19:30:29 <darknao> #startmeeting docs
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19:30:39 <darknao> #topic Roll call
19:30:41 <darknao> #chair pboy darknao pbokoc py0xc3[m]
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19:30:57 <darknao> hi everyone!
19:31:09 <AlanBowman[m]> Hello...
19:31:11 <pboy> .hi
19:31:12 <zodbot> pboy: pboy 'Peter Boy' <>
19:31:14 <hankuoffroad[m]> .hello hankuoffroad
19:31:15 <zodbot> hankuoffroad[m]: hankuoffroad 'None' <>
19:31:37 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> hi all
19:34:06 <darknao> ok let's start
19:34:12 <darknao> #topic Agenda
19:34:14 <darknao> #link
19:34:16 <darknao> #info Announcements
19:34:18 <darknao> #info Action item followup
19:34:20 <darknao> #info Follow up on plan for missing install guide
19:34:22 <darknao> #info Open Floor
19:34:27 <darknao> #topic Announcements
19:34:36 <darknao> #info New variant-oriented homepage is live
19:34:38 <darknao> #info New Workstation docs has been shipped
19:34:40 <darknao> #link
19:34:42 <darknao> #info Next milestone is F38 (2023-04-18)
19:34:44 <darknao> #info We use GitLab to track work:
19:35:18 <darknao> Any other announcements?
19:36:03 <darknao> ok, proceeding to the next topic then
19:36:11 <darknao> #topic Previous action items
19:36:22 <darknao> #info pboy was to test run the new builder script on Mac
19:36:38 <pboy> Hmmm, same procedure as every year. :-)
19:36:56 <pboy> still on todo
19:37:11 <darknao> I created a ticket for that so I don't think we need to action you for that anymore
19:37:17 <darknao> #link
19:37:21 <AlanBowman[m]> I tested the script on a Mac and put my results in a comment there.
19:37:33 <darknao> thanks AlanBowman[m]
19:37:42 <AlanBowman[m]> TL;DR, it doesn't work.
19:37:44 <pboy> AlanBowman[m].  +1 !
19:38:07 <darknao> I guess that need some extra documentation to make it works, or make changes to the script
19:38:29 <darknao> #info darknao was to set up Vale linting on contributors-guide and Fedora Linux homepage repositories
19:38:40 <AlanBowman[m]> I don't think it will work on a Mac, it's looking for a utility that isn't available on macOS.
19:40:16 <darknao> AlanBowman[m]: I think we can still modify the script to look for another tool for mac, or just drop this feature (only for mac)
19:40:21 <hankuoffroad[m]> darknao: I saw one set up for a repo. How does it work? Does it show the results for writers before git push or is i for reviewers? Great to hear
19:41:10 <darknao> back to Vale: so I've set that up for the contributors-guide. It'll run the tool automatically for each merge request & commit
19:41:37 <darknao> I don't have any MR on this repo to show you, but for individual commit, that looks like this:
19:41:43 <darknao>
19:41:47 <hankuoffroad[m]> darknao: I understand.
19:42:06 <darknao> There is a lot of errors right now that need to be fixed
19:42:51 <copperi[m]> nice
19:42:52 <darknao> I'll see if I can write a quick documentation about how to use the tools and fix errors
19:43:23 <darknao> I'll most likely just give a few links to the upstream documentation
19:43:51 <darknao> like this one:
19:44:29 <darknao> it's not upstream, but it's still good documentation
19:45:26 <hankuoffroad[m]> darknao: Cool, I'll run it for next commits
19:45:41 <copperi[m]> Does it have any automatic correction functions ?
19:46:05 <darknao> copperi[m]: I don't think there is
19:46:12 <darknao> it's only reporting
19:46:51 <pboy> Can we make it part of the local preview?
19:46:59 <copperi[m]> ok
19:47:36 <darknao> maybe, but that require to install the tool first, which is not available in fedora repositories
19:48:02 <darknao> there is a docker image, so I think we could use that instead in the script
19:48:10 <pboy> OK, so we can't, actually
19:48:27 <darknao> that's something to look into
19:49:40 <darknao> #action darknao to document the use of Vale for doc writers
19:50:20 <darknao> so we have 2 more actions to mention, but I'll keep those for the next topic
19:50:26 <darknao> which is....
19:50:43 <darknao> #topic Follow up on plan for missing install guide
19:51:20 <darknao> we had a few complains about the missing install guide & administration guide lately
19:51:55 <darknao> and I think it's most likely caused by the broken links we have scattered everywhere
19:52:08 <darknao> #info pboy was to create a redirect for old install-guide links
19:52:10 <darknao> #info darknao was to list broken docs links in websites
19:52:18 <pboy> Yeah, regarding the admin guide there is a wrong link in the tools box.  I have to fix it.
19:52:36 <darknao> I gathered the list of broken links on the websites
19:52:41 <darknao> #link
19:52:51 <pboy> And yeah, I'll edit the getting started page with the proper aliases
19:54:08 <darknao> so yeah, we need to either fix those links and replace them with the correct document link or redirect everything to the getting started page
19:54:28 <pboy> For most of the links we have proper replacements, I think
19:55:13 <darknao> also: $ grep DOC /etc/os-release
19:55:25 <darknao> DOCUMENTATION_URL=""
19:55:33 <darknao> that need to be fixed too
19:56:22 <pboy> Where can we find the admin guide ?
19:57:07 <pboy> De we have to use the 36 revision?
