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16:30:11 <jlebon> #topic roll call
16:30:30 <dustymabe> .hi
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16:30:37 <lucab> .hi
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16:31:40 <jlebon> #chair dustymabe lucab
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16:31:42 <ravanelli> .hi
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16:32:58 <miabbott> .hello miabbott
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16:33:36 <jlebon> #chair travier miabbott
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16:33:46 <jlebon> let's wait another 30s
16:34:10 <bgilbert> .hi
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16:34:21 <jlebon> #chair bgilbert
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16:34:25 <jlebon> ok, let's get started!
16:34:30 <jlebon> #topic Action items from last meeting
16:34:35 <jlebon> * jlebon to open investigation tickets for the IMA/FIDO changes
16:34:51 <jlebon> #info jlebon filed https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/1252
16:35:26 <jlebon> i suspect we'll bring this up in a future meeting when there's some discussion that happened
16:35:32 <jlebon> let's move on
16:35:49 <jlebon> #topic New Package Request: zstd
16:35:51 <jlebon> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/1251
16:35:59 <jlebon> bgilbert: want to introduce this one?
16:36:06 <bgilbert> sure
16:37:00 <bgilbert> in https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/1247 we've been discussing the size of /boot and ways to fit more kernel/initrd pairs into it
16:37:05 <jmarrero> .hi
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16:37:15 <jlebon> #chair jmarrero
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16:37:47 <jlebon> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/1247
16:37:50 <bgilbert> we're currently compressing the initrd with gzip.  if we switch to zstd, we can *both* reduce the initrd size by megabytes and reduce the boot time by hundreds of milliseconds
16:38:21 <jlebon> bgilbert: thanks for actually testing boot time too!
16:38:34 <bgilbert> the exact initrd size reduction seems to vary depending on who tests it and when - jlebon got different numbers than I did, and I got different numbers last night than when I tested it
16:38:42 <bgilbert> not sure what's going on there
16:39:06 <bgilbert> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/1247#issuecomment-1179490347
16:39:13 <jlebon> how much variance are you seeing?
16:40:02 <bgilbert> last night I saw 104 MiB -> 74 MiB, the table there ^ has 104 -> 88, and you found 77 -> 68
16:40:27 <dustymabe> a few questions
16:40:34 <jlebon> oh wow, that's quite a bit
16:40:46 <jlebon> worth digging into that I think
16:40:53 <dustymabe> 1. does this have any implications for people using PXE today?
16:41:11 <bgilbert> but anyway, in order for dracut to use zstd, we need to ship the binary.  we're already shipping the library because RPM needs it.
16:41:18 <dustymabe> 2. what does other Fedora variants do? should we consider trying to get others to act similarly?
16:41:23 <bgilbert> (which means the first CVE I listed in the bug isn't relevant, since it's in the lib)
16:42:15 <bgilbert> 1. shouldn't.  on x86_64, the bootloader treats the initrd as opaque.
16:43:13 <lucab> that means the PXE firmware is not involved in any decompression and just maps the blob into memory as-is, right?
16:43:18 <jlebon> at least Silverblue uses gzip. i wouldn't be surprised if the others did as well
16:43:21 <bgilbert> 2. not sure.  I haven't measured _compression_ time, which might be relevant for host-side initrd generation.  and it might make tools unhappy?
16:43:30 <bgilbert> lucab: right
16:43:49 <bgilbert> i.e. any initrd inspection tools that don't support zstd
16:44:13 <bgilbert> note that this is with -19, which is not the dracut default if you ask for --zstd; dracut defaults to -15
16:45:01 <bgilbert> one other thing: before we can switch our initrd, coreos-installer must be updated to support zstd or `pxe customize` will break.  I have a working draft PR, which will need to make it into a release
16:45:05 <bgilbert> the PR isn't trivial unfortunately
16:45:37 <lucab> (trivial PRs are boring to review!)
16:45:42 <bgilbert> lucab: :-)
16:45:57 <dustymabe> send me your trivial PRs, send the non-trivial ones to lucab
16:46:01 <bgilbert> hah
16:46:04 <bgilbert> :-P
16:46:22 <jlebon> note also that the el8 kernel doesn't support zstd initrds, so this would be an FCOS-only thing
16:46:30 <jlebon> el9 does
16:46:31 <bgilbert> FCOS and el9, yeah
16:47:20 <jlebon> dustymabe: are you suggesting trying to drive this as a Fedora change?
