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16:00:41 <geppetto> #topic Roll Call
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16:00:52 <geppetto> #chair Eighth_Doctor
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16:00:53 <tibbs> Hey.
16:00:58 <geppetto> #chair tibbs
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16:01:12 <Eighth_Doctor> .hello ngompa
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16:01:40 <decathorpe> hey, I won't be able to attend today (stuck at the hospital)
16:01:52 <geppetto> decathorpe: Ok, no problem
16:02:13 <geppetto> decathorpe: Hope everything turns out well
16:02:24 <GwynCieslasheher> Oof.
16:02:24 <decathorpe> thanks 🙏🏼
16:02:27 * GwynCieslasheher here
16:03:26 <geppetto> #chair GwynCieslasheher
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16:03:45 <carlwgeorge> .hi
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16:04:38 <geppetto> #chair carlwgeorge
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16:06:04 <geppetto> #topic Schedule
16:06:08 <geppetto> #link https://lists.fedoraproject.org/archives/list/packaging@lists.fedoraproject.org/message/SYMIAF64FAOMRVR3Z7HZSNTZVS334CGS/
16:06:40 <geppetto> So … again we don't have any new tickets and the old ones aren't moving, so … anything anyone wants to talk about?
16:07:44 <tibbs> I'll check out and probably merge that new PR adding more static users and groups.
16:08:14 <geppetto> I almost feel like we should just close some of the older ones like 907, and just say if someone has time to work on this then open a new ticket and reference the old one.
16:08:29 <tibbs> The %java_arches stuff did go in to Fedora packages, though I don't know what to do about EPEL.
16:08:55 <geppetto> carlwgeorge: I guess you have an opinion on that?
16:09:18 <tibbs> And yes, we should probably just clean up the oldest tickets.
16:10:09 <carlwgeorge> I'll need to refresh myself on the %java_arches stuff
16:10:54 <tibbs> Basically Java has been dropped from some architectures in Fedora, so packages need ExclusiveArch: %java_arches now.
16:11:04 <geppetto> carlwgeorge: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Drop_i686_JDKs
16:11:09 <tibbs> But if that macro isn't defined everywhere then conditionals are required.
16:11:29 <tibbs> So defining it appropriately on EPEL would be useful (I guess).
16:11:41 <tibbs> The question is merely what the appropriate value would be.
16:12:18 <carlwgeorge> seems fine, are any java package maintainers asking for it?
16:13:30 <tibbs> I don't know the state of java packaging in EPEL at all.
16:14:04 <carlwgeorge> it makes sense to have it defined so that EPEL branches can be in sync with fedora branches
16:14:30 <tibbs> It was just a "should we do this?" question during the previous discussion on the topic here a couple of weeks back.  We can always just not worry about it unless someone asks for it.
16:14:52 <carlwgeorge> I guess even if no one is asking for it, it would be beneficial to do proactively
16:15:39 <carlwgeorge> we know it makes sense and we'd do it if someone asks, so might as well avoid the annoyance of them discovering it needs to be done still
16:16:18 <carlwgeorge> I can get it added to epel-rpm-macros
16:16:22 <tibbs> It's a one-liner regardless and I would have just submitted a PR when I did the redhat-rpm-config work but.... I don't know what value to use, knowing very little about EPEL and almost nothing about Java.
16:17:34 <carlwgeorge> the value from the change is good as is
16:18:04 <carlwgeorge> it matches the arches EPEL builds for in both 8 and 9 (not sure about 7)
16:18:42 <carlwgeorge> even if it had more arches, it would be fine as EPEL builds would attempt to done on those
16:19:23 <tibbs> Yes, it's OK if it includes more arches than needed (as it would on F35 where %arm expands to a whole bunch of stuff we don't use).
16:19:24 <carlwgeorge> *would not be attempted
16:19:53 <geppetto> #topic Open Floo
16:19:55 <geppetto> #topic Open Floor
16:20:09 <geppetto> Ok, cool … that seems solved. Anything else to talk about?
16:21:44 <tibbs> Not from me.  Just need to find more time to go over old tickets
16:23:19 * geppetto nods
16:23:53 <geppetto> On the upside a few PRs have come in and been dealt with
16:24:23 <tibbs> Yes, I'm trying to keep ahead of that.
16:25:31 * geppetto nods … on that note I'll give you all 35 minutes back
16:25:35 <geppetto> #endmeeting