20:11:33 <pboy> So I think we can close?
20:12:12 <darknao> ok, then I give you back 20 minutes of your time :)
20:12:19 <darknao> see you next week!
20:12:30 <pboy> thank you!
20:12:32 <darknao> #endmeeting