19:30:35 <darknao> #startmeeting docs
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19:30:42 <darknao> #topic Roll call
19:30:50 <pboy> .hi
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19:30:54 <darknao> #chair pboy darknao pbokoc py0xc3[m]
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19:30:57 <darknao> hi
19:31:00 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> .hi
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19:31:00 <AlanBowman[m]> Hello... is this the docs meeting?
19:31:11 <darknao> AlanBowman[m]: yes, it is!
19:31:22 <hankuoffroad[m]> .hello hankuoffroad
19:31:23 <zodbot> hankuoffroad[m]: hankuoffroad 'None' <>
19:32:03 <AlanBowman[m]> Cool. I've been looking at some of the docs stuff for Fedora and wanted to see if I could contribute.
19:32:59 <pboy> AlanBowman[m]. Good idea!
19:33:08 <darknao> and welcome :)
19:33:37 <AlanBowman[m]> Thanks..
19:35:01 <darknao> ok, I think we can start
19:35:06 <darknao> #topic Agenda
19:35:12 <darknao> #link
19:35:14 <darknao> #info Announcements
19:35:16 <darknao> #info Action item followup
19:35:18 <darknao> #info Open tickets review
19:35:20 <darknao> #info Open Floor
19:35:23 <darknao> #topic Announcements
19:35:29 <darknao> #info New variant-oriented homepage is live
19:35:31 <darknao> #info New Workstation docs has been shipped
19:35:33 <darknao> #link
19:35:35 <darknao> #info Next milestone is F38 (2023-04-18)
19:35:37 <darknao> #info We use GitLab to track work:
19:35:59 <darknao> any other announcement to share?
19:37:02 <darknao> ok, moving on then
19:37:08 <darknao> #topic Previous action items
19:37:20 <darknao> #info pboy was to test run the new builder script on Mac
19:37:43 <pboy> oohje
19:37:47 <pboy> still on todo
19:38:13 <darknao> #action pboy to test run the new builder script on Mac
19:38:24 <darknao> #info darknao was to deploy WIP workstartion-docs on staging
19:38:39 <darknao> that is done, and even live on prod
19:38:53 <darknao> #info darknao was to set up Vale linting on contributors-guide and Fedora Linux homepage repositories
19:39:10 <darknao> not started yet
19:39:22 <darknao> #action darknao to set up Vale linting on contributors-guide and Fedora Linux homepage repositories
19:39:29 <darknao> #info darknao was to remove old docs from the website
19:39:58 <darknao> that is in progress, see PR:
19:40:32 <darknao> next topic
19:40:36 <darknao> #topic Open tickets review
19:40:45 <darknao> So we have one ticket to discuss
19:41:00 <darknao> #link
19:41:26 <darknao> Now that the install guide is gone, we have a few places that needs to be updated to point somewhere else
19:41:56 <darknao> for instance:
19:42:02 <pboy> What about the suggestion to redirect those links to
19:42:02 <pboy>
19:42:20 <pboy> there are links to every installation guide
19:43:36 <darknao> yeah I guess that would work
19:43:59 <pboy> It saves us to comb all the docs
19:45:07 <darknao> ok, anyone interrested to implement that?
19:45:39 <darknao> that is quite easy, docs is here:
19:45:56 <pboy> Well, I can try, but you are the most technically experienced. I did that with server, but didn't check success
19:46:53 <darknao> it's a good oportunity to learn :)
19:47:06 <pboy> OK, I'm willing to learn. :-)
19:47:20 <darknao> cool :)
19:47:56 <AlanBowman[m]> How many pages are impacted? Maybe I can split the work with pboy as a way to learn some of how the project works.
19:47:57 <darknao> #action pboy to create a redirect for old install-guide links
19:48:21 <pboy> AlanBowman[m] it's only one page.
19:48:39 <AlanBowman[m]> OK. it's all you then.
19:49:19 <darknao> well, actually, there is maybe more than just one page
19:49:50 <pboy> hm, I think i add it to the getting started page?
19:50:22 <pboy> At least, that's how I understand the doc
19:50:31 <darknao> we have various websites (,, and basically) and they all have some kind of links somewhere redirecting to the install-guide or a subpage of that
19:51:26 <darknao> for instance, this second link:
19:51:47 <darknao> at the bottom, the documentation link point to
19:52:14 <AlanBowman[m]> The alt.fedoraproject page has a link to the Install Guide in the footer that gives a 404
19:52:15 <darknao> that one doesn't exist either, so we need to either redirect it, or update the link on the website
19:52:42 <pboy> OK, so I habe to add several aliases to the getting started page?
19:53:06 <darknao> I think we should first do some kind of inventories of broken links on various websites (spins, alt & getfedora)
19:53:25 <darknao> then apply the redirect for those pages
19:54:00 <darknao> or modify the websites, whatever is the easiest
19:54:12 <pboy> OK, so we habe to comb all our sites?
