18:31:47 <darknao> #startmeeting docs
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18:31:53 <darknao> #topic Roll call
18:31:58 <darknao> #chair pboy darknao pbokoc py0xc3[m]
18:31:58 <zodbot> Current chairs: darknao pbokoc pboy py0xc3[m]
18:32:07 <pboy> .hi
18:32:08 <zodbot> pboy: pboy 'Peter Boy' <>
18:32:22 <py0xc3[m]> .hello py0xc3
18:32:25 <zodbot> py0xc3[m]: py0xc3 'Christopher Klooz' <>
18:33:16 <py0xc3[m]> Hi all, just' here for a few minutes :(
18:33:25 <darknao> hi :)
18:34:41 <darknao> let's start then
18:34:45 <darknao> #topic Agenda
18:34:53 <darknao> #link
18:34:55 <darknao> #info Announcements
18:34:57 <darknao> #info Action item followup
18:34:59 <darknao> #info GitLab tickets
18:35:01 <darknao> #info Open Floor
18:35:30 <pboy> Hm, what about new docs pages?
18:35:50 <darknao> I didn't had the time to check all your comments on today's agenda topic, but we can add topics before open floor
18:35:53 <py0xc3[m]> With regards to the suggestion of pboy to get things publishable, I guess it makes sense to postpone the button issue around gitlab Docs pages. That should have subordinated priority for now.
18:36:14 <darknao> #topic Announcements
18:36:20 <darknao> #info F37 Final freeze is on going
18:36:22 <darknao> #info F37 was NO-GO for 10/25
18:36:24 <darknao> #info Go/No-Go for F37 Final tomorrow
18:36:26 <darknao> #info Next target is 11/01
18:36:28 <darknao> #info We use GitLab to track work:
18:36:43 <darknao> #topic Previous action items
18:36:44 <darknao> #info pboy was to test run the new builder script on Mac
18:36:56 <pboy> and still has to
18:37:16 <darknao> #action pboy to test run the new builder script on Mac
18:37:29 <darknao> alright, what's the next topic then?
18:37:41 <darknao> new docs pages?
18:37:50 <py0xc3[m]> I guess pboy's topic should be priority
18:37:54 <py0xc3[m]> darknao: yes ;)
18:38:06 <pboy> We have to decide whether and how to publish the new pages
18:38:10 <darknao> #topic updates on new the variant-oriented pages
18:38:59 <pboy> I think, the current state is not optimal, but better as the previous pages.
18:39:16 <pboy> Therefore we should start to use the current state of the new pages for F37.
18:39:35 <darknao> I agree, it's not perfect, but it doesn't have to be for release
18:39:55 <py0xc3[m]> If I got it right, the current "getting started" version will have only the Downloads page?
18:40:06 <pboy> Yes.
18:40:09 <py0xc3[m]> Only had a very short look on the commit
18:40:12 <py0xc3[m]> Ah, ok.
18:40:30 <pboy> Instead, I added a short description of vairous tools.
18:41:01 <py0xc3[m]> Yeah, I guess I can do a review of that page for the corrections we had (don't remember them). Its just a short page and we still have a few days.
18:41:42 <py0xc3[m]> So I guess we can ensure it doesn't contain obsolete content. So publishing is planned for next week?
18:42:35 <pboy> Yes, the principle was: better no info then wrong or outdated infe
18:42:52 <pboy> And yes, pbulication next tuesday with F37 release.
18:43:14 <darknao> what is your plan regarding the release notes link on the navbar?
18:43:38 <pboy> We have 2 open issues: the links to Release Notes F37 and F36.
18:43:39 <py0xc3[m]> Sounds good. I can compare the files till then.
18:43:44 <pboy> darknao do you know about it and can fix it?
18:44:26 <pboy> darknao Sorry, has overlapped
18:44:39 <py0xc3[m]> The MR of today contains a change in a release notes link, among another slight correction. But I do not know much about that issue.
18:46:26 <pboy> Unfortunately, I don't know anything about how the release notes are organized. Therefore I can't correct anything, unfortunately.
18:48:09 <py0xc3[m]> So we are two :)
18:48:26 <darknao> pboy: the release notes menu item was loaded in the antora.yml:
18:49:07 <darknao> the line is commented, so it's not showing up
18:50:09 <pboy> OK, it's easy to comment it in. So we have the current Release Notes.
18:50:18 <pboy> Hopefully.
18:50:59 <pboy> What about the F36 Release Notes. How can we do that?
18:52:31 <darknao> a link to ? we should be able to do that with a simple xref I guess
18:52:39 <darknao> i don't have the exact syntax at hand
18:53:05 <pboy> Ok, I think, we should try that tomorrow.
18:53:35 <pboy> Do you have some time, we can diskuss the outcome? I'll try it first.
18:53:35 <py0xc3[m]> So, I have to go. Already overdue. See you! Concerning the publishing as suggested by pboy : +1
18:53:53 <darknao> +1 for publishing too
18:54:15 <pboy> Bye py0xc3[m], see you later
18:54:21 <py0xc3[m]> Perfect! Bye
18:54:23 <pboy> thanks
18:54:58 <darknao> anything else on this topic?
18:55:15 <pboy> Yes
18:55:30 <pboy> Proposal for the procedure:
18:55:52 <pboy> 1. pboy is still making changes in stg until Thursday, 24:00 UTC
18:56:05 <pboy> 2. darknoa darknao is preparing the publication as F37 beginning Friday, or on Friday?
18:56:16 <pboy> 3. subsequent changes then only via MR in main, as soon as darknao has finished.
