18:30:18 <darknao> #startmeeting docs
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18:30:29 <darknao> #topic Roll call
18:30:31 <darknao> #chair pboy darknao pbokoc py0xc3[m]
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18:30:37 <pboy> .hi
18:30:38 <zodbot> pboy: pboy 'Peter Boy' <>
18:31:19 <darknao> .hi
18:31:22 <zodbot> darknao: darknao 'Francois Andrieu' <>
18:33:23 <py0xc3[m]> .hello py0xc3
18:33:24 <zodbot> py0xc3[m]: py0xc3 'Christopher Klooz' <>
18:33:30 <copperi[m]> .hi
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18:33:59 <darknao> hi everyone o/
18:34:00 <py0xc3[m]> Unfortunately, I will be widely inactive since I have to work in parallel
18:34:09 <darknao> let's get started
18:34:16 <darknao> #topic Agenda
18:34:24 <darknao> #link
18:34:31 <darknao> #info Announcements
18:34:33 <darknao> #info Action item followup
18:34:35 <darknao> #info Release Notes in Changes proposals
18:34:37 <darknao> #info First cut on the new Fedora docs homepage
18:34:39 <darknao> #info Open Floor
18:34:41 <darknao> #topic Announcements
18:34:54 <darknao> #info F37 Final freeze is on going
18:34:56 <darknao> #info F37 was NO-GO for 10/18
18:34:58 <darknao> #info Go/No-Go for F37 Final tomorrow
18:34:59 <py0xc3[m]> I have one ^^
18:35:00 <darknao> #info Next target is 10/25
18:35:04 <darknao> #info An Outreachy contributor is working on our new Fedora Chat logo, please take a moment to review their work and provide feedback
18:35:12 <darknao> #link
18:35:31 <darknao> py0xc3[m]: go ahead :)
18:35:42 <py0xc3[m]> #info The Anaconda team agreed to support us with creating the new guide that will include the future Web-UI installation. They will provide me with current ISO and screenshots/information to keep on par with their development. We agree that we can be complementary for each other: the new WebUI and a guide maintained by us can help to promote both: we can include and encourage more user groups to provide feedback of the Web-UI
18:35:42 <py0xc3[m]> (e.g., on ask.fp we made good experiences with such approaches), but also "exploit" the new Web-UI to promote and make aware of the changes and new developments on Fedora Docs. Feel free to review the recent chats I had with them in if you want to know more. We were only asked to not publish the content on before they published the Web-UI for public use. I hope that I can start with the guide
18:35:42 <py0xc3[m]> on the weekend (I had a "public bureaucracy issue" that causes me work atm).
18:35:43 <py0xc3[m]> ;)
18:36:28 <pbokoc> Very nice
18:36:33 <pboy> Waht means atm?
18:36:44 <py0xc3[m]> at the moment :)
18:36:50 <darknao> that's great
18:36:57 <pboy> thanks
18:37:04 <pboy> it's great, indeed
18:37:35 <darknao> #info We use GitLab to track work:
18:37:35 <py0xc3[m]> Nothing else from my side ^^
18:37:48 <darknao> ok thanks
18:37:50 <pboy> maybe an addendum: what is the state of current release notes?
18:38:16 <pboy> (I have to write one. :-). )
18:38:46 <darknao> pboy: can we discuss that on the release note topic, or in open floor?
18:39:00 <pboy> ok!
18:39:04 <darknao> good
18:39:13 <darknao> let's proceed with the next topic then
18:39:17 <darknao> #topic Previous action items
18:39:21 <darknao> #info pboy was to test run the new builder script on Mac
18:39:42 <pboy> still work in progress
18:39:50 <darknao> ok
18:40:01 <darknao> #action pboy to test run the new builder script on Mac
18:40:14 <darknao> #topic Release Notes in Changes proposals
18:40:22 <darknao> #link
18:41:27 <pboy> I think, the question is, what is our preference regarding the categories?
18:42:15 <pboy> i think, darknao, that's a question for you? I think, you know best
18:42:26 <darknao> do I?
