15:30:36 <dustymabe> #startmeeting fedora_cloud_meeting
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15:30:41 <dustymabe> #topic roll call
15:31:02 <dustymabe> otubo: cyberpear: we're back!
15:31:10 <dustymabe> mhayden can't make it today
15:31:12 <otubo> .hello2
15:31:13 <zodbot> otubo: otubo 'Eduardo Otubo' <eterrell@redhat.com>
15:31:22 <cyberpear> .hello2
15:31:23 <zodbot> cyberpear: cyberpear 'James Cassell' <fedoraproject@cyberpear.com>
15:32:14 <jdoss> .hello2
15:32:14 <zodbot> jdoss: jdoss 'Joe Doss' <joe@solidadmin.com>
15:32:26 <jdoss> I am alive.
15:32:35 <dustymabe> #chair otubo cyberpear jdoss
15:32:35 <zodbot> Current chairs: cyberpear dustymabe jdoss otubo
15:32:41 <dustymabe> we're glad you're alive jdoss
15:33:58 <dustymabe> #topic Action items from last meeting
15:34:05 <dustymabe> looks like there were none
15:34:46 <dustymabe> #topic fedora cloud test day
15:34:58 <x3mboy> .hello2
15:34:58 <zodbot> x3mboy: x3mboy 'Eduard Lucena' <eduardlucena@gmail.com>
15:35:00 <dustymabe> looks like the test day went well. we did find a smallish issue
15:35:43 <dustymabe> #link http://testdays.fedorainfracloud.org/events/79
15:35:55 <dustymabe> only found one issue with dnf makecache failing
15:36:01 <dustymabe> other than that we looked pretty clean
15:36:21 <dustymabe> as we get closer to final we will need to periodically test to see if any regressions have popped up
15:36:33 <dustymabe> anybody willing to help with that?
15:37:18 <otubo> dustymabe, I'm gonna try next time
15:37:21 <jdoss> That really could be part of the release cloud image updates story
15:37:38 <jdoss> but I am getting my butt kicked at work so I haven't had time to work on that as much as I want
15:37:41 <dustymabe> jdoss: indeed - automated testing
15:38:00 * dustymabe goes to look when the next freeze is
15:38:18 <dustymabe> on the 7th
15:38:34 <dustymabe> so two weeks
15:38:48 <jdoss> I already had Ben Cotton punt my change request to F33.
15:39:01 <dustymabe> otubo: can you give the latest images a spin next week maybe ?
15:39:11 <dustymabe> I can link you to them when you're ready
15:40:01 <otubo> dustymabe, sure. I'll check if our cloud-init rebase is stable
15:40:26 <dustymabe> thanks!
15:40:38 <dustymabe> #topic backlog of cloud-init BZs
15:40:49 <dustymabe> otubo: have you had a chance to comb through the open BZs yet?
15:40:56 <otubo> dustymabe, yes
15:41:10 <otubo> dustymabe, so, basically we have two BZs that are already fixed:
15:41:20 <otubo> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1798729
15:41:27 <otubo> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1798732
15:42:04 <otubo> The other ones doesn't look like they have a fix upstream (or downstream on RHEL). I'm gonna check again but I doubt it.
15:42:33 <otubo> I propose we close them as CURRENTRELEASE and if the issue comes again we give them proper attention this time.
15:42:46 <dustymabe> so we can close two of them as fixed
15:43:01 <dustymabe> do the other ones look like they should be reported upstream ?
15:43:40 <otubo> dustymabe, no these two I'll backport the fixes to Fedora, they're not included in the 19.4 cut.
15:43:55 <dustymabe> ahh, got it
15:44:19 <otubo> dustymabe, the other ones I'll check if they already have an open issue on Launchpad or Github, if not I'll manage to open
15:44:26 <dustymabe> in that case (assuming they're not super risky) we can get them in to f32 before stable
15:44:46 <otubo> dustymabe, next freeze is in two weeks?
15:44:59 <dustymabe> otubo: yes, april 7th
15:45:12 <otubo> dustymabe, I guess I can do it.
15:45:23 <dustymabe> basically we need to get a new build and have a few people test it and it will get into stable before the freeze
15:45:41 <otubo> dustymabe, I'll ping you guys to review the PR. But for RHEL they were clean cherry-picks, nothing really special.
15:45:49 <dustymabe> sweet
15:46:02 <dustymabe> thanks otubo for the hard work on this
15:46:10 <otubo> thank you :-)
15:46:13 <dustymabe> #topic open floor
15:46:21 <dustymabe> anyone with anything for open floor?
15:46:25 <jdoss> Wash your hands.
15:46:27 <dustymabe> thanks cyberpear and jdoss for coming!
15:46:39 <dustymabe> jdoss: and stay at home
15:46:50 <jdoss> For real!
15:46:57 <cyberpear> nothing fancy here... stay safe
15:47:09 <otubo> Last time I was outside was 13th of March :-(
15:47:18 <dustymabe> :(
15:47:38 <dustymabe> i still go outside a bunch for exercise - just stay away from people
15:49:09 <cyberpear> I also ran into the dnf-makecache service failure, fwiw, on OpenStack
15:49:18 <dustymabe> cyberpear: good to know
15:49:29 <dustymabe> yeah I submitted the bug as a blocker
15:49:49 <dustymabe> ok going to end the meeting now
15:49:52 <dustymabe> #endmeeting