16:47:30 <travier> I can not find a change for Fedora in general but this would be a good change to push to all variants
16:47:36 <lucab> ah, I was just looking for that, bummer
16:47:57 <dustymabe> jlebon: i'm not suggesting we block on that, but I do like to diverge from the other variants as little as possible
16:48:06 <jlebon> dustymabe: +1
16:48:09 <dustymabe> i.e. we can push this change but followup and try to get other variants to consider it
16:48:17 <bgilbert> given where we are in the change process, it'd be an F38 thing I think
16:48:23 <dustymabe> bgilbert: correct
16:48:33 <bgilbert> so we could include the FCOS experience as a PoC
16:48:35 <dustymabe> eventual consistency
16:48:41 <dustymabe> :)
16:49:02 <bgilbert> #proposed We will add the zstd package to FCOS, and switch our initrd to use it.
16:49:06 <travier> zstd is already used a lot in Fedora elsewhere now so that should not be controversial (famou last words)
16:49:11 <travier> famous*
16:49:17 <travier> +1
16:49:23 <travier> for the proposal
16:49:31 <dustymabe> +1
16:49:33 <jmarrero> +1
16:49:39 <jlebon> ack
16:50:05 * dustymabe kind of wishes we could switch our image artifacts to be compressed with zstd too
16:50:34 <bgilbert> #agreed We will add the zstd package to FCOS, and switch our initrd to use it.
16:50:39 <bgilbert> cool, thanks all
16:50:47 <miabbott> there's a thread on devel about using zstd to compress modules + mentions initrd in passing - https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/devel@lists.fedoraproject.org/thread/YYSL4WQ6A337UNAR3AYBWKAROJ42SBOO/#KFIAXNVCODGO2ODOZ53OM5MB3PWUQ3TY
16:50:51 <lucab> bgilbert: does libzstd bump its soname often?
16:51:15 <bgilbert> lucab: oh, hmm
16:51:24 <miabbott> (pretty old thread, though)
16:51:25 <bgilbert> looks like it's on 1 right now, but I haven't checked the policy
16:51:46 <lucab> (just asking, for coreos-installer)
16:51:57 <bgilbert> right
16:52:01 <jlebon> dustymabe: my understanding is xz still has better compression ratio
16:52:17 <jlebon> ok cool, ready to move on?
16:52:28 <bgilbert> it's also 1 in RHEL 8
16:52:28 <dustymabe> +1
16:52:40 <bgilbert> lucab: we don't ship separate coreos-installer binaries, unlike Ignition and Butane
16:52:55 <jlebon> #topic extend grub boot prompt timeout on platforms with full console access
16:52:58 <jlebon> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/1236
16:52:59 <bgilbert> except for mirror.openshift.com, which arguably only has to run on RHEL (though we'll have two relevant RHEL majors)
16:53:05 <jlebon> looks like this one has had the meeting label for a while
16:53:10 <jlebon> dustymabe: want to take that one?
16:53:21 <dustymabe> ahh yes
16:53:48 <lucab> bgilbert: that's a good situation then I think wrt dynamic loading
16:53:58 <bgilbert> lucab: +1
16:54:00 <dustymabe> I think here I'm arguing to extend the grub timeout on platforms where console access is reasonable to something more than 1s
16:54:37 <dustymabe> on platforms where we can't have console access (for whatever reason) we leave it alone or possibly make it 0 there
16:55:30 <dustymabe> in the ticket bgilbert makes some good arguments for leaving it as is
16:55:47 <dustymabe> I'm OK with either outcome, just wanted to start the discussion
16:56:51 <jlebon> concretely which platforms would this affect then?
16:58:02 <dustymabe> any platform where console access is possible
16:58:19 <dustymabe> well - I should say 2 way console access (read/write)
16:58:38 <dustymabe> previously we could discount AWS here, but they recently added read/write serial console support (which has been amazing)
16:58:53 <jlebon> oh sweet, didn't know that
16:59:06 <dustymabe> We'd have to look at the others to see what the limitations of each are
16:59:22 * dustymabe doesn't have that knowledge readily available
16:59:29 <jlebon> yeah, i'm still wary of adding e.g. 4 seconds of boot time on every boot to multiple platforms
16:59:40 <jlebon> have we had users report this as a legitimate UX issue?
16:59:49 <dustymabe> correct, I'm just advocating for "more than 1s"
16:59:59 <dustymabe> doesn't have to jump to 5
17:00:06 <dustymabe> even 2 is twice as much time as we have today
17:00:11 <jlebon> haha
17:01:03 <bgilbert> to summarize my arguments against: boot happens frequently (at least every OS release) and debugging happens approximately never.
