19:31:15 <darknao> #startmeeting docs
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19:31:26 <darknao> #topic Roll call
19:31:29 <darknao> #chair pboy darknao pbokoc py0xc3[m]
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19:31:50 <darknao> hi o/
19:32:01 <AlanBowman[m]> Hello - Alan here.
19:32:02 <pboy> .hi
19:32:03 <zodbot> pboy: pboy 'Peter Boy' <>
19:32:06 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> hi
19:35:05 <darknao> ok, let's start
19:35:12 <darknao> #topic Agenda
19:35:19 <darknao> #link
19:35:22 <darknao> #info Announcements
19:35:24 <darknao> #info Action item followup
19:35:26 <darknao> #info Quick docs improvement
19:35:28 <darknao> #info Open Floor
19:35:30 <darknao> #topic Announcements
19:35:36 <darknao> #info Old Fedora docs (anything older than F26) have been retired.
19:35:38 <hankuoffroad[m]> .hello hankuoffroad
19:35:39 <darknao> #info New version of Docs UI coming up. Feedbacks are welcome!
19:35:39 <zodbot> hankuoffroad[m]: hankuoffroad 'None' <>
19:35:41 <darknao> #link
19:35:43 <darknao> #link
19:35:45 <darknao> #info Next milestone is F38 (2023-04-18)
19:35:47 <darknao> #info We use GitLab to track work:
19:35:56 <darknao> hey hankuoffroad[m] o/
19:36:56 <darknao> anyone have any announcements to share?
19:37:41 <darknao> ok, moving on then
19:37:47 <darknao> #topic Previous action items
19:37:55 <darknao> #info darknao was to document the use of Vale for doc writers
19:38:16 <darknao> that's me, and I didn't make any progress :/
19:38:26 <AlanBowman[m]> Is there an issue open on that?
19:38:48 <darknao> I don't think there is
19:38:54 <AlanBowman[m]> I can look at it, I've used Vale a few times on other projects.
19:39:26 <darknao> oh cool! Yeah, if you want to take a look then, you're more than welcome :)
19:40:06 <AlanBowman[m]> I looked at the setup, and ran Vale against a few files and it generated the output of what to correct.
19:41:01 <darknao> good, we have Vale set up in this repo right nnow:
19:41:25 <AlanBowman[m]> OK, that's the one I was testing on.
19:41:34 <darknao> so we basically just need to document how to run Vale locally, and what to do with the results
19:41:52 <AlanBowman[m]> Got it. Where would I put my write up?
19:41:55 <darknao> we don't need to document everything, as there is already some upstream documentation about that
19:42:26 <AlanBowman[m]> Yeah, Vale has good docs on their side.
19:43:29 <darknao> You can write the documentation on this exact same repository. You can either create a new dedicated page for that, or maybe add it to an existing one
19:43:46 <darknao> like the one about the style guide for instance?
19:43:50 <darknao>
19:44:05 <AlanBowman[m]> Sounds like a plan.
19:44:15 <AlanBowman[m]> Question:
19:44:39 <AlanBowman[m]> I'm not used to a Git setup with merge requests. So do I push to my fork from a branch, or from main?
19:45:00 <AlanBowman[m]> We don't use a Git repo manager with merge / pull request functionality at work.
19:45:24 <darknao> you can do both on your fork (work from main or in a dedicated branch)
19:46:13 <AlanBowman[m]> And once I push to my fork then I open the merge request, correct?
19:46:34 <darknao> I personally use a dedicated branch when I work on multiple topics, so each topic has its own branch
19:47:14 <darknao> right, when you push to your fork, the git client should give you an URL to create a Merge request, so you just need to click that
19:47:43 <AlanBowman[m]> Thanks, I'll work on that over the weekend.
19:48:10 <darknao> it should also show you a banner on your fork (on Gitlab) asking if you want to open a new merge request
19:48:32 <darknao> I just created an issue for that:
19:48:51 <darknao> i'll add some description later, but you can assign yourself if you want
19:49:24 <AlanBowman[m]> I was looking for how to assign it..
19:50:05 <AlanBowman[m]> I should be ralanbowman
19:51:07 <hankuoffroad[m]> AlanBowman[m]: on the right hand side you will see assignees
19:51:24 <hankuoffroad[m]> click assign to yourself
19:51:56 <darknao> your Gitlab account needs to be linked to your Fedora account I think
19:52:25 <AlanBowman[m]> Ah... I haven't done that yet.
19:53:09 <darknao> ok, just comment on this ticket when it's done, and I'll assign you
19:53:35 <AlanBowman[m]> Will do.
19:54:04 <darknao> alright, next topic
19:54:13 <darknao> #topic Quick docs improvement
19:54:40 <darknao> #link
19:55:02 <darknao> pboy: floor is yours
19:55:08 <pboy> thanks
19:55:44 <pboy> I think, we have now a list of old articles, so we can start on the content.
19:56:39 <pboy> The proposal is, to create ticket for a chunk of 5 articles and to start work.
19:57:25 <pboy> I would we willing to take over cordination for the beginning, unless someone else is willing to step in.
19:57:38 <darknao> looks like a good plan to me
19:57:56 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> I agree as well
19:58:30 <pboy> Of course, I can't do all the writing and reviewing alone. :-)
19:58:44 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> I'll be able to help out with the reviewing.
19:59:00 <pboy> So, probably  each of us. should step in.