19:57:20 <darknao> well, that's the problem, we don't have an admin guide for f37
19:58:17 <pboy> Yes, the admin guide is unchanged since at least 6 revisions. We don't have a "revision-less" address?
19:58:49 <darknao> no, it was always linked to a fedora version
19:58:57 <darknao> just like the install guide
19:59:22 <darknao> latest available is
19:59:32 <pboy> The problem now is, the f36 revision works, but links to 37, which we would link back to 36 ....
19:59:47 <pboy> in the "View latest"
20:00:03 <pboy> Can we remove the "View latest " part?
20:00:23 <pboy> I suppose, it is automatically added?
20:00:36 <darknao> no we can't, since it's not the latest ^^
20:00:58 <darknao> but if you want to get the same admin guide in f37, then we just need to add it back to the f37 branch
20:01:29 <pboy> Hm, would not be nice.
20:01:54 <pboy> Can we create a new address like
20:02:25 <pboy> In the long term we want to get rid of ot
20:03:07 <darknao> I was under the impression that we initially removed it because it was mostly obsolete content
20:03:52 <pboy> Yes, you are right! Is is only for the time, the replacement like the anaconda guide is not in place.
20:04:00 <darknao> bringing it back, even with another url seems like a step back
20:04:30 <darknao> in that case, I would recommend to just add it back to the f37 branch, and once we have a replacement, remove it for good
20:04:34 <pboy> agreed. It is kind of a gapstop solution
20:04:43 <darknao> and that way, we don't even need to update any links
20:04:50 <darknao> at least regarding the admin guide
20:05:23 <pboy> Currently, the old admin guide is also mentioned in the tools box.
20:05:58 <pboy>
20:06:25 <darknao> that is the main complaint we have currently, we removed docs without anything to replace them
20:07:37 <pboy> Yeah, for the installation guide we have replacements. We just have to fix the links. The issue is the admin guide.
20:07:55 <darknao> alright, so +1/-1 to bring back the admin-guide in F37 space?
20:08:03 <darknao> +1 for me
20:08:48 <hankuoffroad[m]> sorry, I have to step out early. Thanks for today.
20:09:00 <copperi[m]> +1
20:09:02 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> +1
20:09:07 <darknao> no problem hankuoffroad[m], see you next time
20:09:22 <hankuoffroad[m]> I'll leave a note in discussion on my suggestion to merge some pages.
20:09:25 <pboy> Hm, not a nice solution.  But OK for the time being.
20:10:06 <pboy> But we shouldn'Ät make it public anywhere else as in the tools box!
20:10:20 <darknao> #agreed to bring back the admin-guide for F37
20:13:03 <darknao> anything else on this topic?
20:13:44 <pboy> not from me
20:14:17 <darknao> last topic then:
20:14:19 <darknao> #topic Open Floor
20:15:21 <AlanBowman[m]> I can look into a replacement for inotify-tools on macOS. I saw some old discussions on StackOverflow about the same issue, but with no real fixes
20:15:51 <pboy> That would be very helpfull!
20:16:14 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> I've a question about the tickets for the Quick Docs stuff. Where should I create
20:16:14 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> them? In GitLab?
20:16:21 <darknao> I'm currently working on some improvements on the documentation website:
20:16:48 <darknao> feel free to leave any feedbacks
20:17:10 <AlanBowman[m]> I can also look at the merging topics ticket that hankuoffroad has open.
20:17:22 <darknao> AnthonyMcGlone[m: the repository for quick docs is
20:17:26 <pboy> I think, we have a repository for quickdocs, haven't we?
20:17:45 <darknao> (note that we should maybe consider moving that to gitlab at some point)
20:17:46 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> Okay, I'll add them there.
20:18:57 <pboy> I see, is it really still pagure?
20:19:19 <darknao> yep it's still in pagure
20:19:34 <pboy> OK, nice
20:20:20 <pboy> Who gets notified about new issues and new comments?
20:22:13 <darknao> can't say, except that I'm not
20:22:51 <pboy> We have a lot of open PRs und open issues. Who is in charge?
20:23:41 <darknao> you can find the list of project members in the front page of the repository
20:24:32 <darknao> basically, everyone in
20:26:21 <AlanBowman[m]> Is a Pagure account separate from the Fedora account?
20:26:39 <darknao> it's the same account
20:26:40 <AlanBowman[m]> Would I need to sign up there as a separate thing?
20:26:59 <pboy> AlanBowman[m]  No, but you need additionl permissions to commit.
20:27:01 <AlanBowman[m]> OK, thanks.
20:27:16 <pboy> With your Fedora Account you can open issues
20:27:45 <AlanBowman[m]> Does it use the standard fork, clone, push to origin, open a merge request workflow?
20:28:13 <pboy> Yes.
20:28:43 <pboy> And we need someone to takes care it all these issues and PRs.
20:29:04 <pboy> From the list of committers I don't see, who would be that.
20:29:32 <pboy> Probably ankursinha?
20:30:24 <darknao> no idea :( I've never done anything related to quick docs
20:31:11 <pboy> How could we proceed? 2 years old issues are quite bad.
20:31:52 <darknao> time is up. Maybe you can ask on discussion?
20:32:09 <pboy> The repo is owned by pbokoc and mainteined by flory7.
20:32:18 <pboy> Yes, we should discuss it there.
20:32:42 <darknao> Thanks everyone for today! See you all next week.
20:32:45 <darknao> #endmeeting