18:42:47 <pboy> probably
18:42:53 <darknao> I think I've a preference for the fine grained alternative
18:44:06 <pboy> And the second part seems to be, if we want. to use  something like "wiki categories" (I even don't know, what tha is) or something else like a simple list.
18:44:23 <darknao> or a mix of the 2: detailled categories for global changes (all systems) and something more compact for desktop/server
18:44:42 <darknao> I approve Ben proposals to use Categories
18:45:35 <pboy> OK. and I think, your mix seems to be a good idea
18:46:20 <darknao> yeah, I mean, I like the compact one, but I don't think the 3 proposed categories for global changes are enough
18:46:52 <pboy> darknao agreed!
18:47:06 <darknao> maybe remove the  All systems: Applications one?
18:47:23 <darknao> not sure what fits in that one
18:48:04 <pboy> It's about apps, update of mysql database
18:48:13 <pboy> as an example
18:48:53 <pboy> we currently have that splitted in several subcategories.
18:49:14 <pboy> but that's too fine grained
18:50:02 <darknao> that make sense
18:50:32 <darknao> I was going to put that kind of changes in Server for instance
18:50:42 <darknao> since it's a server application
18:51:10 <pboy> yes,but mysql has also client programs, like mysql admin or postgres admin
18:51:20 <darknao> right
18:51:31 <darknao> so ok to keep the application categoriy
18:51:34 <darknao> category*
18:52:01 <darknao> anything else to decide?
18:52:16 <pboy> I don't think so
18:52:46 <pboy> darknao, do you want to answer in the ticket or should I continue?
18:53:16 <darknao> #agreed to use fine-grained global categories and compact listing for desktop/server
18:53:49 <darknao> #agreed to use wiki categories for release notes
18:55:24 <darknao> pboy: can you provide our final decision in the ticket?
18:55:41 <pboy> Yes, I'll do it
18:55:47 <darknao> thanks!
18:56:05 <darknao> ok next topic?
18:56:16 <pboy> or current rel nortes here?
18:56:18 <darknao> ok
18:56:53 <pboy> Probably a dump question: Do we have rel notes 37 at all anywhere?
18:57:33 <darknao> tickets are here:
18:58:19 <darknao> and I see a few PR too
18:58:57 <pboy> I take. 850. :-)
18:59:36 <darknao> sold :)
19:00:05 <pboy> 7 PR's and 46 open?
19:01:04 <darknao> only 4 PR regarding f37
19:02:14 <pbokoc> I'm working on relnotes for 37 pboy
19:02:59 <pboy> OK! very good.
19:03:01 <pbokoc> I mean if anyone wants to do some, go ahead :) But I'm planning to do the bulk of it tomorrow and Friday.
19:03:29 <pboy> pbokoc +1
19:04:03 <darknao> thanks pbokoc for taking care of release notes :)
19:04:08 <pboy> As I said, I'll take my change proposal
19:04:50 <darknao> pboy: can you assign the related ticket to yourself?
19:05:29 <pboy> Done
19:05:34 <darknao> thx!
19:05:52 <darknao> ok, is there anything else on this topic?
19:05:59 <pboy> not from me
19:06:13 <darknao> #topic First cut on the new Fedora docs homepage
19:06:31 <darknao> #link
19:07:28 <pboy> Somehow I don't get the "Fedora Linux" homepage, I mean the correct link
19:07:42 <darknao> that looks good, but there is a few links that doesn't work
19:08:03 <pboy> Yes, I have to add some new boxes.
19:09:22 <pboy> And I need some target links, e.g. Fedora Workstation & spins   @py0xc3[m]
19:10:11 <pboy> And in general, a check of wording to correct my german english
19:11:16 <py0xc3[m]> I think we can use the index of the guide, but we have to avoid that the web ui guide gets already published. Can we isolate the index somehow or so? So that no menu with all sub pages gets published
19:11:54 <py0xc3[m]> But I will have to remove the WebUI guide draft link from the index content in advance
19:12:09 <pboy> I think yes, if you prepare such a page we can link to it.