18:56:42 <pboy> Would that be ok?
18:57:49 <darknao> yeah, sounds good
18:58:11 <pboy> Very well, then let's do so.
18:58:20 <darknao> not sure if I'll have the time to do anything Friday, so maybe more saturday
18:58:34 <pboy> That's perfectly OK
18:58:58 <pboy> Would be nice if you could do it until. Tuesday. :-)
18:59:30 <darknao> yeah, that should be ok :)
19:00:01 <pboy> Should we action the steps?
19:00:45 <darknao> #action pboy to make final changes on stg before Friday
19:01:20 <darknao> #action darknao to prepare publication for F37 release
19:02:09 <darknao> btw, do you want me to publish it right away on Friday (or saturday, or just make the required preparation to be ready on release day?
19:03:46 <pboy> I think yes. I don't know the exact procedure. I suppose you publish it as F37 and it will displayes on Thuesday, when F37 gets released?
19:04:32 <pboy> We should display the change at the same time as the release it published.
19:05:13 <darknao> ok then, I'll only create the f37 branch with your changes, but I'll wait the release day to make it available on the public website
19:05:33 <pboy> Yes, that's what I mean.
19:05:40 <darknao> good :)
19:06:13 <darknao> ok can we move to the next topic?
19:06:15 <pboy> It is the doc text as well as the boxes.
19:06:38 <pboy> Are you aware or it?
19:06:47 <darknao> yeah everything
19:07:01 <pboy> Good. Next topic then
19:07:18 <darknao> #info GitLab tickets
19:07:31 <darknao> #link
19:07:51 <darknao> there is only one ticket for today
19:08:20 <darknao> it's about the how-to link to add on the docs site
19:08:53 <pboy> I have the simple problem to identify what it is exactly about.
19:08:59 <darknao> so we already have everything in place
19:09:11 <darknao> it about the link you can see on the stg website
19:09:57 <darknao> well, actually, I don't see it anymore on stg
19:10:15 <pboy> I see:  history, edit, issue,
19:10:43 <pboy> I remember, a link to the how to page, how to edit a single page, isn't it?
19:11:15 <darknao> yes
19:11:29 <darknao> I think it was removed because the link was broken
19:11:45 <darknao> but anyway, I'll take care of that
19:12:05 <pboy> Good! I think it is a good idea!
19:12:18 <darknao> #action darknao to add the 7steps how-to guide link to the production site
19:12:46 <darknao> ok what else do we have?
19:13:00 <pboy> nothing from me at the moment.
19:13:06 <darknao> there is one MR:
19:13:21 <pboy> as soon as the new pages are published, we have a lot of other topics. :-)
19:13:23 <darknao> I think that's the one py0xc3[m] was mentinoning earlier
19:14:13 <darknao> I'm fine with it, except it links to the wiki, where it should link to the actual release notes on the documentation instead
19:14:45 <pboy> Yes, it fixes several typos.
19:14:52 <pboy> Can you merge it?
19:15:31 <pboy> and resolving the wiki link
19:16:22 <darknao> I think we should even remove the end of this sentence comptletly
19:16:37 <pboy> OK for me, too!
19:16:50 <darknao> "In the top bar you can select older release notes. You can also access even older release notes (that point to F35 release notes)
19:16:56 <darknao> that doesn't make sense to me
19:17:37 <pboy> agreed. We need not mention all the old stuff.
19:17:47 <darknao> you already have all the version in the topbar, and the "even older" are for anything before f26, that we plan to remove anyway
19:18:14 <darknao> agreed then, I'll add a comment to the merge request
19:18:45 <pboy> I think, that is enough, indeed. We should only explicitly show the supported releases.
19:19:19 <darknao> ok there is nothing else I think we can move to the last topic
19:19:22 <darknao> #info Open Floor
19:19:28 <darknao> #undo
19:19:28 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by darknao at 19:19:22 : Open Floor
19:19:33 <darknao> #topic Open Floor
19:19:47 <pboy> Well, at the moment nothing from me.
19:20:14 <darknao> nothing from me either
19:20:46 <darknao> I'm on PTO next week, so I should have plenty of time to work on Fedora stuff :p
19:21:01 <pboy> Sound good!
19:21:34 <pboy> Although I don't know what PTO means :-)
19:21:49 <darknao> Paid Time Off
19:22:03 <pboy> that sounds even better. :-)
19:22:12 <darknao> right :D
19:23:16 <pboy> Well, I think we can close now. Nobody else participating.
19:23:33 <darknao> oh that reminds me
19:24:25 <darknao> now that we have the new docs, can we remove the old ones? I'm talking about F25 and older
19:25:27 <darknao> we keep postponing that, and I think we should really remove them once for all
19:25:41 <pboy> I think, we can. You once had a list where to find all the old stuff, in which repository it is.
19:26:01 <pboy> So I can look it up, when I search for reusable content to some topics.
19:26:17 <darknao> yeah everything is in a single repository on pagure
19:26:18 <pboy> Do you still have that list anywhere?
19:26:24 <darknao> even with the pdf in it
19:27:19 <darknao>
19:28:19 <darknao> I think we can wait for F37 release, but once that done, I'll bring back this topic in the next meeting
19:28:32 <pboy> OK then, lets get rid of the old stuff.
19:29:09 <darknao> alright, we are in time for once :)
19:29:14 <pboy> Even better, if you wait. Wo I have time to check the repos.
19:29:26 <pboy> Nice!
19:29:27 <darknao> thank everyone for joining, see you next time
19:29:35 <darknao> #endmeeting