17:01:12 <bgilbert> the countdown can be stopped by pressing literally any key, so the user doesn't really need to know what they're doing
17:02:03 <bgilbert> in cases where the boot menu is going by too fast, even 5 seconds won't help much: 20-minute BIOS POSTs and clouds that are slow to start a remote console
17:02:24 <jlebon> we can also add documentation about this in the troubleshooting section
17:02:25 <bgilbert> and we have debugging docs that can explain how to interrupt the boot
17:02:28 <bgilbert> yup
17:02:34 <dustymabe> the "any key" part is important information - but still the user might not necessarily know that (I didn't until recently)
17:02:47 <dustymabe> yeah docs help here
17:03:36 <dustymabe> another hypothetical situation: keyboard doesn't initialize fast enough
17:04:27 <dustymabe> I've definitely hit sitatuions like that on my Rpi (or at least I think that was the problem)
17:04:28 <bgilbert> dustymabe: hmm, haven't seen that case
17:05:09 <dustymabe> either way. I think I've talked enough. Will let others discuss
17:05:11 <jlebon> to repeat my earlier question, has any user (other than dustymabe) reported this as an issue in the past?
17:05:40 <bgilbert> possibly relevant: I just tested timeout=0 in qemu and haven't been able to get to a menu at all
17:06:10 <dustymabe> at least one thinks its useful :)
17:06:28 <dustymabe> this was a slightly different problem: https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-config/pull/281
17:06:42 <lucab> dustymabe: are you mostly concerned with first-boot debugging, or any boot in general?
17:06:42 <dustymabe> i.e. the Live ISO - not the FCOS disk image
17:07:05 <dustymabe> lucab: any boot - any time I need to catch grub (for whatever reason)
17:07:19 <dustymabe> maybe my system hangs on boot after upgrade and I need to select the rollback kernel entry
17:07:23 <jlebon> i think that live ISO PR predates iso kargs
17:08:30 <dustymabe> if you've ever had a system with a long reboot/POST cycle, you know how frustrating it is to miss the GRUB prompt
17:08:35 <bgilbert> jlebon: yeah
17:09:54 <dustymabe> also, just holding down a key the whole time isn't great.. what if your previous menus (BIOS/UEFI) have special keys too? you have to make sure you're using one that doesn't affect them
17:10:00 <bgilbert> "boot takes too long so let's make it longer" is an argument :-D
17:10:13 <dustymabe> :)
17:10:47 <dustymabe> I think I'm not being very convincing - and that is OK :) - we probably shouldn't waste too much time here, though
17:12:07 <jlebon> yeah, tricky... i'm not sure where to go from here. should we keep discussing this in the ticket?
17:12:45 <dustymabe> nah. I think we can close it out
17:12:46 <jlebon> i think this would be more convincing if multiple people felt frustrated by the short timeout
17:12:49 <bgilbert> IMO we should close it out.  we can always revisit if a need arises, but I concur that there doesn't seem to be much demand for this right now
17:12:52 <bgilbert> yup
17:13:11 <lucab> I won't be much opposed to a 1s -> 2s change, but at the same time I'd be doubtful about any real advantage of doing that
17:13:28 <jlebon> ok, let's move on. thanks for bringing this up dustymabe!
17:13:36 <dustymabe> jlebon: can you #info or something?
17:14:34 <jlebon> #info there seems to be insufficient demand for a longer timeout. we will not pursue this for now but may reconsider in the future pending more convincing feedback.
17:14:42 <jlebon> does that work?
17:14:59 <walters> if it's any `console`ation I'm sure we'll be talking about this again
17:15:19 <dustymabe> WFM
17:15:28 <dustymabe> maybe s/demand/desire/
17:15:37 <jlebon> #undo
17:15:37 <zodbot> Removing item from minutes: INFO by jlebon at 17:14:34 : there seems to be insufficient demand for a longer timeout. we will not pursue this for now but may reconsider in the future pending more convincing feedback.
17:15:42 <jlebon> #info there seems to be insufficient desire for a longer timeout. we will not pursue this for now but may reconsider in the future pending more convincing feedback.
17:15:58 <jlebon> ok cool
17:16:02 <jlebon> #topic Change default to be equivalent of quiet
17:16:05 <jlebon> #link https://github.com/coreos/fedora-coreos-tracker/issues/1244
17:16:15 <jlebon> walters: want to take this one?