19:13:03 <py0xc3[m]>
19:13:27 <py0xc3[m]> I'll exclude the link to the web ui drafting
19:14:26 <darknao> if you want to remove something from the left menu, it's on this file:
19:14:29 <pboy> Hm, that looks not like a suitable doc link. We don't need the gitlab stuff, do we?
19:15:38 <pboy> And Regarding the Fed Doc homepage, I've guessed the link would be
19:15:44 <pboy> But it isn't
19:15:46 <darknao> this docs is not yet published on the docs site (either prod or stg)
19:16:28 <pboy> OK, py0xc3[m]  could you publish it?
19:16:39 <darknao> (I was reffering to the workstation/spin guide)
19:16:45 <py0xc3[m]> Just working on removing the links
19:17:06 <pboy> OK
19:17:07 <py0xc3[m]> How to publish its main?
19:17:43 <darknao> to publish, we need to add your repo to the main antora playbook
19:17:47 <darknao> here:
19:17:57 <darknao> but I can do that for you, just tell me when it's ready
19:18:35 <py0xc3[m]> Ok. I'll let you know
19:19:17 <pboy> Ok, so 'just' remains the home page, resp. the correct address
19:20:06 <darknao> what home page are you referring to? The fedora linux one?
19:20:18 <pboy> Yes
19:20:31 <pboy> I uploaded it into stg.
19:20:52 <darknao> I see "/fedora/fedora-linux/index.html" in the index.adoc
19:20:52 <pboy> But stg in the address doesn't work
19:21:14 <darknao> should be "../fedora/latest"
19:22:01 <py0xc3[m]> darknao: which file do you mean? my index adoc is
19:22:14 <pboy> doesn't work
19:22:39 <darknao> yeah there is a "en-US" missing
19:23:14 <pboy> shows the old one
19:23:15 <darknao> should not be an issue if you use the relative notation: "../"
19:23:40 <py0xc3[m]> Ah, sorry. Got it
19:23:43 <darknao> ok I'm lost :p
19:23:44 <pboy> Hm, I'm not aware  I used ../ anywhere
19:23:49 <py0xc3[m]> Thought you mean me ^^
19:23:58 <py0xc3[m]> Ignore my comment, I thought you meant me ;)
19:24:17 <pboy> py0xc3[m] OK
19:25:23 <darknao> pboy: I'm not sure what page you are looking for
19:25:37 <pboy> darknao I'm looking how to address the homepage. It doesn't work.
19:26:39 <pboy> I tried the address
19:26:45 <darknao> you mean ? or another page?
19:27:37 <pboy> Yes, but the page is not the new content as I uploaded into stg branch
19:27:50 <darknao> do you have the gitlab link?
19:28:05 <pboy> just a moment
19:29:16 <darknao> you mean this maybe?
19:29:39 <pboy> YES!
19:30:23 <pboy> But I think, that's not the final link?
19:31:09 <darknao> the final one will be fedora/latest
19:31:35 <darknao> if you want that on staging, you'll have to push your changes on the f37 branch then
19:32:23 <darknao> or we can just change the version in
19:33:33 <darknao> does that make sense?
19:33:58 <pboy> OK, what is the best way or most easy way for later publication?
19:34:44 <darknao> the most easy way is to keep the fedora/rawhide link for staging, and change that to fedora/latest for prod
19:35:08 <pboy> OK, that's the most easy for me, too. :-)
19:35:16 <pboy> Thanks!
19:35:31 <darknao> ok, we are a bit overtime
19:35:40 <py0xc3[m]> I think we are overdue. I will write in the #fedora-docs channel when the repo can be punlished.
19:35:53 <darknao> py0xc3[m]: good :)
19:36:01 <pboy> I've nothing else
19:36:18 <py0xc3[m]> Can I use # in the nav.adoc to avoid that pages get added to the menu yet?
19:36:29 <darknao> then, let's close the meeting
19:36:31 <darknao> py0xc3[m]: yes you can
19:36:39 <py0xc3[m]> Ok. Thanks ;)
19:37:03 <darknao> thank you everyone, see you next week or in #fedora-docs
19:37:08 <darknao> #endmeeting