19:59:02 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> I was looking at that Grub bootloader stuff this week.
19:59:19 <pboy> AnthonyMcGlone[m. +1
19:59:32 <pboy> that is one of the articles of the first chunk
19:59:52 <pboy> And I would start to ask on the user list for help and comments.
20:00:42 <pboy> Two other questions:
20:01:28 <darknao> I have one too
20:01:38 <pboy> 1. can we kind of categorize each article? something like :category: workstation?
20:02:05 <pboy> 2. How to proceed with design. aday made a proposal
20:02:12 <darknao> ah, so there is no category mechanism in Antora (or asciidoc)
20:02:42 <pboy> what a pitty. :-)
20:03:25 <darknao> if we want to do something like that, we have to make our own system (or find something that we can easily plug into our existing tools)
20:03:43 <hankuoffroad[m]> I was referring to menu tree (sorry if I used a wrong terminology) - installation, accessibility like that,
20:04:31 <pboy> I suppose, a menu tree is too static. Abd adays proposal is much more dynamic.
20:04:35 <darknao> if you want some kind of category like we use for release notes, for instance, then yes
20:05:00 <pboy> what do we use for release notes?
20:05:17 <darknao> but yes, that's not dynamic, you have to build it yourself (manually add article to it)
20:05:54 <darknao>
20:06:24 <darknao> I'm refering to the "categories" we used to list changes for each version
20:06:30 <pboy> OK, can we add some kind of property to an article, maybe like the  :revision: property?
20:07:22 <hankuoffroad[m]> darknao: ok
20:07:42 <darknao> some kind of metadata? I guess we can, but it will not be used anywhere and not visible either
20:08:31 <pboy> Do you have a link where I can get information about it?
20:09:04 <darknao> about what exactly?
20:09:19 <darknao> how to add properties/metadata?
20:09:22 <pboy> How do define or to use metadata
20:09:31 <pboy> darknao Yes
20:09:44 <darknao>
20:09:59 <darknao> but there is nothing for "Category"
20:10:54 <pboy> I see, and you can't freely define metadata tags, i guess?
20:11:56 <pboy> I see, you can define custom page attributes.
20:11:59 <darknao> that can be usefull too
20:12:47 <pboy> yes, indeed
20:13:27 <pboy> I think, we can construct something useful with that.
20:14:13 <pboy> I'll study the docs and write about it on discussion.
20:14:21 <darknao> you can also build an Antora extension that read that custom metadata, and create some kind of category pages for you
20:14:31 <pboy> darknao your question?
20:14:42 <darknao> right
20:15:07 <darknao> my question was: should we consider moving the quick-doc repo to Gitlab at some point?
20:15:32 <pboy> darknao well, may I say "at some point"?
20:15:40 <darknao> I think it'll make life easier for new contributor
20:15:44 <pboy> Currently, I'm happy with pagure.
20:16:05 <pboy> I can get productive with it without a lot of overhead, etc.
20:16:43 <pboy> But of course, if someone else would take over the Quick Docs .....
20:16:54 <pboy> (It is not that I am bored )
20:17:00 <darknao> if everyone is happy with it, I'm ok with that :)
20:17:53 <darknao> I'm just asking cause it's I think one of the few documentation repository still in pagure (with release-notes)
20:18:39 <pboy> I hope,i will get more familiar with gitlab soon.
20:19:12 <pboy> But at the moment t would impede me quite a bit.
20:19:26 <darknao> ok that's fine :)
20:19:31 <hankuoffroad[m]> Writing workflow should be fine with both repos
20:20:03 <pboy> Another question
20:20:51 <pboy> When do we plan to install the new gui including the author and revision line ind production?
20:21:56 <darknao> I don't have any specific date right now
20:22:35 <darknao> I didn't get much feedback regarding the current state of staging, so not sure if everything is ok or not
20:22:37 <pboy> OK, what do we have to before we can do that? is there some testing or something not complete yet?
20:23:27 <pboy> From my perspective, it's excellent the way it is.
20:23:48 <pboy> and a big improvement
20:24:05 <darknao> for now, there is at least one thing I need to fix before going to prod, is the how-to link on the navbar (which is gone on stg)
20:24:47 <pboy> Yes, that's important, specifically for Quick Doc.
20:25:25 <pboy> My reason is, the Revision and author part is an important feature regarding Quick Docs
20:25:55 <hankuoffroad[m]> sorry I have to step out early due to parental duty :) Thanks to all
20:26:10 <pboy> hankuoffroad[m]>
20:26:20 <pboy> hankuoffroad[m] a happy evening.
20:26:25 <darknao> thanks hankuoffroad[m]
20:27:00 <darknao> about the new UI, I think I'll push it to prod in the next 2 weeks
20:27:36 <pboy> I guess we could go productive in 2-3 weeks, so it is ready before we make a bigger progress with Quick Docs? Or do I underestimate the work?
20:28:04 <pboy> darknao, that's  perfect!
20:28:40 <pboy> we need that time for quick doc in any case before we get results to show.
20:29:12 <darknao> ok, good
20:29:15 <pboy> that's it from me
20:29:24 <darknao> #topic Open Floor
20:29:38 <darknao> Open floor for like 1 minute :)
20:30:39 <darknao> and time's up!
20:30:55 <darknao> Thank you everyone for today! See you all next week.
20:31:00 <darknao> #endmeeting