17:16:30 <walters> ok
17:16:46 <jlebon> +1
17:16:48 <jlebon> #chair walters
17:16:48 <zodbot> Current chairs: bgilbert dustymabe jbrooks jlebon jmarrero lucab miabbott ravanelli saqali travier walters
17:16:54 <walters> So...a lot of history here but basically our console is very verbose compared to the Anaconda default which injects `quiet`
17:17:18 <walters> this verbosity in turn triggers surprising problems: https://lwn.net/Articles/800946/
17:17:30 <walters> it can cause soft or even hard kernel lockups
17:17:42 <walters> we're moving to drop use of the serial console
17:18:03 <walters> but...even for people that do want the serial console, I don't think defaulting to debug level is useful
17:18:13 <walters> now as I say, I think really we should change the Fedora global kernel default
17:18:14 <bgilbert> we default to info, not debug
17:18:18 <lucab> (we absolutely had users hitting those hard lockups due to console, on both RHCOS and FCOS)
17:18:32 <walters> but basically we can lead the way on this to start
17:20:24 <walters> otoh, I think I'd be OK trying to push to change the kernel to start, it's possible that this just hasn't come up
17:20:43 <bgilbert> the existing log level does present a usability problem for console logins
17:21:02 <jlebon> makes sense to me! this and zstd, we should make sure we follow-up on the Fedora change if we want to lead
17:21:36 <jlebon> if anaconda defaults quiet anyway, this would just be lowering the default further down in the stack
17:22:29 <jlebon> so hopefully shouldn't be controversial...
17:22:36 <jlebon> famous last words
17:22:47 <walters> I'm assuming everyone agrees that we *do* want console output of some form, i.e. we're not going to inject `quiet`
17:23:38 <jlebon> ahh right. quiet affects more than just printk level
17:23:57 <dustymabe> quiet also affects the boot, which is where we might want more info
17:23:58 <lucab> what does `quiet` translates to, internally in the kernel?
17:24:37 * jlebon runs quiet in a `cosa run -c`
17:24:50 <jlebon> it also silences systemd
17:24:57 <jlebon> and affects both the initrd and real root
17:25:03 <walters> lucab: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/init/main.c#L242
17:25:16 <jlebon> whereas here we're talking about just the real root, and just printk
17:25:50 <dustymabe> right - so change the kernel compile flag, as colin mentioned earlier isn't necessarily what we want either
17:26:12 <dustymabe> right?
17:26:26 <walters> yeah good point; changing the kernel default does mean we'd want to analyze the diff before the initramfs
17:26:46 <walters> hmm actually, i think it'd suppress most if not all messages actually
17:27:37 <dustymabe> could we just deliver this as suggested by lucab as a sysctl dropin in the real root and maybe look at doing this fedora wide (maybe in some fedora-release package, or maybe the kernel)?
17:28:03 <dustymabe> obviously anaconda based installs already have `quiet` so it won't really affect them
17:28:20 <walters> agree sysctl is cleaner *except* we then can't (afaik) easily do the logic for "only go quieter, not more verbose"
17:28:23 <bgilbert> for editions that use `quiet`, wouldn't that stop people from removing `quiet` and getting verbosity?
17:28:27 <bgilbert> right
17:29:21 <dustymabe> yes, there would be two layers then
17:29:38 <dustymabe> not for us, but for others
17:29:58 <dustymabe> in that case let's just ship the sysctl.d dropin for us only (we don't have anaconda/quiet)?
17:30:10 <dustymabe> or is there still a problem with that?
17:30:14 <lucab> we can have different sysctl in initramfs and rootfs by the way I think, for us
17:30:33 <dustymabe> lucab: right (I assume they get applied at different times)?
17:30:59 <walters> dustymabe: we'd still break the ability to use `quiet` for us which I think would be surprising
17:31:15 <dustymabe> would we?
17:31:17 <bgilbert> walters: how so?  `quiet` would just be redundant
17:31:23 <dustymabe> ^^
17:31:24 <jlebon> walters: the API would be that users could override the file via Ignition
17:31:32 <bgilbert> we'd break the ability to remove `quiet`, but we already don't have it
17:31:36 <walters> if we use the sysctl, we'd override what they provide on the kernel cmdline
17:31:54 <dustymabe> i.e. if they provided debug?
17:32:15 <walters> well yes, actually if they provide `debug` *or* `quiet` on the kernel cmdline
17:32:36 <bgilbert> but the sysctl would be equivalent to `quiet`?
17:32:44 <bgilbert> re kernel log level
17:32:59 <dustymabe> yeah, but he's arguing we want to support going the other way too
17:33:17 <walters> the admin specifying `quiet` would apply to the initramfs too
17:33:49 <dustymabe> i'd just really like to not have a whole nother systemd service needed for this :(
17:34:01 <bgilbert> walters: I think you're arguing that the sysctl would somehow interfere with the actual `quiet` karg somehow?
17:34:11 <bgilbert> I agree it would interfere with `debug`
17:34:13 <walters> bgilbert: right; wouldn't it?