19:54:25 <pboy> habe -> have
19:54:40 <darknao> yeah pretty much
19:54:45 <darknao> I can do that
19:54:51 <darknao> should be easy
19:55:29 <pboy> darknao +1
19:55:43 <darknao> #action darknao to list broken docs links in websites
19:56:33 <darknao> ok I think that's all for the tickets
19:56:52 <pboy> I have something for future tickets
19:57:01 <darknao> sure, go ahead
19:57:50 <pboy> Next milestone, F38, FESCO agreed to the proposal to generate the release notes from the change proposals.
19:58:08 <darknao> nice
19:58:13 <pboy> So we should make a plan about the details to accomplish that
19:59:54 <darknao> ok, what kind of plan do we need for that? Are we just going to do some simple copy/pasta from the change proposal to release notes pages?
20:01:04 <pboy> The idea was to do it automatically. To comb the change proposals for title, description, and release note
20:01:31 <pboy> and put it into one file or several partiols to generate the release note from.
20:02:10 <pboy> So, at minimum we have a title and a description for every change.
20:02:24 <pboy> And not a black hole
20:02:35 <pboy> on an unknown amount of changes
20:02:47 <darknao> so the idea is to get someone to write a script of some kind to do all that, right?
20:02:57 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> Where are the change proposals located? Would it be possible to view it?
20:03:03 <pboy> Yeah :-)
20:03:34 <pboy> The change proposals are a set of wiki pages.
20:04:01 <pboy> And there are already some scripts to extract information from it.
20:04:09 <darknao> pboy: would you be able to create a ticket on our main repo to explain the need? i think it deserves more work than just a action line here :)
20:04:28 <pboy> Yes, I can do it.
20:04:34 <darknao> great thanks!
20:05:00 <pboy> AnthonyMcGlone[m] do you have some experiences with scripting?
20:05:32 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> I have written scripts in Python before, yes.
20:05:56 <pboy> Look at, there various examples
20:06:16 <darknao> btw, the main documentation repo is
20:07:39 <darknao> we should use that one (just like on Pagure before) when we have an issue that is not specific to any other repository (general documentation website issues)
20:08:17 <darknao> basically, when you don't know where to open a ticket, use that one :)
20:09:00 <pboy> I think AnthonyMcGlone[m] was looking for examples of Change proposals.
20:09:19 <AlanBowman[m]> Looking at the wiki page, they all have a Release Notes tracker entry.
20:09:39 <AlanBowman[m]> There is probably a search filter to pull all those in to one location.
20:09:48 <darknao> pboy: yes, that was more about my last comment about creating a ticket in our main repo :)
20:09:51 <AlanBowman[m]> Jira does this, for example.
20:10:19 <pboy> darknao, OK, I'l use it.
20:11:11 <pboy> I'm wondering about the "pricing" tab at the top. Do I have to pay for an issue?
20:11:35 <darknao> AlanBowman[m]: Release notes are tracked on pagure, and there is indeed a filtering option, like this:
20:14:23 <darknao> there is also a special category on the wiki for each version:
20:16:32 <pboy> I've yet another item, when we are finished with the release notes.
20:17:21 <AlanBowman[m]> That might be what was meant by doing the release notes automatically. The release notes for some software I've used were just a link to an automatically generated page with a list of what was added/worked on/fixed.
20:17:34 <darknao> I think we are a bit off topic anyway, so let's move to the open floor for the remaining of the meeting
20:17:42 <darknao> #topic Open Floor
20:18:21 <pboy> OK, my wish: We need a working plan for the next months and a plan who will do what.
20:18:42 <pboy> resp. who is planning to do what.
20:19:31 <darknao> I was personnally going to work on the docs website revamp
20:20:09 <darknao> but that's not happening anytime soon, as I'm also working on the actual fedora websites revamp too
20:20:26 <darknao> so most likely after f38
20:21:09 <darknao> note that I may start before that, but it's not going to be ready before f38 anyway
20:22:04 <pboy> I think we several open issues: our team page, the release notes project, the quick docs,  the tools set, a replacement for the old administration guide, just to name a few.
20:22:54 <pboy> And some design or UX items, e.g.. a mor visible identification of the update status of our docs pages.
20:22:54 <darknao> I also think we should use gitlab tickets more
20:23:31 <darknao> we have a fews things on our plate as you explain, and most of them are just topics on discussion.fp-o
20:23:59 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> I saw the Quick Docs thread over on the discussion fedoraproject org site. I can help out with that (or some of the other priority items mentioned).
20:24:03 <pboy> darknao agreed. Maybe we should discuss out ideas on discussion and the generate tickets for each (sub)project
20:24:09 <darknao> using tickets more will probably help new contributors to know where they can help
20:25:00 <pboy> We should try to find out, who wants to do what.
20:25:09 <pboy> and to coordinate it
20:25:22 <hankuoffroad[m]> darknao: tickets mean issue boards?
20:25:31 <darknao> hankuoffroad[m]: yes
20:26:00 <pboy> and probably we have to search for someone for a specific tasks
20:26:39 <pboy> We are running out of time. I'll open a thread about this on discussion.
20:28:37 <darknao> ok thanks everyone
20:28:49 <AnthonyMcGlone[m> I agree about creating tickets as well. It's great for defining tasks with a set of acceptance criteria.
20:30:01 <pboy> Yes, tickets have the advantage that you can find them again, unlike discussion.
20:31:28 <darknao> #endmeeting