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13:01:04 <nils> .hello nphilipp
13:01:05 <zodbot> nils: nphilipp 'Nils Philippsen' <nphilipp@redhat.com>
13:01:17 <bcotton> .hello2
13:01:18 <zodbot> bcotton: bcotton 'Ben Cotton' <bcotton@redhat.com>
13:01:26 <pingou> hi there
13:01:40 <siddharthvipul_> .hello siddharthvipul1
13:01:41 <zodbot> siddharthvipul_: siddharthvipul1 'Vipul Siddharth' <siddharthvipul1@gmail.com>
13:01:53 <amoloney> #info About the CPE Team https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/cpe/
13:02:06 <amoloney> #topic open floor discussion
13:02:19 <Defolos_> .hello defolos
13:02:20 <zodbot> Defolos_: defolos 'Dan Čermák' <dan.cermak@cgc-instruments.com>
13:03:41 <Defolos_> any updates from GitLab beside what has been put into the ticket?
13:06:26 <amoloney> Hi Defolos_  not really no. Clement and I met with the community manager and they are interested in having an AMA session on IRC sometime later this year (most likely September given the data center move the CPE team are doing now) to talk to the Fedora community
13:06:48 <amoloney> Im going to talk more to them on arranging this
13:08:23 <amoloney> ie what exact date & time, if they want to use this time slot, what, if any pre-requsites they would like people to have tested/tried with GitLab CE to give them feedback on its services, etc and probably help them understand Fedora's technical community needs firsthand
13:09:16 <amoloney> This only came up last Thursday and we have had a company day of learning + an Irish bank holiday since, so it is still very much an idea that came up
13:09:31 <amoloney> Do you think people would be interested?
13:10:10 <siddharthvipul_> definitely, beforehand we will let folks on -devel and -infra know and I am sure we will have interested people joining
13:11:21 <mboddu> Hello
13:12:39 <siddharthvipul_> mboddu: welcome to the Fedora Project :)
13:13:19 <mboddu> siddharthvipul_: What is Fedora project? :P
13:13:38 <Defolos_> amoloney: yes, I would be definitely interested
13:14:10 <Defolos_> especially if we get some devs from GitLab as they could answer some technical questions that are currently still open
13:14:20 <Defolos_> e.g. what Neal mentioned about the message bus
13:14:48 <mboddu> amoloney: Before doing so, ask them to have some answers to the gitlab ticket that cverna created. And we can discuss the answers rather than asking the same things over and over again
13:15:03 <amoloney> +1 mboddu
13:15:08 <amoloney> that makes a lot of sense
13:16:09 <mboddu> Defolos_: The gitlab ticket has all the technical questions, including the message bus IIRC
13:16:20 <amoloney> ticket needs to be updated for sure and I think it would also be a great addition to have GitLab devs/technical people + community managers on a panel during an IRC call later this year
13:17:13 <amoloney> at the very least its making sure we are keeping the conversations transparent and gives the community direct access to talk to GitLab without the middleman
13:17:26 <amoloney> or middlewoman in this case too :)
13:20:44 <mboddu> amoloney: Yeah, anyone who can answer the technical questions from gitlab side is what we are interested in talking to
13:21:14 <Defolos_> +1 on the IRC session
13:27:13 <amoloney> cool, I will work on organizing a session with GitLab then. Just for expectations though, we might not see this session scheduled until around september to allow for the completion of the data centre move and maybe even a few days holidays before the summer is over
13:27:53 <siddharthvipul_> amoloney: thank you :)
13:28:11 <amoloney> this gives time to set a preliminary agenda of what the community would like to talk about, and if GitLab has any prerequisites for us to have tried/tested before the IRC session too
13:28:12 <Defolos_> amoloney: thanks! As long as this is communicated, I doubt there will be an issue
13:28:53 <amoloney> Oh definitely! There is a saying of 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy' that comes to mind!
13:30:10 <mboddu> amoloney: Okay, never heard of that saying :). But thanks for planning this.
13:30:35 * Defolos_ never heard that as well
13:30:38 <siddharthvipul_> mboddu: because you are new in Fedora
13:30:43 <siddharthvipul_> :P
13:30:49 <pingou> troll inside
13:33:24 <mboddu> siddharthvipul_: Oh, thats what fedora project is? Lot of unknowns :D
13:33:38 <siddharthvipul_> mboddu: ikr :P
13:35:08 <cverna> I have opened https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab/-/issues/220309 a few hours ago. I think this is a blocker for dist-git on GitLab
13:35:29 <mboddu> cverna++
13:35:40 <mboddu> I wonder how much code they need to change on their end to support it
13:35:58 <cverna> will be waiting for GitLab's answer or work around for that
13:36:13 <mboddu> IIRC they cannot support it for some technical reasons (recollecting an article that I read a while back)
13:36:37 <cverna> yeah let's wait and see
13:37:06 <cverna> I ll create another issue for rabbitmq support also, which is also a blocker imo
13:37:23 <cverna> but this is maybe something we can help to contribute upstream if needed
13:40:21 * mboddu thinking of rubygems now
13:53:51 <Defolos_> mboddu: don't packaging ruby isn't too much fun
13:54:02 * Defolos_ is maintaining a whole lot of them in openSUSE…
13:58:15 <amoloney> 2 minute warning folks!
14:00:29 <amoloney> thanks for your time today everyone, good feedback on having an IRC session soon w/GitLab
14:00:34 <amoloney> see you all next week!
14:00:39 <pingou> cheers!
14:00:43 <amoloney> #endmeeting