17:34:19 <bgilbert> I'm arguing it wouldn't
17:34:30 <bgilbert> because it sets the log level that `quiet` already sets
17:34:40 <walters> but only for the real root
17:34:56 <bgilbert> okay, so `quiet` sets the log level in the initrd, then we get to the real root and the sysctl is redundant
17:34:58 <jlebon> real root is a subset of the whole boot :)
17:35:11 <walters> no, `quiet` is parsed by the kernel
17:35:15 <walters> and it's parsed by systemd
17:35:20 <bgilbert> yes
17:35:30 <bgilbert> the sysctl is a strict subset of `quiet`
17:35:35 <walters> `quiet` is for desktop systems usually where we want to look pretty
17:35:55 <bgilbert> thus if the user manually specified `quiet`, it would do more things than the sysctl, but the sysctl wouldn't change anything back
17:36:07 <jlebon> the action the sysctl does is a subset of what quiet does
17:36:32 <walters> hmm ok I think you may be right; I may be getting mixed up on debug/info/warn
17:36:56 <lucab> (worst case, a systemd generator which spits the sysctl fragment if the cmdline has no other quiet/debug/etc)
17:37:10 <jlebon> but circling back re. debug, how much do we care about that? are we ok with users also having to override the sysctl?
17:37:11 <walters> this all said, the sysctl would break the use of `debug` (intending to apply that to the real root too) right?
17:37:16 <bgilbert> right
17:37:43 <dustymabe> right, quiet == OK, debug == still masked, need to delete sysctl dropin
17:38:12 <walters> i can easily imagine a kernel support engineer getting confused at a nonfunctional documented kernel API
17:38:22 <bgilbert> I don't see a trivial systemd service with ConditionKernelCommandLine as a huge problem; it doesn't need to sequentially order with anything
17:38:34 <bgilbert> for setting the sysctl
17:39:12 <walters> yeah; and I think hopefully we can argue to include this in e.g. dracut (or perhaps systemd wants to handle this)
17:40:08 <bgilbert> though lucab's generator has merit
17:40:26 <bgilbert> avoids Ignition configs having to disable a magic service name
17:40:54 <walters> Well, we can use `ConditionKernelCommandLine=!quiet` etc as micah suggested
17:40:55 <lucab> my reading of quiet/debug/etc semantic is "kernel loglevel up to the point where userland components can further tweak it"
17:40:57 <dustymabe> does sysctl support /run/ ?
17:41:10 <bgilbert> (or a service that's an injected dependency of systemd-sysctl)
17:41:31 <lucab> dustymabe: yes, https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/sysctl.d.html
17:41:58 <bgilbert> walters: I mean if someone wants to disable the service without modifying kargs
17:41:59 <dustymabe> +1
17:42:22 <jlebon> in walters' PR, the systemd unit runs from the initrd, so it can't be overriden via Ignition, but users are still free to add a regular sysctl dropin via Ignition
17:43:06 <bgilbert> hmm, initrd seems like an odd choice
17:43:19 <bgilbert> for something only affecting the real root
17:43:45 <lucab> agreed, generally speaking I'd be happy to push things out of initrd
17:44:08 <walters> yeah I agree having it in the real root seems simplest
17:44:28 <walters> I was just thinking "I want this at the end of the initrd"
17:44:39 <walters> but end of the initrd = "real root"
17:45:06 <bgilbert> I'm currently thinking a prereq service for systemd-sysctl makes the most sense
17:45:11 <jlebon> then the real root will awkwardly switch from info to silent a quarter of the way through
17:45:22 <bgilbert> hmm
17:45:33 <bgilbert> we probably don't need to work through implementation details here though
17:45:34 <jlebon> though right now the initrd also awkwardly switches, so meh
17:45:35 <bgilbert> we're already 15m over
17:45:39 <jlebon> yeah, agreed
17:45:56 <lucab> :)
17:46:08 <dustymabe> or.. we could do nothing :)
17:46:15 <bgilbert> also true
17:46:30 <bgilbert> or actually
17:46:36 <bgilbert> we could do the whole boot on info, and then switch after
17:46:49 <dustymabe> +1
17:46:51 <jlebon> do we want to draw any info/proposed here or just leave it upstream for now?
17:47:16 <jlebon> #info there's general agreement this would be good, but implementation details are still to be fleshed out
17:47:19 <jlebon> there :)
17:47:34 <jlebon> ok, will end this in 60s unless someone wants to add something
17:47:59 <jlebon> (i can do a 60s open floor if folks would like, but we're really over)
17:48:33 <jlebon> #endmeeting